Polytron has no comment on this matter for now.
All options are being considered and analyzed by a large mainframe.
For the time being, we are concentrating our efforts on XBLA.

Jaguar seems unlikely.


  1. Dippy Says:

    There needs to be a PC version. Put it on steam or something

  2. Kenichi Says:

    Hey, Im really looking forward to the XBLA release, but in a 1UP interview didnt you say, you only own a Mac, so wouldnt you want to put it on that as well? I am also a Mac only user.

  3. elradia Says:

    Damn, I’m really dissapointed now.

  4. GC Says:

    Owning a Mac and getting XNA to work on a Mac are two entirely different things.

  5. Jon Leah Says:

    Best of luck there. When you’re done: we must have a PC version!

    XNA loves the PC, and Steam loves indie developers. A match made in heaven! ;)

  6. Trevor Says:

    Sounds reasonable. I don’t own an XBOX 360, but focusing on one platform to begin with sounds like a good plan. You don’t want to run into the mess the Trine developers had with multi-platform launch. Just don’t let Microsoft force a permanent exclusivity thing on you or they might buy you. Keep up the good work!

  7. GC Says:

    Yeah, I don’t care if it takes years, as long as there’s eventually a PC release I’ll be happy. If not I might just have to steal a 360 from a friend.

  8. Rodrigo Says:

    No Jaguar :’(


  9. fort90 Says:

    I’m putting my money on a super sloppy Saturn port about 18 months after the initial release, handled by some American dudes, probably in Texas. Music will be improved, but the 3D will naturally be choppy.

  10. diegodd Says:

    well at least you finally say it! You had us expecting which platform(s) the game will be into. i dont like that stupidy “suspense” method.

    You could have said it was for XBLA since the very begining. and that you might consider other platforms eventually but werent working on any one.

    Anyway, i vote for PC. why don’t you make a poll here so he can vote for the other desired plataforms? i repeat. PC!!

    ok, enough complain. maybe some day i will get a 360 and play this thing, but i STILL would like a PC version.

  11. Jack Says:

    I’m still not giving up on PC version
    and Never Will!

  12. Pal Van Marrsterhausen Says:

    Thanks for the official word from above, at least we now know you read the forums & don’t just post into oblivion. I must admit it’s financial suicide to be platform exclusive these days & very 1995…

  13. Tuhd the internet Troll Says:

    Tuhd want to know if hot secretary lady in picture come with XBLA version or not

    Tuhd vote for PC, also, and stuff.

  14. Annihilator Beta Says:

    Oh ho ho… Microsoft and their silly contracts…

    It’s fairly obvious that by not make a PC release will upset and let lots of people down.

    But I’ll definitely look forward to your success with the XBLA release. Hopefully after that, we can see a release for those other platforms as well in the near future.

  15. Noah Says:

    I’m just hoping you can get it over to PC sooner than Jonathan did with Braid. And as much as I like the idea of a PSN version I’d still end up getting it on PC, probably…

  16. poop Says:

    phil you will lose literally all of your indie cred if you dont release this on pc




  17. hardcore casual gamer Says:

    this game MUST be released on pc
    why ? as previously said for credibility, but also you’ll make more money, even if a lot of people will use cracked versions, there are still a lot of people who support independent game creators.
    ok, maybe some months after its XBL release, but not years, because your concept will certainly be copied by PC game devs, and who knows maybe made better.

    with a simple level editor. so that there will be a big community around this game.

    good luck

  18. steve Says:

    Please get a Wii version out there! This is the kind of game Wii owners would buy like hotcakes (or maybe goo-cakes?). Oh, and I realize it’s a longshot, but a Mac version would be super cool.

  19. sergk Says:

    definitely PC
    and how about level editor?

  20. Trent Says:

    Given that the game is a fair while away, how about a nice high quality wallpaper to keep myself and other fans tied over? Something in-game would be nice.

  21. traylorpark Says:

    XBLA? Looks like I’ll be enjoying this game through YouTube.

  22. GC Says:

    They refuse to give any information about a PC release. Think about it.

  23. etoothy Says:

    I advise you to not release it on PC, has your friend 2D Boy would tell you, it is not a good choice financially. However, I do highly encourage for you to release it on Steam so you can protect your invested time the wonderful team of Polytron has spend on.

  24. Ron Says:

    Commercial games suck ass

  25. Millhouse Says:

    Release this on PC, and add a level editor, that way I can buy it on XBLA because it’s awesome, and pirate it for PC to get my hands on the level editor. I did the same with portal, but because of map packs and mods. (You can’t say that’s immoral, I bought it after all)

    But the level editor isn’t gonna happen, eh? Fezzer probably isn’t that polished and easy to use for you to release it into the wild…
    Well, you shattered my hopes for the Jaguar anyways, so way to go I guess…

  26. Andrew Says:

    What!? No Jaguar? Damn, that could’ve been… okay, absolutely freaky. Great news that it’s coming to XBLA though. Proud of you!

  27. Peter Says:

    If Braid can make a Mac version, so can you. I vote yes.

  28. GC Says:

    Braid didn’t use XNA.

  29. Rigo Says:

    XBLA don’t deserves Fez. I think it’s nature is more like PSN or Wiiware.

  30. THE_Grosser Says:

    Hey I really look forward to play your game and my opinion is that it would be very very cool to have it on PC I don´t own a next gen console and i think i ll never will.
    I watch your work on the game for years, I didn´t see that much but i think that it will be a very cool indieproduction, I hope you don´t mess up.
    My opinion is that you have to port it to PC and release it over STEAM because in this way you will make the most profit.
    OKAY thats finaly it.


    the guy on the GDC with the cool hat i think your really funny.

  31. Ben M-J Says:

    glad to hear other versions are being considered. thanks for letting us know :-)

  32. Bleagle Says:

    Pc would be nice, but for this game I will buy a 360 if necessary! And thousand thanks for my T-Shirts, from Canada to Germany ; )

  33. NuYu Says:

    WiiWare of course! But I’m happy that it coming to XBLA, so keep it up. :D

  34. ThomTomThomTom Says:

    2d Boy’s conclusion was “[The evidence] supports our intuitive assessment that people who pirate our game aren’t people who would have purchased it had they not been able to get it without paying.”

    Release for the XBLA only and you announce your intention to be no more than ephemera. Release for the PC (and, I wish but don’t seriously expect, the Mac) and gain the possibility of living forever.

  35. Gabe Says:

    Quite a shame not to mention extremely deceitful. Selling products on a certain platform in advance to finance your project, leading many to believe said project would appear on said platform then revealing it’ll be on a highly exclusive, costly and unflexible other platform. I hope you guys are giving back the money you took from PC only gamers.



    it was announced for the PC when it was unveiled.

    i think it’s unlikely for them to NOT release it for PC

  37. GaN Says:

    Oh come on!!!
    FeZ was announced at the beginning for PC, isn’t it?

    PC Community are expecting this fabulous game. WE REALLY NEED Fez on PC.

    Look at STEAM and how many indie games have succeed: World of Goo, Braid, Audiosurf, Osmos, and Yet it moves, Mr. Robot, The Path, Crayon Physics, Zeno Clash, Trine, The Maw, Aquaria, i-Fluid, Darwinia, Defcon, Gumboy, Trials 2, Full Pipe, Eets, Roboblitz, Everybody Shooter, Gish, The Ship, Rag Doll Kung Fu, etc.

    STEAM loves indie games and PC community loves indie games.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE release the game on PC-STEAM.

  38. oscillik Says:

    please port this game to PC – i’m very very picky when it comes to computer games (generally sticking to FPS), and when i saw the teaser trailer for this game i was extremely excited.

    then immensely disappointed to hear that at the moment you’re only considering XBLA.

    i can easily see myself spending lost of time playing Fez rather than what i should be doing (making music).

    i’m gonna get all Kanye West on you guys now:


  39. Raziel Says:

    Linux hungers for Fez. If you can’t do the Linux/Mac port, I bet linuxgamepublishing.com would be more than willing to do it.

  40. phew Says:

    PSN PLEASE!!!!!

  41. xbskid Says:

    I’d like to see Fez on PSN and PC. I was hoping it would be multiplatform on release, but my hopes have been all but dashed. I don’t mind waiting a bit, so long as it happens, a la Braid, but please don’t let Fez follow the footsteps* of Rez HD.

    * Or lack thereof, considering almost two years ago Rez’s creator said there was no reason for it not to appear on other consoles, and, to this day, on the 360 it remains.

  42. xbskid Says:

    I’d like to tentatively retract my previous statement regarding Rez HD, now that Q Entertainment is attempting to get the public’s opinion regarding other platforms.

  43. Dv8thwonder Says:

    FEZ for ALL plz!!!

  44. theplotlessplot Says:

    Mac/PC Steam version (with SteamPlay), please!
    Also, this game would be amazing and a huge success on the iPad!!
    I’ll buy it, regardless of the platforms you decide to support.
    Just release it ;)

  45. Tony Says:

    PS3 and Linux versions please. Otherwise I can’t play it :/

  46. doubi Says:

    I run Linux, but I’d install Steam under WINE just to buy this. Has looked so cool for so long.

  47. Oniros Says:

    C’mon, you gotta give us a PC version.
    I can already see this game on an upcoming Humble Indie Bundle!

  48. Jumpin Jack Flash Says:

    I’ll buy this on the PC when it gets released. Also, what indie developer only releases their game on one platform? It’s madness!

    FEZ will probably be forgotten after a month or two on XBLA, on the PC it’ll be generating sales for years.

  49. MeLikesIndieGames Says:

    Another Mac request here. 2 reasons here:
    -Mac users especially love indie games
    -Mac users tend to pay for their software

  50. Gordeaux789 Says:

    Nothing says indie like console exclusivity!

  51. i_am_a_banana Says:

    +1 for a pc port. My 360 RROD’ed on me and I can’t afford to give M$ any more of my money for a new console. ;_;

  52. Martin Says:

    +1 Mac (Steam/AppStore) and/or iPad version :)

  53. Gregorio Says:

    I’m extremely excited for this game! Hoping for a Macintosh port someday.

  54. Arun Mehta Says:

    I would be interested to know if you are considering a Tablet or Smart phone version. This game looks perfect for those in-between times when you are riding a train or waiting for your lunch in a cafe etc. to solve a puzzle or two. My company GREE will be launching a Global Platform soon for mobile social games. If you, Phil, or anyone else is interested in learning more about us, please shoot me an e-mail at:


  55. Fidel Lozano Says:

    Focusing on one platform is a good idea. I just hope you bring it to PC and Mac as your next step. I don’t have an Xbox but I really love this game. Going with Steam might be the best way to expose it to a large audience.

  56. The Manther Says:

    The Mac library would be greatly improved with the addition of your fantastically abstract game. So, in the words of the Smiths:

    “So please, please, please,
    Let me, let me, let me,
    Let me get what I want
    This time.”

  57. Maciek Cisowski Says:

    Hope the mainframe get’s it right and there will be a PC version of FEZ. There is a growing public for indie games on PC (Steam being the prime suspect I guess), and I myself can’t wait to get my hands on this great piece of game-making art. In other words: please make this a PC game. And give us gamers a heads up on when to expect it (I guess that the XBLA contract will have something to say about that…), if ever.

    Kudos form Poland!

  58. Steve Says:

    +1 for Mac. I’ll buy the Xbox version meanwhile… :)

  59. Asgarth Says:

    I really thought this was coming out for PC!! My puzzling has been taken from me! Preciousssssss.. noooo!

  60. IGN Says:

    My frothing demand for this on PC increases… – IGN

  61. Permafry_42 Says:

    Despite owning a 360, the platform I would feel most suitable playing this type of game on would be on a computer (possibly through steam). If possible, you could put the game in one of the Humble Indie Bundles, which would easily make back the cost of porting to PC and then some. Thanks for making Fez, and I’m very thankful that you’re considering a release outside of XBLA!

  62. mason Says:

    please put this on pc or mac

  63. don B! Says:

    hey polytron people!
    thanks for making Fez – looks amazing!
    please, relase it on psn and it’s day one purchase for me. :D

  64. charmer Says:

    IMHO, this belongs to the next Indie Humble Bundle. Look up their numbers, guys :)

  65. Michael Elboim Says:

    I was checking Steam every second during the last week for Fez, and no PC version.

    I’m so disappoint right now.
    I hope it will come to PC soon.

  66. Fernestar Says:

    Just seen a video review of Fez, and it looks fantastic! Mac (Steam) or PS3 please! Share the love! ^_^

  67. Tom 7 Says:

    I want a PC version so bad! :-(

  68. Adeon Writer Says:

    Sadly I don’t have a 360, can’t say I’ll be buying one this late into the game, but I’ll certainly buy game this instantly if it came out for PC! It looks so good.

  69. Zdenio Says:

    This is sad – why the best games are so often on only 1 platform. PC and PS3 need Fez! It’s the best indie game of the year so far!

  70. Dave Says:

    Please get this onto PC. Its an insta buy as from how Im reading that this is up there with Mario in the Snes era, Ive got to rekindle some of the magic from my childhood gaming.

  71. Nuel Says:

    A Mac version would be nice.
    I mean, a lot of indie games are on the Mac platform already.
    C’mon, Pleeeeeaaase?

  72. Kyle Says:

    After watching the start of Inthelittlewood’s LP of this game, I’m hooked on it. The only problem is I don’t have an Xbox 360. I guess I’ll wait for PC version. They’ll just have to lose some profits until this comes out for PC.

  73. Doug Says:


  74. Phil Willis Says:

    Put a version of Fez on Steam and two things will happen:

    1. You will be able to pay cash for a house in a single day.

    2. You will be able to pay cash for an island in a single month.

    C’mon guys – you deserve it.

  75. Norton Says:

    Let me pay you money, I need this on PC thx

  76. Koolpin Says:

    Looking forward to buying it on any of the platforms you’re still considering! It’s the first good reason in a long time I’ve seen to own an xbox but still I’m happy to wait and get it, preferaby on PC or iOS!

  77. J & L Says:

    just make a pc version, please,

  78. California Joe Says:

    Pc/Steam release ASAP, please ;)

  79. D-LUX Says:

    Please listen to all these good people who want to give you their money, myself included!

    You can have it, just put this game on Steam!

    You want my money don’t you? It feels good on the skin….you can rub it all over your bodies.

    In conclusion, STEAM!

    PS – Steam

  80. asdfklajsdf; Says:


    i will give you money

  81. FLuF Says:

    give it to me. Give me it. Give Me The Game. I NEED IT. (PC, yo) ^_^

  82. Nabuca Says:

    PSN please – you will have my eternal gratitude and – of course – my money.

  83. kman2495 Says:

    I will personally pay double the price just to get the game on steam, then I’d buy the game.

  84. Fernando Says:

    If it was available on steam I’d have bought it today.

  85. adfv Says:

    I only play games released on Jaguar.

  86. Ryan Says:

    I bought it on XBLA a few days ago and, man, it’s everything that I had hoped it could be! Thanks a ton! If you do get around to releasing it on PC, I’ll buy it there, too. Everytime I boot up my 360 now I’m terrified that it’s going to die, leaving me forsaken from my wonderful, beautiful, orgasmic world of Fez.

  87. Shigawire Says:

    I understand M$ gave you a sweet deal with exclusivity. And that you are now focusing on fixing the bugs in XBLN version first. But I consider the concept of “exclusivity” as a principle poisonous to the indie cause. And detrimental to your wider exposure.

    It’s basically just about the publisher wanting your game all to themselves, to somehow affect the sale of consoles.
    And for you I suspect it’s about guaranteeing a decent living wage.

    Will you consider perhaps doing a Kickstarter next time, or have you “sold your soul” to the M$ devil for X number of years? :P

  88. ChBee Says:

    A poll wouldn’t be too fair, considering the majority of people on the internet will want a PC version. I would just ask, nicely of course, to consider Steam (Mac&PC) and a 3DS port. I hear the Nintendo eShop is getting a lot of exposure, plus the 3D capabilities would be awesome and it almost seems like this game would be made for that kind of feature. With depth control and everything. I know it might be kind of pointless because you play in 2D but the transitions would be awesome.

  89. ChBee Says:

    Also like shiga above me says, Kickstarter has a pretty healthy community. There have been multi-million dollar donations towards projects just like this. It would be easier to start one up and use the money to hire multiplatform coders/programmers or something. Just a thought.

  90. Dunther Says:

    Steam version PLEASE, I would buy it for sure.
    I would be happy for other platform releases too, but PC/Steam is NEEDED.

  91. fishkzamilathuya Says:

    I’ve never played Fez and I’m very interested in buying it though sadly I only own a PC/PS3. It would very nice if it was ported to some other platforms so the people who don’t own an xbox have more options on how to go about playing it.

  92. Pup Says:

    I’d love to see a port of this to the Sega Mega Drive. :3

  93. bathos Says:

    Please put your Wii game on its correct console where people who play games like this can get to it ;_; Seriously, we all bought Wiis so we could play THIS in the future and then it’s like huh how did xbox end up with the best Wii game?

    Or PC.

    Also, game soundtrack of the year.

  94. CSL Says:

    Very nice game, would be great to see it on Windows/Linux.
    Go on doing great games :)

  95. Stephen Says:

    PC please! I have an Xbox 360 controller, but no Xbox! >_<

  96. Rich Says:

    I agree, a PC version would be great, I don’t own a console.

  97. Bob Says:

    After watching only 2 episodes of InTheLittleWood’s playthrough I want this game, so bad. I’d throw money at the screen if it’d make you release for Mac in Steam :)
    Keep up the great work, srsly awesome game!

  98. Birchibald T. Barlow Says:

    Good work making this a single platform release. You wouldn’t want to make TOO much money, like those guys that made Bastion or Super Meat Boy.

  99. K9 Says:


    I don’t have an xbox, but almost everyone has a PC…And games really grow on steam, etc…

    The game looks absolutely awesome, and as soon as I learned about it I searched for which platforms…Needless to say I was disappointed.

    But seriously, just watching the trailer of Indie Game, The Movie has made me want this game very badly. So, you know how the customers are thinking now, please make something happen :D

  100. Adam Says:

    I was throwing money at my computer until i saw its only on xbox, then i picked it all back up. A PC/Mac version would reach a much bigger audience.

  101. Permafry_42 Says:

    I read that you would not consider releasing the game on PC because you believe it can’t be played on a couch with a controller. If you truly believe that and it isn’t just microsoft keeping the game timed exclusive, then please read this:http://www.pcworld.com/article/249362/how_to_play_pc_games_on_your_hdtv.html
    As someone that plays all my pc games (with the exceptions of Point and Click, TPS and FPS games) on my TV while I lay on my bed, I guarantee it is a platform more than capable of emulating the retro experience. Judging from your comment, you seem to already know just how much money you will receive by releasing your masterpiece on PC, but in case you don’t then just look at the humble indie bundle. Please Please PLEASE release this game on PC (Steam)!

  102. S Says:

    I just heard the GiantBomb crew raving about this game and they sounded quite passionate, I thought I’d check it out but XBLA only it seems, a bit unfortunate.

    Not trying to start system wars, I sold my 360 a while back because so few things interest me on the system (sorry, shrug) – please consider PS3 or PC if possible.

  103. Nilla Says:

    I hardly ever game, and after seeing demos of this on FB i was intrigued and looked it up. Was disappointed like a lot of others that its Xbox only.

    How about a Kick Starter project for development on the PC platform??? I for one would sign up in a heartbeat.

  104. pablovivo Says:

    STEAM! also, while a jaguar version is in the cards, how about some love for OS X? (or being included in a future Humble Indie Bundle??)

  105. Michael Says:

    You really should make a Mac/PC Version, why? Because when the last XBOX360 died, your game will be lost in eternity. But on more open Systems like PC & Mac it will live (probably) forever.

  106. Ami Says:

    Your game looks absolutely gorgeous. Should it ever release on PSN I would get it on the launch day.

  107. sucotronic Says:

    Just watched Indie Game movie and want to try your unique personal way of doing games. A pity I don’t have a xbox, so I’ll wait for pc release somewhere in the future :-) (I know there’ll be one some day…)

  108. Martin Says:


    Found my way here after watching Indie Game movie, and I just wanted to let you guys know I’d love to buy the PC release if there ever is one! :)

  109. schnitzel Says:

    just watched indie game the movie.
    PC release please.
    xbox is just mainstreamcrap.

  110. amigr Says:

    there you are, waiting for years, hype every trailer coming out and when its finally rlsd you just cant play it because of not playing on consoles :(

  111. Xander Davis Says:

    I happily bought and enjoyed Fez on XBLA, but really, really want to play it up close on my glorious glossy 27″ iMac… It’s an amazing game. Great work Phil and Polytron! Love it!

  112. Abraham Cabrera Says:

    Hi I saw the Indie Game movie last Tuesday and I was amazed with how the game looked but there is something that still has me thinking. What happened to guy who left the project and wouldn’t cooperate with you till the very end? You know the movie inspired me a lot to continue with the game I’m making and your game as well. Will there ever be a future release for a Computer?

  113. gnubelebung Says:

    I have not much to add, so I’ll just go PCPCPCPCPCPC PC. Pretty please!

  114. _scott Says:

    This needs to be on the PC. Even if it takes three attempts!

  115. Blade Says:

    Yes, PC (DRM-free and Steam) is a must for this great game! Would buy it in an instant.

  116. colon Says:

    I would definitely buy it on Steam! :)

  117. Tom Says:

    Hey Phil
    how are you mate
    would be great if theres gonna be a pc version some time
    i loved playing platformers on sega and nintendo in my
    early years
    looks and sounds amazing!
    Take care
    Tom J

  118. Sajva Says:

    MonoGame plugin with MonoDevelop can port XNA games to Mac. With upcoming 3D MonoGame improvement it can be done.

  119. Moustache Says:

    As a linux user, I would be really interested in a linux or even a pc port of Fez! :)

  120. Chelytenens Says:

    Oh, please port this to the PC! I’ll absolutely buy it if that’s the case.

  121. stinking_bishop Says:

    Really hate using consoles for indie games. Holding out for a Steam or iOS release.

  122. luis Says:

    I’ll buy it again (I got it on the xbox 360) in the PSN and all my friends too,, they loved it (FEZ) and for sure they ‘ll buy the PSN version thy don’t own a xbox 360 and I’m about to sell mine..so PLEASE PLEASE make a PSN version of your ART

  123. rettich Says:

    about every week i google “fez pc”. everytime i’m reading this thread again. c’mon, please!

  124. rettich Says:

    until then i’ll play that crappy “sky island” game :/
    i want those fez visuals!!

  125. Chapu Says:

    I’d looooove to see a PC version for Windows and Linux. Have you considered publishing “Fez” on the Humble Indie Bundle? I’d totally buy it.

  126. knochenkopp Says:

    PC?! Shut up and take my money!

  127. Lars Says:

    Joining the choir: Please release Fez for the PC.

  128. Tom Says:

    I would buy Fez immediately if it came out on PC.

  129. Applewine Says:

    I suggest windows 8 platform.

  130. Pablo Says:

    Mac please! App Store.
    iOS maybe?

  131. McKn33 Says:

    Please release Fez on Steam. Remember what Team Meat said about never working for Microsoft because of their crap policies? Now they are screwing you with this whole patch fee.

    Steam is the way to go!

  132. indie fan Says:

    I would buy it on pretty much any other platform.

    PS3, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Vita! Exclusivity sucks balls.

  133. indie fan Says:

    I forgot to add the Nintendo ones I own: Wii, DS

  134. Permafry_42 Says:

    Steam just announced “Steam Big Picture”, which makes Steam(PC) an even more desirable platform to release to if your reason is from it not having a console experience. Also if force feedback is your other reason, you can always use a sound in place of it as an option for pc gamers who don’t have a force feedback controller. Day one purchase from me if you ever release Fez on PC!

  135. Chris Says:

    FEZ looks absolutly great! I’d love to see the game on the upcoming OUYA console.

  136. Simone Says:

    Best thing on this world would be a Dreamcast version.

  137. David Says:

    It needs to be on the Wii U eShop.

  138. Jacob Paul Secrest Says:

    I say “yea” to the Jaguar version. As to the rest I have no real opinion one way or the other.

  139. Tim Says:

    Please put Fez on PC and Linux (Steam). Indie games sell very well on Steam and linux. Bastion, super brothers, super meat boy, braid, limbo. Join their ranks, get more money.

  140. Quade321 Says:

    Phil, you’re awesome, and I hope everyone knows the pressure you’re under, or have been under at least. I’ve been wanting to get this game for a long time now, I was actually considering getting a 360 just for Fez (and maybe some other indie titles). It’s not like I can demand a PC version out of you, nor can anyone else (I hope no one has that power over you :p). Either way, I would love to buy this on Steam or even straight from the Polytron site rather than spend $200 to play Fez on Xbox 360. Hope you can see the people who love you through the storm of haters. Only trying to show support, it’s your game, and that’s the point of it, do with it what you wish. Hope you made plenty of money from the Xbox release so you could take a big long break from working.

  141. Gonxi's Says:

    First of all say that my English is not so good… With that said:

    hello, another reason why you should do the game on Mac is mine:
    I have seen Indie Game: The Movie, and at that time wanted games the speakers, especially yours. Seeing the movie, that you might have wanted one more chance to get ahead. I think it would be a revolutionary game, and not only on Mac, but on PSN or PC also.

  142. serialdormeur Says:

    I presently join the ranks of the army begging you to release this piece of art on PC.

    I was able to play it for a short time and this game seems amazing and deserves a lot more than just XBLA.
    I would buy it day one, and talk about it to my friends.

    However, I won’t be part of the haters if you happen to be selfish and lazy and refuse to port it on pc.

    Just kidding, do what you want with it, it’s your game. You already deserve an internet for publishing this project on the XBLA anyway.

  143. Lunarcloud Says:

    Please bring this game to PC / Linux, work with the humble indie bundle guys! They’ve got porting expertise / resources!

  144. DFC Says:

    I have not yet bought the game because it has been XBLA exclusive. In fact, I would prefer to wait until it is on Steam, I would happily buy and own the game if it was on there.

    If you do that, you will most certainly have my money.

    P.S. attacking the Japanese game industry isn’t a very great idea.

  145. Soenatte Says:

    I still haven’t bought this game even though I’ve been pining over it for so many years… I simply don’t own an XBox though, so I’m really hoping it’ll get released on Steam or as anything for the PC. I’ll gladly buy it three times over even! But until this can happen I shall wait patiently in my little corner of the world.

    I don’t care about what other people say and I’ve known that much hate has been forced upon you all this while but from me, sincerely: THANK YOU PHIL FISH!; for making this game a reality and revitalizing my interest in gaming… I honestly couldn’t possibly ask for something more.

  146. Jakob Says:

    I would love to see this game come to PC ever thing about it is unique and worth porting to the PC.

    Its not just a game its art!

  147. SavgStorm Says:

    You should port it to mac & pc and contact the humble indie bundle! Fez would do really well on there!

  148. acoward Says:

    Another vote for a linux version. Steam would be a very nice distribution method, and as many above have said, maybe the humble indie bundle would be a great way to start off.

    That said, I am not holding my breath in anticipation considering how long it took to bring it to xbox.

    Then again, you were scant on resources at that time (I saw it on Indie Game: The Movie), the situation is probably different now.

    So, maybe you will bring it to linux, pc etc. soon. And, oh an amiga version would be cool, if not a jaguar version :P

  149. looking forward for PC version Says:

    after watching “indie game the movie” I must say that I feel respect for this game :). More such as you and the gaming industry with its “great graphics” can go somewhere

  150. looking forward for PC version Says:

    btw in the movie “indie game” is your game looks best

  151. Giru017 Says:

    PC please! This game NEEDS to be on STEAM!

  152. Staadsy Says:

    I’d love a PC/Steam version of this game (played with Xbox controller of course-my Xbox freaked out a while ago so I switched to PC gaming but use the controller still), and it’d be great to hear back from you guys at Polytron because this game seems like it has a great thing in the way that it looks like a retro game that also has a beautiful visual style that is so feel good and almost has an Adventure Time/Pendleton Ward look to it. Hope to hear back!

  153. Mildudon Says:

    I would love to get it on wii u, but if it happends it happends if not. Pc all the way. Also it doesn’t cost anything to patch your game on the nintendo eshop thats a big plus right there.

  154. Тшсу Says:

    PeeCEY! PeeCEY! PeeCEY!

  155. Steven Says:

    Love the game. Needs to be released on steam. This is a steam goldmine and I would be the first in line to buy it.

  156. Peter Says:

    PC! Steam! Humble Bundle!

    I saw James Nintendo Nerd’s review on YouTube of Fez, and have been drooling over your game ever since, Mr. Fish! Most of us don’t own Xboxes and gladly avoid dealing with Microsoft gaming… How much longer is the exclusivity contract!?

    PC! Steam! Humble Bundle! You can do it, Polytron! There are so many of us behind you, wholeheartedly wishing to see this come to PC. We know you can do it!

  157. walikor Says:

    come on put this game on steam!!!!!

  158. Gregor Says:

    I cam here to agree with the others. A PC version is needed so much!!! I would buy the shit out of it

  159. koao Says:

    Please on steam

  160. Nonno Cicala Says:

    I would like to buy the game if there was a Linux version. It seems really lovely. :)

  161. Clockw0rk Says:

    I see Fez is on sale today on XBLA.

    I remember playing the trial for this months ago, and I rather liked it. Then I heard about some nasty patch business and corrupted saves, which put off my purchase.

    But today it’s half off. That’s pretty nice.

    However, the grim reality is that I play far, far more “indie” games on my PC through Steam. I’ve purchased over 100 of them, between new releases and holiday impulse buys.

    Thinking on it honestly, I realize that I never really turn on my Xbox to only play an Arcade title. And so, I could not justify buying it on XBLA, not even at half price.

    I look forward to seeing Fez on Steam, someday.

    I will buy it then.

    Merry Christmas.

  162. The Aether Technician Says:

    Hey so…I get the feeling that some people want you to release your game on other platforms.

    I really think that a steam release would be beneficial to all parties involved…but then again, I’m not the one making the game. How hard would it be? I really can’t see it NOT being a financially beneficial move on your part…but then again, I’m not the one making the money.

    Thanks for making a really cool trailer. I’m sure the game’s good too.

  163. Daniel Says:

    Nice legs. Ahaha I love the QA dep here.

  164. Johan Sundström Says:

    Your art deserves to meet the mac, pc, linux, ios and any platform you can make it come alive in where people crave it, whether by your own hands or some subcontractor, Phil. :-)

    It was delightful seeing your world through the eyes of the indie game movie – thanks for reaching out, answering their call, or however it came about!

    [trek reference here]

  165. Eduardo Soares Says:

    Just finished watching Indie Game: The Movie.


    The game is amazing!

  166. Guilherme Says:

    Please release Fez on Steam!

    Cheers from Brazil.

  167. Chrambl Says:

    Fez won GOTY at Eurogamer. Congrats! I checked if there’s any news on a Steam release, but alas. Patiently waiting…

  168. Karol Says:

    Here one vote for linux version :)
    I heard about it from Indie Game – The Movie.
    I`ts brilliant game, I wanna play it :)

  169. Victor Says:

    I would very much appreciate a version for PSN or Mac. Your game seems amazing.

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