FEZ was released a year ago today. A fact i find impossible to believe. But i’ve checked the calendar. I’ve done the math, and it adds up.

FEZ was released a year ago today.

A year ago i was in tennessee with my girlfriend. Today, i am in tennessee with my girlfriend. (things have been weirdly symmetrical like that lately) But life couldn’t be more different now. It’s been a truly transformative year. Suddenly becoming so loved and so hated by so many teaches you some humility. Or at least some things you didn’t know about yourself. I feel like a different person now. A much, much less crazy person. A much happier person. It’s been a fantastic year.

Thank you for that!

The game really found its audience (or the audience found it?). Everyday we get far more love mail than hate mail. Every other day people send us fan art, or a picture of a gomez cake, or a quilt they made, a Drawing, a plushie. seeing people’s notebooks filled with deconstructions of the puzzles and mysteries i had so much fun putting together has been a particularly rewarding experience.

Thank you for that!

Since it came out last year, FEZ has now sold 200,000 units on XBLA alone. Which is completely fucking crazy when you think about it.

Thank you for that!

And now we’re gearing up for the PC release on may 1st, where we’re hoping the game will reach more people than ever before! We’re super excited to finally set the game free on all these other platforms. If you haven’t played it yet, i hope you will! (steal it if you must!)

Thank you in advance for that!

But most importantly, the success of the game is allowing me to take my time to consider my next move and spend years driving myself crazy trying to make something beautiful so you can run around in it.

Something few of us can afford.

Thank you for THAT.



Even though I left Polytron a while ago, FEZ is that kind of elastic string that pulls you back every once in a while.

I’ve been hard at work on the PC version and I’m very happy that the game will finally reach a broader audience.

Working on FEZ has been equal parts amazing and terrifying, but it’s completely overwhelming to see what it has become and how many people it’s touched. It was such an amazing luck to meet Phil five and a half years ago, and what a ride it’s been.

Thanks a million for your support and touching emails; even though we’ve been pretty crappy at answering emails, we do read a whole lot of them!

And thanks for enjoying the game.

57 Responses to “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S BEEN A YEAR?!?!”

  1. sean hogan Says:

    WOOO congrats guys. also hi renaud


  2. Luiz Says:

    Excited to play it when it gets on Steam. Cheers from Brazil!

  3. ernest Says:

    I loved the 360 release. Hard to believe it’s been a year since the game came out. I still find myself listening to the soundtrack. I can only hope you sell more on the PC.

  4. Ingrid Mendes Says:

    Excited to play it when it gets on Steam. Cheers from Brazil! [2]

  5. Fish Says:

    hello brazil!

  6. Lopez Bruno Says:

    Really happy for you two guys, great game, great music and a mark in our head. Cheers from France ;)

  7. Kayla Says:

    Wow it’s hard to believe its been a year. Congrats on everything so far and good luck on everything to come. Keep making beautiful things.

    Mad Tiger Mad Tiger!

  8. Jesper Says:

    I’m going to install bootcamp especially for FEZ!

  9. Karol Says:

    congratulations :) Cant wait for the game to come for other platforms.

  10. Amrit Says:

    Aww man, I really wish this game would come to the PSN eventually.

  11. Jabr Says:

    Excited to give FEZ a try once it hits steam.

  12. Harest Says:

    Thanks for your awesome game. Even awesome isn’t enough to describe it. One if not the best game i’ve played so far (and i played a lot of games).

    Et grâce au portage je vais pouvoir revendre l’Xbox360 achetée (d’occasion) exclusivement pour FEZ à la base.
    D’ailleurs, je demande toujours au cas où (Valve le fait mais bon…) : Est-il possible d’avoir une version PC si on possède le jeu sur x360 ?

  13. Michal Marek Says:

    Thank You for this OUTSTANDING game. Hmn…it’s more ART than 99% art displayed today at museums. Something extraordinary, something i LOVE, something that will be remembered forever. That is FEZ. One of the best games ever created /i’m a gamer for more than thirty years now – so, i know what i’m sayin’:)/
    Greetz from Poland!

  14. Dragos Mocanu Says:

    Can’t wait to get it on the PC!

  15. Kyle Says:

    Happy birthday FEZ! And best wishes to the both of you in your future endeavors!

  16. dry0n Says:

    Happy birthday! I can’t wait untill FEZ is released in PC.

    Best wishes and luck for you from Spain! :D

  17. Protector one Says:

    Congratulations, you kings among men!

  18. tcrown Says:

    Congrats and please, Fez on iOS this year please, my retina iPad is begging for Fez.

  19. Laurent Says:

    I have no idea how FEZ plays but Phil, I hope you come back to California soon because I like how you DJ.

  20. Fermbiz Says:

    IMO FEZ is the greatest game I’ve ever played. Happy Birthday FEZ!

  21. isolationism Says:

    Fez was worth buying an xbox for. I can’t wait to play it on Windows too, and to see what you create next!

  22. Bob Sawey Says:

    I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat for past 2 weeks. GREAT JOB DISASTERPIECE!

  23. Ferbil Says:

    congratulations FEZ Whene i see the movie i whaithing

  24. Jessica Says:

    Happy Birthday Fez! Congrats Phil and to everyone who helped you along the way.

    I’m a long term fan – who has yet to even set one foot inside the game yet. I have been following Fez’s development for years and excitement doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling with the impending Steam release. When the game released on XBLA, I considered covertly obtaining and Xbox just to play it (returning it afterwards, of course!). I’ve forced myself to avoid buying an Xbox, in fear of blowing my budget to hell and was ecstatic to hear about the PC release next month. I assure you, regardless of the platform change, I’ll still be experiencing this game with a couch and a controller. I’ve got my Fez notebook ready and waiting to go!

    Although it saddened me to read about to abuse you received throughout the development and even after release, I’m glad you stuck it out and got the game released. It truly is beautiful, from the graphic exterior to the mind-bending difficulty of some of the riddles and puzzles. Gamers need to have more fucking respect for developers – especially indie companies that don’t have the manpower behind them as large scale companies doe. We’re and impatient breed as a whole and unfortunately the internet gives our impatience an anonymous line to sling mud when we’re raging. I hope that you and the other developers who agreed to feature in Indie Game have helped show the gaming community what goes into producing these games and changed the perspective of SOME of the gaming community at least!

    I hope you intend to continue to share your work with us, despite the haters that will always hate. Take this comment as one of the good ones. You were largely my inspiration to jump into games design myself and now I’m studying at Qantm in Melbourne, Australia meeting some great indie-minded nerds like myself and loving the work (even when it’s so frustratingly hard I have a breakdown!).

    Thanks for you inspiration. I wish you all the best in future endeavors and you will always have my support!

  25. yo Says:

    phil, where is powerpill?

  26. Andy H Says:

    Congrats guys. I only really found out the most about Fez by watching the movie. Man! you guys had a struggle. But it’s inspiring for me, as an indie developer to know that one day I might make it big in the games scene. Well done!

  27. Boshi Says:

    Congrats! i remember i bought an xbox mainly to play Fez (and Castle Crashers) i loved it, the ONLY game i’ve bought for my xbox, i don’t have many money… and to the date, is one of my favorite games, sadly i don’t think i’ll be able to buy it on steam D: but i’ll encourage my friends to buy it! (none of them have a Xbox).

  28. amrobx Says:

    Happy birthday, FEZ and a huge congrats to you both. I have the XBox version and I will most definitely buy the PC version. So, so worth it. Thanks for everything you did to get this game out there, too.

  29. thorkos Says:

    I do not have an XBox.

    I just finished my second viewing of “Indie Game: The Movie” in honor of my expectations of playing FEZ, finally.

    I have started polls on a few forums I frequent over the last few years (before this glorious announcement) asking things to the effect of “What games do you want to play but can’t because of either exclusivity or developer laziness?” My self answer has included FEZ for awhile now.

    Here is the text of one. Don’t be insulted…I was mad because I fucking hate Microsoft and Sony…and consoles in general.
    “[POLL] Games you would play were it not for the fact that its asshat developer made it exclusively for a system you do not own:”

    I cannot WAIT to play this game. I cannot wait. I have to. And that sucks. Only a few weeks. Ugh.

  30. Matthew S Says:

    “steal it if you must”
    Aw man, you’re gonna get in so much trouble again ;-)

    I’m one of the old guard, we who have been waiting for Fez ever since that 2009 trailer, way before the Movie. But XBox was unfortunately never an option. After four years of hoping, the PC announcement was a most wonderful piece of news. And let me tell you, I’ll be sure to fire up Big Picture, grab my wireless controller, and play it on my TV on a long Saturday morning.

  31. Chari Says:

    Congrats!! WOHOOOOOOO!!! That’s great news!! Does “PC” also mean a Mac version is coming?

  32. djsuthar Says:

    Hi Phil,
    My heartily congratulations to you. Although frankly speaking i have never played it as i don’t even have an X-Box. I am a recent Computer Science graduate from India and for us such consoles are like luxury. I came to know about your work through ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ and you inspired me the most. I really love programming and always held strong belief that its more like an art in which the artist must has his say. People generally follow the herd and go for high-paying jobs in MNCs and equivalents. Very few have courage to work on their own dreams as you have done. I always thought that its only the kids from top colleges and huge backups could start something of their own. But definitely you proved it wrong. The hardships which underwent while creating this game and fear you felt till the last and overcame definitely made me cry. I know it may sound funny but I have become kind of your fan-boy and sincerely believe now that I might also make something big like you on my own. And the day I get to buy my next game it will be definitely yours ( hopefully for PC :) )…

  33. Alex White Says:

    Great work guys!
    I can’t wait for this game to come out on PC next month! I’ve heard nothing but good news about the game on Xbox and hope its gonna be fantastic!
    Continue the great work guys!

  34. Mystakill Says:

    Would love to see this on OS X as well, since I’d never reboot into Bootcamp just to play Fez (or any other game, for that matter). I may give it a whirl in Crossover/WINE in the interim though.

  35. Erroneus Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing this on PSN, but I might have to pick it up on PC, before that happens, to show some support for a great game… and because I properly can’t endure the wait for it to release on PSN :)

  36. Jul Says:

    Bravo Phil ! Tu le mérites :)

  37. John_Scott Says:

    Can’t wait for the vita version phil!

  38. Pauline Ho Says:

    Polytron mades great products, and not just for saying because even my water heater manufacturers that makes the best heaters in the industry is no match for this great product. Gotta go, it’s getting cold. Need some heater water to flow.

  39. João Cabral Says:

    Thank YOU for creating this great and inspiring game. Trully a mark on indie game development and the use of games as a form of art. I hope I can someday create a game myself as inspiring as this one.
    Can’t wait to know what you guys will be doing next.
    I wish you all the best.

  40. aspi Says:

    Fuck the haters.

  41. SalarymanDaishi Says:

    Although I didn’t fall madly in love with Fez, even if I thought I would, nevertheless thank YOU for daring to be different and heartfelt congratulations on finding success through that!

  42. Alix Says:

    Best game I have played in a loooong time, now all I have left is the soundtrack on my iPhone. Congrats again!

  43. listerofsmeg42 Says:

    Congrats!!! Loved the game can’t wait for it to come to other platforms. Please bring it to PS Vita, if you do I will buy it again. Keep up the good work!

  44. Wiley Dalton Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow on campus!

  45. Neil Says:

    i know this is late, but happy birthday fez. its still my second faorate game of all time next to cave story and am so glad that the game shares the same birthday as me, but fez turned 1 and i turned 14. congrats phish and i hope to see this game succeed on steam. Like one reviewer said “fez is more about using clues in the environmental so find secrets than platforming” i thought that summed up what was great about the game in one sentence.

  46. Ale Says:

    i knew Fez with the indie game movie, and since i don’t own an xbox i was totally ready to buy one just to play it! and damn i’ve been so happy to read that it was going to be released for pc! ;__; congratulations! keep up the excellent work and good luck! :D<3<3<3<3

  47. rasd Says:

    Fez in coming to GOG http://www.gog.com/gamecard/fez

  48. P.M. Says:

    Thank you for bringing the game to GOG, and I’m looking forward to what’s next from Polytron!

  49. Nel Says:

    I came here because I saw the «Indie Game» documentary where you guys were featured on. I have to say, your passion it’s truly inspiring and contagious!

    Most of the times when you play a game, you have no idea on what’s behind it, what are the motives, what people went through to get it done. For that, I’m happy that all came together in the end. :)

    Congrats on the release! I look forward to play the game when it comes to the PC.

    Best of luck!

  50. Jonathan Says:

    Congratulations guys. For my money you’ve created one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time. On aesthetic grounds alone the narrative elements, world creation and musical settings made exploring your game a continuous revelation. Though I haven’t completed the game in it’s entirety I will – some things just need to be savored and FEZ is one of them.

  51. Steven Says:

    BEST GAME EVER!!!! Thank you Phil Fish! (:

  52. Alexander Says:

    This is seriously my top 5 games of all time! You are such an amazing person Phil, never forget that!

  53. Merci Says:

    Please re-read this.

    You brought so much entertainment to me these last days, I was obsessed with the game, the feeling, the lore…

    I understand pretty much everything you’ve done, I don’t know, sometimes it seems like I am exactly like you.


  54. Connie Says:

    Hey, Peter

    I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday?

    That would be greeeeat,


  55. Pipe Hot Femme LéGèRe Says:

    Tout ces articles sont réellement passionnants

  56. bête de sexe x Says:

    Très attrayant, selon moi ce post intéresserait un pote

  57. http://raciallexicon1296.shutterfly.com/raciallexicon1296 Says:

    Humm êtes vous certain de ce que vous nous avancez ??

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