Tired of not being able to buy FEZ on PC yet?

Frustrated with all this money burning a hole in your pocket?

Introducing the FEZ PRE-ORDER PERIOD!

That’s right! FEZ PC will be available for pre-order on STEAM and GOG.COM starting April 22nd!

No more waiting for a thing to actually be out before you can buy it! No more keeping all that pesky money to yourself!

With our patented pre-order technology, we take your money TODAY and give you something LATER!

But wait, there’s more!

The game will also be 10% off for the duration of the pre-order!

That’s right! you can buy a thing that’s not out yet AND pay less for it!

All of this for just one easy payment of 9$!

Spend money AND save money! AT THE SAME TIME!



  1. Harest Says:

    9$, seems highly legit. Even if cross-buying would be even more legit!

  2. Decktonic Says:

    FINALLY! I’ve been waiting a long time for this!

  3. Guillermo Amaral Says:

    I wonder, will the release only be for STEAM on Windows?

  4. sean hogan Says:

    `~nice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. Nagash Says:

    $9.0 o $9.99?…………..

  6. Josh Says:

    Already have it on 360, but PC sounds good, too. Why not? Sold.

  7. sean hogan Says:

    get ready for the emails asking if you get steam keys for the 360 purchase D:

  8. Vítor de Carvalho Says:

    How will that translate into €(Euro)?

  9. Adrian Says:

    Yay! Any chance we’ll see it for Mac too?

  10. Trevor Says:

    Mac OS version please ^_^

  11. coolernow123 Says:


  12. FFB Says:

    Polytron seems to loooove the concept of pre-orders.

  13. sh4dow Says:

    HELL YEAH, GOG!!!!

    I always HATE it when decent (or even possibly great) indie games are exclusively released on Steam. Getting this as soon as I get home.

  14. Vladimyr Says:

    ETA?!.. :)~

  15. lolatron Says:

    “PC’s are only for spreadsheets”

    LOL, must be running low on cash eh phill? LOL.

    What a douchebag, I’d never support this guy, he’s almost as bad as EA.

  16. justian Says:

    \Do not PRE-ORDER this/ Remember that you have permission from it’s creator to steal it.

  17. Daley Says:

    I want preorder of preorder! Now!

  18. Duglink Says:

    Spend money and save money at the same time? oh i gotta this out

  19. Duglink Says:

    This spendsave thingymagick is so mind blowing that im getting spelling errors all over the place…

  20. Conijn6 Says:

    Haha thx for giving me a laugh with your post,
    i like your sense of humor, ignore all the rest
    thats to busy being miserable/depressed and takes
    it out on you.
    Looking forward to enjoy your creation!
    Will surely by it
    Greetings from Belgium

  21. Rodrigo Tello Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the release.

  22. Andi Says:

    Thanks man! Just a quick question, my wife uses a mac and I know she’d love this game. Is it possible to run it with Wine?
    Cool beans man, greetings from Costa Rica.

  23. Dude Says:

    Yes. Yes. Yessss. BRING IT ON BABY!

  24. Sarenit Says:

    I’ll be playing for the first time. Can’t wait!

  25. SirDavies Says:

    Great, now I just need Spelunky to be released for PC and I’ll finally be able to throw my xbox out the window.

  26. Bidi Says:

    I will buy it at the very second it’ll be available.

  27. Jet_black Says:

    PS3? Mac? At least I Have the soundtrack…

  28. Aksut Says:

    Hi Phill, I just saw the film “The indie game”. I want you to know that a teen in Málaga, a little big country in Spain is going to buy your game because I believe in a better world, I want to study in Digipen Bilbao because I want to try ,at least, to be like you. Of course in two days I’m buying FEZ on Steam.
    att: an 18 boy with big Drams, @PablodeJyH

  29. Knelly Says:

    I keep throwing money at the fez steam page but it doesn’t work!

  30. Ally Says:

    I think I’ll wait until it released to give you the extra buck. Can’t wait for this! Also remix is pretty sweet. I started listening to the normal soundtrack this week but stopped as to not ruin it for my first playthrough come 1st of May.

    This and Monaco coming out a week apart is freaking awesome.

  31. Geoffrey Says:

    Good sarcasm!
    I’m glad to give you my money, you deserve it.

  32. Gregor Says:

    AAAAA YEAH! 12 more hours to wait.

  33. Aksut Says:

    Its 22 in Spain and I have to go bed without buying that treasure D; good night everybody

  34. ben Says:

    just checking the time to me it looks like i should be able to buy it already

  35. Jet_black Says:

    New FEZ Remix album.


  36. Aviv Liberman Says:

    why isn’t it come out at Steam!! it feels like forever!

  37. Przemo Says:

    already made my pre-order, can’t wait to play the game! thanks for the effort to bring this to other platforms :)

  38. PB Says:

    !! <3 <3 !!

    Been waiting for this for soooo long!

    Thanks a lot!

    Can't wait for May 1st!

  39. trevorade Says:

    You finally let me give you my money! Thank you!

    Super excited to finally be able to play this game!

  40. GreedyNomadSoul Says:

    Finally on PC… Can’t believe it. Hope, this game will bring some good nostalgic memorable moments.

  41. PB Says:

    BTW, since we give you money for nothing, can we get the chicks for free?

  42. Sven Viking Says:

    It was previously mentioned that the main difficulties of porting Fez were some of the controller-specific puzzles. Will these puzzles still be available if using an Xbox 360 controller on the PC?

  43. amrobx Says:

    Shut up and take my money

    Seriously, it took forever to find someone trustworthy enough to hold onto it for me.

  44. amrobx Says:

    Oh, and a big thanks for also using gog.com instead of just Steam alone. Unless a game is provided directly from a developer’s website, I definitely prefer GOG.

  45. Guz Says:

    Will it be available on Mac aswell? If so, instant buy!!

  46. Quboidz Says:

    OMG! Please hurry on making it come out for mac! HAHA! Just do what Team Meat (SuperMeatBoy) did! They ported it for mac and then published it to steam and if you go into the SteamApps folder then there is the PC Version of Supermeatboy :P

  47. Vladimyr Says:

    and it was said, available on May 1st.
    hope it is true?.. :)~

  48. Kroda Says:

    Taking a moment to be completely sincere, I’m delighted that I can finally buy and play this game I’ve been looking forward to all this time.

  49. Lestibournes Says:

    If it was available for Mac and Linux then I might have been tempted to buy it today. Since it isn’t I probably will end up waiting a year or two.

  50. Daniel Montes Says:

    Hey awesome, i’m not into preordering but i didn’t bought this game on xbox last year because i wanted it on PC, now i’m finally getting the chance to try this game

  51. Ankur Says:

    Finally, FEZ is here. I’m pretty much excited to play this games. I’m going to pre-order the game. Nice work, keep it up guys. :-)

  52. Lee Says:

    Fuck yea Phil! thanks a lot!!! you fucking rock man.

  53. kisfiu87 Says:

    Hey Man,

    Im pre-ordered your amazing game for pc at this moment, because i havent xbox 360, but i want this game since 4 years :)

    Waiting man, waiting. Im so exciting :)

    Best Wishes and great job, thanks for this game :)

  54. James Says:

    The GNU/Linux platform is waiting…

  55. Lars Says:

    Damn, it’s 9 EUR on Steam and 9 $ (which is 6 EUR) on Gog, so I have to get it on Gog… even though Steam is better (I want to have every game in one library)

  56. @Lars Says:

    Why would you consider steam better. Gog just gives you the game with no protection whatsoever. What could be better than that?

  57. Bryan Pope Says:

    Okay I have just gone and done that high-tech pre-order thingy. Now fez up and give me my Fez!

  58. Aviv Liberman Says:

    Why GOG get the game before Steam and why they get free wallpaper and Steam NOT!

  59. Binarynova Says:

    @@Lars: Some people like having all their games in one organized place. I like being able to use in-game chat and web browsing. I like that many Steam games get achievements, so if I get an itch to go achievement hunting, I can do that.

    I have the utmost respect for GOG though. Digital games with no DRM is a simply amazing product. :)

  60. Mr Gadzuki Says:

    I would like to say that I’m a personal fan of the style of your announcements! I am now buying Fez for the second time, because who can complain about having Gomez every place conceivable in their life? Also, holy shit! I would buy the fuck out of a 3DS version, though I’m not quite sure how that port would work out.

  61. Szymciak Says:

    From what I read, guys over on GOG got the 1.0 version, which crashes frequently. Those who bought on Steam, will get the 1.02 version which solves many issues. GOG will have to wait for a patch…

  62. sexy Says:

    Un grand bravo à l’administrateur du site web

  63. charmeuse bukkake Says:

    Vous faîtes sans cesse des postes passionnants

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