(I’ve removed the “updates” from this post for clarity, tl;dr but for those who missed it : the patch came live on June 22nd, caused save corruption issues on upgrade for some users, was pulled from Xbox LIVE in a panic some hours later, and then the patch came back live on July 19th.)

The title update (MS lingo for “patch”) is OUT NOW!
I’d like to thank everyone that emailed us with their problems, without your help this would’ve taken a lot more time and would’ve been generally more painful. And sorry if I haven’t answered every single one of you, sometimes I just had nothing to add or it just fell through. We got a LOT of emails.

You can view the complete list of fixed issues after the break!
Please note that some of these fix descriptions contain spoilers, so you may not want to go through them if you haven’t completed the game.

Major issues

  • Save file unusable if saved inside one of two village interiors (4-cube wall village)
  • Save file unusable if saved at the top checkpoint of the lava challenge level, or attempted to use the “jetpack” cheat in this level
  • Save file unusable after playing for a long time (usually in a new game+) in certain areas of the game (crash within a minute)
  • Crash when rotating view on a ledge inside the library interior
  • Crash when attempting to open a blank spot in the artifacts inventory, after collecting the tome
  • Clock tower framerate slows down to a crawl if system date is too far in the past or the future
  • Able to escape out of closed interior rooms by rotating near objects, which can cause an infinite death loop
    Changing profile might corrupt the save file
  • Crash on fake reboot at hexahedron encounters (note : measures were taken to fix this, but due to its random nature we can’t know for sure that it’s gone; testers haven’t encountered it!)

Performance improvements

  • Frame dropping when auto-saving, especially when save device is not the hard drive
  • Frame dropping while using rotating platforms, time switches, valves and watchers
  • Poor performance when black holes are on screen
  • Poor performance in the industrial levels with platforms on railings


  • Infinite death loop if player gets sucked by a black hole near sewage water
  • Infinite death loop when pulling up from a ledge into a black hole
  • Infinite death loop when waiting in a space where a destructible block respawns
  • Inaccessible big parting waterfall doorway even if waterfall is parted, when coming back to it later on in the game or in a “new game+”
  • Inaccessible secret door if player collects 4 owls, goes to the statue but exits the level too early
  • Stargate door now two-way, which allows player to return back to the zu village instead of being forced to watch the ending
  • A certain valve/water height setup in the first sewer level makes sections of the level unattainable
  • Bumpers would randomly stop working for view rotation

Rare crashes

  • Crash if player enters the door behind the big parting waterfall too quickly
  • Possible crash when exiting an exterior level which has water
  • Possible crash and gltiching sound when holding onto rotating platform and falling
  • Possible crash and inconsistent behaviour with the “security question” puzzle room
  • Disconnecting controller in main menu may make the pause menu overlap it, which causes a crash when viewing credits
  • Upgrading the trial mode to full version from the upsell screen with video and selecting “Continue” could freeze the game

Graphical issues

  • In-the-sky level transitions visual issues with clouds moving sporadically and disappearing
  • Map graph does not update properly or nodes/connections disappear while browsing
  • One face of the “code machine” tetris rosetta stone doesn’t display
  • Clock tower : player collects anti-cube while falling to his death, camera gets stuck in zoomed-in mode
  • Jetpack causes graphical issues in the hexahedron encounters
  • Rotating groups active in first person view, which can cause camera oddities
  • Opening the inventory cube while using a warp gate or walking to a doorway causes graphical issues
  • Bell spins violently and disappears if standing idle near it for a very long time


  • First person view ability retained wrongfully when starting a clean new game from a “new game+”
  • Finishing with 64 cubes without having gone through a 32 cube ending doesn’t grant the first person view
  • Finishing the game with 33+ anticubes wouldn’t trigger the achievement(s)
  • Leaderboards not posting when not connected to LIVE, and would never post again
  • “Secret solved” jingle plays every time you input a secret code, even if it’s already been resolved


  • Leaderboards should cap at 209.4%
  • Anti-cubes and golden cubes should cap at 32
  • Infinite cube collection with the bell tower
  • Player was able to go through the secret owl door without having talked to the 4 owls

Localization issues

  • “carte de trésor” -> “carte au trésor” in french localization
  • All instances of “oe” did not appear in french localization

Sound issues

  • Birdsong loops don’t pause when opening the map or inventory screen
  • Several sound effects retouched/added
  • Credits are missing music when viewed during a cutscene

215 Responses to “UPDATE IS LIVE”

  1. pupsi Says:

    finally, i can play that awesome game again. thanks a lot…

  2. Si Says:

    “Save file unusable if saved at the top checkpoint of the lava challenge level, or attempted to use the “jetpack” cheat in this level”

    This is exactly what I was waiting for. Pity I decided to start a new game as I really didn’t expect this particular bug to actually be fixed. Gosh darn it!

  3. The Dukenator Says:

    ‘Clock tower framerate slows down to a crawl if system date is too far in the past or the future’

    What did you do? Get Doc Emmet L. Brown involved?

  4. Dex Says:

    What first person view? I have to finish that game!

    Btw wonderfull game. Thank you so much!

  5. Hamstallion Says:

    Installed update, game still crashes after trapdoor screen.
    Reinstalled, still crashes.
    Well fuck.

  6. Fez Patch is LIVE ! | The Xbox Way Says:

    [...] to Polytron site the long awaited  Fez update is live [...]

  7. Adam Wood Says:

    Since updating, when pressing A on the start screen I get an error saying ‘Save File Corrupted’. Ironically I didn’t encounter any problems at all whilst playing through the game at launch.

    Is my completed game save file irretrievably gone as a result of the patch?

  8. Manuel Says:

    This is marvelous

    Thanks !!!

  9. Renaud Says:

    Hamstallion : looks like this is one we couldn’t fix. Email us at support@fezgame.com and we’ll try to work it out.

    Adam Wood : This is pretty terrifying. I’m hoping it’s an isolated case… If you delete your system cache (which removes the patch) and launch the game ignoring the update, does it work?

  10. Lee, London Says:

    Top work guys, it’s a great feeling when Developers listen and react.

    All the best on your next venture!

  11. Eric Kolb Says:

    I haven’t had any issues… until I installed this title update. Now my new game+ with 32/28 cubes is “damaged” and cannot be loaded. So, thanks for completely poisoning my experience, I guess.

  12. Allan Taylor Says:

    I have the same problem as Adam Wood. Rather annoying as I had 64 cubes and was just working on the riddle and the obelisk. Trying to remember where I saved the game but I think it may have been in the room behind the 64 cube door.

  13. Eric Kolb Says:

    I will try the system cache thing when I get home. Hopefully someone else can confirm a solution to this.

    I’m not going to sugar coat it, I am extremely upset by this.

  14. Renaud Says:

    You and me both. And I can’t even test until next Monday. This is a nightmare. We had a 2 hour notice of the patch going live. It’s been in testing for a month. I am aghast.

  15. Eric Kolb Says:

    Also, FYI, the Xbox system dialogs about corrupted save files are encouraging people to overwrite their data with a new file, so act quickly.

  16. APixelatedMind Says:

    Thanks for the patch, I am gonna go check out the game now and see what happens!

  17. Adam Wood Says:

    Just deleted the cache as suggested, and all seems to run just fine. Thanks for the temporary fix, and sorry for also hitting you up on Twitter re. this; maybe better if we keep the discussion here where people are more likely to see it.

    Game of the year BTW.

  18. Mecandes Says:

    “Crash on fake reboot at hexahedron encounters”

    For what it’s worth, this happened to me whenever I attempted to create a Cloud save. (The game would actually crash during the fake crash, lol!) When I instead created the save on my hard drive, this did not occur.

  19. BubbleRevolution Says:

    I got the “Save file corrupted” error, too. Deleting the cache works for me, though. Hopefully you guys can get this fixed soon.

  20. ChrisJohn Says:

    deleted the cache ✓
    Save File Corrupted ✓

  21. jotarok Says:

    Noooooo ! My save is corrupted because I unfortunately go through the secret owl door without having talked to the 4 owls… Now am I going to must do a new game ? When I think about all time I played Fez, I really want to cry…

  22. robbles23 Says:

    Corrupted save for me too. Please fix this soon – I really want to finish your excellent game!

  23. J Crowley Says:

    Welp, I had one goddamn anti-cube left to fucking get. Fired up the game this morning to get it, and my save file was trashed.

    “Awesome. Thanks. This is exactly what I wanted,” said literally nobody.

  24. Seregrog Says:

    Save file corrupted. Deleted caché. Still crash, update and sabe file corrupted :(

  25. J Crowley Says:

    Though, on the other hand, this brings the game’s replayability likelihood to 100%!

    …because you HAVE to in order to finish it.

  26. Poiasdope Says:

    Thanks for this awesome game. Keep it up! :)

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    [...] problematic "infinite death loops" (eek!), it also introduces a "fairly widespread" new problem, according to Polytron. Specifically, "the save file can be seen as corrupted by the game after installing the [...]

  28. Spong1975 Says:

    So much joy has turned to so much disappointment. My heart goes out to those of you who have lost their save for good (despite wiping their cache). I’ve refrained from downloading the patch for the moment until I have an answer for the following…

    I have a 209.4% complete save, there’s not much I can really do with it to be honest. If I delete my save and start again from the very beginning (which I don’t mind doing) will the problem of potentially corrupted saves because of the patch be rendered inconsequential?

  29. pupsi Says:

    i bet that’s the fucking dashboard update from xbox, that make all the new problems. fucking microsoft…

  30. NickFrikkinTodd Says:

    While I feel for those who lost their saves, any negativity should be directed at Microsoft. Just like any other thing that gets released on XBLA, Polytron paid Microsoft for testing. Supposedly, they sat on the update for a month and gave Polytron a mere 2 hour notice before uploading it. Immediately afterward, the Internet is full of nasty comments that negatively affect game sales.

    While the comments on here are reasonable and constructive, those on other sites aren’t as friendly. If those people were to put themselves in Phil and Renaud’s shoes, they’d see that Polytron is dealing with problems that far exceed losing a few hours of gameplay. These guys created a truly innovative and immersive game, which easily ranks as one of the best videogames of all time. The gaming community needs to be supporting them, not dragging them down.

  31. Jabjabs Says:

    I’m just wondering if this will eventually effect new save game files as well?

    Because starting over isn’t so bad so long as it does die on us again.

  32. Eric Kolb Says:

    The system cache trick worked for me, for now. I’m still eager to hear an ETA on a permanent fix.

  33. azulum Says:

    Good luck Renaud. I know you must be crestfallen by this apparent lack of QC from Microsoft, especially for a game that has been and still is being talked about everywhere.

    I guess it’s time to get crackin’ on the Windows, Mac and Linux versions where you have the freedom to beta test the damned patches and aren’t caught in certification limbo — and maybe by the time you get those out, MSFT will have bothered to certify your next patch (:))

    Since you are probably feeling a bit angry and a bit sad, maybe this will give you a little of the validation that MSFT seems unwilling to bestow:

    After seeing me watch the trailer, my girls have requested more and more videos of the little jumping guy. Not having a television, let alone an Xbox, I do hope to play it one day with them, but until then, a few preliminary youtube play-throughs can’t really hurt. It’s really astounding to me that your game without spoken dialogue has so completely enraptured a four-year-old and a six-year-old while at the same time having such extraordinary depth and complexity that I want to find out what it all means.

    Kudos to you for your mechanics and Phil for his design. You guys have made a game that will stand up to the early Marios and Sonics, and may very well define this generation. So even with all these troubles and the struggles to even ship the game, my girls tell me that it was completely worth it.

    C’est magnifique!

  34. Jonathan Says:

    I’m connected to XBox Live, but I can’t see any update for Fez. Does the patch roll out gradually over different regions? I am in San Francisco.

  35. Renaud Says:

    We asked Microsoft to pull the patch from LIVE until we find the problem and fix it. It looks like the removal worked, which is a big relief.

    Thanks for your understanding everyone, we’re working on it!

  36. Eric Says:

    Thanks for the update.

  37. Gaelon Says:

    Waiting for this beautiful, rewarding, challenging and fun game to actually *function* is like waiting for the fucking rapture.

  38. Spong1975 Says:

    Thank you for the update, Renaud. I made the choice to download the patch before it was removed, I’ve copied my 209.4% save to a memory unit and have started anew (which, as I said before, I didn’t mind doing). So far, the patch seems to have rectified all the problems I was having before (stuttering frames, slowdown when black holes appeared, music stopping, random crashes back to the Dash). Apart from the corrupted save problem, the performance of the game as a whole has been perfected.

  39. Steve Says:

    Gees.. owl spoiler alert.

  40. J Crowley Says:

    To be honest, this game was so friggin’ beautiful and fun and well-made that I kind of don’t mind the slate getting wiped clean and having to play it over again. I can rediscover everything all over again.

    That said, it’s pretty terrible Microsoft didn’t catch this in their QA. As a software developer, I know it’s hard to anticipate every possible scenario, but I work for a company of 30 people on a team of two, and we still manage to think “well, what would this update do if someone already HAD the app?” and test that. One would think Microsoft, a much larger company, could do the same.

  41. Brackynews Says:

    I think even though programming is a bitch, it’s a strong mark of good design that starting the game over is a toothless agony. There’s nothing difficult or concerning about it. Sweetly irritating at best. :)

    Hope you’re hearing other epic horror stories from other developers!

  42. Spong1975 Says:

    Okay, I’ve played through the game in its entirety since getting the patch on Friday, collected all the cubes and other items, and I have one addendum to my last comment about the game’s performance being perfect. Seems I spoke a little too soon.

    I had some REALLY BAD frame rate problems in the main Observatory hub level, the level with the warp gate and links to other rooms like the telescope & the clock tower (this room http://i.imgur.com/DHePW.png). Travelling to and from the Observatory hub and the connecting levels you can see in the backgrounds would cause SEVERE frame stuttering that would continue into each level. Also, as the levels loaded and the camera tracked towards them, they would disappear entirely for a moment, leaving just the sky background, and it often caused the screen to go completely black as well.

    On top of that, having played the game for a good three or four hours yesterday, the problem of stuttering frame rates after playing for extended periods of time became apparent again. I’ve seen people online refer to that as a memory leak. Whether or not that’s correct, I have no idea, but that problem is still evident post-patch.

  43. James Says:

    I downloaded the update for fez, I am having not issues with the game nor did I previously have any issues.. so am I one of the lucky ones? :L great game still solving all the anti cube puzzles! found all the artifacts!

  44. Electric Chaos » Blog Archive » Fez patch pulled by Microsoft Says:

    [...] save files was pulled from Xbox Live by Microsoft, according to an update on developer Polytron's blog. The issues caused by the title update could potentially be resolved by clearing the Xbox 360 [...]

  45. Jody Says:

    Great game guys! well worth the wait, whats next ? I really love the style and lovely lovely LOVELY art! next game please :)

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  47. LoveIndieGames Says:

    Will this come out on Steam?

  48. Danamian Says:

    So i did watch the indie game movie and only one thing i have to say

    Keep it up and please release it on PC or Steam

  49. dark1x Says:

    So there’s no chance of receiving the patch that was released, huh? How disappointing. I was planning to start the game from scratch after its release so a save bug is of no consequence to me. Shame I missed it. :(

  50. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    Sorry to hear about bug problems. But very happy to see you on the fixing, Renaud.

  51. yui Says:

    I really wish I could have downloaded the patch, I also wouldn’t mind starting over, since I have too many cubes to see the ending.

  52. charles Says:

    I have been working on a game on & off for 7 yrs lots of computers crashes or burned up. i saw your story that was in the movie indie game it gives me the hope to press on thanks and i love your game and the know how hard you all worked on it . good luck .. charles

  53. Shinishii Says:

    This is so amazingly disappointing… I can’t wait for another patch to go through testing, but I’m worried that if I start a new file the same thing will happen again. Is there any news on what has actually caused the crash or if anything can be done to avert it? Mine crashes after a few seconds with the save and game on the hard drive. Is it the hard drive? The Xbox? Will it happen if I run the game from an official Xbox memory card? Has Microsoft supplied any data on the systems that are getting the problems?

    Microsoft should port Fez to Windows for free as an apology. Although… whose fault is this actually?

  54. Spug Says:

    yui: I think the patch (when re-released) will allow you to see the ending even though you have too many cubes? At least that’s one way to interpret some of the stuff under “Misdetection” and “Exploits”

  55. Mike Says:

    I hope to purchase Fez after watching the Indie Game movie. I’ll wait for the save game fix. The game sounds like a blast.

    I do really hope you put it up on Steam for PC and Mac in the future, when you are contractually able to.

  56. Johnny Bing Says:

    Hello I’m here asking when the PC version will arrive? Can a developer answer that now? plz :)

  57. John Says:

    Phil doesn’t want it on the PC. He said:

    “Fez is a console game, not a PC game. It’s made to be played with a controller, on a couch, on a Saturday morning. To me, that matters; that’s part of the medium. I get so many comments shouting at me that I’m an idiot for not making a PC version. ‘You’d make so much more money! Can’t you see? Meatboy sold more on Steam!’ Good for them. But this matters more to me than sales or revenue. It’s a console game on a console. End of story.”

    Now, While I respect his concerns regarding the way his game is experienced, I think it’s foolish to assume that ALL PC’s are at desks, with small monitors, with no controllers hooked up. My computer is hooked up to an HDTV, I’m laying in bed right now typing this in comfort, and I know countless others who have custom rigs setup like this (disabled PC enthusiasts for one).

    I can see if Phil wants his game played with a controller, no big deal, I totally get that, but to say that the game shouldn’t be played unless you’re on a couch in your living room? Come on dude.. Do you know how many people I know who have their 360′s AT their desk, hooked into their computer monitors? I saw that SVN running on the PC..

    We love ya Phil, but come on bro, after the 6 month XBLA exclusivity expires, just throw it on steam, code it so it ONLY works with a controller, then sit back and make some bank as millions more people enjoy and rave about your game. You’d be allowing MILLIONS more people to experience your game. Are you seriously telling me, that you would rather those millions of people not experience your game, just because they’re most likely, possibly, probably, maybe not on a couch in a living room?

    On behalf of millions of PC gamers, I ask you to please reconsider.

  58. Tom Rollington Says:

    When will you announce the PC release date? Would make waiting so much easier.

  59. Jean-Michel Bouchard Says:

    If anyone reads this reply, WARNING: SPOILERS!!

    So, I beat the game and went to “new game +”. I went through the opening sequence (where instead of getting the fez-hat, you get the glasses and the 3D mode) BUT the game won’t let me go into 1st-person mode. I can’t beat the last puzzle. What’s going on? Seems like I’m not the only one with this problem… I’ve tried changing controllers but so far, clicking in the left thumb-stick does nothing.

  60. RainbowDashPony Says:

    So I gave you my money and haven’t been able to play the game for like 2 FUCKING MONTHS! How do I get my money back because this is some fucking bullshit!

  61. Harest Says:

    Totally agree with John. Must be played with a controller? No problem, there is controllers on PC. And now for me, a console is just a fucking piece of shit. They’re just selling it to make some profit. The only thing which keeps them alive it’s the exclusives imo.

    So yeah, when FEZ will be announced on PC?

    @RainbowDashPony: Let’s seek a double rainbow, it’ll make you probably coolest.

  62. Harest Says:

    Btw, for those who are interested, a recent Phil Fish conference – Gamelab 2012 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LG1fOOUSOw

  63. codeninja Says:

    You are an inspiration. I watched your documentary last night (Indie Game: The Movie) and it changed my life. I’ve been trying to make games forever and I (almost) gave up.

    Absolutely amazing game, you are a genius, well done.

  64. Andrey Says:

    Man! Today I watched a movie – “Indie Game: The Movie”.
    And I wanted to say:
    “Respect to You! Big respect!!!”

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad English.
    I from Russia, etc…

  65. Ankh_P Says:

    Good luck for the bug fixing guys !

    You have all our support, and thank you again for this beautiful game !

  66. Dennis Says:

    As so many before me I just finished watching ‘indie game: The movie’ and I have to tell you that I bought the game on day one, fell in love with it! I never could have imagined it was only made by 2 people. It was so polished that I thought there were at least 5-10 people.

    I have to admit though that I got a little bit scared of you Paul. Your words had such a truth-ness to it that when you said you were going to kill your ex-partner that I got chills ;) but I understand at the same time. your last 4 years has been in hell it sounds like. so you deserve to be able to threat, your former parner, on camera ;)

    love your game and your style! keep it up :)

  67. Dennis Says:

    I mean Phil, not Paul.. sorry :S

  68. Anon Says:

    We need it on PC!!! Really. Should I tell you why?! PC, PC!! Code it for PC please! PC omg

  69. Anon Says:

    I can’t play that game because I do not have that freaking box. And do not want to have it. But (i think) the game is awesome, so why??

  70. MarnyMarn Says:

    Hey, update is up..

    Wonder if it’s OK this time.

    Anyway, thanks for the game. It’s pretty special.


  71. Riley F Says:

    Hey, so my save file has the “Save file unusable after playing for a long time (usually in a new game+) in certain areas of the game (crash within a minute”. I downloaded the patch and, upon trying to access my save file again, just got a message saying my save file’s corrupted. I exited and deleted my system cache. Now I try to access the save file and it’s still got the crash problem/I don’t have the patch. Should I re-download the patch/WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

  72. Jabjabs Says:

    Wow it really sucks that this patch had to be put back up. I was hoping that MS would of shown some compassion in this area but alas it is not to be. As you said its better to have this up and mostly fixed than to keep it in its original state. I have heard from many sources just how much recertification costs and a company like Polytron just isnt big enough to deal with those kinds of costs.

    That said its time to start over with the new patch and am very much looking forward to it. Glad to see you guys making a real class act out of a crap situation I’m just hoping that cooler heads will prevail for everyone else to realise this.

  73. Spong1975 Says:

    Hmmm, so the last news post on here has disappeared. Is that because of the backlash in the comments, or because of Phil’s feet-stamping childish rant about MS?

    I couldn’t care less who is to blame, you guys should’ve sorted that crap out where we can’t see it. All that matters to me is I own a game that came SO CLOSE to perfection, but has been ruined by sloppy after-care, a stubborn platform holder, and a creator who seems more interested in taking my money and running.

  74. seagaia Says:

    where can i purchase a polytron logo sticker? or polytron logo t-shirt


  75. Hooray Says:

    Where did the other post go? If you’re proud about your insane claims (i.e. the patch costs “tens of thousands of doallars” the issue affects “less than 1%” and “we pay Microsoft to be exclusive on XBLA” then why did you delete the post? Is it because all of those claims are ridiculous and false?

  76. Mark Says:

    Hopefully this can be a lesson learned when dealing with xbox exclusivity.

    It’s not so awesome when your exclusive game is bullshit because of it’s exclusivity.

    By all means though, let’s keep pandering to console manufacturers with poor quality control because we’d be the coolest guys ever releasing our game on potentially the shittiest most error-laden over-corporatized shitbox of a console this generation.

    Next time release your flash games on PC.

  77. Angry Consumer Says What? Says:

    What happened? Cat got your tongue fish? Or are you now realizing pissing off the real indie fans then coming back talking about how great their system is didn’t pay off and you pissed Microsoft off in the process. I hope no one ever buys another one of your games and you lose every penny gotten as you most certainly hasn’t earned it. May I make a suggestion? Eat a dick

  78. Guillaume B. Says:

    Now I’m thinking to start another game, though I’m at 209,4 % of completion :P
    Well… I’ll do that later, when the music of the game won’t be in my head anymore ^^
    That was such a nice adventure… peaceful places (for the most), beautiful… thanks for the trip, Polytron.

  79. Brackynews Says:

    Well I was glad to get on with finishing it without patching. :-) And I’m sure it will make a great difference to replays and new players.

    No negativity here (it’s all been said anyway), but I do hope a PC release works out in the future. Simply because it deserves to live beyond the shelf life of XBLA.

    For what it is, by two Canucks and an excellent musician, it’s really something special and more people should see it.

  80. Spug Says:

    This whole ordeal has been pretty weird.

    I don’t really blame Polytron for issuing a broken patch, even though I was one of the “1%” (seriously, there must be more affected players than that). Those things happen, and the problem is probably obscure. Sure, they could’ve caught it, but so could Microsoft when they did the QA that Polytron pays $10k for them to do, and Microsoft could’ve offered them a free pass to fix the problem that none of them caught.

    The blog post, on the other hand, I can’t really wrap my head around. It tried to praise Microsoft, while still blaming them for the expensive patching and comparing the practice to Valve’s. Was that the reason the blog post was deleted? All in all, the blog post was probably pretty bad for PR, but not as bad as deleting it afterwards. It was deleted for “clarity”? Seriously?

    I guess it’s probably coming to Steam after all though: https://twitter.com/Polytron/status/225746712692662272 (so congratulations, everyone who’s been nagging Polytron for that since before the game was released).

  81. seagaia Says:

    renaud and phil, how much would it cost to buy one of those polytron logo shirts + stickers that are in indie game the movie? if they even exist.

  82. Cam Says:

    As of 11:08pm July 21, 2012 I can’t find ANY INFO on how to download the patch. Well on the way to completing the game (about 90% done) but the patch seems to be MIA. Did MS take it back down? Will there be a fixed patch? WILL I FINISH FEZ?!?!?!?

  83. wil Says:

    i just bought the game (post-patch) when i found the first warp gate i tried to go through it and i was trapped in a black void, then my save file was corrupted (my xbox locks up completely whenever i try to play the game now.)

    i don’t know why i’m reporting this since you’re not going to fix anything else. it just sucks for the people that end up blundering into a bug. :( i really wanted to play your game though; sorry it didn’t work out.

  84. Renaud Says:

    That reaaaallly sucks. You’re right in saying that another patch is very unlikely, but I can only hope that this is an isolated instance and won’t happen in your next game, if you choose to start over.

  85. Renaud Says:

    Unless you already got the patch when it originally came out (it was online for a few hours), it should be suggested to you if you’re connected to Xbox LIVE as you start the game. To our knowledge it is still up, not sure what’s going on here.

  86. Renaud Says:

    One thing I want to address here : the “removed for clarity” thing does not refer to the “we’re not going to patch the patch” blog post being taken down. I was referring to the multiple “UPDATE” chunks that were at the top of this thread when the patch first came out, and that could be confusing to people who didn’t follow the events, so I summarized them.

  87. bill Says:

    whooppie! im one of the chosen ppl to get boned and loose everything i had! yippe 99% completion out the window! huzah time officially wasted and unrecoverable! excuse me i have to go back to my corner and cry myself to sleep…

  88. 666 Says:

    I want to know, what happened down there. Did you guys feel that you have been wrong about not patching the game OR you took it down seeing the backlash?

  89. wil Says:


    I bought the game after all the patching chatter on the internet; I did the update before I even started playing. My problem is unrelated to the previous update. I’m not trying to muddy the water or anything, I just wanted you to know that all press is good press ;)

    It’s amazing game with it’s glitchy sprites and synthesizers and I want to spend all day with it except for that it locks up my damn xbox so hard that I have to get up off the couch and powercycle it whenever I try to play. Anyway, I’m going to try again and hope for the best.

  90. Bobby Says:

    I decided that I was going to start Fez over, seeing as how it was an excellent game, and I got told my save was corrupted, so I had to start over again regardless… oh well, I say. I’m perfectly fine with having to play this game over again, as this is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. It’s on the same level as Braid, or Limbo, or Bioshock in that it has an amazing atmosphere and fun gameplay. Thank you so much just for making this game, and best of luck in ironing out the bugs.

  91. Gaelon Says:

    How about offering a rebate to people who bought the game at 1200 points and got dicked around for two months with nothing but “we’re working on it” to go on? Why should the people who had faith in you suffer through everything just to have the price drop? I expected the game to work when I bought it.

  92. Luke Says:

    I love Fez. I really hope it comes out for the PC too ^_^. I haven’t encountered any issues yet…if my save breaks, meh! I’ll just play it again. Thanks for such a wonderful game

  93. cooper springfield Says:

    FISH!!! i finally got this game after buying “indie game the movie”. first of all that has to be one of the most inspiring movies i’ve seen in a long time. anyways after seeing how hard you worked on this game and the amount of stress you were put under, its amazing to be able to see an amazing outcome such as this. the game is aesthetically brilliant, i can just be in my own little world when i play it and tune everything else out. im glad to see that your hard work has done more than pay off. this game is all around brilliant. and congrats on selling 100,000 copies man!!! you’ve gone through the a lot of hard times while making this game, as i saw through the movie, so nothing makes more happy than seeing someone such as you who has worked so hard for so long to finally get the credit that you’ve been deserving. i just want to personally say thank you for making this game and putting your reputation on the line for some thing you believe in. i couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the game.

  94. Jabjabs Says:

    I really hope that people eventually start laying off on the negative comments with this game just because of one glitch in the title. Yes it does suck that some people have been burnt by this bug but overall you still get the experience of the game and that was the eventual goal as far as I could tell. Making software is never easy and sometimes these issues come up without the programmers knowledge but this is the unfortunate reality of software development in general.

    Enjoy it for what it is rather than just another game to chase percentage points and things of a similar nature. I’m glad the patch is back up even if it does bring a slight blemish to an otherwise amazing experience.

  95. cooper springfield Says:

    i agree, the game is too good for the amount of bashing that it gets. the guy slaved over it so that it could be finished and released. hes not a big company that can pay thousands of people to test the game for him and find every glitch. problems are going to happen. you should be thanking him for taking the time fix all the problems people have with the game and addressing every issue instead of just putting it off. small companies may take a bit longer to fix everything yes, but they put out damn good games.

  96. itsok Says:

    Officially FEZ is a flop, a failure a dud. It will always be labeled as that “could have been” amazing title that tanked because the developer screwed his customers. XBLA clearly doesn’t need polytron… but PSN does. So peddle your buggy games to them. They’re used to it by now.

    A Tony Hawk HD rehash with mostly bad/mediocre reviews outsold FEZ a game with great reviews in one week. TH over 120K in 7 days – FEX 100K in 30 Days. All I can say is thank god a company like polytron wasn’t asked to port minecraft over. That would have been a disaster for Microsoft.

  97. Timmy Says:

    What’s most offensive is that you don’t give a flying fuck about the people who have slapped their hard earned monies down on your proverbial counter for your broken game. Blame Microsoft all you want, you child, because at the end of the day you have nobody to blame but yourself. You can’t take anything away from that pile of cash you’ve constructed for yourself because that would be too real. Well, here’s the reality. People paid for your game. It doesn’t work for *A LOT* of said people. And you laughed your ass off all the way to the bank. Lazy fuck.

  98. Elisa Says:

    I’m so sad, I cannot reload the last save. I’m in the 1% I guess, but I hadn’t finish the game. I just discover how to read.. had 29 cubes(to get to the 32′s door), 9 anticubes, 5 maps, 3 artifacts.. and now it’s all gone. I really liked the game and I was hoping to see it all. Damn I’m depressed

  99. alex Says:

    I must say that I loved your game to death, to me it’s up there with some of my all time favorites such as Castlevania Sotn, Metroid Prime/Super Metroid.
    But I guess I’m part of the unlucky 1% (maybe the estimate is too low?) as my save file got corrupted.
    I was really proud of that, since I had all cubes, anticubes, artifacts etc. and managed to pull it off almost on my own… fond memories.
    If I will ever have enough time I think I’ll be willing to start again from scratch, but no matter what I can’t help feeling so much bitter about it.
    Mixed feelings aside, I think your game rocks, and as much people as possible should experience it… so I really hope it gets released on other platforms.
    Thanks Phil, Renaud.

  100. butts Says:

    Just bough Fez yesterday, when about halfway through, my game crashed and save corrupted.

    I enjoyed Fez very much, but it’s depressing how much time I’d put into it, only to have this happen shortly after purchase.

    And I agree completely with “alex.”

  101. Charles Zwolsman Says:

    Hey Guys. Played the demo before and just last night watched Indie Game the movie. I just love the feeling of the game. But I’m not just yet buying the game. The only thing needed for that is a semi guarantee that game breaking bugs are not there. If you can’t do that, get working on it ! I understand that you guys might be tired of working on this game but now is the time to pull trough. This game needs to be on all platforms (steam pc and mac ,humble bundle etc.) semi bug free and it will make a ton of money. Think of all the effort you’ve put in over the years. You have made something unique, the both of you deserve all the money and most of all appreciation. Finish the fight! ;)

  102. Armando Says:

    AWWW YEAH!! can’t wait to get back home and lose myself in that wonderful world…so sweet

  103. Sano Says:

    M$ is ruining this entire reality by keeping Fez on its 8 years old platform :/

  104. Grashwandir Says:

    I know everybody tell u the same…
    BUT you want more money?
    PLEASE release youre game on PC, I will buy it!

  105. Brian Says:

    Thanks for the fix information. Now I can continue my journey past the waterfall stage.

  106. vodasoft Says:

    I think the PC version of FEZ will generate you extra money and a lot of fame. FEZ is really awesome, I really like the passive and tranquil game aspect…

  107. Chris Says:

    I would love to see a PC version. This game looks amazing!

  108. radioin_head Says:

    PC PC PC!!! pleaaaseeee!!!

  109. byte-smasher Says:

    It’s such a shame this isn’t on steam. I’d buy it multiple times over…. once for every gamer know.

  110. rettich Says:

    as if pc games wouldn’t be enjoyed laid back and played with a controller.
    in gaming my pc lacks nothing compared to a console besides those exclusive games.
    and i really understand that “supposed to be played on a saturday morning” argument. but its the vibe, fez has going, that lets you play it in that saturday morning mood. its not the saturday morning in itself.
    just bring it out on pc and make a LOT of people happy.
    because making people happy is great, i suppose.

  111. Miquel Says:

    PC and OUYA release, please!!!

  112. Matt Says:

    Reasons for Fez to come to Steam:
    1 I love fez, the soundtrack, the graphics and game play
    2 Free update/patches
    3 $$$$$$$
    4 Sex, drugs, rock and roll
    5 I will personally buy you ice cream

  113. rettich Says:

    pc release. PLEASE!

  114. Jake Meshin Says:

    Unless the news post is about Fez coming to PC then who cares.

    Unless this game gets a PC release then we’ll all forget about it within the next year.

    if it gets a PC release then it could be remembered as a great game like Cave Story.

  115. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    Alrighty FISH, they’re bringing the Steam service to a console-like product that hooks to your regular tv, so you can now play games on a controller on a saturday morning in the living room (in your jammies if you so feel).


    NOW will you do a PC version for Steam?

  116. Johnny Bing Says:

    At least release some extra DLC with the PC release. Phil is a fucking idiot.

  117. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    Jesus, Johnny, I don’t think insulting Phil is going to get what you want done any faster or better. That tactic only works with small children, and even then you might still get punched in the nuts.

    Please don’t ruin a potential PC release by being a jackass . Go find justifying reasons why it should be released on PC. I don’t want the PC release punched in the nuts.

  118. bob benark Says:

    yeah, agreed with the above, but i dont even care at this point.

    If you’ve followed Phil’s twitter it’s easy to see he’s not a nice person.

    I’m sure he knows how much success Fez would get from a PC release but wouldn’t do it just for a way to tell PC gamers to suck his dick.

    by the way Phil


    look, playing games with a controller on a couch through PC. what we’ve been doing for years and now can even do easier.

    you mad yet for going with microsoft instead of valve?

    suck my dick.

  119. Melancorphine Says:

    Pouvez-vous faire que ce putin de jeu de malade, soit disponible sur pc ? PC PLEASE !!! Je vous en supplie !!! Pitié !!! J’en rêve tous les jours ! Je suis entrain de me dire que je vais finir par acheter une livebox pour avoir votre jeu ! PC PLEAAAAAASE !!!

    Je vous adore les gars, je suis dingue de votre jeu depuis le premier jour que je vous suit !!!
    Je veux pouvoir jouer à votre jeu, je veux pouvoir jouer à FEZ !!!

    En tout cas, MERCI POUR TOUT !!!

  120. whitegreyblack Says:

    I have to say that I think the game is genius and one of my all-time favorite gaming experiences.

    However, I had to complete the game without the patch and it really takes the shine off the diamond to not be able to update the game without destroying my save (I was lucky enough to be able to clear the system cache and recover the save); and therefore am unable to have the progress (other than the 12/12 achievements) update to my profile because I have to turn down the crummy patch every time I start the game.

    1%, my ass. Show some pride and fix your game.

  121. Vyzzle Says:

    I keep crashing (for real) at the 32-cube ending. It doesn’t give me the fake re-boot screen and the only thing I can do is restart my X-Box manually.

  122. Gustavo Versiani Says:

    Hello Phil Fish!
    I’m from Brazil, I want to congratulate your work Game “FEZ”. The game is spectacular, is the most brilliant game that I’ve played in the last 20 years, every detail of the game makes me thrill, the game conveys an incomparable charisma, a perfect soundtrack and ingenious puzzles.

    I want to congratulate you for real, you’re a producer rare in the market, because in my opinion is the BEST producer in the market, it is my number 1, I follow your future projects and hope “FEZ” has a sequel, because a classic this deserves a sequel, even though the sequel is the last of the series, it is the game that will be remembered by me for the rest of my life.

  123. Mike Bianchini Says:

    I didn’t know where else to post this comment, so I wanted to say:

    I just got to the Kill Screen, and let me tell you, Phil Fish delivers. So many games, even if they are great, have an ending that is much less satisfying than playing the game itself. In this case, both the journey and the destination were amazing.

  124. Jet_black Says:

    @Mike Bianchini – you… I still can’t load the damn game since I bought it, all I get for my money is the Polytron Logo then crash back to XMB…

  125. Harest Says:

    Core: Space, space, SPAAAAACE. I’m in SPACE, i’m in space, i’m in SPAAACEE.

    Gomez dreaming his future: PC, pc, PCCCCCCC. I’m on PC, i’m on PC, i’m on PCCCCCCC.

  126. Dmitriy Says:

    I’m really looking forward to the PC version.

  127. Harest Says:

    PC version, must flood for an answer. Tried to call a Philippe Poisson in Montréal but it wasn’t the good one apparently.

  128. Lord Seb Says:

    I would, too, be sooooo delighted to play FEZ on PC.
    From the first trailer I’ve seen, I really fell in love with the concept, the graphics and the score.
    But, like many, I don’t own a console and I’m personnally not fond of PSN/XBLA/Steam platforms.
    I want to keep a “physical” trace of my game, burn it on a DVD, being able of play it regardless of any DRM or region codes, anytime I want… especially in the years to come when these platforms will be gone.

    So, yes, bringing FEZ to PC and other systems will grant this marvelous game great longevity.
    Please, be kind to PC players.
    Love. :)

  129. Harest Says:

    I think i’ll FFF (Flood For FEZ) each day, starting this Friday. So, let’s bring FEZ on PC!

    FFF #1
    ————— Et parce que je suis français à la base :
    Je pense que je vais FFF (Flooder For(Pour) Fez) tous les jours, en commençant ce Vendredi. Bon, apportons FEZ sur PC !

  130. Harest Says:

    C’est parti pour le jour 2 :

    FFF #2 !

  131. Brad Says:

    I just applied the update when Xbox prompted me to, assuming that…seeing as how so many people were losing their save files…you guys would surely have fixed the problem by now.

    Silly of me. I wish this game wasn’t a digital download, so I could physically set my copy on fire.

    No thanks. No refund necessary, I just…won’t purchase any more of your games.

  132. Harest Says:

    Flood of the day :
    FFF #3

  133. Harest Says:

    Flood For Fez #4

  134. Harest Says:

    FFF #5

    This message was too short, so let’s flood more chars.

  135. Harest Says:

    FFF #6
    Gomez, come on.

  136. Harest Says:

    FFF #7 : 1 week o/

  137. Yorda Says:

    i know this isn’t the site but you need more sixes for t-shirts of fez and more stock please. Thanks and got luck with Fez.

  138. Harest Says:

    FFFF* #8

    *Flood For Fez Friday

  139. Harest Says:

    > FFF #9

  140. Harest Says:

    ˑ FFF #10

  141. Harest Says:

    ҈ FFF #11

  142. Harest Says:

    ҉ FFF #12

  143. Harest Says:

    ۝ FFF #13

  144. Harest Says:

    FFF #14 : 2 weeks o/

    *Don’t miss a day, don’t miss a day*

  145. Nate Lawrence Says:

    To Phil and Renaud:

    I just wanted to say thank you for your work on the patch to your wonderful game. I appreciated the improved framerate when transitioning from one area to another.

    It’s still not quite seamless and I would have liked you to have updated the backgrounds to match the current state of an area when it has changed (example: the bell missing after ringing it correctly), but the improvement is noted.

    I tracked FEZ for years since I saw the first teaser trailer, but although I saw the trailer for Indie Game: The Movie, have not yet watched it so remain blissfully ignorant of some of the struggle that went into making this gem.

    Similarly, though I bought the game immediately after it came out, I haven’t exactly stayed tuned to your blog or twitter feed since buying the game… apparently saving myself some frustration.

    It pains me to hear of the struggles that you guys have had in terms of Microsoft’s certification process. I love FEZ, but I also love Microsoft. To be honest, I want you both to succeed.

    My younger brother is a Steam fanatic and although I see good things about Steam, I can’t help but wish that you guys would consider releasing FEZ to XBOX LIVE for Windows 8/Windows RT as well. Cranking up the resolution to as high as a CRT will take me sounds pretty good to me with my XBOX 360 controller along for the ride.

    I’m also one to echo the request for a DRM-free version that can be installed an booted up offline, years from now, should XBLA or Steam ever go under.

    In any case, I just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed playing FEZ.

    I admit that after getting stuck at 32 cubes and 27 anti-cubes all on my own, I did finally allow myself to finally look online for help. I’ve gotten to 209.4% now with 3 heart pieces, 64 cubes, anaglyph shades, etc. but some mysteries remain…

    :: I would still like to know how we were meant to solve the black monolith code on our own.
    :: As far as I can tell, no one has fully made sense of the data encrypted in the soundtrack.
    :: I notice that although we meet plain Zu (if we are meant to think of our home village’s squashed head folk that way), headbanded Zu (in the village of the past), Fez-wearing Zu, and we see the alien environment which originally bestowed the hexahedron, at no time do I recall meeting the crowned/king Zu.
    :: It’s kind of driving me crazy that the outdoor throne (due south of the observatory world’s central hub on the default world map camera angle) has the secret door/cube/3rd dimension insignia on it and that pink block on top of it. If I could only get that block to sit in the seat of the throne, I could stand right in front of that half-height secret door. What does it MEAN???
    :: 209.4%… Talk about feeling unresolved!
    :: I feel odd that after running through the end sequence after acquiring the anaglyph shades nothing changes. What I mean is that black holes remain, no other text can be found that provides any kind of closure or deeper understanding of what went wrong with the Warp Gate/Hexahedron/Ghost Zu, we don’t get any more out of our eye-patched elder in our village, etc.
    :: How exactly is one normally meant to acquire the Skull artifact? I must shamefully admit that I flew over to the treasure chest. (Thankfully I didn’t learn about the jetpack until I’d collected nearly everything.) Did everyone?
    :: Why at the 32-cube ending do we get awesome happy Gomez jamming out on the drums, but nothing like that for the 64-cube ending?
    :: I need purpose for the completed heart. We can construct our own meaning like the game is a work of love, etc., but some in-game meaning would be great.
    :: Has anyone out there tried translating the text that the hexahedron beams down on your when bestowing you with the fez, shades, etc.?

    In all, FEZ is one of the most charming, magical, and beautiful games that I have played since I was a child playing NES, SNES, and Genesis but I am feeling very unresolved at the end of it. Am I right to feel this or has the FEZ community not yet seen all that there is to be seen (in terms of closure)?

    Warmest regards,
    Nate Lawrence

  146. Touffun Says:

    FFF ! Fez on PC ! Please ?

  147. Harest Says:

    Yeah! FFF #15 o/

  148. Vick Carmine Says:


  149. Sammi Says:

    FFF#17 will this work? I wanna play Fez without having to buy a Console.

  150. Logan 5 Says:

    dude. I’ve been waiting for Fez for too damned long! PLEASE put it out on PC. FFF FFF FFF

  151. Mijal Says:

    FFF! I’d buy Fez again on PC if I had the chance!

  152. Caiman Says:

    FFF! My XBox sits dying in a corner, I refuse to replace it, please don’t let Microsoft’s poor workmanship keep us from Fez!

  153. Harest Says:

    Nice to see some new guys here FFF too to get it on PC (or at least get infos about it)!

    // For those who wondering about #XX, it’s just my own count of days without interruption since i FFF (one per day). Feel free to do it too by Flooding For Fez each day (or whenever you want) here or on Twitter especially, or just by using the triple F without any number. I’ll try to get the max number of days i can of FFF without miss a day.

    C’est cool de voir de nouvelles personnes FFF pour voir ce jeu sur PC (ou au moins avoir des infos à ce sujet) !

    // Pour ceux qui s’intérrogent à propos des #XX, c’est juste mon propre compteur de jours sans intérruption depuis que je FFF (une fois par jour). N’hésitez pas à le faire aussi en Floodant For(Pour) Fez chaque jour (ou quand vous voulez) ici ou sur Twitter notamment, ou just en utilisant le triple F sans nombre. Je vais essayer d’avoir le plus grand nombre de jours de FFF sans rater un jour.

  154. Sammi Says:

    Yeahhhh. I want this game. Maybe they’re adding co-op DLC!! Maybe they’re adding DLC so they release the game on Steam with more stuff! I don’t care though. I wanna replay this on my PC chair.

  155. Sin4Profit Says:

    From what i’ve heard FEZ won’t be coming to the PC because “Phil Fish wanted to emulate the retro console experience”? Has anyone heard this dude say this? i would like to play FEZ but i’m not buying any XBLA games for fear of them being obsolete when the next console rolls around.

    The thing that bugs me is, if this is the case, how pretentious are you as a game designer where your reason for excluding it from platforms because it doesn’t emulate that retro feeling? Like back in the old days when we downloaded our video games onto our consoles from the internet? My computer is hooked up to a TV, i have a 360 controller hooked up to it, How is that experience any different from the console experience?

    Really i’m wondering if any of you have heard anything about the notion of why FEZ won’t be coming to PC? Is this thing i heard, from one of the Rev3 gaming shows, true or is it something else Phil has said that’s being taken out of context?

    Either way it’s kind of a bummer i’ll never get to play FEZ as i like the art style, but the idea behind why it’s not coming to PC, if true, really kinda disgusts me.

    Is this the fist instance of “hipster douchebaggery” in gaming design or am i over reacting?

  156. Harest Says:

    FFF #17!

    @Sin4Profit : This it outdated, like i said earlier. Here is an itw (sorry the audio sucks, maybe there’s better now, didn’t seek yet) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LG1fOOUSOw

  157. Harest Says:

    (Fail, it was #16 but unable to edit)

    Anyway i’ll profit to put a link with the time when i spoke about release the game maybe on others platforms : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0LG1fOOUSOw#t=1323s (22:03)

    “[...] Yeah of course, I want the game to be on everything [...]” (22:50)

  158. Harest Says:

    *he spoke

    And now it’s FFF #17 o/

  159. Harest Says:

    Flood For Fez (on PC) #18

  160. Harest Says:

    And it’s FFF #19!

  161. Harest Says:

    FFF #20!
    ++++++==,, +++++++++++++
    ++++++==,, +++++++++++++
    ++++==,,,, +++++++++++
    ++++==,, +++++++++++
    ++++==,, MM MM +++++++++++
    ++++==,, +++++++++++
    ++++==,,,, +++++++++++
    ++++==,,,, . +++++++++++
    ++++++====,, . +++++++++++++
    ++++++++++++====,, ++++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++++==,, ++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++== ++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++==..~~ .==++++++++++++++++
    ++++++== .== .==++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++++==,, ++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++++==,, ++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++++==,,,, ++++++++++++++++++

  162. Harest Says:

    (Fail ASCII art, i forgot the blanks, my bad.)

  163. Harest Says:

    FFF #21 : 3 weeks o/

  164. Harest Says:

    FFF #22

  165. Harest Says:

    FFF #23

  166. Levdog Says:

    So I watched Indie Game The Movie and bought your game, hell yeah it kicks ass :D

  167. Harest Says:

    FFF #24

  168. Joe Says:

    Just downloaded the game… Really digging it… Until I try to load my continue… Freezes my game every time. Seems you never fixed the crashes experienced during your poor pax performance in the indie game movie. Is there any accountability with this company? I pay money for a product that refuses to work. Hopefully this is fixed… If not, I wish you no future success at all.

  169. chipa Says:

    Почему после последнего обновления игры в размере трёх(3 mBit) мгбайт приставка XBOX зависает?

  170. Harest Says:

    FFF #25

  171. Honest Says:

    Did the programmer leave Polytron?

  172. Harest Says:

    FFF #26

  173. Harest Says:

    FFF #27

  174. Touffun Says:

    FFF ! I support Harest !

  175. Harest Says:

    Ahah thx! and here is my FFF #28 o/ (4 weeks, soon a month)

  176. SlimJazz Says:

    FFF! Let me experience art!

  177. Harest Says:

    FFF #29 !

    And as a reminder, we Flood For Fez to get it on PC (or at least get infos about it)!

    Cf. a conference, Phil Fish “want the game to be on everything”. Everything seems legit, but PC ffs!

    (And the #29 is just here to know i’ve flood since 29 days without interruption 1 message / day)

  178. Harest Says:

    FFF #30

  179. Harest Says:

    FFF #31! Here is the month o/
    Gomez, come on PC, don’t be lazy.

  180. Harest Says:

    FFF #32

  181. Door Says:

    Omg so pointless

  182. Harest Says:

    FFF #33

  183. Meh Says:

    Now that the programmer left Polytron I think you can say goodbye to any PS3/PC port of Fez sadly.

  184. Harest Says:

    Failed for the November 14th anyway. And it’s not a big deal a programmer who left. There’s a lot of programmers.

  185. Christian Arroyo Says:

    I’m completely disappointed in this game. I bought it after watching the indie gamer documentary on netflix. However its SO full of fucking bugs that we cant play it. Our saved games are corrupted after saving at the waterfall level and the developer cant take the time to patch it. Fuck you and everything you stand for. This game is the absolute worst and I haven’t had to deal with something like this since your damn beta at PAX. Honestly, I thought the issues would be all resolved. I would not recommend this at all to anyone.

  186. Kendra Says:

    Is there a fix for the game being saved while in a black hole? I lost my original game play for the “saved file being corrupted” after the patch downloaded. Convinced my husband to start the game because I like it so much. He played for two hours and got stuck in the black hole and he now hates the game. This was in the waterfall area. I tried to find a solution here but am sick of hearing all the negative not at all constructive criticism. I’ve started the game over myself. It’s still fun but I haven’t had to worry about any glitches yet.

  187. Harest Says:

    Say thx to Micro$oft and their fucking policy, making indies pay 10K$ / patch…

    // Come on PC, here we’ll only be grateful. And patching the game = no cost, like it should be everywhere.

  188. Sam H Says:

    It must be hard, taking so many years to make a game because of your own perfectionist mentality only to realize that you are, in fact, just another tool who is in it for the money. Good job with the broken patch. That’s perfection alright. Just be glad that all of your fans are oblivious to the millions you made and how easy it would be to do the right thing.

  189. borleszk Says:

    Cant load saved game anymore, freezes my xbox. Phil, you have made one of the most amazing and original games ever…but still…f u. You exactly know why. Money money money. And you too xbla. 10/10 though

  190. @trevorade Says:

    Wishing Fez was coming to Steam…

  191. 123 Says:

    I never saw something like this game. I have no words. I can stare on this waterfall and on square constellations for hours. This is totally awesome. Absolutely all of the puzzle’s are based on game logic. And you never be bored. That’s a small portion of my emotions based on “Let’s plays”.
    Polytron, you won. I’m going to buy an xbox 360. :)
    I think, it’s a main game for this platform.

  192. 123 Says:

    “We are looking at porting the game to other platforms, but there’s nothing concrete about it, so we won’t say which ones, just to be a tease. But, of course, I want the game to be on everything, I don’t want to be stuck on Xbox Live Arcade. I spent five years of my life working on this, I want everybody to play it.”

  193. erk Says:

    Phil, you were right. All of these guys are assholes.
    Going on this website, I expected to see how much people loved Fez, and to see them discussing what they thought made it truly great. But instead, all I see are people complaining about framerate issues and crashes, and yet even more clamouring for a PC release.
    I’m glad I got to experience Fez. I would often go there when I was tired of the world I subscribed to, a place to get away from it all. And I hope you realize that you’ve truly done something good in the world.
    Thank you.

  194. Machinenoise Says:

    Phil, just watched the Indie Game movie. I have every intention of buying and enjoying the fuck out of this game tonight (3:01am). I have a feeling I’ll just be staring at the screen and using the art as color therapy. Bravo man!

  195. 123 Says:

    “All IGF Main Competition finalists for this year’s event will receive the opportunity to accept a distribution agreement for Steam, a leading platform for distribution in today’s burgeoning independent gaming market.”

  196. Harest Says:

    Anddddd.. I buy a xbox 360, just to play FEZ (used ofc). Feels bad but i’m not anymore patient. Hope i’ll not have any bug :$.

  197. Gabriel Says:

    Hello guys.Amazing game by the way.I would probably spend four weeks here telling how touching this game is for me.But,I have a doubt.When I pres LT to rotate that time swithces the game starts to lag reeeeally Bad.It only work when I press RT.This happens to you too? Or is just me that is having this problem? (Sorry for my english)

  198. Max Says:

    This has been said many times before, but seriously with the freezing? Just bought the game last week and it is already freezing my Xbox every time I play it. It’s a fun game, but I wouldn’t have bought it if I had know I’d be wasting my money. Do something for your customers.

  199. J.B. Says:

    Enjoyed the game immensely and I too hope it makes its way to the PC and PSN so that my friends can also enjoy the wonderful journey. However I think it bears mentioning that Phil has no moral obligation to port the game to other platforms. If he feels that its current platform is the intended way to experience it then as its creator that is his right. Would you ask a painter who works in oils to recreate his work in acrylic because that’s what you would prefer? That being said a more constructive way too achieve your goal could be to start a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to hire an outside team to handle the ports, though this would of course require Phils participation. But attempting to find solutions to problems is a lot more likely to produce the outcome you want and at the end of the day isn’t finding solutions what Fez is all about?

  200. pwet Says:


  201. pwet Says:

    PUT FEZ ON PC! please

  202. Johan von Lindeman Says:

    Fish, I just saw Indie Game The Movie.

    Basically you just killed my dream of making games lol.

    But its ok…Gotta Say FEZ was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had this year.

  203. Scooter Says:

    Phil, I too just watched Indie Game: The Movie, and I must say, I’m extremely torn about purchasing your game.

    I absolutely love the gameplay and aesthetics, and I understand and appreciate the risks and sacrifices you made to make Fez, but I can’t bring myself to purchase a bugged game that I know won’t be fixed.

    I wish there was a way I could support you and know that I’d get a non-bugged game. If I ever see Fez show up on Steam, I will certainly buy it right away. I’m not trying to nag you into it, I’m just telling it like it is.

    Congratulations on making what looks like a fantastic game, and I wish you better luck in the future.

  204. ord Says:

    Please come with FEZ to the WiiU eShop, it would be amazing!

  205. Harest Says:

    FEZ avatar ftw.

  206. Michael Says:

    I bought the game when it was on sale and was making good progress on it, but I think I’ve encountered one of those save glitches. I forget exactly where I was, but I entered a world I hadn’t been to before and exited immediately after. While the game was doing that loading page for the next world, it froze and I had to restart my 360. Now I can’t continue my progress.

  207. blink Says:

    Bring FEZ to PC!

  208. RoboD8 Says:

    My heart has been broken! :,( I was playing the game and while walking through a door the game froze during the loading screen. I rebooted my xbox and went back into the game, but when I hit continue the game froze while loading. I tried rebooting again but got the same issue. there was a “shh” sound playing while it was frozen, but i’m not sure if the sound is from the game or not. I did upgrade from the trial version, but from the xbox marketplace at the xbox home. Please help! I just got the game and am in LOVE with it and desperately want to play it!

  209. Bembel Says:

    Great game!
    But I have the same problem as RoboD8 after 80% progress in the game.

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  211. Shin Says:

    This game is broken to all hell. Polytron, you should be offering a free version of the PC game to everyone who has, due to irreconcilable bugs, been unable to complete the xbox version. I just bought a new xbox to finally finish the game, deleted the bugged 189% game and started all over again. Crashed again. I have never wished so much hurt on developers. If the game wasn’t so good it wouldn’t bother me.

  212. Edwin Says:

    Quiero jugarlo se ve bueno

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