I am sitting in an empty polyplex, our place of work for the last 3 years.

Abandoned for months now, it hasnt seen much use since Renaud left for Toronto.

Everything is packed up. Today i move out as our lease expires along with the year, marking the end of an era.

2012 was crazy.

2011 was also crazy, but 2012 somehow managed to completely out-crazy it.

We experienced abyssal lows, but also life-affirming highs. Life-changing highs.Really, really high highs. It took everything but we shipped the fucking thing. And it was a success.

It didnt break any records, but it made more than enough to let me keep doing what i do. So im afraid you’re stuck with me for a little while longer.

Even though the game came out some 9-ish months ago now, i don’t feel like any of it has really sunken in yet. Between the game and the documentary, too much happened. Too much to process. I feel like i learned something, but i dont know exactly what it is yet. Keep your mouth shut maybe?

Between Sundance, IGTM, winning the IGF, becoming a notorious racist, the game coming out, the patch incident, becoming a notorious asshole, travelling the world, battling a brutal post-partum depression and finding love, my ears are still ringing.

2012 was crazy.

But what now?

2013 is going to be an interesting one, too.

For one, FEZ will finally be ported to other platforms.

Yes, i’ve heard you, dozens of people emailing me everyday telling me how much of an idiot i am for not porting FEZ to everything.

We also have some exciting plans for the soundtrack, and something about a US branch?

Beyond that however, the future is uncertain for polytron.

It’s just me now. I could do anything with this company, but i dont know what yet.

There’s a couple of new games in the pipeline, of course.

But there’s also an ambition to do so much more.

I want to design everything!

Maybe not a videogame? Maybe something else entirely.


And that’s exciting!

I hope you’re excited too!


262 Responses to “STATE OF THE POLYTRON”

  1. blachole Says:

    You rock Fish! Keep it up!

  2. Harest Says:

    Fuck yeah.

    api = new Year();

  3. PixelVortex Says:

    Wow, you’ve had to deal with a lot this year. Good luck in 2013, Phil.

  4. Zechariah Says:

    It would be awesome to one day see FEZ on steam.

  5. Brownd Says:

    Oh yeah, finally people shall stop screaming like crazy for other platforms…
    I wish you luck, sir

  6. TouchGameplay Says:

    Happy Holiday & happy new Year Fish :)

  7. Brody Brooks Says:

    Congrats on making it out in one piece! I look forward to seeing what you have cooking up next!

    Are there any plans on discontinuing 2012?

  8. Laetteralus Says:

    Thanks Phil you are a great person. I know the road has been fairly tough for you trying to get Fez rolling out, but you sir have released a gem that will be talked about for years to come. Thanks for listening to the community. I hope one of the platforms will be Steam. You will surely make a ton of revenue from that. Looking forward to what else we can see out of Polytron. Have a great year, and here’s to hoping we can hear more out of you!

  9. Ángel Domínguez Says:

    Terrific news, thanks for committing to releasing FEZ for other platforms. I fell in love with it since it was featured on IGTM, then with the soundtrack, and now what a great relief to learn of your plans for the game.

    Best of luck for the future, you are a truly talented person and that has to be shared with the world!

  10. Jbob Says:

    Brilliant, Fez gets to be broken on multiple platforms now.

  11. Danny O'Dwyer Says:

    Glad to hear you came out of the madness smiling. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future dude. Happy 2013.

  12. theplotlessplot Says:

    Great news!
    Hoping to see FEZ on Steam (with a Mac version as well, please please please!) in early 2013.
    Congratulations on everything you achieved in 2012! FEZ was truly an amazing gaming experience. Probably one of the most meaningful ones I’ve had since playing Ocarina of Time when I was 10 years old, back in ’98.

    Have an amazing 2013!!

  13. Colin Vitale Says:

    So happy for you Fish! I can’t wait to see what you are up to next.
    Happy new year!

  14. @trevorade Says:


    I look forward to buying Fez for full price on the first day it hits Steam :)

  15. Rikard Says:

    Fez is one of those rare games which I would absolutely buy twice if it saw its way onto PC. Thanks for the awesome year and best of luck in 2013!

  16. Math628 Says:

    So stoked. I’ve watched the documentary and love FEZ! The whole story of Polytron and FEZ has been really inspiring for me to work harder at my craft. I am stoked to see what will come from Polytron this coming year and hopefully the years to come. Congrats on a great year and Happy New Year

  17. Alex Camilleri Says:

    Finally! Keep it up, man!

  18. trent Says:

    make a wii u version, their eshop has stellar titles thus far and fez would be a great addition, only thing you need to do with the gamepad is allow it to be played on there and maybe touch based menus. great news though, more people need to play fez.

  19. jrronimo Says:

    Good luck in 2013! Fez has left an incredible mark on me and I have listened to its soundtrack more times than any other song or album this year, combined.

    I sincerely look forward to your next releases and wish you the best. I wish I had an ounce of the talent you’ve got.

  20. Ross Says:

    Congratulations Phil, I could not be more excited to finally play your game.

  21. John Drinkwater Says:

    Looking forward to this coming to Steam… on Linux ;^)

  22. Mylo Says:

    Have fucking awesome New Year Phil, and whatever you decide to do, you go and get what you want ;)

  23. dcamer Says:

    Do you think Fez would work on the 3DS?

  24. Josh Says:

    FEZ is a wonderful game, so I cant thank you enough for that amazing experience.

    Look forward to seeing more from you.

    Happy New year

  25. Dylan Says:

    You’re the best Phil Fish! Thank you for releasing one of the most inspiring games I’ve ever played. Happy to hear you have more awesomeness to share :)

  26. azulum Says:

    On “being an asshole on the internet” — the communication that humans evolved using is heavily influenced by non-verbal and non-lexical cues — so everyone on the internet is basically tone-deaf and autistic, which makes us all assholes. One of these days, communication will get better, but until then, try using the improv comedian’s trick of “yes and…” no matter how preposterous the comment or supposition. Trolls will no longer be able to argue — with perfect accord, where is the argument — and real, interesting discussion will hopefully take it’s place.

    May we be a bit less idiotic with each passing day! Happy New Year to you, Phil (and Renaud). I look forward to playing FEZ soon.

  27. Dogzon Says:

    lazy ass 2013 colors fuck you phil

  28. Trideka Says:

    Hope 2013 brings you happiness and peace Phil. Can’t wait for Fez on PC.

  29. Jasper Says:

    I remember when i ran into you that you said something about the post-release low… It’s not surprising it did affect you after that long spent with the project. I’ve definitely been through something like it this year so i think i know how it feels and wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Glad you’re ending the year with the great news and positive outlook, all the best to you man, can’t wait to play it finally when the ports drop.

  30. Pablo Sotomayor Says:

    I am willing to ignore the fact that you’re a notorious racist asshole if you publish Fez for PC. Hah!

  31. Cheesemcgeese Says:

    I would love a Wii U version Phil, I promise you at least one sale there.

  32. Bryan Wagner Says:

    Fez is beautiful. The public doesn’t always get it. That’s ok. Always do it for you. Make what you want to make, and don’t let the people make you afraid to do it. My motto: Accept failure, and defy it.

  33. Fez Going Multiplatform In 2013 | gamin'geeks Says:

    [...] Polytron’s State Of The Polytron address, Fish noted “Yes, i’ve heard you, dozens of people emailing me everyday telling me [...]

  34. 123 Says:


  35. ThEjOkErIsWiLd Says:

    I wish you all the best Mr. Fish on releasing this masterful piece of art on steam where I’m sure it’ll sell like friggin hotcakes.

  36. Jay Rosenkrantz Says:

    Happy New Year, Phil. Your journey in IGTM may only be a slice of your actual journey, but it’s an inspiration. Good luck in 2013.

    PS Fez animated web series!

  37. Dustin Says:

    I really hope you will design another game. You have the mind meant for the future of game design. You understand games for what they are – the perfect artform, the perfect reflection of the human mind. Games travel so far into the depths of human thought that they are incomparable to any other form of art. Games are a culture of their own. We live in a recessive, monotonous culture, and that can be shown in modern games. We need you Phil. We need you to design a new world once more. At least once more.
    Dustin Shaffer – Game Programmer, Designer, Artist

  38. José Eduardo Terán Says:

    Everything will come great to you for the next year !

    Winners never lose !

  39. Rumple4Skin Says:

    It’s already on the PC, which is only for spreadsheets.

  40. Matt Says:

    “lazy ass 2013 colors fuck you phil” haha….have to love it.

    In any case, beautiful game, and I wish you all the best of luck with whatever happens next. Having so much passion about what you do can lead to incredible highs and lows, but ultimately, that is the price for actually caring about what you do.

    So keep doing it, and if people bother to talk about it, you’re doing something right.

  41. Fez Coming To Wii U And Nintendo 3DS? | My Nintendo News Says:

    [...] earlier this year on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. The puzzle/platform game’s developer, Polytron, has recently confirmed that the title will be ported to other platforms next year, [...]

  42. Pajolero Says:

    Considering all the shit you’ve been through this year Phil, you do deserve a little break. Thank you for the amazing experience that was FEZ (I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so stupidly happy while playing a video game) and keep up the brilliant work. Can’t wait for whatever you’ve got planned there.

  43. Noel Says:

    I’m excited for Fez for Mac via Steam :)

    …and your future pursuits too. Congrats.

  44. Robin G. Says:

    Big thanks to port your awesome game to other platforms!

    Personally, I would like to see it on Steam (Mac + PC ?) for sure, but it would be awesome to see it on Vita, perfect to enjoy your game during a trip.

  45. Jeromy Shald Says:

    release FEZ on steam. why hasn’t come out yet whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    lol in all seriousness though Phil port it to steam. Im still waiting to play the game.

  46. Alex Piercey Says:

    Keep doing what you love Phil! We can’t wait for whatever it is you do next.

  47. Jessica R. Says:

    Phil, thank you for being an inspiration to being like me. Watching you through all the lows of FEZ being developed in Indie Game… while heartbreaking, was something I could relate to and hasn’t deterred me from a career in games design. I start college next February.

    I know you have gotten, and probably still get a lot of crap from wankers off the internet, so I offer my words of support and appraisal. You have a brilliant mind, are and inspiration for all you talent and your flaws. Thank you for being you.

    I know Ouya isn’t as competitive as Xbox or PS3, but if you haven’t already, please consider bringing FEZ to that console next year! The message behind Ouya is heart warming for indie gamers and developers alike.

    Keep being amazing and good luck in 2013!

  48. Miquel Says:

    God that’s an awesome way to start the year, indeed!!

    Happy New Year to all of you and I am looking forward to finally being able to play FEZ!

  49. Murray Says:

    I think a lot of PS3 owners would like an opportunity to buy Fez, especially since the platform as a whole welcomes innovative and unique indie games such as Journey, which tend to be a hit with the PlayStation crowd.

  50. Dave Says:

    Would definitively love FEZ on the Vita!

  51. Darkalex8991 Says:

    I can’t wait for Fez to come out for PC,
    i don’t have a xbox so I can’t play it but I’m already in love with it. I hope you have a happy new year Phil and that you get a good partner for your company and make world breaking games.

  52. Choskz Says:

    I can’t wait for fez on ps3. Keep up the great work man!

  53. Bill Says:

    It took me a while to check out FEZ, but it is brilliant! Keep making wonderful things and you’re going to be golden. GO FISH!

  54. Brian E. Says:

    Thanks for the great news, sir. Just so happens I watched IGTM last night. I can truly say, after watching, FEZ is the only game featured that I truly wanted to play (not meant as a knock on the other games, just a matter of preference). Forget the haters, the naysayers, the complainers. Keep doing what you do – you now have an adoring audience, myself included, that awaits future Polytron endeavors. Thank you, again.

  55. Sam Rivard Says:

    WOOHOO! I don’t plan on getting an Xbox, but I have a PC and PS3 so this is great news. Please port this to DOS, or maybe Gameboy Color for those times when I’m on the road. THanks!

  56. Choke on it Says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to pirate it and give all my friends copies!

  57. Kitsyfluff Says:

    I knew that if I waited long enough Fez would finally come to multi-platform! I really hope you bring Fez to the Mac, WiiU, or even the 3DS(I’m imaging that and its even more amazing than fez already is, but that is the unlikeliest of things)!

  58. earlofburger Says:

    that’s weird, i thought PCs were only good for spread sheets

  59. bob beans Says:

  60. madatom Says:

    the hipster infection is spreading to other devices!

  61. Fungus Says:

    I can’t wait to play this stupid piece of shit on my PC. Thanks Phil Faggot, even though you said PC were only good for spread sheets.

  62. SuckMyDick Says:

    Oh boy! I can’t wait to pirate the pretentious piece of trash!

  63. nickh787 Says:

    suck my dick CHOKE ON IT

  64. nigger poo Says:

    Cool! I can’t wait to pirate this shitty game!

  65. Nick Says:

    I hate consoles. Glad to see I can run it on the master race soon.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  66. Choking on it Says:

    Oh boy, sure hope it’s under 200mb that way I can share it with all my friends via mediafire!

  67. Smegma King Says:

    Can’t wait to play Fez™ on my brand new Speadsheet Machine®!

  68. Gerardo Ortiz Mildare Says:

    I’ve said this once, I’ll say it once more: I’m surprised Fez didn’t get that much recognition this year. It was definitely the year’s best, or at least amongst the three best. The highest I saw it ranking in widely-spread publications was 4th in Giant Bomb’s game of the year awards, but other than that, it was notoriously absent. I honestly thought it would at least earn a nomination for Game of the Year at Spike (yeah, yeah, I know, corporate opinions, spike sucks, etc), but it didn’t.

    Anyway, I suppose all that really matters is that I enjoyed it. I shouldn’t really care if other people enjoy it, right?


    But I do. I wish it had got more recognition so that… I don’t know. False altruism, maybe? People agreeing with my opinions?

    I can honestly say that after years of having let my attention and care for videogames slowly dwindle, Fez managed to rekindle it. I played more games this year than I have in a while. And I thank you for that, Phil.

    to be more specific:

    Fez>The Walking Dead
    Fez>Dust: An Elysian Tail
    Fez=Mass Effect 3

  69. Hazy Says:

    A port? Anything other than Xbox would be greatly appreciated, ’cause then I’d actually be able to get this game I’ve wanted for ages! Great job!

  70. Timmy Dongle Says:

    Are you eating your words? I hope they’re tasty.

  71. Necrololicon Says:

    We don’t want this pretentious trash on PCs, we have standards.

  72. John McWhite Says:

    @Gerardo Ortiz Mildare
    What the fuck are you doing on the internet? I think I told you to mow the lawn, and don’t compare this piece of turd to those other games… Well maybe Mass Effect 3 I agree with that

  73. Brennan Martin Says:

    Please do a Vita/PS3 crossbuy port! Fez would be awesome as a portable timing too…

  74. Hampus Says:

    iPad iPad iPad iPad!

  75. Atrus Says:


  76. Net_Bastard Says:

    If this game gets on Steam, then Valve should replace the description with:

    “it’s a console game. for consoles. PCs are for spreadsheets.”

    in bold, italic, 48pt font.

  77. HappyScamper Says:

    Hopefully I can finish my spreadsheets in time to play this masterpiece.

  78. PhuckPhilPhish Says:

    I’m not even going to pirate it. Fuck you, Phil Fish. The Fish family name is garbage.

  79. Arc Says:

    I just want to say that ive followed since IGF, and Fez is one of my favorite games to ever come out. I know you have had it rough but im happy to hear all feels well.

    Good luck, happy new years, and perhaps a Vita port? (imagine it with the hardware!)

  80. Fishman Says:

    Fish man, you’re not an idiot because you didn’t port Fez to every platform. You’re an idiot for not porting Fez to PC since it’s so easy to do.

  81. Phillup Says:

    but pc are for spreadsheets not games r-right?

  82. Nick Says:

    Wow. I find it hilarious how butthurt PC Gamers get. One tweet and you hit can’t restrain yourself from waddling your WoW playing asses here to whine, bitch and moan by using your truly amazing wit. Threatening to pirate and share on mediafire? How long did it take your brilliant minds to come up with that gem? It was sure hilarious enough to post again and again.

    Anyway, Phil I hope the best for you. I think taking a hint from the World of Goo creators and looking toward tablets would be a good idea. Goo made a nice chunk of change, and if you could also bring it to the iPhone and iPod, you’d be in incredibly great shape. Whatever you do, know that Fez is a stellar game both visually and in its platforming. It’s a shame the MS certification is so expensive, but know that on Apple and Android the process is free with a developer account!

  83. Tom Says:

    >WoW playing asses
    No one plays wow anymore you faggot, get with the times. It’s like saying console games exclusivity play Call of Duty, oh wait, they do.
    Also, I hope Fez comes out on Ouya™. that’ll definitely save gaming in 2013.

  84. SquashSesame Says:

    I look forward to your next game! Happy new year!

  85. DQ Says:

    Hey man,

    I have to admit, when everything first came out about the “racist” incident, I was sort of on the “what’s this guy’s deal” sort of side, but it was really overblown. Having watched the documentary, I feel like I understand much better the immense pressure you were under and how poorly you were treated. Just wanted to wish you happy New Year and let you know I think you created something truly special and spectacular. I hope you have even more success in 2013!


  86. Yama Says:

    Phil! Fez is an extraordinary game and you are an extraordinary developer for making it! It excites me to the utmost degree that I may finally have the opportunity to play it without having to spend obscene amounts of money on a console that I would use for nothing other than playing Fez. I look forward to whatever endeavors you pursue in the future! Cheers!

  87. Yaniv Says:

    Wish that in 2013 you’ll be able to patch the XBLA version like you wanted, I just bought it and enjoying the game!

  88. Angus Says:

    Hopefully this means there’s a mulit-platform steam version, that would be amazing.

  89. zwete Says:

    Don’t forget, the power is in the sideburns!

  90. Finlod Says:

    Yeees!! Finally my dreams comes true. Ps. I hope that you are going to make linux port also.

  91. Kivi Says:

    Oh please please port it to PSvita!!!

  92. Karol Says:

    I am glad to read that :) I hope there will be as many as possible ports of this game. Especially for linux ;)

  93. CyberSkull Says:

    I hope 2013 will be awesome for you as well. I’d love to see some ports of FEZ running on just about everything as well as a CD soundtrack. I always prefer owning a CD over a downloadable music file.

    Good luck with 2013!

  94. John-David Mosand Says:

    Happy New Year Phil! Loved every minute of the documentary and FEZ looks amazing :D Would love to play it on PC with full 360 controller support :) Get it on steam and don’t go for any stupid Windows 8 exclusive market shit.

    John-David Mosand

  95. afyv Says:

    FEZ is my favorite GOTY of 2012.
    Thanks Phil!

  96. Lacc Says:

    FEZ caught my attention when I first saw it in the Indie Game movie. I immediately googled if it’s ever gonna come to pc, and I was kinda disappointed to find out: probably not.
    Today I finally had the chance to try out the demo of FEZ on my friend’s xbox, and the first thing I did again, was to find out if there’s any news on the pc port.
    And here we go, a blog post you just published yesterday, getting my hopes high for 2013.
    If FEZ is ever going to be published on Steam, I’ll be most definitely one of the first to buy it.
    Happy new year!

  97. Slackeur Says:

    Yeah ! Good Job ! I am very Happy about this news!
    See you 2013 ;D

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  100. Carsten Says:

    Let me tell you: FEZ is one of my favorite games ever. It’s unique style and the whole gameplay is wonderful and I had a great time playing it and figuring out the puzzles and exploring the world.

    Whatever you do, I’ll keep an eye on it. :-)

  101. Kadajett Says:

    Love you Fish! Ever need a new employee, shoot me an email! :P

  102. Shadow Says:

    Is it coming to WiiU? It would be a great platform for Fez!

  103. Wanttoplayfez Says:

    Your a stubborn and passionate man. Qualities that both help and hinder you. Having made “more than enough” off of Fez to move forward, how about setting your willfulness aside for a while and patch-up the game properly.

  104. News: Fez is being “ported to other platforms” « Nintendo Invader Says:

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  105. Protector one Says:

    We’re excited Phil! Poly on!

  106. Minifig Says:

    Any chance for iOS Phil? :D


    i cant wait to play this incredibly innovative and rewarding game on various game consoles. it will be a joy to go through an epic journey of pain, joy, depression, and game breaking glitch, as i travel the colorful, retro world of fez. just kidding the game sucks.

  108. Rune Says:

    FEZ is indeed a fantastic gift to the world, releasing the game on other platforms would be amazing, thank you.

    Actually I have been playing computer games since the early 80′ties (Commodore 64, Amiga etc.), and I do not recall any game that has impressed me more lately than FEZ. To me FEZ is a symbol of warmth and happiness in those sunny childhood days, sharing such an experience with more people (platforms) can only be a great thing to do.

  109. RestlessNinja Says:

    Whatever you do, do not stop developing games! The Game industry needs people like you. I hate todays games made by the bigger companies who only sees money bills and juicing up graphics instead of innovation,unique mechanisms, creativity and passion. They are all about being bigger and visually better, which in my eyes are a bunch of shit loads.

    Your game is awesome,Phil. You are an awesome game designer. Keep up the good work.

  110. John_Scott Says:

    Vita.. Phil! :)

  111. Paquito19962 Says:


  112. Paquito19962 Says:

    And Wii U love you!

  113. Fred Says:

    Merci de porter Fez sur d’autres plateforme.

  114. AlexGK Says:

    IIRC, Fez’s engine was developed on XNA. So a Windows port should be quite easy. Steam comes to my mind. As for other platforms, I’d be great to see this game on OUYA.

    Fantastic game :)
    Lots of great game design choices.

  115. Aari Says:

    I half want to fake troll you about what an idiot you are by porting Fez.
    Of course, it’d be a joke but not very funny. All you really need is congratulations on surviving another hell of a year! I hope you get to continue doing this forever. <3

  116. Eboy Says:

    PS3 rulez! Thanks!

  117. Taylor Says:

    bought this game a couple days ago and played it for about 7 hours straight.. but the second time i tried to play, it kept freezing at the same spot on the loading screen. if there was a patch released recently then it didnt help much :/ makes me really sad. otherwise, its a beautifully made game. literally cant find one bad thing to say about it besides the bugs but i suppose thats a given with almost all games. good luck with polytron and i hope these things get fixed soon so i can keep playing fez religiously.

  118. Jabjabs Says:

    What ever you do and where ever you go I’m sure it will be totally fucking awesome!

  119. CodeFuApprentice Says:

    I’m really pleased to hear about Fez getting a port to something other than the Xbox 360, i would still love to get a PC copy….or even a 3DS copy….(That would be far out).
    All those people who called this guy an idiot for not doing whatever, just remember, he’s just 1 person and working on a game takes a colossal amount of effort, I’d like to see these complainers and bitchy whiny people make something this unique on their own, You idiots would drown in the code it takes to write a game.
    Once again, Loved fez, can’t wait for a PC port, keep up your good work Phil

  120. Richard S Says:

    Vita with rear touch for perspective changes and having fez on the go…. wow that would be good!!

    Cheers Mr Fish

  121. Tim Says:

    If you’re not going to port to everything, at least port it over to the Wii U eShop please.

    From Tim in England.

  122. Mark Says:

    Hopefully PC will be one of the platforms, Steam or or whatever, but if it hits PSN or eshop, that’s fine too. The more people get to play it, the better.

    Also looking forward to whatever new games you have planned. Hopefully 2013 will be less stressful all around.

  123. MSHB Says:

    tnx a lot for porting this fantastic game
    i love you fish

  124. Maximiliano Ruocco R. Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to polytron an to you Mr. Phil Fish!

    Please release the soundtrack with the song (SPOILER) that Gomez plays with his drum set in the regular 32 cube ending

  125. Mordred Says:

    Hey! Happy new year to you too!
    I’m really happy to read this post! FEZ is just the best game i’ve ever played! I’m really exited about thinking of you doing another game and porting FEZ! Take your time! I know it will be awesome! :D
    Enjoy the new year! I’m sure it will be great! :P

  126. nick v Says:

    I will buy Fez the second it becomes available on Steam and encourage my friends to do so as well :)

  127. Nope Says:

    I’d buy this if you weren’t such a loud mouth fuck Fish

  128. a0me Says:

    When you decide to port FEZ, know that I’d instabuy it as soon as it’s available on PSN, Steam for Mac or iOS.

  129. Claus Says:

    Hey Phil, I’m excited as fuck.
    Buying it on pre-order as soon as it’s up on steam.

  130. David L Says:

    I hope to see the game on Steam and looking forward to playing it.

  131. Spong1975 Says:

    Can’t be bothered to fork out for a 360 patch, but can be bothered to fork out to port the game to other platforms? I assume the PC isn’t a part of that potential list, seeing as you originally said it was “only for spreadsheets”.

    It’s clear that the money is all that matters to you now. God help you if the new versions play better than the 360 version. If it wasn’t for MS funding you and us 360 owners buying the game, you wouldn’t be able to port it. Your ethics leave a hell of a lot to be desired. You’re as much a money-grabbing sell out as any of the major devs. Congratulations Fish.

  132. Fez Goes Multiplatform in 2013 « Game News Says:

    [...] puzzler, Phil Fish, announced the news in a New Year’s message on Polytron’s website. In a reflective post, Fish looks back on the release of the game, but looking ahead he [...]

  133. Sven van de Perre Says:

    Spong1975, who says they he is to blame? Microsoft has some shitty rules, so maybe it’s a good thing he stands up to them. Otherwise stuff will never change.

    Looking fotward to playing this game on iPad (finished it once on 360), and it is by far my GOTY.

    You are an inspiration to many indie devs, keep up the good work.

  134. Spong1975 Says:

    Sven van de Perre, he’s porting the game to other platforms. I’m no dev, but I’d wager that probably costs more than Microsoft’s patching charges. In that respect, it’s seems that the potential sales from going multi-platform is more important to Fish than rectifying the problems with the 360 version, problems that were Polytron’s fault to begin with, regardless of Microsoft’s stance on patches.

  135. BitNick Says:

    Wii U would be a great fit, and I hear that Nintendo has been GREAT to work with for indie studios lately!

  136. SteamRickroller Says:

    Please,please,PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE put Fez on the Wii U Eshop! I’d love you forever if you did that!

    P.S Congratulations on the success achieved with Fez and Indie Game: The Movie in 2012!

  137. Ex Uno Plures Says:

    I always hoped this would come to PC. Glad to hear it’s being ported even if PC was not specifically mentioned. Thanks for porting, can’t wait to play.

  138. Daniel Montes Says:

    Ok that sounds Great, i hope to see the game finally make it’s way to PC (please… please avoid Games for windows Live, you can go Steam, Gog, or whetever you think will be the best just keep away from GFWL.
    Best wishes from a fan in Mexico

  139. TheLorax Says:

    Firstly, thanks for being one of the very few game designers with any sense of creativity! The sense of exploration and the genius of the puzzles was something truly amazing. Fez was hands-down my favorite game of 2012, I can’t believe it didn’t get more recognition. I mean Journey was cool as an artsy thing, but as a game, there was nothing fun or satisfying about it to me. And the highly rated big-developer stuff that came out this year….Dishonored? Terribly uninspired and pointless.

    But games like Braid and Fez have inspired me to start developing awesome games on my own, especially after watching Indie Game: The Movie. Good luck with whatever you do next, I hope it’s another game!

  140. XBLA indie game Fez coming to new platforms in 2013 | ExploreTrend: Trendifying Now Says:

    [...] port for the awesome indie game would never happen. However, that thought may pass according to a recent blog post on the Polytron website. He [...]

  141. Andres Says:

    Do you need any help?
    Thing is, I’m only just an animator with some technical game knowledge living abroad.
    Maybe. Just maybe…

  142. Shadywack Says:

    Ahh the outspoken dev speaks. I hope to see Fez alongside all my spreadsheets ;)

    kidding, kidding….sorta It will actually be alongside a huge library of Steam games. The day it launches on Steam, I’m buying. I wish you luck and please, keep on being outspoken. I think guys that give you the straight dope on what they’re feeling is a good thing.

  143. Johnny1987 Says:

    for Ps3 please! Thanks! Fez is beuatiful and wonderful game.

  144. Johnny1987 Says:

    I hope this game will come for Ps3.

  145. Ricardo Tomé Says:

    Phil, you are great! :) Congrats for your awesome work… Regards from Portugal :D

  146. Luke Watson Says:

    That is great news. Glad to hear everything else worked out. I cant wait to buy the game again and look forward to more by polytron. Great work Phil Fish, hope you have a great year.

  147. Fyoomp Says:

    Judging by Fez, i’d say that you have a lot of thoughts and ideas when it comes to game design. I would love to hear some of these thoughts and I know that there are some shows and podcasts that would love to interview you at some point. I know it sounds weird, but you are a really interesting person and I would love to know more about you.

  148. kuraikami Says:

    FEZ was the game that made me buy it for XBLA even if I didn’t had a Xbox back then. I had to play it on a friends xbox. And you know what? I don’nt regret a single minute I spend on this game. Truly awesome. Locking forward for the hopefully steam release.
    Phil thx for one of the best games of the last decade.

  149. XBLA Puzzler Fez coming to all platforms | theindigamer Says:

    [...] news was announced on Polytron’s website by the game’s creator Phil [...]

  150. David Says:

    I guess PC will be your first concern, but any chance of a Wii U version?

  151. Permafry_42 Says:

    I would recommend that you consider making your game part of the humble indie bundle if you do choose to release on PC. Thanks for all the incredible work that must have gone into Fez, and you have a day one psn/steam purchase from me if you release on either platforms! Also PLEASE keep working in the gaming industry since we need as many creative people as possible making original and unique games like Fez!

  152. flatverse Says:

    To Phil Fish and Renaud Bedard:

    I bought an XBOX 360 just to play fez. I know there were many that waited longer than I, but I was eagerly anticipating fez (A.K.A. fedge) since 2009 (I even bought the 6955 soundtrack). It was worth the wait.

    I doubt at this point either of you will get to read this, but I need to say it anyways.

    Thank You.

    I’m an aspiring game programmer. I know we’re dime a dozen (especially in places like this), but I hope that fact won’t discredit the sincere thanks that I would like to convey.

    To Phil Fish:

    I’m sorry about jumping on the hating you as a racist bandwagon for a couple days. I’d like to think I was just frustrated about waiting for fez for so long, but there really is no excuse for it. It probably doesn’t mean much, but I’m sorry.

    Regarding Fez… it is an inspiration, a joy, a wondrous adventure into a brave new world, and above all… art.
    It has a special place in my heart right next to super mario bros.

    To Renaud Bedard:

    Beyond writing what I can only assume to be beautiful elegant code, you gave life and created the laws of physics to a world that is in some ways more complex than the real one.

    My professional respect for you (coming from someone who has implemented collision systems and shifted some dirty bits) is immense.

    Basically what I’m saying to both of you is:
    Haters gonna hate, but when they do you just gotta keep on keeping on.


    K… I’m done being a fan boy now.

  153. Ejay Says:

    Hey, i bought Fez on day one from xbox, i loved it! The world you had created is absolutely incredible. I often times found myself playing this games, to release stress, escape the world, or simply just have fun. I showed all my friends, they love it to but unfortunately they didnt have xboxs. like me, they all had ps3s and Vitas, but i must say the system i would love to see it ported to would be the playstation vita! It would be a marvelous joy to bring your world around in my pocket, i would buy it on day one and i know my friends would two.

    i seriously love your art! its my favorite game of all time. Humanity thanks you!

  154. Darkerson Says:

    Cannot wait for FEZ to come out on something other than the 360. Really hopeful you release it for PC on Steam, Desura, and Good luck and dont let the dark side of the internet get you down.

  155. B4GG Says:


    You are doing great work and whatever platforms you publisher too there will be people happy to see it :)

    Have a good 2013 and keep riding that high!

  156. KiKO Says:

    FEZ PS3 please!

  157. Fez Heading To Other Platforms Later This Year | The Pixel Paragon Says:

    [...] independent Canadian designer made the announcement in his latest blog entry at Polytron, also reflecting on 2012 and outlining some of his future [...]

  158. PearClear Says:

    Yes, yes yes !!! Fez on Mac, please …
    I look at internet every week since april 2011 to see something like this to happen. I can’t wait to take my xbox360 controller (nobody’s perfect) and see this game launching on my macbook, i want to play this game so much. I hope we will have a release date and heard from you soon.
    Happy new year 2013

    ps : n’écoute pas les trolls et autres rageux, je suis d’accord avec à peu près tout ce que tu à dit et que les gens te reproche d’avoir dit, et de l’important c’est que Fez à l’air fabuleux et que beaucoup veulent y jouer.

  159. Fez Expanding To Other Platforms In 2013 | Gamer Crash Says:

    [...] a post-2012 state of the union post on the Polytron site, Fez designer and now sole employee of Polytron, Phil Fish revealed that he is planning to [...]

  160. Christophe Says:

    Je viens de regarder le documentaire et j’avoue que je n’avais aucune idée de l’enfer traversé dans le développement de ce jeu. Donc je suis venu juste pour dire que ce jeu est excellent, simplement excellent. Et que malgré toute la haine et les malentendus occasionnés par la médiatisation d’un développeur indépendant, il faut continuer à faire ce travail, car il apporte quelque chose d’indispensable à ce medium fabuleux qu’est le jeu-vidéo. Une âme.


  161. Spahrtacus Says:

    Yeahhhh !! Tu a fais du très bon travail !! J’ai hâte de voir FEZ sur Steam :)

  162. Liark Says:

    you are awesome Fish! I can’t wait to play Fez finally hopefully in pc :D keep making amazing games

  163. blaQk Sheep Says:

    You guys rock!

    We voted FEZ as our #1 video game of 2012:

    Still cannot believe how brilliant it was!

  164. Mathieu Beaulieu Says:

    Bonne chance mec!!
    Je t’approuve!

  165. Josh Says:

    Loved FEZ, can’t wait to buy it a second time on another platform, willing and ready to support whatever it is you choose to do next.

    Keep it up, and enjoy this success while it’s fresh. :D

  166. James Says:

    This game must be on the vita..!!! I will most definitively be playing it when it comes to vita.

  167. haiku Says:

    Loved Fez. Hope it’s simple enough for you to port to a Windows metro or Windows Phone app. This game would be delightful with touch support.

  168. Sterling Says:

    Hey Phil, just wanted to say that je ne croix pas que tu es un idiote. You worked hard on Fez and made a lot of people happy. Keep making your fans happy, but don’t worry about the negative things people have to say.

  169. Eelco Says:

    I would love this on a Mac.

    No idea how you coded (and more) this fantastic game pretty much by yourself. Super-human!

  170. Erroneus Says:

    Would love to see it PSN, so PS3 and Vita. Here is a tip for you, make it cross-buy / cross-save and it will sell really well, people love cross-buy titles and devs who does that :)

    Also, there shouldn’t be any huge economic issues, with launching patches on PSN :)

    Looking forward to seeing FEZ in 2013 on PSN.

  171. Sean Says:

    Port it to Ouya and get android too!

  172. Fez Stencil on Buchanan Tower « Comme un chat sur mars Says:

    [...] Game: The Movie, that I watched during the break. Apparently, Fez will be available for other platforms soon and I’m looking forward to playing it. Like this:LikeBe the first to like [...]

  173. JuanCruz Says:

    Fish you are amazing. Believe it please. Blow the stress away. I know it may get to you sometimes. Don’t feel rushed to do something. Take your time.

    If you’re going through hell, keep going.
    -Winston Churchill

  174. Van Says:

    Hey there :)

    First, I wish you everything best in New Year. GJ with Fez, awesome story of attention to details behind it. But you know what? Bring it to Windows, Mac and Linux thanks to Steam.

    Personally I am a Linux platform user and a big indie games fan and now you have rising market on Linux thanks to Valve’s Steam.

    I want to buy it, I want to play it!

    Take care, Phil!

  175. Lestibournes Says:

    I hope that by porting to other platforms you mean Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  176. One thing Says:


  177. Jayce Says:

    I really loved Fez. Easily my Game of the Year for 2012. It is one of the games that I’ll remember for years and have nostalgia for. I had not known about the game until shortly before it’s release and when I saw I thought to myself, “Well now I HAVE to buy this game.” Keep making great games or whatever else you think up.

    With the ports, I’m interested to see how some of the mechanics might be handled with different controlling mediums. If it comes Steam, Vita, or 3DS I’ll likely buy it again.

    I kind of appreciate you frankness on things. Even if I don’t agree with them, which I can’t remember if I do because that was a while ago and I don’t recall exactly what you said. The problem with it is most people get too upset with things that ultimately don’t affect them. If it really costs as much as you said to get a new patch in for Fez I fully understand not doing it. That should be enough to pay for someone to work for you for a year.

    It would be great to meet you someday.

  178. Brackynews Says:

    Not mouth shut, Monsigneur Fish… “Close to the vest”. :) Play It Soft.

    Still very much my game of 2012. Hoping to share it with non-360 friends very soon!

  179. gaems Says:

    Will be looking for Fez in torrent trackers later this year, then, and make sure to share as much as I can!

  180. donteTHADEMONKILLER Says:

    Can’t wait to never play this game, pirated, purchased or otherwise.

  181. LeRedditor Says:

    Too bad my PC cannot be turned on on a saturday morning, nor does it sit in front of my couch.

    Guess I’ll just have to skip this “game”.

  182. FlakTheMonkey Says:

    So after your game didn’t sell as much as you hoped on the GodBox360, you turn to the ‘Spreadsheet Machine’ market in the hopes of filling your wallet some more?

    Okay Phil.

  183. Robert Thomson Says:

    Fez was my favourite game of 2012. I havn’t experience that level of wonder and magical discovery (but with some incredibly subversive puzzles, which I loved) since I was a kid. It just spoke to me.

    Unfortunately I bought it on my friend’s xbox, which I no longer have access to.. so I’m looking forward to more ports so I can buy it again!

  184. Stephanie Says:

    Thank you for making Fez. It is quite possibly my favorite game of all time. I haven’t felt this way about a game in a very, very long time.

    Please make more games. Please make more art. Please keep making SOMETHING, ANYTHING, because you are amazing and a total inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I am excited to see what you come up with in the future!

  185. Paulo Says:

    Hi Phil,

    just want to let you know that I am extremely pleased with this game, and I appreciate all of the hard work you have invested in making it. A truly wonderful thing, that evokes memories of my youth, countless hours playing with my NES. This game, like some of my favorite Nintendo games, will remain in my memories for a lifetime. Thank you!

    Fez Fan

  186. Game Developer Says:

    Dude! Let me first say I’m exited about Fez coing to other platforms and I am a game developer too. So, if ya need any kind of help man you can email me at aI canhelp you wth some shit! Completly up to you I need no credit :D

  187. BiggerJ Says:

    If it gets released on Steam, it should be permanently bundled with a spreadsheet, for the full cost of the game and the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should also be available seperately, to avoid shafting some poor person who owns a spreadsheet.

  188. PixelPatrol Says:

    Phil. Congrats with the great achievements in 2012. Love your game and I have great respect for your approach (of course I don’t know you personally, but from what I have seen from Indie the Movie…) Hopefully you will find another challenge to funnel your great creativity. Cheers!

  189. Best Three Indie Games You May Have Missed in 2012 | KLM Writing Says:

    [...] now, Fez is only available on Xbox Live Arcade, but developer Polytron says that it will be ported to other platforms this [...]

  190. Yannick Says:

    I just saw indiegamethemovie and really felt for you, the frustration and stress that came with the game development.

    Take care of yourself dude and bon chance!

  191. Eugenio Vallery Says:

    *****NOT SPAM****** This WP Plugin will allow you to manage multiple wordpress sites from one login. *****NOT SPAM******

  192. somevcs92 Says:

    sigh of relief!! twice!! FINALLY we’ll be able to experience this gem on pc(mayb)….

    i would like to advise u…..
    set a release date for the game and stick to it promptly….. make sure u can take your own time to finish the port while not worrying about deadlines…..

    pleeeaasseee dont lose more custimers to a delayed release….. this game would have sold millions if it wasnt for the long delay….

    anyways happy 2013….wish u a successful year ahead!!

  193. Daniel Moore Says:

    =) Thank you for everything, Mr. Fish. You’re an inspiration to us all. Stay strong, and keep creating. The world needs more geniuses like you.

  194. Liam Says:

    FEZ is a really good game, is it possible you could port it to 3DS?
    Anyhow, i wish you luck on the ports.

  195. BSL Says:

    Thank you Mr. Fish. :) You’ve been an inspiration to me and to many other people. I wish you luck for the future. I am a big fan of your work on FEZ and I look forward to you upcoming projects. :D

  196. Eric Says:

    Phil, I just watched the documentary and you deserve to know that I am cheering for you exuberantly! I’m not an intense gamer by any stretch of the imagination (hence why I’m typing to you from a Mac), but I’m sure that Fez would be my favorite game of all time. I wish you all the luck in the world. :)

  197. Morgan Weafer Says:

    Dear Phil,
    Congratulation on the success of Fez for XBLA! I was very humbled to watch Indie game and get a glimpse into the life and process of an indie developer. I am sorry for the downfalls you have encountered throughout your career and wish you all the best with the future of Polytron. It gives me hope to know there are successful Canadian developers such as yourself making their way through the video games industry. Someday I hope I’ll be able to bring my ideas and illustrations to life through gaming. Good luck with porting Fez to other platforms and with any other pursuits or projects!
    Sincerely M.Weafer
    PS. If Fez does finds its way to Steam I think it would be appropriate to bundle it with Braid, Super Meat Boy and Indie game: The movie; Indie game: The bundle

  198. Rubna Says:

    Well, super meat boy on PC sold better than it did on XBLA, so when the port is done you’ll get a lot more money coming you way :) Cheers mate!

  199. Mustafa Says:

    get it on Steam for the Steam community. Take care!

  200. Alejandro Says:

    The best new I readed today and don’t worry the steam community gonna support your game, I can’t wait to play it on steam :]

  201. cyxceven Says:

    We’d love you on PC! Polyton + Lab Zero!!!

  202. Wii U and 3DS eShops, please!?! Says:

    We’d love it if you would release Fez on the Wii U eShop, it would fit nicely with the other great indie games we’ve bought there.

    This would be awesome on the 3DS too! :D

  203. DrNoodles Says:


    Last night my gf and I watched IGTM and must say that have a lot of respect for all that you have gone through to make this game possible.

    I hope this comes to Steam so I can finally play this incredible looking game.

  204. ElPresidenteDeEpitomeGames Says:

    Dear Mr.Fish,

    You are an amazing person and have inspired me to create video games, and you probably wont see this but I just wanted to let you know that you are AMAZING, and so is Renaud, and I just wanted one detail, what framework, if any, did you use to create youre engine, and what language does Mr.Bedard code in?


    Epitome Games(Alone)

  205. AmberLoveandMusic Says:

    Phil, you are amazing beyond – I just want to thank you for making Fez, seeing it through, and continuing your work – you are a genius artist and then some – a fucking hero. I love Fez, which I discovered through the documentary, and I would love to see everything that you do in the future – again, Fez is truly a masterpiece and a phenomenon. Wonderful wonders, thank you so much!! Kind Regards, and best wishes in everything you’re doing!!

  206. Stenio Duarte Says:

    Dear Phil,
    First and foremost I want to congratulate you on an awesome year for Fez’s success, you most defiantly earned it. It makes me sick seeing some of these big name companies getting shinny awards and generous accolades for shitty work that no way come close to quality and heart that goes into indie games. Fez has totally changed my outlook on video games as a form of entertainment and a work art. Experiences like Fez are once in a lifetime and I am so thrilled that I have had the chance to enjoy it in mine. I believe if you are not enjoying games or art the same way the creator experiences and appreciates them then you are not truly enjoying the work to its true intended potential. Fez joins the group of a few games on this planet that I can say that about. As a future journalist I Hope I get to meet the minds that create the games that hold up to the standards that were set high by this masterpiece. Phil I ultimately want to wish you the best of success for Polytron’s future endeavors and I also thank you for giving me a chance to play one of my now favorite game of all time.

    Sincerely ,
    Stenio Duarte

  207. Chris Farina Says:

    You Rock Phil Fish. Thanks for sharing your story.. Looking forward to what you create next.

  208. Kristen M Says:

    I-love-this-game. The design, the colors, the music…challenging, yet so relaxing.

    It’s fucking amazing and was beyond worth the wait.


  209. Kristen M Says:


    Please don’t stop making games.

  210. LuCh! Says:

    Hell yeah I’m excited, FEZ is coming to other platforms, yay! ^^
    good luck with the future stuff! ;)

  211. Kiril Says:

    Dude, you’re a great guy and an inspiration. Don’t stop making games, keep being awesome, and always remember that you’ve touched people with your work on a deep, personal level. Good luck in this new year.

  212. LEMONZED Says:

    Finally! Can’t wait for the PC version! where are you moving to now that Polytron headquarters is closed?

  213. Vladimyr Says:


  214. Le_Re Says:

    As a PC gamer I hope this means a PC port. Steam’s controller focus in the last few months has brought that couch experience you talk about, to me at least, and I’m really loving it. I’ve been playing Thomas Was Alone with a controller on lazy weekend mornings and it’s really enhanced the experience. I hope that ideological shift has softened you to the platform.
    All the best for 2013, have a good one!

  215. Noah Says:

    Yes I cannot wait!

  216. Warka0OO Says:

    Do what you want & need.
    You’re a rock star for every game developers.

    Et c’est agréable de voir ça :)

    Bon courage pour 2013, do your best !

  217. Jawee52 Says:

    I have to say it. Fez is simply one of my favorite game of all time. The gameplay is amazingly fun and is very original. it is wonderful to see this kind of creativity in video games. the world is focused too much on action and realism to release beautiful and different games! However 2012 was a good year for some great games, when i think about it, it really amazes me all the great games to release. it is very hard to order them but i do believe that Fez is my favorite. Fez deserved Indie Game of the Year at the VGAs but Journey is a great game too. Im still playing Fez, there is a lo to do and it is so peaceful. it is a much needed break from all the stress and gore and action that is modern day gaming. The soundtrack is addicting an very good. I bought it after xmas this year. I guess all i am trying to say is, Thank you. thank you for this wonderful experience. I patiently await your next project because i know it will b great.
    BTW i watched Indie game the movie and doing so inspired me to go for Indie Game design instead of working for the big companies. I know it will be a lot harder but it is more what i am looking for. so thank you for the inspiration also.
    - Jawee52 ~~ Xbox Live

  218. Kode Krunch Says:

    Did he use a Console to write his XNA Code? Did he use a Console to edit his Map in Photoshop? No.

    I can’t stand locked down platforms.Open Platform or GTFO.

    BTW, I play Games on my Cathode Ray Tube TV using component out (I got that specifically for old school games because We don’t have SCART in North America) using my Windows Machine (I would do it on Linux if the performance was better with my 4870) using many controllers. I use a NES, SNES, PS2 Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, Nintendo 64 and Wii Controllers on My PC.

  219. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    Glad to hear the news, Phil. I had just about given up on a PC release.

    Also excited about the US branch. I hope there’s a position I can apply for, honestly. Creative people have to stick together.

  220. Jason F Says:

    I really hope you’re reading these comments, Phil. I’m embarrassed at the state of the gamer community which seems to consist mostly of whiners. Feedback is one thing, but shamelessly bashing devs for not creating exactly what THEY want, WHEN they want it, is unacceptable, and was pretty abundant on these blog comments prior to release.

    You poured your heart, life and entire being into creating this game, and you created something beautiful. Some rooms were so beautiful I teared up. I’ve sat and watched the day/night cycle of the first Warp Gate room with the song “Compass” for longer than I’d like to admit. It’s god damn inspiring!

    Glad to see you are accomplishing your dreams. Whatever you decide to do, just know that you created a game that I and many others will never, EVER, forget.

  221. Reza Says:

    maybe it’s Odd but I don’t Have X box… I don’t have PS3… I don’t have any Consoles … just a little Ps1 from Back in a day!
    But I have a very powerful PC … the first time I saw FEZ I wished that it would come for PC .
    I’m from Iran and not every body like to play games here !
    I hope to see your new IP and new Ideas about games…
    don’t think about what people say just do your work… GOD will Help U :)

  222. Andrew Says:

    Please put FEZ on Steam. I think it’s silly that you haven’t done this in the first place. I think that if you want to play it on a console then more power to you. However, I don’t own an Xbox, nor do I want one, yet I have a MASSIVE desire to play your game. Please don’t deprive me of playing your game!

  223. Aids Says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to be the first person of February 2013 to reiterate: Steam, please. xxx

  224. Les Lottes Says:

    Dear Mr. Fish,

    I finally played Fez for the first time and have basically obsessed over finding all the little secrets. I love it. I haven’t been so engrossed in a game since Braid. I just wanted to let you know that you’re a talented guy and a huge influence to myself and many others.

  225. Emanuele Says:

    I just want to send you a bit of warm human empathy. thank you!

  226. Ethan Says:

    so about those heart cubes…?

  227. Kyle Says:

    FEZ was absolutely incredible. Fucking brilliant. Please don’t stop making games.

  228. DgBarca Says:

    Not having a Xbox to play Fez was one of my greatest disappointment in the year it came out.
    Maybe if one day I play your game, and enjoy it the way I think I would by what I’ve seen, heard, felt, I would probably say I love you. I’m looking forward to that.

  229. Miquel Says:

    Thank you so much for considering Steam as a release platform. I hope to be able to play FEZ soon. Consider me a day one buyer. :)

    Looking forward to your future projects!

  230. Someone who cares Says:

    Phil you are great.
    FEZ was only the beginning, you will surly make many more great and wonderful games.

    I wish you a lot of success with your company and game design career.

  231. Kyo Shadow Says:

    Dude, you are an inspiration, an idol, my hero.

    I too want to develop games and I have watched the documentary about how you went through everything.

    You are a person that I can look up to.

    I would love to support your game, but a lack of an Xbox stops me. But when I have that chance, I will get it.

    Your just that… awesome.

  232. Eric B Says:

    Salut Phil,

    Juste un mot pour te dire que j’ai adoré ton jeu et que j’ai passé au travers au complet et vraiment, c’est un trésor. Quoique les autres chialeux en dise, c’est un petit miracle de A à Z. Une pièce de création unique que je ne me suis jamais senti écoeuré de jouer (p-e en colère de faire le tableau virtual boy de la lave qui monte ;-)). Mias t’as bien réussi le concept d’un monde où l’on peut se sentir bien. Bref, repose toi, t’as eu en masse de stresse et je peux comprendre que tu veuille voir les possibilités qui s’offre à toi et à Polytron. Au plaisir de revoir un de tes trésors apparaître un moment donné! En passant, pour moi, c’est correct que le jeux soit juste sur une plateforme à la fois. Take care, Eric B de Québec

  233. keal Says:

    I haven’t made games since the Commodore 64. I saw the Indie documentary, and I thought wow, people sacrifice their lives to make games. It’s an art, and nice to see creators like you doing more than I did to make the games.

    I haven’t played Fez, but if I have a wish, it’s to see you find peace in being a game designer, make that ‘magnum opus’ game that’s hidden somewhere inside of your head, then maybe you move on to do other things, and that game becomes one of those classics.

    Adventure (the original XYZZY one), Firebird’s Elite, Pac-Man, Robotron, Tempest, Skyrim, Super Hexagon. Those are my mainstays. I feel one of yours will be in my personal list one day.

    Anyways, I no longer have what it takes to make today’s type of games. You have my prayers and wishes, follow your path, Fish, and I look forward to whatever you do! Cheers, and aloha from Maui, Hawaii!

  234. Andrew Says:

    Fuck the haters. What do people expect? It’s your first major project that was indeed successful. I will purchase other copies on other platforms because I support Phil completely & I love FEZ. It’s so trippy & just overall an amazing video game. Good luck man, I’m excited to see what else you have for us. p.s. FEZ looks like a kodama :E sew kewl. meow.

  235. Richard Says:

    You get a lot of flak from the internet. But Fez looks like a brilliantly designed game. Can’t wait to see it perspective shift its way onto steam.

  236. 123 Says:

    There is a big problem with the guys. They didn’t realize that this is slooow game. Everytime when I watch the gameplay video I notice that they play very fast. (did you see Long Screenshots? they’re about mood and atmosphere) You need to stop to run and start to see. There is a lot of beautiful pixels around. And the colors. The colors choice is perfect. Personally, I liked mostly violet walls. Can’t wait to play it. For me this game is the best game ever.

  237. aboyindisguise Says:

    i played FEZ from the first day it was available on XBLA till there was nothing left for me to do. I LOVED the journey. For the first time in a long time i craved to get back to it to see what I could find next. It reminded me of how beautiful a game can be when art, music and design come together at all the right points. I truly look forward to anything you pursue next and even can’t wait to play FEZ again on other platforms. (I along with many others would love to see it on steam.)

    Keep rockin dude~! And best of luck!

  238. Bob Says:

    Bon, tu te dépêches de sortir Fez sur Mac? On n’a pas que ça à foutre putain. Sors toi les doigts du cul et bosse.


  239. DgBarca Says:

    Assez surpris de voir encore des réactions comme ça tout ce temps après la date de sortie de IG:TM. Déjà que même avant c’est d’une pertinence a couper le souffle, là ça devient vraiment incompréhensible.
    M’enfin j’ai pas envie de lancer une flame war sur ce site.
    J’attendrai le temps qu’il faudra pour FEZ. Voilà. Patience. P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E. Geez.

  240. land of leon Says:

    Nice post! Very interesting information.

  241. Mr. Moran Says:

    I will buy Fez on whatever I am able to. Love every single thing about this game. I’ve won it more than any other game on 360 I own.

    I really hope maybe we will see a Fez 2 someday? :)

  242. Lily Says:

    I’m always late to awesome stuff like Fez but I saw the documentary Indie Games and thought that Fez was the coolest game in the world. It’s so me I can’t even describe it. Fez is everything I wish for in a videogame. I see that it’s been hard getting this far but you have done such an awesome job. Sadly though, I don’t have an Xbox so PLZ make Fez available to Mac/PC ASAP. THX!

  243. IMyMe Says:

    Demorou, Phil! Por favor, quero ver FEZ para PC! =D

  244. Rick Grey Says:

    Avant tout te dire que j’ai adoré ton jeu, j’adore le pixel art y tu es un de mes artistes preferé, je t’assure.

    On te la deja di, mais pour moi tant de sacrifice, patience et avoir assez de couilles pour surmonter les obstacles et ignorez les petits cons d’internet ça vaut vraiment le coup. J’aimerai vraiment faire un oeuvre d’art comme tu l’as fait avec ton jeu-video, tu es une VRAI INSPIRATION pour beaucoup de jeunes (et pas si jeunes) qui veulent faire des jeux video.

    J’espere bien voir des nouveaux boulot de toi bientôt.

    Mes meilleur voeux pour toi.

  245. Skye (M) Says:

    I know where I’m treading saying this. I’ve seen and heard incredible things of the game FEZ, seen Indie Game: The Movie, and kind of thought about what Phil Fish went through making it. Now what I’m getting to is, one of my friends said he heard the maker of FEZ say something… bad maybe. I had heard of him apparently saying that games in particular do not need the “story” element of gaming. Simply put, he ripped badly on games like Mass Effect and such, saying that a game should not have any story whatsoever.

    So now I’m very confused. Why would Phil say such a thing is basically what’s going through my head. I mean, I don’t care for games like Mass Effect, but some of my friends do and I can definitely accept that. If Phil really means that, could he say the same about what FEZ is supposed to be? A simple platformer with no story? Is he saying FEZ means nothing? Because the story is there, as fleeting as it seems. I can see it with my own eyes, and hear it just as well. (I want to play it sure, but I gotta get an xbox first).

    But lastly would he say that his own life story is all for nothing? Should he be ignored too like Mass Effect? That is all I can discern from hearing rumors like this.

    …And I’ve played games like Kingdom Hearts. Since playing them, to me story is a privilege as well a necessity in any game, as fleeting as it can be sometimes.

    If Phil sees this, I hope I’ve not wasted his time.

  246. Marshall Says:

    I’m only excited if you keep making video games. FEZ is incredible!

  247. Nate Lawrence Says:

    Phil, I’m sure it was bittersweet packing up your old office there and opening a new chapter with things up in the air and the future unwritten.

    As you can tell by the volume of comments on this post, a lot of us are excited with you to see what you’ll do in the future.

    Regardless of the struggles that you had publishing on XBLA, I have to say that you made me proud to be an XBOX 360 owner and that FEZ was exactly the sort of game that makes me happy to be a gamer.

    Very much looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future and hoping that you’ll show those of us whose platform of choice will always be a Microsoft platform some more love when you unleash your upcoming projects.

    Hoping that fortune finds you, whether you continue creating games or find a new medium for expression.

    I see you as something of the Bill Watterson of video games and hope that you’ll not leave us after brilliant title.

    Cheers, mate, and I hope that you’ll find peace in your personal life as well as your creative and professional life.

    Warmest regards,

  248. Erik Says:

    Just saw the video “the indy game” within you and others show how hard it is to born a “child” like FEZ…

    Wish you the very best, ampathic man. Your game looks brillant – will buy it if it comes on android or PC…

    Erik (44y) germany

  249. Adrian Says:

    My kingdom for play Fez on linux, please

  250. q____q Says:

    „For one, FEZ will finally be ported to other platforms.“

    Shut up and take my money!

  251. Rossana Fefer Says:

    Hello, I have wondered about getting the program DubTurbo Beatmaker and was hoping somebody could give me an actual bona fide critique of the software program. Numerous web pages that supply experiences are in reality affiliates offering the software package and so i don’t believe that the comments are truthful. Thanks in advance for almost any information any individual can provide.

  252. Shaun Says:

    +1 for a WiiU version please :)

  253. Jeremy Falls Says:

    I saw you on the Indie Game documentary. I have been a gamer since I was a kid. Now 30, and I’m inspired by what I see so many like yourself are achieving I’m taking up programming and I hope one day I will have a game out. I’m sorry you had to go through so much pain to get where you are but for what it’s worth I’m glad you made it through it. And I look forward to playing Fez on my computer when it’s released. Thank you for making the sacrifice you have made. It isn’t just a game you made. You are putting yourself together and it’s beautiful and beautifully flawed. Hope your negative comments are washed away by the positive. Here’s to the flood of love from the fans who will learn from your trial to understand what it takes to do what you independent developers do.

  254. kubix Says:

    Simcity 2013 free keygen

  255. Epux Says:

    I wold be in heaven if the games comes to PS3 :-)
    The game looks so amazing, unique, relaxing, no enemies to fight, but adventure and exploring.
    That is exactly what i am looking for in a game, and the artwork is amazing.

    keep up the good work. :-)

  256. Josh Says:

    Played Fez on launch day on the 360 and wanted to say it was one of the greatest games I have ever played in my 25+ years of gaming. That’s even compared to all the mainstream games that come out now days. Seriously dug the pixel design and game mechanics. Reminded me of my SNES gaming years.

    Thanks for developing such an amazing game Phil!

  257. Fez will be Available on Multi-Platform This Year, Will it be On PC? | NextSegment Says:

    […] puzzle-platformer Fez is now coming to PC. In blog post Polytron’s founder Phil Fish has some new planes about the Fez, taking Fez to multiple […]

  258. XBLA indie game Fez coming to new platforms in 2013 Says:

    […] port for the awesome indie game would never happen. However, that thought may pass according to a recent blog post on the Polytron website. He […]

  259. Fez, el éxito de Xbox Live Arcade, será multiplataforma este año - Marketing digital : Marketing digital Says:

    […] llegó hace poco a las 100.000 descargas en Xbox Live Arcade, distribuyéndose únicamente en esta plataforma y con mucha menos inversión […]

  260. raccrocheuse amatrice Says:

    Je suis venue sur votre poste par mégarde : je ne le regrette pas !

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    Vous faîtes toujours des postes passionnants

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