POLYTRON + FINJI are partnering up to bring you Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga’s PANORAMICAL.

I’ve been close to Panoramical for some time now.
Fascinated by it ever since experiencing it for the first time at Fantastic Arcade 2 years ago in Robin Arnott’s livingroom.
When i heard the game could use some help to ship, i offered to pitch in.

Polytron has spent the last 2 years getting its affairs in order.
Wrapping up FEZ and its 6 subsequent ports kept us busy for a while.
Now that that’s done, and that we’ve had time to recharge, im super excited to finally close our first chapter and move on to the next one.
Im calling that new chapter POLYTRON PARTNERS.
And with it, Polytron becomes more than just the umbrella i operate under.
We only got to make fez in the first place because of the help and support of a LOT of cool people.
Time to give back a little, you know?

When i offered to help with the release, Fernando explained that he was already working out a somewhat similar deal with Adam and Bekah Saltsman’s FINJI. They would provide help with day to day operations, payment logistics, things like that. The kind of details independent developers often need help with when they’re busy trying to ship the damn thing.

What Polytron could help with was production and promotion.
Marie-Christine, our producer, could help organize the game’s final stretch of development, and i could make sure people heard about it.
And so, we decided to team up to try and make Panoramical the best damned analog musical landscape anthology it can be.

One word we’re trying real hard to avoid is “publishing”.
Because what does that even mean in 2014, really?
Even saying it out loud feels wrong.
“We’re publishers! Look at us! Publishing!”

It’s a partnership.

I personally couldn’t be more psyched to work on such a novel project with so many rad-as-fuck people. Actually getting to work on Panoramical is a dream come true, and i can only hope that some of my enthusiasm for it will rub off on you.





Created by Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga, Panoramical is an anthology of interactive musical landscapes coming soon to home computers. Immerse yourself in a series of synaesthetic alien vistas like an ambient disco-god controlling your own tiny universe.


Reborn in 2014, Finji was originally founded by Adam and Rebekah Saltsman in 2006. Our mission is to make new games and create new opportunities. We are based in Austin, Texas, but collaborate with talented individuals from all over the place. We are passionate game makers who sometimes work odd hours, but we practice inclusive team policies that support good quality of life (no crunch), and provide significant revenue shares for all team members.


Founded in 2008, POLYTRON is the studio responsible for FEZ. Now it’s also some sort of micro non-publisher, too, i guess?

52 Responses to “POLYTRON PARTNERS”

  1. Sunny Says:

    Super excited to see this, even though I have to wait until 2015. I’ve been watching for a while! Let me know if you guys could use another tester!

    Glad to see you’re on board, Phil. Cheers! :)

  2. Wolfgang Wozniak Says:

    Good luck Phil! :D

  3. Kenneth Says:

    Sounds awesome! Any game that get’s Polytron’s stamp of approval is good in my book. Best of luck to everyone involved. :D

  4. Pierre Says:

    Interesting stuff! Can’t wait to play it! :)

  5. TJ T Says:

    Just saw this on HORIZON. Reminded me immediately of Electroplankton and Toshio Iwai’s other projects.

    When David Kanaga was first explaining it, I was expecting something like George & Jonathan III, http://www.georgeandjonathan.com/
    But Panoramical seems more grounded in surrealism rather than abstraction. It’s really cool when people release music projects as more than just a music file. With something like this, you miss out on a part of your own visual imagination, but it sparks another unused part, and that is really unique. Definitely looking forward to Panoramical.

  6. Cabezotta Says:

    Nice.. i’m happy that you continue in this medium… keep it up!

  7. Emol Says:

    I’m SO glad you are working on something VR related, and mostly on this thing, which I’m totally looking forward to experience :)

  8. MushroomBoy Says:

    oh god, I’m so excited. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

    We missed you, phil!

  9. anthgalli Says:

    very cool!!

    Happy to see that you’re back! Good luck on this project and for the next ones to come!

  10. BlackMonolith Says:

    Hey Phil, so glad to see you are back in the scene! This project looks awesome, but pleeeease reconsider Fez 2. It will be the greatest epoch ever.

  11. jellyberg Says:

    Great news! Congratulations Phil and everyone rise, it’s awesome to see you’re back on the cutting edge of the industry, and boy have you seen that mighty fine view!

  12. narF Says:

    My hairs are rising on my head. I don’t know what this is, but it can only be a cool thing! :)

  13. Miguel Angel Estrada Says:

    i wish we could have some scenes for the gameplay of this game, but i trust in your vision of give your support to panoramical.

  14. Alex Says:

    Yees! I fucking love you!! <3

    Ca fait maintenant 2 ans, et je sens que le premier chapitre est toujours… incomplet. Pour le clore en beauté, pourquoi ne pas parler de ce que vous aviez vraiment dans la tête en développant Fez ? La vraie histoire de Dot, les images, les nombres premiers… Quel génie. Beaucoup de recherche et de dévotion sont faites sur le subreddit de Fez, avec des gens qui continuent de fouiller encore aujourd'hui…

    Pour moi, Fez est sincèrement le plus beau jeu auquel je n'ai jamais joué. L'ambiance quand on rentre dans le monde… J'adorais ce jeu avant de vraiment me rendre compte de ce qu'il contenait, et dès ce moment j'ai su que j'avais trouvé le jeu conçu pour moi. La musique, les décors, et surtout, l'histoire, la phase d'apprentissage. Vous auriez très facilement marqué un grand moment dans l'histoire du jeux vidéos, mais trop peu de gens ont compris Fez… :(

    Merci. Merci pour toutes ces heures de jeux, de divertissement, ces moments où l'on est à la 18 ème page de google cherchant une théorie sur le monde de Fez, même si à cause des révisions j'ai dû un peu rushé certaines énigmes… Maintenant essayez de continuer de faire ce à quoi vous l'un des plus doué à cause de trou de balle sur internet.


  15. Luke Says:

    Go Phil! You Rock!

  16. Petruza Says:

    Vamos Argentina!
    Felicitaciones Fernando!

  17. Brian S Says:

    Great to hear from you again Phil. I can’t wait to play it.

  18. Sean Noonan Says:

    Great news – looking forward to seeing more of this :)

  19. J West Says:

    I feared the worst after seeing the cancellation of Fez 2. Can’t tell you how happy I am to see this coming. Keep it up!

  20. Omar Says:

    Bien! esperando a ver qué es lo que se viene.
    Saludos desde El Salvador, Centro América.

  21. Bob Crumbly Says:

    Who would be compelled to partner with someone that has displayed a clear psychosis and a continual propensity to suffer public meltdowns?

    I’m serious Phil, what surety to your partners have against your destructive, cyclical behavior?

  22. Billy Says:

    shut up Bob.

    we all saw the film. we all saw how crazy Phil got. if i had been working that hard on a project for that long and the whole thing was threatened so close to the finish line, my emotions would be on a thread too. it was a perfectly human reaction in an extreme situation. i’m so happy to hear Phil is still working in games and hope he gets back to releasing his own games again. Fez is an incredible game.

  23. jdm79 Says:

    I was intrigued as to what you would do next Phil. You clearly have an incredibly creative mind, I would love to see what other things you can produce outside of games as well. Best of luck with your new non-publishing endeavors!

  24. Aaron Wickman (Otsel) Says:

    Hello! My name is Aaron and I work at a small dev team I created called “Pixelversion”.

    I’m a long time dev and gamer, and it’s great to see both Phil and polytron back in the saddle. I have been hoping for a very long time that you had something in the works, and that you would someday return to the gaming industry. You’re a pioneer and you’ve done so much for us! You really helped make my dream viable, and thank you so much.

    Best of luck to you!

  25. Sigmoid Says:

    Billy: Well yes, some craziness is understandable, but I guess the question really is warranted.
    The infamous Fez 2 twittergate happened well after the release of Fez, when everything was supposed to be A-OK. Nothing’s more destructive than a volatile, psychologically unstable leader.

  26. Rubén Gómez Radioboy Says:

    I love you Phil

  27. Finlay Mckinnon Says:

    Don’t care how long this game takes, its gonna be amazing, keep on going forward phil and never look back! No matter what state you get your self into keep going, your future is looking bright and glad your back phil!

  28. Daniel Says:

    Oh my god!! It’s good to see you back.
    I’m a student who wants to be a game programmer/designer and if someone asks me what is my favorite game, i would choose FEZ.
    I don’t care what others say about u. Just know that there are some people who actually supports you and likes you.

  29. Another Matthew Says:

    So glad you’re still helping develop games, Phil! More than thrilled to see more from this project!

    Wishing you and the team well.

  30. @formasymphonic Says:

    After the Fez II stuff went down and the internet response, I really wanted to write some kind of message to let you know that there are people out there who appreciate the work you put in (but I could never find the right words). So I’ll be brief;

    Congrats to you and your partners in crime for the ongoing success of Polytron. Success may have brought darkness as well as light but never forget that you’ll glow as you grow.

    Good luck in all your future endeavours and thank you for your new efforts to help others shine like you did.

    Welcome back Phil. Welcome back.

  31. Phil Fish Says:

    Phil, you are such a spineless cry baby. It’s amazing to me that someone that spends as much as their time on the internet as you gets mad at some tweeters. Man up punk.

  32. Benjamin Rood Says:

    Keep up the good work Philippe. FEZ is a great game, a wonderful thing for the world and I am glad you are continuing to do what you do. At the end of the day the work is what counts and the rest is nonsense.

    PANORAMICAL looks amazing, look forward to playing it soon.

    Signed by not an anonymous dick.

  33. James Dyer Says:

    Go Phil! :D

    Looking forward to more developments.

  34. Nathan Says:

    Looks interesting! Any plans for a home controller?

  35. Jim J. Says:

    PANORAMICAL looks absolutely amazing! Absolutely wonderful to see you (Phil) back in the gaming loop. People who hate you are just jealous, they wish they were creators, they wish they had made Fez, they wish people listened to what they had to say. In the end, they are nobodies and you, you are a somebody and that somebody is the kind of person all of us who are really passionate about games wish to be one day but know we won’t be. Some of us a content to sit back and enjoy a creation like Fez and bask in it’s brilliant design and others, well, their insecurity makes them feel the need to lash out. I myself am content. Keep doing what you’re doing man, you are the real deal! Lotsa Love!! :)

  36. thomas franey Says:

    your gaming might be great for my future social site im developing. looking for some ideas for html5 style gaming that can be included. this site would be the new era of social media for people who refer to themselves as geeks, who have exotic interests in technology, comics, gaming, music, etc.

  37. Nathan Says:

    Wow, great to hear this! Polytron is a great company and you are magnificent artist Phil. I hope to see Polytron Partners do well and help out a lot of developers!

  38. klabelkholosh Says:

    Awesome! Do what you love. I love what you do.

  39. Tom Weiser Says:

    Phil, you’re awesome. I wish you all the success in the world.

  40. brunolinuxf1 Says:

    Great news! Welcome back Phil!
    And I agree with “If you generate money from putting my content in your channel, you owe me money.”
    Making money from other’s IP without sharing revenue is piracy. Simple as that.

  41. NGageMegaman Says:

    Awesome news Phil, you’re back, and I’m very excited for it, but, I’ve been out of the news about polytron since a while ago, and today I saw you deleted your twitter account. Why?

  42. Cool Story Says:

    Hey man! Good news! Hope you’ve humbled up this time man. Make FEZ II also, I was looking forward to that game for sure.

  43. Simon Says:

    This is great news, well done guys! Best of luck with this exciting new venture! Great to see you publicly excited about games again, Phil. :)

  44. Fez Fan Says:

    Phil, before saying dudes on Youtube owe you money, think how many buyers they brought to your game. You owe them money, not the other way around. The kind of stance that you took is quite rare now, practiced only by game developers from Japan, such as Nintendo and Sega. The sucky ones, right?

    Abandoning Fez 2 because somebody hurt your feelings? Boohoohoo. Man up. Some fucker is always going to hurt your feelings, sooner or later. I would have bought Fez 2, you whining navel-gazer.

    Deleting your twitter? Whoa. Great way to make a statement and stand by your convictions.

    I am fan of your work and talent. How about less bitching, more working? You’re a very talented game designer, too bad your mouth is smarter than the rest of you.

  45. Some Guy Says:

    I love you Phil.

    As vicious and reactive as people can be to the shit you say, I hope you always remember that I fucking love your work, and that there are many, many others like me out there.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, because it means a lot to so many people

  46. Vincent Says:

    FIsh, I’ve really hoped you stay out of game development/”publishing” entirely! (Just like you promised.) This was your best decision, ever.
    Please make a clean break, Phil! Put your website offline. Delete all your social-media accounts! PLEASE!

  47. LJRadio Says:



    Phil you have proven yourself amazing yet again.

  48. chaos Says:

    Welcome back phil! Make another awesome game, will ya? Oh and ignore the trolls. They’re douches. Or, rather, they feel the need to make themselves superior because they haven’t, like, you know, got any of the creative skills to even make a game like Fez. You get my point. ;P

  49. Masoud Heydari Says:

    phil, i’m so glad you’r back. awesome!!

  50. Luis Oliveira Says:

    Welcome back Phil! I’m happy you’re back on the scene!

    Keep up the good work ;)

  51. Infamous Jaspaar Says:

    Great to hear that you are back in business :)
    I really hope that Fez 2 well come out some day, Fez is the best indie game I have ever played. The world you created and the puzzles literally blew my mind. I come to your page almost everyday to see if there’s anything new about Fez 2 being back in production. I still have my hopes that someday Fez 2 will see the light of day I guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed untill that day happens (If it does) But good to have you back phill you are an unique individual and gaming needs developers like you.

  52. Ihatephilfish Says:

    go fuck yourself phil fish

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