Oh, and FEZ is delayed to early 2012.

35 Responses to “LONGER SCREEN SHOT”

  1. 3viltiki Says:

    hoot hoot

  2. Fuzunga Says:

    The owls are not what they seem.

  3. Tor Says:

    Holy shit… when I realized that the head kept rotating and staring at me I got a big chill. It was like he was looking at me personally and not just at the screen. Also, the rain and the awesome music really set the mood right in this one. I can’t wait til this comes out.

  4. Scuzz Says:

    Neeeeeeeeat. I like the owl… and the bird (raven? crow? generic black bird?)… and the rain that hits the invisible platforms even when not visible. You guys have so much polish it makes me happy. This game is going to shine like nobody’s business when it comes out.

    On the other hand: Le siiiiiiiiiggggghhhh. I want it more nowish but I’ll wait. But only because you guys are so damn good at making appealing looking games. But if there’s just ONE MORE DELAY… I’ll totally be slightly whinier but still just sit and wait for it.

  5. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    *stares back at the creepy owl*

  6. John H Says:

    I hope you realise you’re crippling the ENTIRE VG ECONOMY. Because whenever I think of buying a game, I say to myself, “no, I’ll wait for Fez”.

  7. fezzerer Says:

    ^ what he said.

  8. Emil12345558 Says:


    BTW will the head come off if you turn enough times?

  9. Foley Says:

    Delayed??? I hope we get to see references from other indie games scattered around the Fez universe, such as Super Meatboy, Bastion or Ilomilo.

  10. Nate Lawrence Says:

    *Sigh* I had hopes of getting FEZ for my birthday this year or perhaps playing it over Christmas holidays. It would have been perfect.

    Ah well. I know that you all just want it to be everything that it ought to be and I completely understand and support that.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Until next time!

  11. Fish Says:

    you will see none of that.

  12. yoke Says:

    what a bummer… i was so excited for this game, kept telling myself, man! only a few more months! now it’s gonna be 4-6… watch it get delayed again :(

  13. Jimmy_james Says:

    :-( Confirmed delayed & Xbox 360 only :-(

  14. Kynes Says:

    May I ask why it was delayed?

  15. Renaud Says:

    Mostly QA.

  16. Ticker Says:

    Is this you, John H?

  17. Sebby19 Says:

    As Shigero Myamoto said:
    “A delayed game is good eventually, and rushed game is bad forever.”

    …or something like that.

  18. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    So… any way to ‘aquire’ a beta release for testing? Tuhd love testing things.

  19. richard Says:

    ^ what he said.

  20. John H Says:

    @ticker No, but almost.

  21. Overheard Says:

    Don’t say you want to play Fez on your computer unless you want to end up like Annabelle Kennedy.

  22. Sebby19 Says:

    where did she end up anyway?

  23. Jimmy_james Says:

    Buried alive by Phil…

  24. awesomerobot Says:

    I can’t wait until I get to play this in 2015.

  25. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:


  26. Lavode Says:

    So which do you think will get released first?
    Fez or The Fool and his Money?

  27. Clive Says:

    While you owe us nothing, I must say: each Friday that comes and goes without a delicious FEZ nugget makes me quite sad.

  28. qqqqqqqqqq Says:

    thought i saw you at the mall today Phil, guess it probly wasnt you tho…

  29. flatverse Says:

    Happy Turkey Day Fez!

  30. Gagarin Says:

    This is started getting ridicules. This game became “Chinese Democracy” of video games. Just like Duke Nukem was pushed and late and ended up as the game below average.
    You guys can push it as well to 2013, cause I don’t care.
    I hope that every sucker that was waiting for it will realize that it was not worth it.

  31. Emil12345558 Says:

    Trolls gotta troll.

  32. StonecoldMC Says:


    Dont let the door hit your ar*e on the way out then :-)

  33. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    Tuhd not sure how one can compare FEZ to “Chinese Democracy”. the problem with that album was that during the many many years it was “in the works” they *weren’t* putting a fuckton of work into it. Same with Duke Nukem.

    Those examples sucked because it was ‘on again off again’ type work with no vision for the completed item and no dedication to continuing until finishing. FEZ is a project that simply kept growing out of control and becoming more epic as it went along (with much of the time spent on figuring out how the heck to do things in ways that don’t break or fail).

    Personally, if Polytron were a car company I would buy from them because it would work and be epic, not be rehashed shit that other people already make, year after year with minor changes.

  34. Internet Troll Says:

    I would not buy car from Fez, it would be to boxy :)
    I feel bad, that authors use this blog only to announce another push back dates. No details, no screens, beside of few outdated movies. Instead of making “epic” production, they should launch it now and add worlds, levels via DLC.
    I’m just afraid that finally in 2015 I will buy the game, and will be like “so this is it…? Mehhh”.

  35. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    It’s because a lot of the promotion is out there at the game developer and gaming conferences, putting in face time with the fans, doing interviews, etc. if you go back through mag interviews and stuff that’s been said through twitter and other various outlets, you’d know that FEZ is a game of discovery and exploration. It’s going to be damn near impossible to keep the magic of that style of game and truly ‘discover’ anything if all the best parts end up in a game trailer on the 14 largest gaming websites + youtube + cable tv advertisements.

    Now… to go about finding me an xbox in time…

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