HAPPY 2014


2013 was a year.

It followed 2012, and will precede 2014.

2013 saw the release of 3 new FEZ ports.

2014 will see the release of 3 new FEZ ports.

2014 will have 365 days.

Happy 2014!

32 Responses to “HAPPY 2014”

  1. jrronimo Says:


    Happy New Year, Polytron!

  2. Adam Says:

    Congratulations on surviving the year! Hope whatever new thing you are working on is coming along well.

  3. Disappointed fan Says:

    2014 will have no FEZ2.
    2012 Seen some ragequits.

  4. Railslavegames Says:

    Thanks for changing the gaming landscape!!!
    Games are art!!

  5. Harest Says:

    2014 will precede 2015.
    2+0+1+5 = 8 ; 8 / 4(D) = 2
    FEZ II confirmed, see you in 2015 then. Happy new year for now.

  6. Fez due for three more ports in 2014 | Digital Trends Says:

    […] Corporation’s Fez is due for three new ports in 2014, as a new post on the company’s website confirms. The perspective-twisting platformer debuted in 2012 for […]

  7. Sean Noonan Says:

    Happy New Year!

    I hope to see something from Polytron in the not too distant future.


  8. sebsebseb Says:

    Bonne année 2014 :-)

  9. flags Says:

    Never stop making games.

  10. Fish McFish Says:

    Piss off, Fishy Tits. You dont even develop games, You whiny autistic asian fuck.

  11. Fish McFish Says:


  12. Jairo Fernandez Says:

    3 new ports this year huh?

    For once, it might actually be on either one or both of the Nintendo Consoles. I’m crossing my fingers for this.

  13. Makoto Goto Says:

    Happy New Year!!
    I look forward to next your challenges.
    I hope you will get more successes.

  14. Logan Says:

    Mr. Fish, Polytron, and The Internet:
    Thank you for spending years on making FEZ possible. I can’t even quite grasp how hard it must have been to make such a game. The modelling, texturing, coding, debugging…. all painstakingly done with no budget to speak of. I thank you for your commitment to the world. I appreciate everything you have done to try and make an artful game. Also, it is fantastic news that FEZ has sold over a million copies.
    I think the biggest problems that people have with using the internet is that they forget how to. Mr. Fish, I am very shocked at the way people have been treating you. They have let you down. It is like they think that you are capable of so much more than tireless work for years. They send you hateful messages, being blind to the true work that goes into making a master piece.
    Internet, you are here to connect people together. If someone shows you their masterpiece in real life, you would smile and laugh and tell them they have done a fantastic job. But not you, Internet. You’ve literally called Mr. Fish every offensive name in the English Dictionary, and then some.
    Why? Because he defends himself and his game? He has opinions?
    Many of you claim he has a massive and weak ego. I certainly would if I were in his shoes. If the masterpiece of your life caused you to get attacked like the way he has been, would you become bitter and annoyed? Frustrated that if you were to make another game that you would only get more publicity; more name-calling and spite?
    Now, Mr. Fish. This is the call to action. I think it’s time to game up. You’ve earned enough money to let your creativity run wild. Hire some people you would work well with. Trust them. Let them trust you. Grow. Love. Cry together over frustration. Don’t do this alone. You don’t have to anymore.
    The saddest thing about watching you in the Indie Games film was seeing you so alone.
    It is not time to quit. The world can’t defeat you with unspoken lies. All those internet comments, tweets…they aren’t anything. They are a couple of the 8 billion people on this earth yapping to you about nonsense.
    And only a million have experienced FEZ, your masterpiece.
    Show the 7 billion, 999 Million people who’ve never seen or heard of FEZ what you are.
    And I’m not going to accept any “Get out Jail Free” cards. This isn’t Monopoly. This is FEZ. This is your life.
    I support you. Go make something awesome.
    Also, where do I get glasses that I can wear underwater? I need them.
    –Logan Affleck

  15. Tommy Bergeron Says:

    Happy new year! On veut plus de Phil Fish pour 2014! Rock hard, fuck the haters.

  16. Andrew Says:

    Lol was about to buy fez now I’m not you don’t deserve it asshole

  17. Maple Says:

    3DS port


  18. BitchyMcGayFag Says:

    HEy FISH! Are you there? i just wanted to tell you that you’re a coward. mabey a talented one, but still a coward.
    you turned all your atantion against the bad feedback and fled from it, ignoring your hardcore fans!

    I’m disapinted :P

    fuck you

  19. GREgwg Says:




  20. tpcx Says:

    I wanted to write what Logan did, but he did it so much better than i could have.

    I recently played through FEZ, and it’s definitely one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time. Love the puzzles, the music, the artwork and of course the overall, adventorous feeling of the game.

    Please, just make FEZ 2 happen! No hurry though :)

  21. BitchyMcGayFag Says:

    @tpcx no dont ask! he likes having people begging him! it’s making him feel important, wich he’s realy only in his own narsisistick stupid mind

  22. tpcx Says:

    @BitchyMcGayFag: To some people he is kind of important actually, being the creator of one of the coolest games ever made.

    It boggles my mind why people keep complaining. If you don’t like it, just, please, move on…

  23. swangin Says:

    What in the fuck does a Phil Fish do now?

  24. Thomas Says:

    Fez was probably the best game I’ve played for a long time.
    The Teaser for Fez 2 got me really happy, I hope you make it even after you said it was canceled

    Best of wishes and stuff

  25. BitchyMcGayFag Says:

    wtf?! why are you people begging him for making it? dont you relaise that fish is way to stubborn to ever go back on his word?

  26. Lewi Hussey Says:

    Happy New Year!

    Have a great one Phil. (:

  27. Burger Says:

    Happy 2014 to you man! :)

    Playing through Fez made me feel happy like I was when playing games 15 or so years ago.

    Too bad you canceled Fez 2, but I hope you don’t give up on producing content, be it games, movies, animations, or whatever.

  28. Phil Fish Says:

    And then Fez 2 was cancelled!

  29. Rodolfo Says:

    Heppy New Year Polytron!
    And pleeeease!!! Fez 2 pleeeease XD

  30. Khemikvlz Says:

    Bonne année, et quel gâchis, toujours, pour FEZ II, et le talent de son créateur.
    Tout ça pour des enfantillages, ça me reste encore au travers de la gorge…

  31. ENDESGA Says:

    Dear Polytron, mostly Phil,
    You need to push aside people who dislike FEZ or FEZ II.
    FEZ was a real eye-opener for me in game development, I felt like I could actually achieve something.
    If it wasn’t for FEZ, I would have never made NIKRA.

    Thank you so much Phil and Poly, you guys really do shine above the top.

    with love,

  32. Easton Says:

    3 new ports? Sounds awesome.

    My bet is that is coming to all of Sony’s platforms.
    1-Playstation 3
    2-Playstation Vita
    3-Playstation 4

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