Super HyperCube

Enter a world of pure cubes. Enter Super Hypercube. Clusters of cubes, walls of cubes, cubes in the sky, Oh my!

Can you make the shape fit in the hole? That is the question the hypercube asks of you. Will you rise to his challenge and be victorious, or will you fail, and be doomed to obscurity?

Super Hypercube is a game about holes, and the cubes that love them. It explores the vast, mostly unexplored TRON-like tundra of stereoscopy and head tracking in games.

Designed and developed collaboratively by Polytron and Kokoromi for Gamma3D, the game supports red/cyan 3D glasses, and wiimote headtracking.

  • Renaud Bédard – Polytron (Concept, Programming, Hardware)
  • Phil Fish – Kokoromi/Polytron (Concept, Design, Art)
  • Jason DeGroot – Polytron (Concept, Hardware)
  • Cindy Poremba – Kokoromi (Design)
  • Heather Kelley – Kokoromi (Design)


You will need the .NET 3.5 SP1 framework installed, and TV3D requires some oft-missing DirectX DLLs which you can get with the End-User Runtimes.

For more information, visit The Instruction Limit.

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