121 Responses to “FEZ SELLS 100K ON XBLA”

  1. Wade McGillis Says:


  2. Zippie Says:

    Whoa Mate, Grattis!!!

  3. john Says:

    When is Fez coming out

  4. Devin Raposo Says:

    So…what’s the solution for this puzzle?

  5. S Says:

    Will there be a vinyl edition of the soundtrack? That would be rad!

  6. Lucas Says:

    Congrats. One of the best games on the service. :)

  7. Matt Says:

    When will FEZ be coming to steam if ever?

  8. Anders Moberg Says:

    Much deserved. Thank you for taking part in making Fez.

  9. Echtzeit Says:

    Well, it’s a start. But this fantastic game has to sell TONS more!

  10. Bob Wobbaz Says:

    Congratulations guys! Currently on my 3rd play through and am still finding new things!

  11. Jonathan Says:

    Well done. I wish the game would stop freezing so I could finish it.

  12. Dom2D Says:

    Bravo! C’est un beau chiffre.

  13. Jeremy Says:

    I don’t own an Xbox– when will this game be out for another platform? I have a PS3, a Mac, and a PC. I’d take it on any of them! I saw Indie Game: The Movie, and I’d love to support your work. Looks like such a great game.

  14. Ben Says:

    Congrats! Lets see how well it does on PS3!

  15. Gery Says:

    It could make another 100K sells on PC and PS3. Anyway, congratulations guys!

  16. DJDeWitt Says:

    Congrats Phil & team! Hope good reviews and good sales are helping to overcome the anxiety and distress that this game put you all through, and, more importantly, gives you a little breathing room while you figure out where you want to go next :)

  17. krk Says:

    how about a PC release announcement as an icing on the cake?

  18. Cirdain Says:

    Oh dear god, Oh dear god, PC! Oh dear god.

  19. Pajolero Says:

    Congratulations to everyone on the team, Phil! Hope it sells a lot more.

  20. Fabio Goto Says:

    Congrats, Phil and Polytron!

    That’s an amazing work you’ve done on Fez, really!

    Parabéns e sucesso com Fez e os próximos jogos!

  21. raindog469 Says:

    Thanks for all your work. Hope this is only the beginning. I look forward to buying your game again when it appears on some other platform I use (Ubuntu, Android, Wii, even Windows as long as it works in Wine). I’ve bought World of Goo 5 times now in different formats, so some of us are just crazy that way.


  22. MrHabbman Says:

    Congratulations polytron!
    Verry Good Work!

  23. Jake Mitchell Says:

    100k is nothing compared to how well it’d do on PC.

    Look at Cave Story. Sold like 100k copies on console, 500k on PC.

  24. Emily Says:

    Grats on 100k sales. :D

    I hope you consider a pc port so this game can live on forever.
    not to mention the added sales and fanbase.

    I mean who doesn’t love laying back on their couch playing relaxing games on their PC with their gamepads every Saturday morning?
    would be nice to do that with Fez. :D

    Plus the indie game movie is coming out on Steam on the 12th.
    Yet Fez is the only game in it that isn’t on Steam. :(

    Hope it comes to PC so it can get the recognition it deserves :]

  25. Dave R. Says:

    It deserves to sell as well as Minecraft :) All the best for your future projects, guys.

  26. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    Now you can affords to port it over to PCs.

    I know, I know, it interfere with Fish’s vision of how game should be played (waking up on a sunday in your jammies in the living room), but Tuhd have a vibratey controller and everything, so give PC version for Tuhd.

    Plus PC version is easiest to ports to from the microsofty game framework.

  27. Dan Says:


    Honestly, he’s a moron.

    Any average PC gamer has a controller for their computer. I sit on my couch all the time in my pajamas playing PC games on my TV monitor.

    Isn’t any different than playing console games.

  28. JeWan Says:

    Fish! J’aime cet jeu de vidéo de toi et ton collègue!
    Really awesome game guys! Checked the Film “Indie Game: The Movie” today. Hopes have become true! Congratulations to Montreal from the far distance of “l’europe central”!

  29. LeuWenn Says:

    Je viens de voir “Indie Game: The movie” (l’un des meilleurs docus que j’ai pu voir, et le 1er a parler sérieusement des jeux-vidéos), je n’ai pas de xbox et je ne compte pas m’en acheter (je déteste les consoles), mais j’ai hate de tester le jeux chez un amis ou par n’importe quel autre moyens. Toutefois, je veux vous remercier de faire des jeux vidéos de cette manière, de le considérer comme un art (j’espere avoir bien compris …). Je suis étudiant en art du spectacle (théatre et cinéma) en France et j’espére pouvoir partager l’idée que le jeux vidéo est un art, ce film et ce genre de jeux seront le moyen.
    Merci, continu, vas y a fond

  30. Felix Gubitz Says:

    Good to see everything worked out for you :)

  31. cipcap Says:


    I really enjoyed and love your game.

    Thanks a lot for all your finishing and finally releasing this wonderful adventure.


  32. Richard Betts Says:

    Really enjoyed playing the game. I am going back into it to find all the puzzles and secrets. I love that in games.

    I really liked the soundtrack too.

    Well done guys.

  33. midimid Says:

    Phil – I just saw Indie Game: The Movie (out now on Steam!) and I’m so glad to see that you didn’t end up killing yourself and instead got to experience the richness of success. Congrats!

  34. Seb Says:

    Great work!! Just saw the movie and i must say that it blew my mind. I’m really happy for you that you developped such a fantastic game

  35. BrAwnyTime Says:

    I must say you deserve all the success in the world. I also watched indie game the movie, it really portrays the struggle you went through. I am happy it is working out in the end. I bet if you put alternative ports for FEZ as a project on kickstarter you would easily get a decent bankroll. Let us know if you don’t plan to port it, because i would buy an Xbox just to play your game.

  36. Garo Says:

    Just saw you and your game in the Indie Game: The Movie and I’m so happy to know that you got your game out and that it’s selling great!

    Way to go!

  37. SLaYeR Says:

    Wish i could be at your side when you were testing game at PAX
    fu*k i’d be there and play all the day this incredible game
    I’m very happy you’ve succeed and wish you all the best ^_^

  38. Babcom5 Says:

    Super pour vous! Bravo

    J’aimerai tellement acheter ton jeu, mais j’ai pas de 360.
    Microsoft t’a surement sauver à un moment mais maintenant tu te retrouve enfermé sur Xbox.
    Enfin content pour toi

  39. hiptanaka Says:

    Congrats! Well deserved. Still haven’t figured out a few things in the game, and I’m too stubborn to read FAQs…

  40. Rellek Says:

    congrats on 100k! hope you decide to release this for the PC, my Xbox be broken :) you’re an inspiration, keep up the awesome work!

  41. PhoenixP3K Says:

    Hope the game will eventually end up on PC since I don’t own an Xbox 360. Just watched Indie Game: The Movie, and to be honest I learned a lot. Wish you the best!

  42. Felipe Cartin Says:

    Hi guys! I just watched the Indie Game Movie, and had to write to you saying thanks. Your story is too inspiring for our company, and you have really made us strive to keep our dream coming true.

    Thank you very much for letting your story be told.


    Felipe Cartin

  43. Dan Says:

    Congratulations man! 100K is awesome.

    I got FEZ before the indie game movie came out, and was instantly touched by its originality and wonderful gameplay. Pretty much from the “Reboot” part, I was Hooked and I now have 7 Completed Cubes. :)

    I found your story in the documentary to be the most inspiring. Thanks for sticking in there and bringing the world this game.

    Hi Five ^^

  44. Dave Hooper Says:

    1. FEZ is remarkable, hugely entertaining and utterly captivating.

    2. Watched IG:TM yesterday, incredibly inspiring, and makes the end result seem even more remarkable (I purchased FEZ shortly after I read reviews, and until yesterday had now idea it had a 5year gestation period).

    Phil Fish + Renaud (and the rest of the team) – keep up the fantastic work. That is all.

  45. david Says:

    gratz polytron! <3 (heartcube)

  46. Lucas Reche Says:

    Best game I have played in my entire life! Really, everything about it is simply perfect, I love the looks, I love the soundtrack, the smart puzzles, the world I love it all! Thank you so much, Polytron! Thank you!

  47. Rick Says:

    Please Please PLEASE release on PC!

  48. BBQ Bram Says:

    Congratulations Phil. Saw Indie Game: The Movie today and was deeply moved by your anxiety and excitement for the game and the troublesome road to PAX. Luckily for you (and me!) the game turned out awesome – many thanks for putting something so honest and thus unique out there, gaming these days could do with more like this.

  49. Dolph ban Says:

    Just watched Indie Game the movie.

    It was great!

    Since the movie was on Steam, I figured the games mentioned in it would be as well.

    I really liked how Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Fez looked. I decided to search them on Steam.

    I found the first two and purchased them but didn’t see Fez anywhere on Steam.

    I found it a little strange that it was featured in a Steam movie yet the game isn’t on there?
    Is it listed under another name or something or is there really not a Steam version of Fez?

  50. Gery Says:

    I just saw Indie game the movie, and I must say congratulations to Phil, seriously, I think the wait was worth it, you are THE BEST!

  51. AGP Says:

    I just saw Indie Game the Movie as well and I shed a tear, your struggle has been such an inspiration for me!

  52. Marco Says:

    Please release this on ios.

  53. Machine Says:

    Fantastic news! Bring the game to Steam so it can sell 5x more like Super Mear Boy did.

  54. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    Now that IG:TM is on Steam, you gonna have that many more PC gamers who will bug you for PC version.

    Have fun with that ;)

  55. IsaacWeitman Says:

    Mozal tov i just saw indie game the movie and now that i know came true your vision came true im very happy

  56. Chelsea Says:

    After seeing the movie I must say I respect Phil a lot.

    Congratulations on finishing your game. I’m glad it all went well in the end.

    Not to be another person wanting a PC release, but I’d love to support you by purchasing Fez on Steam.

  57. Eli Says:

    I am also glad Phil did not murder himself. Way to go!

  58. eter Says:

    Bravo à vous pour cet accomplissement.

    Je viens de voir le documentaire “Indie game the movie” et je voulais vous remercier pour ce que vous avez fait de FEZ et ce que vous continuerez à faire dans le futur : des jeux de qualité, des jeux avec une grande part d’humanité.

    J’attend également avec impatience que votre shop propose des tshirts de nouveau (tout est vendu!) pour vous apporter mon support ;)



  59. Patrick M. Says:

    This is excellent news. Congrats. So happy for you folks on the game.

  60. Norm Says:

    Congratulations, really good job guys.

  61. farcodev Says:

    I join to the crowd to congrats you with this game, even if I don’t have a XBox.
    I also seen you on the “Indie game the movie” and put my support to never give up ! It always pay one day or another, like for these 100,000 sales.

    If one day you’ll plan to deliver a PC version I’ll buy one.

    Congrats again !

  62. Paul Says:

    You’re welcome! :D

  63. Jademalo Says:

    I watched indie game the movie the other night, and I have to say it was really fantastic.

    I got Fez pretty much as soon as it was released on Xbox, and say the entire day to finish it. However, I decided to hold off going for 100% specifically in case a PC version should come out. Now, after watching IGTM it’s pretty obvious you had some builds running on PC, so surely it can’t be that hard to port =p

    I will buy this game as many times as I can – Xbox, Steam, Humble Indie Bundle, IndieRoyale, heck even iOS if you manage to get it working on there. The game completely deserves it.

    Anyway, grats again for the 100k!

  64. zoglog Says:

    Just saw indie game the movie. Congrats on the successful release!

  65. Dex Says:

    Congratulations Phil and Polytron!

    We all love ya and your game. Definitiv one of the best games of all time!

    You rock \o/


  66. WILL SHUTE Says:

    I’ve been a long time fan so I HAVE to thnk you for making an incredible game!

  67. bullen Says:

    Please release on any other platform soon!

  68. Justin Says:


    I hate to just echo everyone else here, but I just heard about FEZ from ‘Indie Game’ so I dusted off my 360 just to try it out. I gotta congratulate you on finishing the game. It looks, plays and sounds great.

    Your role in the movie was very interesting too. I could totally feel the frustration when your PAX build was crashing, and I can relate to all your perfectionism quirks.

    I would be interested to know if you feel that the game is complete, or if you’d re-write it a 5th time given what you’ve learned since revision 4.

    Screw the haters and rest assured you will make [even more of] a killing if you ever decide to distribute the game via Steam.

  69. atlas Says:

    Guess I’m just echoing everyone else here but I would love to see it come out on steam. Game looks great. Congrats on the 100k.

  70. Cr30s Says:

    Just thank you guys !

    No other words are needed.

  71. ianmorris Says:

    i saw indie game the movie, you deserve all of those sales

  72. Crilaos Says:

    To be honest, the only game I haven’t played that I’d really like to is Fez.

    I hope you’ll at least consider a PC port if you haven’t.

    There are hundreds of thousands of us that would purchase your game.
    No joke.

    If Super Meat Boy, Cave Story, and Braid sold around 5x more on PC than on console then I’m pretty sure a game like Fez could do the same.

    I speak for much of the PC gaming community when I say we’d love to have Fez in our library.

  73. Ankh_P Says:

    Congrats guys ! This game deserves it !

    All the time you spent on it wasn’t worthless ! Count on me to keep supporting you.

  74. Jakob Parsons Says:

    You’re awesome, and this game is awesome.
    I’d totally buy it but I don’t have an xBox, unfortunately.
    I would buy one to play this (if I had money).

  75. Qoj Says:

    Merci Phil+Renaud, FEZ est une merveille ! Portez-vous bien.
    Je propose un party national pour Polytron ce weekend.

  76. Qoj Says:

    + great soundtrack Rich.

  77. colin Says:

    congratulations on the success! i just watched Indie Game the movie and enjoyed your thoughtful commentary on the game making process, and how much emotion you showed about the whole thing. i really appreciated your honesty. if my xbox hadn’t bricked long ago I’d have played Fez by now. i’m hoping it makes its way to PSN eventually. anyways, here’s to a well earned vacation, and hopefully enough money to keep you doing what you are supposed to do.

  78. Cal Says:

    Bravo, Fish et bien réussi. Votre travail a porté ses fruits.

  79. Cal Says:

    ps. Microsoft is making it as hard as possible for me to buy your game, but I will keep trying.

  80. Calbeb Says:

    I love Fez. I just wanted to give my hearty congratulations to Fish and Renaud for all of your hard work on this game. The game makes me genuinely nostalgic, but more than that, it has left me with a feeling of joy that few other games have ever managed to capture.

    Congratulations on selling 100K copies, but just know that your game deserves to do even better, and I hope that you can eventually release it on PC and find an even wider audience.

  81. Dan V Says:

    Should be at 1,000,000… This is by far the best game on Xbox LIVE arcade. A truly beautiful accomplishment that combines the best of zen gaming with the most interesting platforming I have seen in a long time.

    But 100,000 is nothing to scoff at… Congrats.

  82. Roberth Says:

    congratulations :)

  83. Johnny Bing Says:

    I bet the PC version will reach 1 million. I bet you a million dollars it will!!

  84. Tom Rollington Says:

    What is the release date for the PC version?

  85. People Of The Lie Pdf Says:

    I love your articles Millie!

  86. Ico Says:

    Congratulations, Thanks for Fez.

  87. Sammy B Says:

    There is alot in the steam community that would love to see this game come to Steam, will it come to Steam in the future?
    This game sparked my interest when I saw the movie Indie Game: The Movie. Fez looks awesome and I can’t wait to give you my money when it comes to PC!! Great job Mr.Fish for reaching a milestone in the gaming world!

  88. Tanner Says:

    you absolutly deserve it

  89. Fernando Castillo Cristi Says:

    Congratulation Phil Fish, You deserve it!
    I hope to play FEZ!! :D

  90. Jeanine Miller Says:

    I am really happy for you! Your indie game film broke my heart… Watching you go through all of those hard times but, you came out on top! Congratulations and I hope to see more amazing thing come from you Phil!!! D: You will do great things, sir!

  91. shalvius Says:

    Congratulations guys! Hello from Georgia(country).
    (And i hope i will see this game on pc or mac soon. Like really soon :D)

  92. matthew Says:

    When the steam version is released we’ll make it a million.

  93. Hey there! Says:

    So when will the exclusivity deal with Microsoft end?

  94. LuCh! Says:

    Congratz! You deserve it!
    Just checking if you guys are planning to make the game for the PC as well?

    I would buy a x360 just to play FEZ but I kindy think Microsoft sucks, already have them annoying me on my pc so, not really gonna do that! A bit expensive too…
    So … for PC DRM free? though Steam is great too!

    But by all means ignore all those bitching about it taking so long, take your time and release it when YOU think it done! I’d rather wait another five years then get a buggy game!
    So take your time, your doing great and I think the game looks stunning btw!

  95. Nick Says:

    My xbox isnt set up right now, but i am going to JUST for this game. AMAZING loved the story about it on the Indie Game Movie. Grats Broski! Cant wait to play!

  96. Ashley Cooke Says:

    Getting a 100K count is really a reason to celebrate. I hope I can also have this in other platforms. Shame that it can be only played on the XBOX.

  97. Alex Says:

    Hey dude, i just watch indie game: the movie, and know about your story.
    It’s really happy to see what you have made now and congratulations!

    And please keep going
    Maybe there’s gonna be a lot of work and a lot of pain
    But your tough will will help lol

    ps: btw, no offense, i think maybe better software engineering can help you, i mean, manage the game’s life cycle, such as develop/test/publish. I am a programmer too and it really help a lot. Anyway, good luck :)

  98. Steve_Gamer Says:

    Getting ready to watch the movie now, just waiting for it to download via the bit torrent sites. Should only take 15 minutes or so before I have it in 1080p glory. This film is all over the bit torrent sites… just google it. Don’t waste your money …

  99. Guido Alexis Spinelli Says:

    I’m so fucking happy you are leaving XBLA exclusivity. FEZ could be a success in PC.

  100. zach. S. Says:

    having completed your game, i say congrats and hopefully more people can enjoy the world of Fez and everything it has to offer. every little bit of it.

  101. HyMyNameIsMatt Says:

    If you get more sales, you can just flip it and see a different number.

  102. Eric Says:

    Glad it’s finished and it did well… J’espère que les prochains projets vont être moins compliqués.

  103. Ico Says:

    Please, Fez on Steam for Pc/Mac. The best game of Xbox360.

  104. www.plaisirscoquins.fr Says:

    Congratulations guys! Currently on my 3rd play through and am still finding new things!

  105. john Says:

    congratulationss guys…
    check here also..

  106. Gametron Says:

    Congratulations Phill. You’re game is awesome and you’re a truly an inspiration for guys like me who are still “in the snake pit” working insanely for getting their games finished and played by everyone …

    Gratz again… please forgive my very bad english.

  107. Matt Grossman Says:

    What you have made makes me wish I designed games. You have created something very special, and should be truly proud of your work.

  108. M0ses Says:

    Didn’t know a word about fez until 5 mins ago that I finished watching that Indie movie, what a story man, wow.

    Congrats on the numbers and for being an example of gettings things done!

  109. garret Says:


    decent i guess, but not much compared to the sales of multi-platform/ pc releases for successful indie games

    i guess it isnt bad for a console game. nice job

  110. Agustin Tognola Says:

    Congratulations, This game is amazing!! we need to pc!

  111. TrueGamer Says:

    Congratulations, I just bought the game yesterday and it looks awesome, it’s a well made game. I just like to sit down and relax while I play this masterpiece.
    Can’t wait to hear about the next project annoucement, and we hope that it will take less time in development than FEZ.

  112. link Says:

    hands down one of the top 3 games I’ve ever played. feels like I’m going back to when I first played video games and rediscovering my love for them. from the music to the puzzles, the hidden stuff and the concept, AMAZING GAME!!! funny thing is I heard about this game through the Indie Game documentary and wanted to know if it had been released yet. all the time and effort you put into this game, as evidenced by the documentary, can certainly be seen and felt as I continue to immerse myself in the world of Fez. now I just need some sick iPhone 5 Fez Wallpapers :)

  113. bleh Says:

    PC release now plz I have no other platform to play on :(

  114. THE FEZINATER Says:


  115. adam Says:

    I’m disapointed this sold so well. People never do their research on who makes games. This man, Phil, who created this is not a nice or good person. I would never support some prick like that.

    Good job Phil, you made your money off all the dumb kiddies, who will never appreciate your game.

    You would have sold much more had you declined to participate in Indie Gamer the Movie. You came off as an autistic asshole.

    Fuck yourself kindly, enjoy the money!

  116. Jake Says:

    I agree Adam.

    Phil Fish is a fucking douchebag and I would never support him.

  117. Karol Says:

    congratulations :)

  118. Vinicius Neves da Silva Says:

    this is a big offense to Fish, I have nothing against him, but tell him to fuck after a long time in the development of the FEZ, for me it is inconsiderate to his work, like that of Edward McMullin in Super Meat Boy (in film Indie game: the Movie), like I said, I have nothing against Fish, but at least respect the work of a creator, whether liked or not expensive, because it is easy to invent a game, it s hard to do it the whole world to play.

  119. Vinicius Neves da Silva Says:

    Just tell Phil, where you launch the PC version of FEZ?

  120. LLoyd Says:

    You will make 1M on Steam…

  121. Martín Estrada Says:

    I’m glad to know that your game was successful! Cheers from México :) I saw all the problems that you had making the game (Indie Game: The Movie) and I’m happy for you :D

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