The PC version of FEZ is out today!

You can buy it on STEAM or GOG.COM for 9.99$

Or, you can buy it from our own humble store widget, which nets us a larger cut of the profits!

Tell your friends!

P.S. should you have problems running the game, head to this support page to get help!

75 Responses to “FEZ PC OUT NOW!”

  1. Harest Says:

    \ o /

  2. colorage Says:

    downloading ^___^

  3. Hans Says:

    and now we wait, for tha mac!

  4. Luke Jones Says:


    PS3 / Mac? <3

  5. Fred Says:

    It would be great if our Xbox purchase was transferable to PC :P

  6. James Says:

    The flashing computer needs a Spreadsheet on it :)

    Congrats though and thanks for the hard work.

  7. Aidan Says:

    Downloaded, recorded and ready to upload to YouTube on Saturday!

  8. Chris Says:

    \O/ ^^^^^^^
    | | ^^^^^^^

    Please tell me it works with Steam for Mac…
    If not I’ll just boot up a Windows partition!

  9. Glober Says:

    Awesome, when will the mac version be available?

  10. Duglink Says:

    Yeaaaaaaa! I’ve been waiting a long time for this, i can finally play Fez and manage all my spreadsheets at the same time!

  11. Eldin Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I bought the game, and it keeps crashing on launch, any reason why this is happening?

    It keeps saying “FezGame has stopped working”, and that’s pretty much it.

    I have it on Steam. I’m currently downloading a pirated copy from piratebay to see if it’s the computer’s problem, would really appreciate the help as I’m a fan of collecting Steam Achievements.

    Thanks for your time Phil!

  12. @Eldin Says:

    I had that problem with a dell laptop. It seems that the graphic drivers(intel hd 3000) provided by dell did not have opengl support. Installing the drivers from the intel website seem to fix the problem!

  13. Kitsyfluff Says:

    too bad it doesn’t have a mac version yet. But at least windows 7 still runs on my macbook, lol can’t wait to finally play this.

  14. thorkos Says:

    First thing I am doing once I get off work is cracking a beer. The SECOND thing is spending the next several hours playing your game until I pass out.

  15. coolernow123 Says:

    gotta love that pixel art…

  16. Rodrigo Tello Says:

    @Eldin I think there’s a link the getsatisfaction.com/polytron there are many problems being resolved there.

    Hope it helps.

  17. Shin Says:

    So when are you sending out the free Steam codes for people unable to finish the Xbox version due to repeated system-crashing bugs? Or do I have to pirate it like a bastard?

  18. raindog469 Says:

    I bought the GOG version and was able to install and play it under Linux using Wine. I have a pretty old computer with Intel integrated video, but I still get like 20 fps. I didn’t go as far as actually getting the fez, though.

    No guarantees… just saying. I’ll still be paying for native Linux, Android and probably Ouya versions whenever they appear.

  19. Luke Says:

    Yay been waiting for this since i saw indie game movie, only problem is that i have intel processor hope you can fix soon! :)

  20. Tip Says:

    Just a tip: On Windows 7, I had to “run as Administrator”. When I didn’t, the game did not attempt to run.

  21. Kit Scuzz Says:

    Wooooo! Patience paid off! $10 in your pocket sir :)

    I love that humble bundle is becoming a thing.

  22. Fug Says:

    The game crashes when I try to launch it normally in Windows 7. Using “run as administrator” it will launch, but I’ll only get what looks like the upper left quarter of the screen. It’s sort of like it’s switching my computer to a lower resolution (the menu bar gets bigger for a second on launch), but then plays at a resolution too large to fit on the screen. This happens regardless of what resolution I set my screen to before launching.

  23. Aviv Liberman Says:

    In one of the puzzles you need to replace the barcode from LT RT to right and left. for the creator..

  24. Nicholas Nyarach Says:

    Got Fez, There is a game breaking bug. I cannot get the Water Fountain door to OPEN! its impossible. I checked and confirmed from many sources is the code i put in should work but it does not. I have no idea what the problem is but the code does not work hindering thus my progress in that areas that require water to be lowered. I finished the game and started new game plus and i still have the same problem

  25. Arthur Says:

    Well done. Now, mac ? ( ̄(エ) ̄)

  26. MikuHatsune Says:



  27. Noel Says:

    Phil, this game is amazing. Thank you.

  28. Kit Scuzz Says:

    …Really MikuHatsune? That’s beyond a dick move. Don’t post pirating links on the creator’s website.

    Pay for the goddamned game if you want it. Or if you’re going to pirate it, don’t go advertising that you’re sharing it. Or at least have the decency to not flaunt it in Fish’s face. The man spent years of his life making the product, and you’re basically saying “fuck you!”

    You’re also making the PC gaming market for non-DRM’d games look like exactly what publishers think it’s like: full of assholes who refuse to pay for games. I like having DRM-free games available for download. I like it when creators treat me like I’m not a thief when I legitimately pay for games. When you go around telling people: “HEY THIS GAME IS REALLY EASY TO STEAL! COME ON! STEAL IT WITH ME!” It makes the people who put their faith in me think that it was a bad idea.

  29. Taco Says:

    … Really Kit Scuzz, Phil fucked Xbox users by not submitting a patch for the game-breaking bug HE created. “Microsoft charges too much blah blah blah”. He signed the f’n contract.

    I’ll be playing Fez on PC, from the link PiratesBay link provided. Phil owes me a copy anyway.

  30. Fabio Goto Says:

    Congrats, Phil! Purchased it yesterday through the Humble Store.

    Although there were those “issues” in the Xbox version, it was a really nice experience to play, to find everything and to decode the language on the 360. I’m sure it will be fun to do it again on the PC.


  31. MikuHatsune Says:

    @Kit Scuzz
    Considering how broken and overhyped this turd of a game is I’m doing most people a favor.

    As some hippie once said:
    “Eat a dick. Choke on it.”

  32. coolernow123 Says:

    Well, just found out my computer can’t run FEZ. Fuck.

  33. Kit Scuzz Says:

    @Taco I hadn’t heard about him refusing to patch the game, and posting links pointing out how much you don’t like Phil and that you shouldn’t buy his game would have been appropriate in my mind, as would Phil moderating the links out of existence (it’s his page, he can block who he wants to). Really though, if you paid for the game you have every right to complain. If you pirate it? Whatever, I guess I would prefer that people didn’t shove piracy in the creator’s faces, though I know Phil has made a lot more people angry than most creators through his comments.

    @MikuHatsune Sure! Whatever, you think the game sucks, great. Why are you playing it? If you think the game isn’t worth your time, why are you advertising to people how to get it? If you don’t like the game and you want to tell people to eat dicks, go for it! Have fun! Go organize campaigns on reddit, metacritic, whatever to bury this game in a wave of negative press to make people realize that it’s a crappy game. But not pirating it in their faces. That gives ammo to those people who say “the PC gamers want these types of games but aren’t willing to pay for them! We’ll just make everything console or DRM’d out the wazoo.” Not playing and not buying the game makes a much stronger statement than not buying the game and playing it through piracy.

    Like it or not, self-entitled people like you who “deserve to play the game for free because it’s shit” are a part of the problem. And pirating everything is not the solution, because it leads to perceived demand which was unsold. And no, this argument is normally not applied to games like this because it’s not part of the generic, bland EA-style games. My point is that the problems generated by people pirating those bland AAA games are reinforced when people do the same thing throughout the PC gaming industry.

    Aaaaaand with that I should probably stop feeding the trolls.

    To everyone out there who’s actually read through this much of my comment: holy hell, nice attention span! And I hope that made sense.

  34. sigh. Says:

    People do realize that submitting a patch on Xbox costs a lot, considering Microsoft also gets part of the profit they make they probably would go broke if they released multiple patches.(Just what I got from the misconceptions I read in taco’s comment)

    Most of you assholes are too afraid to accept that an indie developer refuses to give you the support of a huge game publishing giant because he can’t.

  35. sigh. Says:

    @kit Yea read that, I have no clue why I’m reading all these comments I’m kind of bored.

    I don’t care who you are nobody is allowed to hate on an indie developer.

    Indie developers should be the most respected game developers in the industry simply because creating a game isn’t just their job, it is their passion and it is a huge part of their life.

  36. Kit Scuzz Says:

    @sigh. Eh, I’m not sure I would go that far. I have massive respect for people who can ship experiences like Fez, but I don’t think that means you can give any and all indie developers a pass. That would be unfair, because some indie devs don’t deserve a pass. That being said, I pointed out earlier that I hadn’t even heard of the refusal to patch gamebreakers on XBox due to costs, so I can’t make claims either way.

    And as unfortunate as it sounds, when you get up beyond 100,000 people, it does turn in to a matter of percentages. How many people were actually affected? 10? 1,000? 10,000? If you’re delivering above a polished-looking experience to 95% of your audience in the indie sphere, considering the resources you’re probably working with that’s pretty impressive. Especially for a game as complex as Fez. It doesn’t make it suck any less for that 5%, but I don’t think that you can really deliver a perfectly polished experience for everyone without the kind of resources that a major publisher brings. Even then, the big publishers get it wrong from time to time!

  37. MacUser Says:

    Really Love this game, Can’t wait to play it on my Mac. Coming soon?

  38. CyberSkull Says:

    I loved it on Xbox 360. If you come out with a Mac version I will buy it immediately! :D

  39. Necrololicon Says:

    >macfags all over this shit

    Mac users confirmed for retarded hippies.
    Thank yo, internet.

  40. Beelzeboy Says:

    The game is awesome!! Is one of the indie games that makes me want to do my own indie game:


    Excellent job!

  41. stmalone Says:

    Hi! I want to buy Fez for Windows on Steam or “humble store widget” and now it’s a PC version only. I own a Macbook Pro too, and it would be great if I can play also on it as soon as it’ll be available for OS X. Will I be able to download mac version without extra charge when it’ll be done?

  42. Sa1va Says:

    Hey Phil. First, sorry for bad English.
    This game is fucking awesome!!! FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE AWESOME! It just pulled shit out of my ass!
    Me and my 3 friends are working as an indie game company in Iran. Now it’s almost five damn years since the beginning of development of our first game.
    I just watched that damn indie game movie last night and I’m so fucking inspired now.
    I just loved the way you passed those shitty years. You just fucked the army of assholes and now you’re the winner.
    FEZ is an unreachable game and you’re so fucking genius.
    Congrats bro. Wish you luck and more happier days.
    Excellent job!

  43. Quade321 Says:

    Awesome, been waiting for this game ever since it came out (I’ve been lacking a 360). I hope sales do amazing in Steam and IF you have plans to port to other operating systems, that they go well. But I think everyone is extremely content with a Windows version. Rock on, Polytron.

  44. gamer78 Says:

    Wow, reading through these comments it’s obvious that most of you are dumb as dogsh$t. First of all, it doesn’t matter if polytron is indie or not, they have no business selling or releasing games that do not function properly out of the box. PERIOD! Were your parents retarded or just plain stupid?

    I don’t know Phil, I think his heart is in the right place, but he needs help developing games. Seeing that the Steam version has major bugs as well only proves this point. I bought this day one on XBLA and it crashed and wouldn’t work until the patch. That’s not a good business model as it’s all about making money kiddies, even with indie developers. If you think otherwise you’re an idiot.

    Maybe if some of you paid with your own money instead of your parents money, you’d be upset about that too and not defending a company that releases buggy games. Don’t worry in 10 years you’ll know what’s it’s like to buy things with your own money and not appreciate wasting it on something that doesn’t work right. Who am I kidding most of you won’t ever leave your parents basements…:)

    The bottom line is if you are unable to deliver on your game then it’s your fault. Not Microsoft’s, not Steam and certainly not the people who paid for this game. Fez could have been a million plus seller instead of a major disappointment.

    I don’t know who you pissed off Phil, but karma is not with you. Maybe you should have respected your contract with Microsoft and kept your mouth shut about the details. You know… act like a professional. Again I don’t know you, but from what I can tell about you, your rants, the indie game movie etc…I think you’re getting what you deserve here.

  45. Pearl Says:

    Thank you Phil! I am very happy! :D

  46. Simt33 Says:


    I have never posted on any comments thread like this before, but I felt compelled to reply to your outrageous tyrade of abuse, as I really think you need to realise how it makes you look. Firstly, having an opinion does not give you the right to insult complete strangers by suggesting that their parents might be ‘retarded’. Ever. I am an older gamer with professional experince of dealing with younger people as I am a school teacher and I need to tell you how wrong that is. Perhaps your not even a younger member of the gaming community, but the way in which you have expressed your views puts me in mind of someone with serious teenage angst and under-developed arguing skills and rational thought processes, so if not then it’s all the more sad. I too have views about the industry which Aren’t always positive, but that doesn’t give me the right to insult perfect strangers and their beliefs. My advice is not to post again on this or hopefully any other forum until you have learnt to put your thoughts across in a less obnoxious way without insulting and abusing the rest of the gaming community. We are not sounding posts for your angst, we are intelligent and valid human beings just like you, so don’t treat us like idiots. We’ll hopefully hear from you soon gamer78, but hopefully when you can be a bit more civil.

    And as for my two cents, whatever my thoughts on the industry, I love the game- it’s completely outstanding imo. Thanks Phil, and congrats on all that you’ve achieved.

  47. J3RK Says:

    Beautiful game!!! FEZ is incredible, and evokes memories of late childhood nights on my C64. It drips with atmosphere, the pacing is perfect. Nice work! Definitely worth the wait. Would love an Android version. ;)

    Anyone refusing to pay $9 for something this cool… Well… Sucks to you…

  48. Alex Ensink Says:

    Hey man, dont let it get you down, I have been playing your game for a week now and am really enjoying it, nice hard puzzles that have bought the internet to its knees, its innovation at its best, keep doing what you are doing and fuck everybody else, dont forget for everybody who thinks you are an asshole, there is someone who thinks you are an anti asshole (see what I did there?!), anyways just to verify can that damn monolith puzzle be solved?, or was the bruteforce method the ticket, im still trying and will keep doing so untill I figure it out, even if I go mad in the process!, thanks again Phil

    A Friend

  49. Carb0n13 Says:

    So excited that this finally got a pc port :).

    @gamer78 Stay classy, breh.

  50. broli Says:

    not enough platform action. there’s only one tricky level (red sewers). otherwise every platform-based level is way too easy. dying doesn’t punish, that sucks.

    and appart from the monolith and the security code (which are so hard I had to look for solutions online) the puzzles & riddles are way too easy & redundant (except a few nice ones).

    & despite the fact the world map is huge you visit all levels and solve most puzzles very quickly.

    I’m kinda disapointed. so much hype around this game. too bad, the main concept is just awesome.

    my advice for your next one : at least put some tricky platform levels with more traps, spikes or whatever. (I guess you won’t put enemies you seem to be pacisfists).

    btw you should release an editor one day (maybe it’s too soon…).

  51. Jonni Says:

    I have Fez on my Xbox 360! It’s the best game I have after the Minecraft.

  52. NotMaybeGay Says:

    Hey Jonni: Are you like five year old??? Just kidding… FEZ ROCKS!!! Minecraft is better…

  53. n Says:

    Phil. Thank you for creating something truly magical.


  54. chris (poke-team corp.) Says:

    Hey guys I’m a huge fan. I’m a game developer to. I’m 13. I been doing code for about a year your graphics inspire me! In saw you on a documentary once…. But anyways I’m making a 3D 8bit shooter called Aspice legacy it’s half 8bit half cartoon graphics . Here’s my email: chriszer0@yahoo.com . I would love to hear from you! I can send you screenshots of my game and the executive of the game
    (BETA TEST) . please reply it would be a dream come true to hear from a real game developer

  55. Raphael Says:

    Awesome french song on FEZ

  56. puremantra Says:

    this game rocks. i love games like this. i saw this game on “Indie Game-The Movie.” and i just had to have it. it is a wonderful adventure. thank you sir Fish. you created a wonderful world to travel in.

  57. kink Says:


    Thanks for this wonderful game. I love how it works and looks it’s so AWESOME!. It’s my new happy place :).



  58. record Says:

    please help me!

    “fez has stop working” in loading progress

  59. fs Says:

    Will you please test this game on a Mac, with Windows 7 running under VMWare fusion, and try to make adjustments to avoid 100% CPU utilisation.

    The combination of a Mac + VMWare Fusion + Windows 7 VM works just fine for many games, but in this case, I found that FEZ instantly runs to 100% CPU utilisation and stays there, even when just at the very initial menu screen.

    The effect is that quite rapidly, the machine heats up, and the fans end up running at max speed, even before actually playing the game.

    This basically makes the game unplayable – too hot to leave laptop on lap (or indeed leave hands on machine for very long), and too noisy to hear the sound effects/ music.

    Please try to find a fix to replace the “busy wait/ spin” that is likely the cause of this, and find a friendlier API that allows for better power/ CPU utilisation.


  60. Juju Says:

    Someone help me, please!
    The game just doesn’t start!
    My debug Log says
    21:42:26.650) [OpenAL] 32-bit OpenAL-Soft will be used
    (21:42:26.760) [OpenAL] Available mono sources : 255
    (21:42:27.230) [Version] INFORMATION : 1.0, Build Date : 29/04/2013 22:17
    (21:42:27.356) [MonoGame] INFORMATION : OpenGL version 3.0.0 – Build
    (21:42:28.703) [Intro] INFORMATION : First draw done!

  61. Julian Says:

    This game is amazing ^-° good Job!

    - From Anonymous!

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

  62. nolan Says:

    can you help me make a indie game?by the way im only 9 years old

  63. Carlo Says:

    This game is totally broken. I would suggest holding off on a purchase until it gets patched up. I’m on Windows 8 and it’s unplayable. The game constantly crashes and worse, last night it auto-saved just before a crash. Now when I try to resume progress the game just immediately crashes. Really wanted to like this game but I can’t even play it. Now I’m out ten bucks for a game that just doesn’t work.

  64. david Says:

    The best game of the world DOESN T WORK !!!
    Thanks Polytron to have stolen me 10 dollars !

  65. Alex White Says:

    Hello Phil,
    I was wondering if FEZ will be released on the Vita?
    Also I love your game!

  66. Dangermonger Says:

    What a FINE game! Enjoyed every fucking second of it. For those of you who begrudge spending 10 dollars on a gem like this, well, perhaps you’d be better off spending your money on twinkies and curly fries and producing, at best, a poorly digested shit.

  67. Gustavo Says:

    For God’s Sake Phil, there will be a Mac version?

  68. paul Says:

    Does anyone have a link to the humble bundle torrent?

  69. Alix Says:

    I’ll post again, even though it will be lost in this mess.

    Phil Fish has said things he shouldn’t have (e.g. kill yourself etc.) because he was exasperated. I have been confronted with such “troll” behaviour on my own website in the past, nearly lost my mind over it, and had to distance myself from all public forums.

    The reason? Well, simply have a look at one example on this website. Click on the “news” link at the top, then on the “Fez PC out now “article. Scroll down a little bit, and look for a post by gamer78, posted May 7th, 2013 at 12:51. Read it. It encompasses everything that is wrong with internet behaviour today.

    The guy could actually have made very valid points, and started a civilised conversation. Should a game be released with bugs? Of course not, but it’s a complicated, widespread issue in the industry, and a problem that doesn’t just affect small developers (see Sim City debacle). Does it justify piracy? Of course not, nothing does… but forget the debate. Forget the pros and cons. Forget the discussion. It was nulled, made impossible by the condescending, abusive and immature tone of the post. This kind of behaviour is absolutely infuriating. I don’t know this person, he might be reasonable in real life. But he cannot communicate efficiently on the internet, and frankly, I am angry at him, and I want to insult him, punch him in the face even. And then I would calm down and regret it. And there you have it.

    And there is no point responding to it (although Simt33 has a good go just below!), it will only escalate.

    Now I know this is just one tinny example, but I think it illustrates the problem quite well. Phil, don’t even try to battle with this kind of behaviour. Just do your thing, create great games, and reduce pubic interactions. There are many talents in this industry, some of which are very public, some of which you never hear or see, and they like it that way. Why not be one of those? The little I know of you (via the film, and via your game if that makes sense) I honestly don’t think you’ll enjoy not being part of this industry. If your relation with it is broken, well it’s just like a marriage, you don’t run away, you fix it. You fix what it wrong with it.

    You have my email if you want to chat more.


  70. Anon Says:

    Pirated your shitty game, and helped distribute it to others who were going to buy it. Fuck you.

    FEZ II is cancelled.
    i am done.
    i am a fag.
    i take the money and i run.
    all the cum in my throat..
    this is as much as i can stomach.
    this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign.
    my ass is sore as fuck y’all
    you win.

  71. Anon Says:

    Pirated your shitty game, and helped distribute it to others who were going to buy it. Fuck you. <3

    FEZ II is cancelled.
    i am done.
    i am a fag.
    i take the money and i run.
    all the cum in my throat..
    this is as much as i can stomach.
    this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign.
    my ass is sore as fuck y’all
    you win.

  72. jelly Says:


    Just kill yourself.

  73. ahdok Says:

    Dear Phil.

    Thank you so much for Fez. I have not played a game IN YEARS that gave me such joy and happiness as yours did. It’s not just beautiful, it’s wonderful too.

    Looking around the internet, there’s a lot of haters. Screw ‘em – you did something wonderful, and you made people happy.

    So thank you.

  74. Sue Says:

    Hurray! \(^____^)/

  75. fs Says:

    Since there is now appears to be a native OS X version, please dis-regard my request above of “June 21st, 2013 at 15:50″ to test under virtualisation. Thanks.

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