It’s been a long time coming, but today FEZ is finally coming to PlayStation! Thanks to the hard work by our friends over at BlitWorks, you can now cross-buy and cross-save on every PlayStation platform!

We’re very excited for the game to find a new audience on Sony’s machines, and for you to enjoy the world we built.

34 Responses to “FEZ OUT NOW ON PSN”

  1. Renaud Says:

    If you’re having issues finding the game on the store right now, it’s because the game actually goes online at 2pm Pacific Time. ^_^

  2. Chris Wulf Says:

    Is it true that the game will be released in Europe tomorrow and not today?
    Really looking forward! Loved the game on PC and now on all Sony Systems *_*

  3. Jared Sartin Says:

    I am so excited. I have not done a full play through yet – been wanting to do so on my Vita.


  4. Débora Says:

    Awesome! I played on the PC and now I can play on my PlayStation too. Thank you guys. I can’t wait to get home and download the game!

  5. domrael_psvita Says:

    Today is going to a good day!

  6. Inspectigator Says:

    Also, nicely done video. As simple as it was, it was neat to watch. : )

  7. Marcus Says:

    Just got Fez for the PS4 and it is .. amazing !

    Only thing is, I thought the game was 3DTV-enabled ( as mentioned here : http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/03/03/fez-turns-heads-on-ps4-ps3-vita-march-25th/ – “Funny story: to test the new 3DTV support, we spent a weekend running around computer shops to find a monitor that sports an integrated emitter.”).

    It now seems that it isn’t :-( .

    Has 3DTV functionality been disabled in the final PS4 release build ?

  8. Renaud Says:

    Just like the others versions of FEZ, you need to work for your stereoscopy! It’s an New Game++ easter egg, not a feature you can toggle from the get-go.

  9. MSD Says:

    What day will this be available in Australia?

  10. AciDRaiN Says:

    HI there,

    When will the game be on PSN in South Africa?

  11. Charles Says:

    I’ve never played Fez before until today on my PS4 (for only 15 minutes), but this is so damn cool and fun. Can’t wait to play more! I hope Polytron makes more games.

  12. BennyBoy Says:

    When will this game be available outside of North America? If you have Australian/European release dates then why haven’t they been disclosed? Such a massive oversight!

  13. xqterry Says:

    I really want to play FEZ on my PSVita, but with my Japan PSN store account I could not buy, it is so sad.
    Please make it be available in all region PSN store, it is such a great game should be played by everyone loves it no matter what devices he has or where he lives.

  14. Janderson Says:

    One of the best games I ever played.
    Congrats to all Polytron crew!

  15. Andrew Pennebaker Says:

    Love Fez, love multiplatform support! Keep it up, Polytron!

  16. Joe Says:

    First time playing on the Playstion and it’s an amazing game! Keep up the good work Phil! Do what you do! Haters are going to hate! I want FEZ 2!!

  17. AciDRaiN Says:

    Where is FEZ for South African PSN, I’M DIEING HERE!!!! BLOOD AND ALL!!!! COME ON YOU SAID 26th!!!! ITS TIME TO DELIVER ;)

  18. Zottinor Says:

    I saw at Indi Game documentary the efforts and challenge to develop this game. now I will try at PS4. Thank you everyone for this nice experience at this game. Thank you Phil

  19. AciDRaiN Says:

    It’s still not out in South Africa … :(

  20. AciDRaiN Says:

    Its Finally here!!!! Still not in the search on PSN but I found it :D

  21. FattyMo Says:

    “Just like the others versions of FEZ, you need to work for your stereoscopy! It’s an New Game++ easter egg, not a feature you can toggle from the get-go.”

    You pimped the feature to the media (along with lightbar support), but didn’t mention that you couldn’t play with it in 3D mode immediately. You’re making some of us who have already beat the game on PC and/or Xbox replay though it 2 more times to enable the feature, then another round to ‘enjoy’ it in 3D.

    How many people are really going to ever see this, 1-2% that beat the game twice and have 3D enabled TVs?

    It’s a feature, not an easter egg. And it sucks. Not because I’ve bought the game for a third time. (Actually 4th if you want to count extra copy from Humble.) But I’m pissed because someone made a stupid decision because 3D mode is a completely different beast/experience than the red/blue version in previous games. There better be a secret code or an update that enables it. Or I will not like you very much. And that should make you sad.

  22. Evan May Says:

    Found a glitch were i completed the Green Zone windmill stage but it says i haven’t completed the level but it still gives credit that i completed the entire green zone. Really want to fix the bug that the wold map isn’t rendering plz help asap

  23. Evan May Says:

    actually that was a glitch just switched over to another save game then switched back to my current one and it fixed thanks anyway

  24. T.J. Marinelli Says:

    I would like to say THANK YOU!!! Phil. This game is so much fun! I love it :)

  25. fezfan Says:

    I know this game was envisioned as a couch/tv experience, but I have to say I’m getting a lot of enjoyment from it on the vita.

    I originally played it on my laptop with a controller, which was a good experience (it’s an amazing game, so any way you play it will be good). Then when it came to PS I tried it on my led tv, which was even better, but then when I tried it out on the vita I noticed that the personal nature of a handheld console greatly benefits this game (a very personal game). Its also a game, I feel, you can pick up and play at anytime to zone out, even if you’ve beaten it before. Just exploring the beautiful world, taking in the sights and sounds. Maybe even uncover a new secret along the way :)

    It’s also cool that I can take screen shots, and flip the vita in different directions to help with secrets. Only issue so far is the lack of rumble on vita, which means a few secrets had to be accomplished by lesser means.

    Also, definitely recommend headphones if you’re playing on vita. The work done by disasterpeace is second to none and warrants going out of your way to experience it as best as you can

    Anyway, thank you for this amazing experience Phil/Renaud. To Phil: If you ever make another game (or anything, for that matter) you have my support. I will gladly throw done money for anything you make, as I feel you hold a unique vision as an artist. Hopefully you make another game, as I feel you understand how to create compelling worlds worth exploring, and memorable experiences that can bring people together. These are the reasons Fez stands out and is (imo) one of the best games ever :)

  26. YimSiphny Says:

    Hi Polytron people, just wanted to add my name to the list of supporters for Fez; It’s a wonderful game and runs like a dream on PlayStation. I never got the ‘Phil Fish hate’ (completely passed me by) but I’d like to say that if Phil and Renaud make something else (Fez 2? Please?) I’ll welcome it with open, loving, pixelly arms. Thanks, folks!

  27. Sergey Says:

    Big thanks guys! Buyed, downloaded and finished game today on my ps4, it’s ultimate game and awesome experience with only one sad moment – no russian version! Why? It’s easy to make – may be it’s some principes like tribute to stanley kubrick? :)

  28. Fezfan Says:

    Excellent game, thanks for PlayStation port!

  29. Belmondo Says:

    There is a bug on the ps vita version in the crying waterfall level. If you open the glowing door(at night) first before parting the waterfall. you can never part the waterfall to lower the water level. please fix this bug.

  30. ruddyadam Says:

    Phil, so much respect for what you did in FEZ. One of the most enjoyable and mind-blowing puzzle games I have ever played. Some of those puzzles are just SICK! So awesome! Please consider restarting FEZ II!

  31. Dom Says:

    @Renaud: Don’t you think it is finally time to reveal the last secrets of FEZ? What’s left to be done after heart-reset? Etc.

    Thanks again for this amazing game! After it’s PS4 launch we finished it again; cooperative, which was amazing :)

  32. djridu Says:

    This is by far the best game I’ve played this year. Was playing all the well known titles on my PS3/ps4 but this game blew me away! I’m turning 40 but I’m glad that I can still be surprised like this. Fez has moved me, given me a lot of fun and great gaming moments. Thanks a lot for this. Wow!
    Greetings from Belgium!

  33. Jordan rich Says:

    To mr fish,
    Just watched indie game and played fez. Hope you got everything you struggled for. That game is one of the greatest ive ever played. Thank you for making it.

  34. bray4ever8 Says:

    I just picked this up for the PS4 and I have to say, great job on the port. It plays so much better then it did on the Xbox 360. I was reluctant to even buy it because of that… but I’m glad I did and I hope you all reconsider making a sequel.

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