Edit : IT’S OVER! Original post follows.

That’s right!

We’re super excited to announce we’re launching two new versions of FEZ for MAC and LINUX as part of the HUMBLE INDIE BUNDLE 9!

And We’re in GREAT company! Trine 2! Mark of The Ninja! Eeets Munchies! Brutal Legend! FTL! Plus soundtracks for selected games!

But there’s a catch! To get FEZ and FTL, you’ll have to beat the average! HAHAHA!

Oh and while we have your attention, POLYTRON would like to express it’s sincerest gratitude to Ethan Lee (@flibitijibibo), who basically came out of nowhere and made the two new ports happen like THAT. Thanks Ethan!


  1. FEZ on MAC !!!! Says:

    … (parti joué à Fez ^^)

    ps : Phil, j’espère encore que tu travail secrètement sur fez II ;)

  2. cakeface Says:

    Awesome! Gonna buy it right now!

  3. TJ Says:

    Just received the Humble email.

    I have been waiting for FEZ MAC for a long time. Thank you very much, I am so excited to be able to finally play! I’m supposed to go to sleep for work, but I’m going to play anyway =]

  4. coolernow123 Says:

    Thanks, Ethan Lee!

  5. Michael Ben Says:

    Anyone else experiencing pretty serious visual problems with the beginning of the game? Everything is greyed out (as in the screen is a single color–grey). Occasionally I get a second shade of grey, which helps me make out the features of the screen. Thought maybe it was intentional–I’d heard it’s a mess-with-you puzzle game, but after looking at a few youtube videos, I’m fairly certain I’m wrong about that.

    Any tips to fix the graphics, folks?

  6. Renaud Says:

    @Micheal, there’s a report on GetSatisfaction here : https://getsatisfaction.com/polytron/topics/humble_bundle_mac_osx_mountain_lion_bugs_everywhere
    Can you post your system specs on the thread please?

  7. nikola Says:

    My waitt for FEZ on Mac is over. Thank You Phil and Ethan!

  8. Afonso Says:

    The Mac version is crashing for me. Is that happening to anyone else?

  9. hiram Says:

    Buying this for all my mac wielding friends right away!!

  10. Jdeb9 Says:

    Haha already bought Fez, played it on my pc, used it on a Virtual Machine on my mac and I’m still going to buy this f*cking awesome bundle

  11. Workshop2 Says:

    When is Fez II coming out? :P

  12. Larry Says:

    I will pass on this one – waiting for the release on PS3 even if it means I pay more, i really want to try this game on console.

  13. Ben Says:

    Oui!! FEZ pour le Mac
    Merci beaucoup Phil!

  14. Thomas Says:

    This bundle is awesome, but since Fez is such a fantastic game, I think it deserves more…

  15. Kuroneko Says:

    This is a good opportunity to not pay the developer of Fez.

  16. CyberSkull Says:

    Picked it up this morning! :D

  17. akemrir Says:

    I have picked up right now! Awesome :)
    Works very well on archlinux :)

  18. davisr Says:

    Does Fez for Mac have bluetooth PS3 controller support?

  19. Pajolero Says:

    I need as many copies of this brilliance as I can get!

  20. Scott Says:

    Phil! I moded my mac so I could play PC fez. I really really loved your game! it picked me up when I needed it the most. So freakin happy this is coming out on mac. PLEASE MAKE FEZ II!

  21. Lumpsucker Says:

    Well, I bought the indie bundle, and even though I already played and cleared Fez on the Xbox, I thought’d I give it another go on my laptop. And boy, was it great. Great to immerse myself once again in Gomez’s enchanting little universe. It really saddens me this won’t be getting a sequel, especially given all the things that went unexplained and various bits of lore alluded to. Who were the tentacled alien visitors – descendants of the white humanoid creatures perhaps? What of the time gates and their collapse? And not to mention the possibility of further expanding on the game’s perspective based mechanic. On the off chance that Phil sees this, I say this directly to him; it would be wonderful for Fez II to be completed. Even if it requires little to no interaction with the media during development, away from the scathing eyes of the band-wagon haters. It’s release would be received with great gratitude by the thousands of fans such of myself who appreciate truly great games. Here’s to hoping Phil’s love for game development will at some point overcome the hate.

  22. Amit Says:

    Perfect! I’ve been wanting to play Fez for a while now. Now that it is a part of the Humble Bundle I have no excuse not to buy it.

  23. Bogdan Gusiev Says:

    I am playing FEZ on xubuntu and game sometimes hangup my computer entirely. Probably happen once in an hour.
    There is no way to kill the game process.

    Keyboard and mouse do not respond
    Typical linux rescue keys lik ctrl+alt+f1 or ctrl+alt+backspace also dont work

    The only way is to restart this machine that is pretty sucky procedure.

    Can you advice how to debug? Where is the game log?

    Also I didn’t find a bugtracker where I can report it.

  24. Antonio Says:

    I almost collect all humble bundle since the beginning, this is the only humble bundle i choose to give 0% to developers…

  25. Jorge Says:

    Great dude!
    Finally Fez for linuz :D,
    I’ve bought my license on Steam and I’m playing on eOs

  26. Michel Says:

    Bugs & problems:


  27. Stephen Baker Says:

    Just played this for a couple hours on my Arch Linux box. Seems like a big and interesting game.

    Seriously people I know it’s cool to hate on Fish, but he deserves his due for creating beautiful art.

  28. Jdeb9 Says:

    Hmmm I already had Fez via Gog.com. I’ve bought the bundle, but how come Gog isn’t providing the mac or linux version?

  29. Chris R. Says:

    Awesome. Hopefully all these generous donations will convince you guys that Fez II would be a fun thing to uncancel.

    Stay strong Polytron!

  30. Kitsyfluff Says:

    I just started Recording my Fez Let’s Play with the mac version today, and I’m Experiencing a major visual bug where all the objects and areas are rendering in inproper areas, like doors being behind buildings, Houses and such are just black space and platforms are invisible other than little bits of grass that would have been on top of the platform. It’s making the game very hard to navigate, but is still playable to some extent, however puzzles are substantially harder with this bug. Not sure if it’s my Mac or the game currently

  31. Renaud Says:

    Hi all,

    Please refer to the official support page to report problems and find solutions for your issues : https://getsatisfaction.com/polytron

  32. Chris Says:

    Gawd I just bought it on steam like a few days before humble. Ah well worth every penny!

  33. Joe Says:

    I bought the bundle yesterday and spent probably six straight hours on fez. This game is absolutely incredible and I’m really bummed out that there will be no fez II. Please reconsider.

  34. Vladimyr Says:

    that’s the event i haven’t expected ever!
    my greetings! let’s beat the million :]
    (got linux version.
    i don’t need the loathsome windoze anymore \o/ )

  35. Lucas Vieira Says:

    Little question… I see that original Fez for Windows/Xbox was made using XNA. Did you guys use MonoGame or relied on other framework?

    Also bought the game on Steam some time ago. Played on Windows. Now downloading on Linux.

  36. Stephen Baker Says:

    @Lucas: Yes, it’s using MonoGame. (http://www.monogame.net/showcase/fez)

    Runs beautifully.

  37. Justin Says:

    Hey Polytron! I just wanted to say that FEZ is one of the most interesting games that I have played in a while. I am grateful for the amount of work and time put into this! I’ve never had to take notes in a game before FEZ! It was great basically learning a new language. Again, thank you guys for making this wonderful game.

    All the best,


  38. Dımtıs Says:

    ohh yes mac version! playing it with my ps3 controller on mac, and loving it!

  39. Vincent Says:

    Still TOO expensive. Won’t buy this “peace of software “!

  40. FEZ on MAC !!!! Says:

    Après plusieurs année d’attente, je viens de finir Fez (à 206%) et ce fut l’une des meilleures expérience de jeux vidéo que j’ai eu, je suis encore plus triste maintenant en pensant à l’annulation de Fez 2, mais je me console en me disant que je referais surement Fez plusieurs fois

    PS: je trouve la version Mac vraiment bonne mise à part le fait que les vibration ne fonctionnai pas

  41. seth Says:

    The soundtrack available with HIB9 is missing the hidden spectrogram images. Why?

  42. Charlie Canuck Says:


  43. stenosis Says:

    Thanks for this great game on linux (-:

  44. Hellje Says:

    Here’s to Renaud, for his awesome way of still supporting fez fans, to Phil, for creating this masterpiece before giving into the pressure he faced, to Ethan, for supporting fez in such a way.

    I don’t know what is Renaud doing next, or how long it’ll take Polytron to face their end, but I hope that there’s another project, slumbering somewhere inside of it.

    Neither we know what Phil is doing now. I can’t even see why he has such a bad name, he was totally human in the media and everywhere else. I think people are now used to a fakish way of pure kindness? I can’t tell, but if I’d be in Phil’s position, I’d have reacted exactly the same.

    Last but not least: whatever happens next, Renaud, take good care.

  45. Dennis P Says:

    It’s a rather interesting world we live in. Today artists can reach a world of millions all from the comfort of their own homes, and share their souls. The problem is that too many of the most vocal members of that community are not here to appreciate the art for what it is, but to tear down the artist. It seems rather tragic that this group of crazy, ill-mannered Visigoths was able to destroy the artist, and with it the lifetime of art he could wonder us with. Here’s for seeing the forest for the dicks.

  46. Nathan Says:

    Will there be bug fixes for the mac version of Fez? So many things just don’t appear on the screen. So far, Gomez appears in a black box that is his room. You can hop onto things and climb things, but they aren’t there. And the giant cube that appears and unveils 3D-ness to you towards the beginning of the game won’t appear either.

  47. James Says:

    Can you please replenish the yellow Polytron shirts in a large and medium on your website I would love to purchase one.

  48. DIRTY GOMEZ Says:

    Between your childish antics and the big stink over the shit Stephane pulled with regerds to his project, Garry’s Incident, I feel like gaming would be a lot better off without all you poutine poontang. Why the fuck are you still around after you were all, “I’m sick of being pushed around! I’m LEAVING! NYUH!” Is it that you’re a little whore who needs the attention? And to think I supported you during your big “Goodbye, cruel word” hissy fit. Amazing what a little publicity can do. Under the makeup, you’re still just a froggy whore, though.

  49. Melancorphine Says:

    J’espère que vous travaillez sur Fez 2 ! J’aimerai beaucoup qu’il sorte ! Dans tout les cas, MERCI beaucoup vous deux pour FEZ, ce jeu incroyable. Vous pouvez garder la tête haute.
    Sincères amitiées.

  50. ToiletSnakes Says:

    hey the widget is no longer applicable. just an fyi

  51. Alex Tomlinson Says:

    Downloaded it yesterday for my Mac and it’s been an absolute joy to play! Big thanks to everyone involved.

  52. Richard Mongler Says:

    Cave Story is better than the shit you make Fish.

  53. Clive At Five Says:

    “Petit Chapeau Deux.” Make it happen, cap’n.

  54. Endoperez Says:

    Your refer directly to the Humble Bundle time counter, which is now counting down the Warner Bros non-indie Bundle. You might want to change the URLs so that this post won’t display an outdated counter every time there’s a new Humble Bundle.

  55. WOLFran Says:

    How about a SEGA Dreamcast port!
    I’m certain you can get donations.

  56. peter orian thompson Says:

    i feel bad for you, you are my favorite developer around and i was hit in the face when you said fez 2 was cancled, i was one who didnt care about the gameplay but i said why, why is this in existance, why am i playing this, i play because i care about fellow indie’s and want to support them as much as i can. thank you for an amazing experiance and thank you for providing an escape to my reality and life. have a good day phil fish.

  57. Omar Says:

    Yes! Fez on Linux, it runs perfect!
    Thank you Polytron for such a beautiful game.

  58. david bandel Says:

    wait.. fez 2 isn’t back on? why was this post made? you are now irrelevant.

    no one cares about ports. fez 2 or get off the face of the planet.

  59. Dancr13 Says:


    first of all I just want to repeat that both of you are awesome, I recently saw “Indie Game the Movie” and… wow, at the beginning I couldn’t imagine the things you have passed through. I cried, I laughed, I was so involved with you, specially with Phil. Of course I’ll never feel the same, and I think you are very strong.

    Even when Phil says that people is so impatient and he gets really angry… I’m with him, cause people normally is so selfish and just dont care about other people nor your exhausting work.

    So, just that, I admire you and hope you continue this way, with your strong personality.

    Thanks for making FEZ a reality and more than a game.


  60. Art player Says:

    Your art is your art Fish. what ever what people tells or yells about it, your art will remain butifull and playfull. Bring the Fez II

  61. bobblehat Says:

    ive had your game on my xbox for a while. me and my partner both love it. you are a really good person and it shows in your work. Fez is the most nostalgic experience for me. It makes me feel as if there is a unbroken lineage of excellent gaming evident in every aspect. Fez has the magic that i always new a good game should have. keep going and fight for your ideas. they obviously have merit.

  62. nibelheim Says:

    If you ever decide to come back, I have a game I’d like to make with you.

  63. ProfNoxin Says:

    I loved Fez, I’ve since spread the love to many of my non xbox friends who have purchased on Steam. I’d love to play further in this universe and was sad to hear that this may not happen. I’d hate to see the Owls win.

  64. Fezs are cool Says:

    So good. Polytron, you created something amazing… the hype got out of control, which made people go crazy. Understandable breakdown, but we need you back!

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