It’s finally happening! FEZ is coming out on PlayStation platforms on March 25th! PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS VITA.  All of ‘em!

Not only that, but any version purchased gives you access to the other two. Complete with shared save files!

We’re all very excited for FEZ to reach a new, wider audience. We believe these are some of the best versions of the game so far. PS4 fans are in for a particularly smooth ride, while Vita owners get to enjoy the first portable version of the game!

But of course, none of this would have been possible without the help of our friends at Sony and BlitWorks, who did an amazing job.

We hope you enjoy the work that went into these 3 new versions of the game.


  1. Ben Says:

    Yay! Hope you have a successful launch :) can’t wait!!!

    What will pricing be / when will we know.

    Play station blog update coming?

  2. beth Says:

    Cannot explain how exciting this is! Can’t wait!

    Fez Vita. Mmmf good.

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  4. domrael_psvita Says:

    I’ll buy it day 1! and it’s cross buy! Thank you very much!!!

  5. Nicola Hayden Says:

    Is this for US and EU regions?

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  8. Sabahko Says:

    Toutes mes Félicitations guys!! J’attendais ce moment depuis beaucoup trop longtemps!! Je vais enfin pouvoir y jouer Niiiiiiiiiiice !!! Montreal Devs FTW !

  9. red Says:

    had this truly wonderful game on 360 when it first came out, but stopped playing due to save file bug (not sure if it was fixed)

    even then i thought this would be perfect for vita but cross play on all sony platforms is fantastic , cannot wait
    well done Polytron

  10. About Says:

    I bought FEZ for PC… Like 3 times (Steam at release, Humble Bundle 9 and Humble Bundle 11).
    I can’t wait to see how it works on my PS3.
    Good job everyone, I’ll be looking forward to the release date.

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  12. jdm79 Says:

    Great news!

    FEZ is my favourite game ever! Can’t wait to play it on the Vita.

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  14. Raúl Says:

    Hmmm… no love for PSP? I suppose isn’t up to snuff. Pity!

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  20. Andrew Pennebaker Says:

    Excellent! Love Fez, love cross-platform support in any game.

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  23. Renaud Says:

    Apologies to Blit, we linked the wrong website in the original posting! It’s BlitWorks, developers of the Spelunky PS Vita port and other great ones. :)


  24. Ryan Says:

    It looks like it’s time to directly purchase the game for a third time.

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  28. Me Says:

    And if theres a game breaking bug, will you be throwing a tantrum and saying its unfair and stomping off with everybody’s money and crying about how we should be grateful to experience your genius?

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  33. Sissel Says:

    Still wish Fez 2 wasn’t canned. :(

  34. GaMa Says:

    The game saving bug had nothing to do with the rage that ensued. This was due to the hefty price tag that comes with Title Updates, which leaves indie developers hopeless in fixing game breaking bugs. Microsoft was, and still is, a money hungry conglomerate, that will do anything to make its quota of $100k/month on XBox Live alone.

  35. Jason Says:

    I know your gonna work on fez 2 but i sometimes have my doubts, just remember this. Do it for the people that love playing your game.

  36. David S. Says:

    Been waiting for a long time to read this. Excellent news!

  37. Perplexus Says:

    Now I’m just waiting for more news on Fez II.
    Even if it means another confirmation on it’s cancellement, because boy I hope he makes it.

  38. socal71 Says:

    Too bad you did not get a company like Bitworks to do the XBLA version, it might not have had so many game crashing glitches and bugs.

  39. Andrey S Says:

    Good news, but i live in Ukrane/Russia and can’t find it in PSN, did your game have some region restrictions?

  40. Jack Grensleaves Says:

    I Hope FEZ 2 will be an exclusive title for PS4/vita showed on the E3.

    One man can dream…

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