May 2013 update :

For issues with the PC version, use this support page instead of posting here or emailing the fez support email, as it’s much easier to track. Thanks!

August 4th 2012 update :
There is one known crash with the patch : if you save in the “waterfall” level and exit and restart the game, it freezes.

The only workaround for this issue is to clear your system cache, the patch will be uninstalled, and your savefile will load correctly. Then after moving to another level and saving, you will be able to reapply the patch and continue your game.
As far as we know this problem only happens in the waterfall level. Should it happen somewhere else though, this workaround is still valid.

The patch is out now! Read the changelist here.

FEZ had more testing done in the past 24 hours by about TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE (!!) than it had in five years. So, as it happens, bugs popped up. Some pretty serious.

A small subset of older Xboxes with smaller hard drives can’t run the game at all. The game has trouble running off a USB stick. Crashes are occurring in specific levels or situations. In a rare situation (exiting the game from the “wall village” interiors), the save file becomes unusable. Nasty stuff.

We will be working internally and with Microsoft on those issues and let you know more later. It makes sense to issue a patch, but we don’t currently have an ETA on it.
If you have a game-breaking problem, let us know Since the patch is released now, we’re not looking for more bug reports. Thanks!

Sorry, and thanks for understanding!
And we’re thrilled to see that the vast majority of you are enjoying the game as it was meant to be.


259 Responses to “FEZ ISSUES?”

  1. OP Says:

    Big problem I found. The game is not on PC or PSN. This bug needs to be fixed asap.

  2. Lc Says:

    At the beginning during the opening scene and at the end of the game my xbox appears to reboot and I can see the bootup sequence and processor speed. I tried to press DEL to get into the bios to overclock the cpu but it did not let me either.

  3. Gene Says:

    My 4-year-old daughter and I have been enchanted, bravo! One crash thus far with 15 cubes collected. No worries I expect that from XBLA on launch day– that’s why I usually wait to buy but just couldn’t hold off on this one and I’m glad I didn’t!

  4. Zeppelin Says:

    Having two artefacts (upper left and upper right) and then selecting and pressing A on the bottom left one (this being empty) will crash my game and throw me back to the dash. I’ve tried it 3 times, crashed every time.

  5. Dende Says:

    Hello ! I met 2 crashes while playing :
    In the music synched level, after entering the first door, went to the new level but it instantly froze and rebooted.
    I don’t remember when the other one happened but there was a reboot too.
    I also had to reboot myself because of an infinite loop since I died by falling (or was it water ?) and in a black hole at the same time. Infinite death LOL.
    The game is really great I’m currently at 153% and pausing because my head is aching >_<
    I'm not sure about the QR code things, my smartphone handles it, my boyfriend's doesn't not sure people without a smartphone will appreciate.
    There is also that psychedelic level, my brain hated it and I had to tell my epileptic boyfriend to look an other way :D
    Sabrina, France

  6. anon Says:

    A crash you might not otherwise catch: Graveyard screen one ‘right’ of the warp gate (map image: crypt with door facing the camera, two trees on either side, cube fragment above right tree); I collected a cube fragment, apparently the last one needed to complete a full cube, but happened to have navigated to directly in front of a closed door when the full-cube-acquisition animation triggered. Subsequently, the doorway only showed its brown door covering the bottom half, the top half black like an already-opened door. Attempting to go through that door crashed to the dashboard.

    This game is incredible. I’m pleased to note the crash didn’t corrupt the save file.

  7. Dende Says:

    Ok I posted but I thougth it was some private message stuff orz

  8. Kelly Says:

    Looking forward to the fixes. Good luck. :)

  9. Mouse Says:

    The game boxart is not showing in the dashboard for me. When I look one the marketplace it appears, but when it’s downloaded and I look in my arcade games it is missing.

  10. Marc Says:

    Thanks for the game and glad you’re working on it.
    The only problem I have are the stuttering.

  11. Fergal O'Donnell Says:

    At the top of the interior of the lighthouse I picked up a cube piece, it completed a whole cube block, but I walked through the door at the top too quickly. Game froze :(

  12. Launchpad McQuack Says:

    Box-art is M.I.A. in Game’s Library, as well as the Friends list with avatars.

  13. Renaud Says:

    Thanks everyone reporting about the box art, we noticed that yesterday and MS is on it.

  14. Forbes Says:

    No PSN, PC & Mac sort that whilst your fixing those bugs too!

  15. Polytron acknowledges “pretty serious” bugs in Fez | VentureBeat Says:

    [...] dealing with each issue on a case-by-case basis on Twitter, but now the indie studio has posted an update on its website asking anyone with “a game-breaking problem” to email [...]

  16. Kevin Says:

    I agree with many others. It’s not on PSN, but it should be.

  17. adrian Says:

    great game guys, am really enjoying it.
    one issue i’d like to report is to do with the audio in the urban/neon signs room, with the polyton water tower at the top. lots of slowdown in the music, with it cutting in and out a lot. haven’t really encountered anything else myself so i’m guessing a lot of the issues are somewhat intermittent.

  18. Marc Says:

    Wonderful, Glorious game!
    I have no doubts this is the best game on XBLA and I hope you guys can fix it’s problems.
    I can’t stop thinking about this game and I hope it’s backward compatible on the Xbox360 successor so my son can play this when he’s older.

  19. Djpokeboy Says:

    Sometimes while in a room, standing right against a wall and quickly flipping the world left and right repeatedly can glitch you through the wall and into the void. If you move far enough you can spawn outside of the room and get caught in an infinite falling death loop.

  20. Jeremy Friesen Says:

    Reproducible crash: In the small room inside the temple (the room with paintings, a fireplace, and the bookshelf), if you switch camera angles while dangling from the shelf opposite the fireplace, the game crashes every time.

  21. Daniel Says:

    The game crashes everytime on start-up after the ‘trapdoor’ screen. Automatically after 5 seconds of white screen it dashboards me.

    There were comments about it being on older Xboxs with smaller hard drives but I have a shiney new 250GB one…

    I’m devestated. :/

  22. MetalHead Says:

    After 6 hours of playing the xbox cache seemed like it was way too full so i had to reboot the game. Maybe some flushing gone wrong?

    Just a question regarding the QR codes in the game. Will there be an alternative to read them in the game? I had a hard time repaint them because i don’t own any phone that could solve those…

  23. Zeppelin Says:

    My game is no longer playable. Crashes as soon as I load it up my save. I’m maybe ~60 cubes in. Your game is a fucking joke.

  24. Trent Says:

    Did people even read the news article?

  25. haddoncd Says:

    I got stuck in a loop climbing up the island with the large waterfall. There is a place where you can jump up to, just below the black hole where you will be sucked into the hole, and respawn in the same place.

    Additionally the game crashed to the dashboard when I jumped onto the corner of a rotating platform, just as it rotated.

  26. Fuzunga Says:

    In the room inside the pyramid building after the giant clock (that I still haven’t figured out how to progress though), I have managed to glitch through the wall and fall to my death into the black abyss. Sometimes the game will spawn me back into the darkness and I’ll fall forever unless I direct myself towards the room mid-fall and I glitch back through the wall. Not game breaking but I assume it’s not supposed to happen.

  27. Irock Says:

    I’m glad it runs fine on my USB stick since I don’t have a hard drive.

  28. The Dukenator Says:

    “OP Says:
    April 14th, 2012 at 13:42

    Big problem I found. The game is not on PC or PSN. This bug needs to be fixed asap.”

    This may be intentional, but I’m not sure if Fez will be released on PC & PSN.

  29. Fez racks up almost 20,000 units sold on first day | VentureBeat Says:

    [...] to an update from Polytron Corporation, Fez has sold almost 20,000 units in its first day on the Xbox Live [...]

  30. A Guy Says:

    What about when you get 33 anti-cubes on the ending frags itself?

    5 years in development and you have bugs like this?

    While I agree with your “Japanese games are…” assertion. One positive thing you can say about Japanese games – they do a great job bug testing.

    After 5 years, this amount of issues don’t get a free pass. Sorry. This is unprofessional.

  31. GC Says:

    Sometimes the leaderboard won’t load and it will say that I need to be connected to Xbox Live to view it even though I am connected.

  32. Who'sThatGirl Says:

    Fuck off port begging babies.

  33. Kevin Says:

    Certainly not a huge bug, but I had to stop playing last night when the LB and RB buttons stopped working after I passed through a door. (I have slight carpal tunnel issues and the triggers are hard for me to press repeatedly.) When I started the game up today they worked fine again and I finished the game, but I haven’t seen anyone else mention this issue, so… just mentioning it!

  34. GC Says:

    Another bug I encountered was when I collected my 28th cube (I was in the graveyard area) and Dot said that I just found my 32nd cube and I should go open the door now.

  35. Fuzunga Says:

    Also, I went to open up my map and got kicked out of the game back to the Xbox dash like I had quit. I was in the level with the silo, if that matters.

  36. Nate Says:

    The leaderboards will not load due to a message saying my account is not logged in to Xbox live even though I am signed in with a gold member account. Long winded sentence, sorry.

  37. nugnug Says:

    Encountered a bug when entering the clock tower area at the top of the map. The game followed a pattern of freezing, then working, and then freezing again. Frustrating because now I can’t get all the cubes. Amazing game by the way. I haven’t played anything like it in years.

  38. DrNoodles Says:

    I’ve been watching my housemate play this on XBLA. Simply amazing! I really want to play it as do a bunch of our friends, only we don’t have Xbox! Please, please, please release a Steam version once you get these bugs sorted out. Once again, contrats on a superb game!

  39. Casey Says:

    Occasionally the black load screen with the yellow cube in the right hand corner gets stuck. Though, I have been able to get past this by opening and closing the dashboard with the middle Xbox-logo button the controller.

  40. superdefective Says:

    I noticed in certain rooms, the machine room in village is one of them, if you rotate by a wall, gomez will fall to his death. as frame rate issues loading between areas.

  41. Daniel Says:

    Here’s a video of how I can’t even start playing Fez, I hope this helps somewhat with the bug-fixes!


    Please sort it out soon, I’ve waited so long for this!

  42. Daniel Says:

    Here’s a video of how I can’t even start playing Fez, I hope this helps somewhat with the bug-fixes!


    Please sort it out soon, I’ve waited so long for this!

  43. Tier777 Says:

    Oh Fez, I really want to buy you, but your trial is boring, your lead designer is a dick, your game is full of showstopping bugs, you’re not on my preferred platforms, and your gimmick is plagued by stuttering animation.

    I waited 4 years for you :(

  44. The Dukenator Says:

    @Daniel Hmm. I got Fez to load every time, despite it being the trial. Try clearing your console’s cache and try again.

  45. Odieux Says:


    issue C for u guys (100%) : if you throw a box and press Y, your inventory will get stuck to the fragments cube face, when pressing LT/RT the text will update but the cube won’t turn.
    (happenned in the “upsidedown pyramid room” after turning the valve behind the waterfall, didn’t try in other world)

    Amazing game btw! bravo les gars ! ;)

  46. 4WeRM@ny Says:

    The first thing I have to say that I am completely blown away by the gameplay, design and sheer enjoy you get from this game! AMAZING!!! I just keep on smiling and smiling :-)

    I only had a crash at the moment that the cube explodes into many small cubes (at the moment it looks like the game is crashing, no joke!).

    Still I’ll keep on playing it, and feel young again!

    1000x Thanks for making such a gem!

  47. Spong1975 Says:

    Fantastic game, I’m saddened to see people are having some serious problems. My game has been okay so far, but seeing people’s comments make me worry that I might encounter the same, and that will now dent my enjoyment of the game.

    I hope you guys can work out a patch soon, I’m fearful of continuing with my current save and it’s a crime that some have had less time or none at all to enjoy it.

  48. Seth Says:

    Not a game-breaking bug, but the box art for Fez doesn’t seemed to be synched properly with the XBL marketplace. It just uses the achievement icon as a placeholder when selecting from the game library.

  49. Gery Says:

    Maybe the “there is no PC version” bug can be fixed

  50. Leo Says:

    I love Fez. Plain and simple.

    I’ve seen a plethora of little scraggly bits however. I’ve had three crashes to the home screen (actually it crashes to the games directory), they seemed to come on completely randomly but never screwed me…I always loaded my game back and it was fine.

    In the hometown if you stand in the corner behind the boiler and shift the view you can get stuck in the corner and fall into nothingness. you’ll keep falling but if you shift again after you fall you can climb out of it. so, not too bad.

    Additionally (and I e-mailed you guys about this) I can’t seem to figure out the observatory. I completed the puzzle but the border isn’t gold yet…are there two puzzles in there or is it just a glitch?

    also, I’m sure you’ve noticed that if you stack a brick on top of another in one of the block puzzles, then shift the screen, they tend to melt into each other, which means you have to leave the room and come back to reset them. i’m assuming this has been mentioned somewhere.

    that’s all for now. I LOVE FEZ! 7 anti-cubes and 1 shard to go and it’s a WRAP!

  51. Jimbo Says:

    Well I guess I have an ‘unusable save’ situation here. Game crashes after 5 seconds every time I load it.

    I don’t think exiting from the ‘walled village’ interiors qualifies as a ‘rare situation’ at all.. especially since the game crashed on me in the first place (throne room).

    I hope there is a way to fix the save, was already beyond 150% and quite engrossed!

  52. S. Says:

    Yes, same thing here. Crashes after 5 seconds every time. 120% done.

  53. Daniel Says:

    @The Dukenator
    Just reset my cache with no luck :(
    I hope that this gets fixed, I could deal with glitches and corrupt save files but the fact that I bought a game that won’t even start is pretty bad.

  54. Palooka Says:

    I am stuck crashing in the music synced 4 color areas. Crashes to dashboard after a small amount of time every time I Continue. I’ve tried to quickly exit back to crying waterfall level, but it seems the music follows me ( keeps playing the music for previous area ) and I crash after a short period.

  55. Mboeh Says:

    Same here… I’m at 134.4% and not even five seconds in the game crashes every time. I’m stuck at the sewer warp gate area. :I Just hope this gets patched soon because I love it and I hope I can get to full completion without having to start over!

  56. The Dukenator Says:

    @Daniel I know that xbox doesn’t give refunds.

    Did you try re-downloading it or did you buy it without try the trial first?

  57. Meowoz Says:

    Huge Bug encountered! Your game sucks! Stop bashing other devs, when you can’t even get your shit straight. /clap

  58. david Says:

    the level section top of the map where there is a large clock on top of a mountain (near the area with the telescopes I believe), experience enormous slowdown, unable to move ahead and must exit immediately.

  59. Fuzunga Says:

    Here’s an issue: Can’t figure out what to do in the room with the candles! The giant floating rectangle mocks me…

  60. DarkFalz JSM Says:

    ok 3 main problems you need to fix :
    1.-Box Art
    2.-all the bugs after you are welcome to 3D
    3.-room glitches to endless pit
    i was rank 300′s i deleted all my data
    hoping this could fix the issue but no luck
    this is a great game and am still a fan
    so i dont mind doing this again but please
    just fix it soon <3

  61. Kani Says:

    sounds to me like you should have spent more time testing it and less time letting your asshole of a lead designer slag off the Japanese developers.

  62. KBL Says:

    Encountered a bug which i’ve not read about yet. In a later stage within the first main door (4 cubes i think), there is a building structure with a large door and a tiny..almost flattened yellow pyramid on the top. In the door is a small room with paintings on all walls, a ledge on one and a fireplace on the opposite.
    I’m not certain if im supposed to be able to enter the fireplace but i cannot (although the map shows another room coming from it). But if I am in a climbing position, and rotate the room, it crashes to desktop every single time. Without fail.

    Also, after prolonged play, the game fails to load while you are zooming to next tower. rather than your character appearing as you near it. It instead chugs along then stops at the level. Then the screen goes black. The loading cube starts to spin and then the game reappears with you standing there.

    Anyway. Thats my feedback.

    Incredible game though. You should be proud of this genre defining game.

  63. screeg Says:

    Just going to add my $0.02: PC version please! I will buy it! Game looks fantastic! Etc.!

  64. Diego Says:

    You guys crushed this. Trying not to gush, I’ll just say that it certainly lived up to my expectations. The game is so perfectly mind bending and the charts and codes and areas and secrets are all so powerful and vivid. I have blurted out excited, happy profanities on a few occasions, most notably when entering the neon lights city area for the first time and when finding platforms in the graveyard area. Really excellent. I get so excited when I have to grab my pencil and scrawl down notes.

    I don’t know if you need any more of these, but here are the few issues I’ve encountered:

    I had one crash when opening the map immediately after rotating immediately after entering a new area.

    I’m playing of a USB key, but the audio cuts out almost every time I rotate in the area with the long blocks that rotate on the x/z axes.

    In the maintenance/janitorial room in the home village, I was walking toward the wall in the corner with the furnace and rotated. I fell through the wall, pretty repeatable.

    I now have 26 cubes and 5 anticubes. I’m getting a fair amount of slowdown/layering when i take doors to new areas in the distance.

    Not that you shouldn’t do your best to resolve these issues, but they haven’t lessened my opinion of the game. Beautiful work on all accounts.

  65. Big Vern Says:

    To Phil and Renaud,

    Okay I give up, can we haz clue please for the you know what?

    Is a clue in the game or elsewhere?

    Pretty please :)

  66. Robert Says:

    LOL Fish I knew there’d be something coming back to bite you in the ass… it is karma man, the game is a buggy mess and unplayable in its current state for many, i feel bad for renaud though, good luck renaud!

  67. Steve Says:

    Please release it on PC so I can buy it. :D

  68. Fez necesita tu ayuda – Revista Gamer Style Says:

    [...] Polytron Corporation Compartenos:MásCorreo electrónicoImprimirDigg Pin ItShare on Tumblr Filed Under: Microsoft, News [...]

  69. Modest Says:

    Well, I was enjoying a nice new game +. Then I got to the sewers (which I hadn’t explored before), and tried opening some door. The game tried to save while loading the next aera and it crashed; I was sent back to the dashboard.

    After that, the game wouldn’t let me load my save, so I had to delete it. I’m now waiting for the patch so I can (hopefully) complete this amazing game without fearing impending doom each time I go through a door.

  70. Llama Says:

    My game crashes right after the the Trapdoor screen when I load the game, and I even have one of the newer 250GB 360s. Very disappointing :(. I haven’t been able to play since it released.

  71. Giancarlo Says:

    I have thoroughly been enjoying Fez and have hit the 178.1% completion point, but unfortunately I have found a bug where the game simply crashes within a couple of seconds of loading my saved game. I am reverted back to the dashboard every time and I can no longer play the game. I have one of the new 250GB Xbox 360s, so that’s not the problem here.

  72. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    I has no bugs to report. I also have no Xbox to report…

    But I’m still looking in people’s windows for one that’s “unattended.”

  73. Willyum Says:

    BUG REPORT: In the Library/Museum?? (paintings of other levels on the walls) I can make the game crash to the dashboard every time if I hang from the ledge oposite the fireplace and try to rotate the room in either direction from either position (ledge on screen left or right.

    Great game guys, good luck with the fix.

  74. Spong1975 Says:

    I’d just collected the Tome Artefact and was returning to the level with the four-sided clock face (four rooms away from the level with the Tome Artefact). The game crashed back to the Dashboard as the camera zoomed in on the clock level. Reloading my save placed me in the room before the clock level and it loaded fine.

  75. KingStryfe Says:

    I’ve noticed quite a few bugs while playing.

    - Random crashing (Which is already known)
    - I’m not sure how but some people are getting extra Anti Cubes.
    - Pressing Up, Up, Up, Up + A will let you float. Not sure if it’s supposed to be that way or not.
    - At the start of the game when the cube is talking to you, you can float while he is talking.
    - If you position yourself behind objects and rotate the camera in just the right way. You can walk through a wall into a black void and fall (Happens in houses)
    - With flying, if you fly too far up on the tower right outside the first village. You will become stuck on the top and the game will save making you have to start all over.
    - After getting 1 artifact, trying to select a blank slot in the artifact menu will cause the game to crash.
    - Stereoscopic vision disables the “flashlight effect” used in the sewers and in the blue area with the pink platforms that disappear and reappear (It’s near the waterfall) [Not sure if glitch or intended use]

    If I come across or discover any other glitches I’ll be sure to post them. Until then I’ll be trying to figure out the Monolith puzzle.

  76. BigAn7h Says:

    I have a big issue that is preventing me from completing the game. The door behind the waterfall leads to a valve that lowers the water of the surrounding areas. It’s the weeping waterfall area. I’ve been in there, did everything, and left. I didn’t lower the water all the way, so some areas are still blocked off. I can’t go back to the valve area, though. It’s just not registering that this is a door anymore. I redid the code, restarted my xbox and everything. It’s the only thing I can do, every other area (I can get to) is gold. Please help!

  77. Matt Says:

    I love the game so far and havent played much yet but I couldnt go into that door behind the waterfall at all. Im not sure If I have to do something first but I saw the opening and went behind the waterfall and press up but nothing happens.

  78. Kirston Says:

    Same issue with the leaderboard asking that I be signed into XBL, yet am logged in and using cloud saves. Great experience otherwise!

  79. Daniel Says:

    @The Dukenator Yeah I’ve uninstalled and redownloaded it many times now with no luck. And indeed I bought without getting the trial as I never imagined that this could happen.

  80. Charlie Says:

    So, after few fake glitches, my copy of Fez has started to glitch for real. Basically after 30 sec of gameplay it quits to “my games” on the xbox dash board. Every time I try to play.

  81. Carlos T. Says:

    Its a great game, but I have some troubles in clock room is start to freeze and I can even play this part, please fix it :( . I have a Xbox 360 160gb

  82. Ivor Says:

    Awesome game… Only query is regarding the choppy/stuttering scrolling (horizontal and vertical). I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a feature of the game or not – I assume not.

    It gets worse and choppier if there’s a lot on the screen or a complex building.

    Otherwise – an outstanding effort by the developers here. Well done!

  83. Blipsqueak Says:

    I know it may be troublesome to get a PSN release, but please do a PC or PSN release, and Vita support would be awesome, too. Game looks incredible. I can’t wait until it’s on PC or PSN.

  84. The Dukenator Says:

    @Carlos T No such thing as a 160GB Xbox 360.

    @Blipsqueak Let them fix the game first, then they might consider it.

  85. Big Vern Says:

    Monolith Defeated!!!!

  86. James P. Says:

    When I can get the leaderboard to show (by booting the game not signed-in and then signing-in when prompted), it doesn’t appear to have updated my completion:
    I have 32 cubes, 32 anti-cubes, all the artefacts and had just got the third ‘heart’ piece. Despite this, it says I still am on 162.5% but looking at forums, I should be above 200%.

  87. ZeroXraven Says:

    The game is amazing! Although it suffers from a TON of bugs and you guys have yet to reply to my email. Once all the bugs are sorted Ii’d love to see this on other platforms for everyone to enjoy. Personally would buy it again if it was released on the Nintendo 3DS.

  88. Daniel Says:

    @The Dukenator and @Polytron

    I’ve finally managed to get the game to work finally! It was thanks to The Dukenator that gave me the idea.

    I uninstalled the game and signed in as my girlfriend. I downloaded the trial under her Gamertag to see if the trial would work which it did! I then changed sign-in back to myself before ‘unlocking the full game’ again. The game now works and I can’t wait to play! :)

  89. Gimlao Says:


    The epic music we can normally hear in the game after “Continuum” is missing. =(

  90. Gery Says:

    Maybe 3DS version could be cool, but by the moment, i REALLY HOPE that you make a PC version, then i’ll be happy :D

  91. Davis Guys Says:

    PC version coming soon? Put it on sale when it’s out on Steam, please! Thanks pals!

  92. hell Says:

    After so many awards I think Fez should recive “Most buged game 2012″ award. And “I dont how to program” or “Most terrible indie programmer” award too. Game is fantastic but next one You should outsource.

  93. Carlos T Says:

    Ok im wrong with te capacity of mi xbox is 250gb slim one, im stuck in clock world, its start to get slow and i cant even play this part, please help me.

  94. DT Says:

    @BigAn7h I’ve had the exact problem. The waterfall room seems to have been broken. I’ve tried re-downloading the game and putting the game into ng+. 32 cubes and 30 anti-cubes. This issue is the only thing keeping me away from beating this game 100%.

  95. Crony Says:

    I’m stuck in the bell tower area. Every time I resume my save game, it crashes to the dashboard 5 seconds later. Any suggestions?

  96. Mitch Says:

    Same issue as BigAn7h. Waterfall Door no longer acts as a door.

  97. Jimmy_James Says:

    This game is fracked! Seriously, fix it! Just don’t take another 6 years to fix it! I can’t even get past the loading screen, I bought this on day of release!

    Poor show fish, poor show…

  98. freezyGOMEZ Says:

    i have extreme framedowns at the clock-room

    Xbox 360 Arcade
    120GB HDD
    VGA-Cable 2 HDready-TV (nativRES)
    last Dashboardupdate

  99. Xario Says:

    What/where is the “walled village interior”? I presume I exited there, because my game now constantly crashes to dashboard after five seconds. Very sad and very annoying. Glad we can help you betatest this game for you. NOT!

  100. Davis Guys Says:

    Serious bugs on the 360, I can’t even finish it at my friend’s house. It’s not even fun anymore.

    This game was made for PC. So when is this game truly coming out?

  101. Camera Guy Kurt Says:

    It’s not the end of the world, but the “Hexahedronaut” Achievement never popped for me.

    For some reason, I had 33 Anticubes (?) before I got my 32rd Hypercube. I guessing that has something to do with it.

    Also, the “Sum total” achievement never popped, even though I’m pretty sure I found everything.

    Regardless, I’ve still had a great time with the game. Thanks a million!

  102. Stark Says:

    I can’t play the game without being signed into Xbox Live. If my xbox is not connected to the network, Fez only starts in the trial mode, not the full game mode. (I’m also seeing the lack of full size art/box-cover when offline.)
    I’ve tried clearing my cache, deleting the initial version that I got as a trial and re-downloading it but nothing seems to work.
    I really like what I’ve seen so far, but you have to understand that this is incredibly frustrating…

  103. The Dukenator Says:

    @Stark Does this happen with other games as well?

  104. Recaffinator Says:

    In the area with the giant clock the game stutters and lags so much that it becomes unplayable, the game has also crashed and kicked me to the dashboard from this area. I hope this can be fixed soon as this game makes me very happy.

  105. Seregrog Says:

    The first time I went through the area of the bouncing mushrooms, the game crash. I restart the console and continue playing. Later, when I was almost all cubes and anticubes, the 4 artifacts and 2 hearts, in the same area, the game crash and I can definitely continue

  106. Bob Wobbaz Says:

    Only issue I’m having, and its a minor one, sometimes when i pause the text is all jumbled up. Other than that, this game is phenomenal, absolutely adore it

  107. Tobot Says:

    I am as stuck in the sewer level I lowered the acid and died and cannot change the acid height as I cannot reach the valve to change it.
    This also means I cannot go for all cubes because I cannot reach the cube piece good game but now my own hard earned money has been wasted on a game I can never complete.

  108. The Dukenator Says:

    @Tobot Are you willing to start a new game?

  109. Dave Says:

    I opened a tetris door to the first red well/sewer room. First crash happened in there and now the game crashes back to the 360 dashboard continuously a few seconds after each time I try to continue my game.

    Just sent a mail to the support address. Hope there’s a resolution, because Fez is awesome and I’m only at 125%!

  110. Rohsiph Says:

    Think I’ve hit the “walled village” bug, if that’s the door you unlock with 4 cubes. Collected about 20 cubes and 12 anticubes prior to opening the door, went through, checked 2 rooms, and as I was exiting the second room the game crashed. Now every time I try to load, the game crashes before I have a chance to move.

    Wish you would have allowed multiple saves as this would have given an easy temporary solution to bypass these game-breaking glitches. Oh well, live and learn–I’ll be waiting before purchasing another Polytron game, cautiously optimistic you won’t make the same mistake twice.

  111. Tobot Says:

    @ the dukenator I am really not willing if it was the only way then ok but I would really like to not have to do that any suggestions.

  112. Stark Says:

    @TheDukenator No, all of the other games that I’ve purchased in the past are fine, and playable in full. (Except for the images part – I figure that’s related to some rubbish behaviour on the part of the xbox dashboard, not caching something correctly.)

  113. Simon Says:

    Well I just had to start a new game for the third time now as I yet again got that bug where if the game crashes whilst it’s autosaving Gomez becomes frozen to the spot and there’s nothing you can do to move him. I couldn’t even start a new game earlier today as the bedroom at the beginning wasn’t loading so Gomez just kept on endlessly falling to his death. I re-downloaded the game and that allowed me to start again, but I really don’t think I have the time and patience to do everything again knowing that at any minute I might have to start again.

    I’ve emailed support a few times now but no response, so I guess I’m on my own if I want to get this sorted. Can’t say I’m very impressed.

  114. Katy Says:

    My game crashes regularly. This has resulted in a corrupt save file once, but I restarted. The other thing I found very odd was that everytime it crashes I get black holes when I return to the level. Is that normal?

  115. i5555 Says:

    Mutliple emails to so called “support” & still no reply. I’ve had this game since launch & still can’t get passed the loading screen!

    Polytron is taking the piss, all this time in development & they still f**k it up. I think they’ve bitten off much more than they can chew, howw long can we expect to wait until this is fixed? another 5 years?

    Poor poor show Polytron…

  116. The Dukenator Says:

    @Stark You know that the xbox uses drm? So it could be a license issue.

    @Tobot I sometimes start a game over to do it the same way or differently. Or to fix issues a la Fallout NV.

  117. Renaud Says:

    Hey all,
    We received about 400 emails and I’ve been in vacation all of the last week, and the current priority is fixing the bugs themselves. I do appreciate everyone sending reports, hopefully the update will cover everything.
    I haven’t responded to many requests because of the sheer volume and case-by-case takes time, time which is better spent fixing the issues instead.
    Stay tuned!

  118. Tobot Says:

    @TheDukenator Don’t worry about it I left it and some how my mum picked it up and fixed it ell alls well that ends well ay.

  119. S1kkZ Says:

    @ renaud: thanks for the comment, i was already wondering why i got no response to my mail.

    since i collected an anti-cube (which just sat there) in the “neon” clock room, the game crashes after 10-30 seconds of gameplay and kicks me back to “my games”. tried all the usual stuff but nothing works. game is unplayble in this state.

  120. Stark Says:

    @The dukenator – Your response is both obvious and ridiculous. Of course the xbox uses drm – show me a modern system these days which doesn’t.
    Why though, should this game be the only one which doesn’t realise that it’s been purchased even after redownloading (and presumably re-getting the certificates/cookies/tokens that actually tell the console that it was a legitimate purchase)? Has some piece of logic been omitted to cache this information? Or is it a problem at the (OS/firmware) system level? Or has some decision been made in the game (where it decides to run as the demo or the full version) to require a connection to XboxLive, and not check the contents of local storage?

  121. The Dukenator Says:

    @Stark Did you change xboxes at one point or another? check out xbox.com/drm

  122. SWISSchris Says:

    Loving the game, 125% done and on a NG+… BUT my save file now crashes back to the dashboard after 7 seconds of gameplay, whether I press anything on the controller or not. Hope there’s a fix coming as, even if I have to play through again to this point, I wouldn’t like the same thing to happen again.

  123. S1kkZ Says:

    @renaud: please let me know if the save file, i sent you, works.

  124. Xanderphate Says:

    For some reason when I go to look at the leader board it asks me to sign in to xbox live even tho Im already signed in

  125. AGP Says:

    Bug: Gomez’s sunglasses disappear right after he receives them. The sprite isn’t updated to reflect his equipping of the cool shades.

  126. Zalu Says:

    Like some others, I am having massive slowdown and laggy play when I come to the clock tower level.

    Love the game though, and I will resume playing when it is patched.

  127. Tom Says:

    Well unfortunately I have the massive slow down issue in the clock tower segment…. its pretty much a game breaker for me, since its un-freaking-possible to continue …

    lets hope a patch will fix this soon, apart from that – awesome game!

  128. david Says:

    aside from minor slowdowns, my version runs beautifully so far. what an excellent game, just finished the main ’32 cubes’ part tonight.

  129. david Says:

    I lied, there was one bug! in a tiny ‘red curtain’ room gomez could finagle his way off to the right side by walking + rotating, falling to his doom. no biggie.

  130. Spong1975 Says:

    The sunglasses disappearing is meant to happen. Apparently, adding the glasses to Gomez’s animations and making it look natural proved to be problematic, so they were removed.

    Anyway, any news on a patch yet? I’m dying to do my second playthrough but I’m waiting on the update so I can play without the problems I had on my first playthrough.

  131. Thomas Says:

    Others have noted that they have encountered extreme lag upon entering the clock tower level. This is the case for me as well. This is on my New Game+ so I cannot collect all the cubes until this area becomes playable. This is the only bug I have encountered so far, though.

    Thank you for such an incredible game!

  132. Smaug Says:

    Started playing it on my PC and discovered it is not on my PC, demand a refund.

  133. Dave Hyte Says:

    Been getting random exits when entering a room/door the 1st time. About 2/3s thru the game (guess of course) and game will suddenly exit back to the xbox home screen. Running the xbox S version (new last Nov 2011) w/game saved on hdd vs cloud. Reload game and get to same spot and works fine 2nd time. Has happened a handful of time. Game failed to load intially once as well, same symptom…black screen and eventual xbox home. Wife also mentioned she’s had it hang/freeze and had to power down console to recover. haven’t seen any lag/pause issues. one time also died and when system rebuilt me, imed died again before I could move; stuck in loop. had to exit game, recovered at beginning of level thankfully.

  134. The Dukenator Says:

    @Smaug It is unknown if they’ll do a PC version.

  135. SIMON SALMON Says:

    LOL So many people boycott this game cause Phil fish has his head up his ass.

  136. NickFrikkinTodd Says:

    For the most part, the game has been solid for me. However, I am noticing that the game is lagging more than it did when I started, and resetting doesn’t seem to help much. I’m not sure if it came on gradually or at a certain point, but I noticed it after getting into New Game +.

    I had one crash, the game exited to the dashboard when I opened a door in the red sewer/lava area (Virtual-Boy-Land). The door was in the area where the lava rises up. After restarting my game, I was able to go through this door without any ill effects.

    Still, I can’t stop playing!

  137. Jimmy-James Says:


    FFS Fish quit your bitching & learn to code, your bug ridden game fails to even load for me, which means I still haven’t managed to even play this game since launch! Having had no reply from “customer service” adds insult to injury quite frankly.
    If you had made fez for the PC you wouldn’t have had these issues your having with Microsoft but you slept with the devil so suck it up…

  138. S1kkZ Says:

    when can we expect the patch? i really want to continue playing…

  139. DurocDesign Says:

    I have found the fireplace glitch after the Museum with the gold triangle roof – i was albe to jump outside the room into space which didnt crash and also climb into the fireplace which crashed the game – the path shows a room beyond it but can’t seem to get to it.

    Great game, i’m sure it will be a huge success

  140. cabbagewater Says:

    I feel compelled to comment on this game. From the press (both good and bad) to the reviews to the glitches and bugs. From the clever puzzles to the beautiful graphics and perfect musical score. This game is a work of art in the true sense. I believe this to be a new benchmark in gaming, and am sure that in time it will be revealed as such. And I’m only an hour in by the way.

    Very special game, this one..

  141. Cognitive Surplus and Narrative Architecture « Cognitive Surplus Media Says:

    [...] sometimes the beta-testing isn’t enough. After Fez was released, Polytron had to release a statement, saying, “FEZ had more testing done in the past 24 hours by about TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE (!!) [...]

  142. Lee, London Says:

    I had a strange moment this evening, while I was in the Monolith room. While jumping and holding A, I began to float directly upwards. If I let go of A, I would slowly decend.

    At the time of seeing this issue, I was standing on the clear block, attempting to enter in the button command to make the monolith appear.

    I could only get this to happen the one time.

    I hope that can of of use….

  143. Zuko Says:

    I’m tired of people saying it’s a problem because it’s not on PS3 or PC/Mac. Do you realize what goes into making a game?? If you knew anything about the development of this game you’d know it’s made with C#/XNA… which are Microsoft technologies. It probably wouldn’t be TOO hard to get it on PC… but as for ANYTHING else, it would require a full rewrite in another programming language. It’s probably not going to happen unless they get funding and outsource it.

    As for bugs: I think it was somewhere in the sewer or lava area (somewhere with liquid that kills you), I fell into the liquid and a black hole at the same time and it kind of flipped out for a good 15-20 seconds before pushing me out of the black hole; and fell into the liquid and died properly and re-spawned. Not game breaking.

    That’s the only notable bug I can remember at the moment.

    Amazing game, btw. <3 <3 <3

  144. Dave Hyte Says:

    made it to the kill screen point yesterday (odd name but WTF eh); when I went through all everything and selected the new game+ , once i got my FP glasses and was standing with the 64 cube above me and you rotate to make it spin and it blows up…system just locked up tight once it did blow up and you see all the pixilated squares. Had to power down to recover and thankfully the save file was fine…brought me back to the point of getting the glasses again. WHEW…2nd time thru it worked perfectly and am now solving stuff I was unable to before. Awesome game guys…right up there w/Portal IMHO…really amazing. Got my wife and daughter hooked on it too (and a local xbox friend now)…great stuff…keep up the good work and get it patched when ya can. thanks!

  145. DurocDesign Says:

    BUG REPORT – I am stuck on 63 cubes after hours of play and now cannot get back into the Crying Waterfall valve room as I need to so i can get to the last secret i need… aaaaggggghhhh HELP!

  146. Spong1975 Says:

    It’s been over a month now. Still waiting for the patch so I can start a second playthough. What’s going on?

  147. Renaud Says:

    Work on the patch is done, it’s in certification right now. We’re just waiting for an official deployment date to post a news entry and a changelist. Thanks for your patience.

  148. Renaud Says:

    Also, that essentially means we’re not actively looking for issues anymore, and we stopped discovering new ones. So you can stop sending/posting reports now!

  149. Melissa Al Says:

    HELP I FOUND A SERIOUS BUG! There arent any awesome Polytron logo shirts in your shop!How will I ever express my love for you guys and spread the word to everyone, night and day about YOUR amazing game? Please help!

  150. Johnny Bing Says:

    When is the PC version coming out? I’m waiting patiently as I can actually use my Steam gift card for Fez since I’m not interested in anything else right now.

  151. The Dukenator Says:

    @Melissa Al That’s not a bug.

  152. Gery Says:

    I’m waiting like Johnny Bing…

  153. Armando Says:

    Aw man, this game is sooo sweet! I’m so happy the patch is done! I hope everything turns out well!!

  154. Andrew Says:

    Come on can´t at least tell us that the patch is coming on June?!

  155. Renaud Says:

    We hoped to release it this week, but looks like it’s not going to happen. So yes, June it is, but if we are to make an announcement we’d rather have the release date. So we’re waiting like you are.

  156. Spong1975 Says:


    Thank you for the information about the forthcoming patch. I look forwards to playing the game the way it was intended.

  157. millu27 Says:

    Hi all!

    First, wonderful game! I am enjoying it a lot so far.

    I have issues with punctual slowdonws when transitioning from one level to the other.

    The largest bug I have found is the massive slowdown in the clok tower level. Makes the level practically unplaylable. I hope this will get fixed with the pacth.

    I will probably resume the game once fixed. Thanks and good luck!!

  158. RainbowDashPony Says:

    I want to play your game… I gave you my money. I can’t play it till the patch is out. I am quite frustrated to say the very least…

  159. Albert Welch Says:

    I was playing the game, but suddenly the game just sends me to the dashboard. I tried loading my saved data again, but it keeps sending me to the dashboard. Why? Is there some kind of problem?

  160. Sam Blye Says:

    I just got to 63 cubes, the last one I still need to obtain being the Anti-Cube for the security question. I decided to view the 32 cube ending one last time, and when starting New Game+, the game keeps crashing after the Hexahedron first speaks. I can’t get ahead, and this really put me in a sour mood after spending days on these puzzles. I really do hope this is also fixed in the update. God dammit, Microsoft! Hurry up and validate it!

  161. Sam Blye Says:

    I’ve pinpointed the game crashing to the point at which the Hexahedron stops emitting the speech sound. It will crash even before going through all the text boxes if it’s left on one up to the point until it stops speaking.

    I’m sure this should help figure out what’s causing the error if it’s not already patched.

  162. Matt Says:

    Ok the game runs great other wise but as I go to a specific level the frame rate drops to an unplayable level. Like 1 frame every second. And its only happens during this one specific level, and before you ask, yes I did try turning it off and on again and I got the same problem.

  163. Johnny Bing Says:

    So I didn’t get an answer yet. When is the PC version coming out? I’m only asking the Devs since they’re the only ones who can answer the question. Thank you! Also make it a Steam release so I can use my gift card, really can’t wait to play Fez!

  164. S1kkZ Says:

    @Renaud: any infos on the patch? ms needs to hurry up…

  165. The Dukenator Says:

    @S1kkZ Its a certification issue. It’ll be out when its done.

  166. The Dukenator Says:

    @Johnny Bing Polytron is a small company, so no idea if they’ll do it for PC & PSN.

  167. Belgarath Says:

    When will the patch come out? Right now I can’t play Fez – the clock tower level is just unplayable.

    forget it – right now I don’t recommend this game to anyone I know, which honestly is a shame, because without those glitches and especially that broken clock tower level it would be one of the best games ever in my book!

  168. S1kkZ Says:

    its up to ms. the patch is done and in certification. there is nothing polytron can do now.

  169. thebillo Says:

    Belgarath, the clock tower level is fixable by simply connecting to the internet with your xbox live account which will set the right date and time. Then the level will be playable again.

  170. John Says:

    Hope the patch fixes the bugs, as I’m sick of crashing to the dash.

    As for PC or PSN, PC is a possibility, but hell’ll freeze over before Fez appears on PSN, given Microsoft are publishing it.

  171. Ryan Says:

    33 Anti-cubes sort of sucks, not only does it prevent the player from receiving the collectible achievements but also causes them to miss out on the second ending.

  172. Gaelon Says:

    Microsoft certainly believes in taking their sweet time, don’t they? Almost a month in cert? That’s some grade-AA garbage. Skyrim’s been patched twice since this one has been in cert. I know it’s not your guys’ fault, but it doesn’t make the hurt any less.

  173. millu27 Says:

    Hi thebillo,

    I have the same problem as Belgarath, but in my case, the clock tower level does not get fixed by changing the clock of my XBOX360, neither online or offline. So I really hope this issue gets addressed in the patch!

    Thanks again Polytron!

  174. Renaud Says:

    PATCH NEWS : So it’s taking a long time to get it out. Here’s what happened in a nutshell.

    We submitted the update to MS for certification on May 17th, it entered the cert process on the 21st and we got the answer back on the 25th that it failed because of two critical issues.
    One of them was resolved quickly, the other one (a random crash when upgrading the game from trial to full game) was impossible to reproduce or test on my side. We tried with MS to get the issue ignored because I had no tools to resolve it, but after weeks nothing moved.
    On June 8th, I finally got access to a testing method that allowed me to reproduce the issue, and it got fixed completely today.

    So it’s going back to Microsoft right now, and should enter certification again soon. Expect a ~2 week delay, but it’s coming! Finally!!
    Many apologies for the delays. It was a tricky one. Changelist incoming once we get a real deployment date.

  175. Oly Says:

    Well done on getting it all done buddy!

  176. Manuel Says:

    Thank you Renaud !!!

  177. S1kkZ Says:

    thanks for the update!

  178. Ninjan7 Says:

    Ive made it to NewGame+ and the game´s save-function will not keep the sunglasses. Every time when continueing from where I left of on NG+, I need to go through the ending sequence again. ( unable to skip that one ) Any idea what this is about?

  179. Wes Says:

    Bought the game just after release but I have been afraid to play it because I don’t want a bug to ruin my playing of this game – played the demo and it seems fantastic. Hoping for good news in 2 weeks. Good luck.

  180. Spong1975 Says:

    Thank you for the update Renaud and letting us know what the hold up was. I appreciate it and look forwards to being able to dive back into the game again.

  181. Marco Says:

    I have since sold my xbox and have no intention of buying another so please release this on ios.

  182. The Dukenator Says:

    @Marco I am facepalming over that. Xbox has many games, not just Fez.

    I kept my 360 after 4 years and so far have played like 100 or so games on it.

  183. Erik Says:

    Love the game, played most of it with my three year old son watching me play.

    Thank you for all your hard work. It is a joy to play, its been a while since I have broken out graph paper.

    Super fun, thanks again.

  184. Tulio Says:

    I purchased this game on day one not knowing any background other than it was a small team and missed several deadlines.

    Since seeing the Indie Game movie I have to tell you I have unbelievable admiration for what you have done on so many levels. I can sit and play this game with my 10 year old stepson for hours. It’s almost lethargic.

    Thank you for this. I’m going to play it some more right now.

  185. Reece Says:

    ive been trying for a while to get the last cube on the clock tower and today came back to Fez needing an update. after updating my save file seems broken =( any ideas on how to fix this would be appreicated

  186. S1kkZ Says:

    patch is LIVE! my broken savegame is now fixed and i can finally finish the game. also seems to run a bit smoother.

  187. Renaud Says:

    Super happy to hear it :)

  188. Tim Says:

    Great game and great segments in the Indie Game the Movie documentary :)

    Other than a few clipping issues where it was possible to fall outside a room while rotating perspective I’ve had a fun and bug free Fez experience until today when I downloaded the new 3mb game update/patch.

    Now my Cloud Saved Game crashes on load and locks up the entire xbox requiring a manual reboot! Every time :(

    I sure hope you’re able to patch this in a way that my game save is salvaged?

  189. DJAker Says:

    Glad to see game finally made it.. saw the Indie movie the other night and glad things finally came good for you fellow… Will need to grab some MS points but will buy the game when i do..

  190. Gamerdude999 Says:

    Help please I play fez on my xbox and it starts up I hit a on the title screen and it brings me into the pause menu where I left off but when I unpause it shows me the screen for 2 seconds the brings me to the Xbox dashboard. Anyone got a solution?

  191. Nick Says:

    Not sure what’s going on but I get crazy crashes.

    I just bought the game minutes ago, after watching Indie Game the movie.

    But, I can’t play it. It launches, it has me go to top of first level, I get told it’s my special day tra la la.

    Then I get to the Gold cube where it spins, then I get my little red hat. Then I get weird artifacting on screen, pink things and sometimes it freezes. I relaunch and hit continue, then it takes me back to same area only this time I get my little red hat, then it shows a Polytron boot up screen (like a bios screen or something) and restarts Fez.

    Then my continue game disappears and I have to start a new game. I’m not going through that shit again…and again. Whatever patch came out, it’s not working. Tried it at friends house, same shit. Both of our xboxes were made in April 2008, and both are Elites (120GB drives). Also, both are not the slim models (no wifi on these).

    Strange I know. Other people I talked to are working fine, but me IM FUCKED. So I’d love to play your game, I respect the work that went into it but I can’t enjoy shit or your work.

    I’m reading all over google this isn’t unique I guess?


    Twitter @cellphonegaming

  192. adam Says:

    I’ve bought this game, and ive never played, I have an old Xbox with a 20g hdd, ive reinstalled more times than I care to remember, so what now? Do I get refund, I doubt it, will you fix the game? No, apparently as a consumer of your product that doesn’t work, im not worth it, what a load of shit, putting up a game with so many bugs and no warning before purchase. You should personally issue the ma points refund!

  193. Jim Says:

    So you won’t issue a fix for the corrupted save file, which is supposedly only ” 1 percent ” of users. Yet the issue seems very widespread. If you think that the problem is so isolated, then why are we not entitled to a refund since we cannot play the damn game? You give indie developers a bad name, since all you seem to care about is money. How embarrassing for you.

  194. Brian Says:

    Crashes in waterfall stage. If I try to load my save now it crashes my entire xbox to the point of having to shut it off and back on. I was in the 1% who had to start over and I was cool with that. I am not cool with this. Please help

  195. Pete Woods Says:

    I played the game for a few hours. Seemed really good. Now I can’t load my save any more. I don’t feel so good any more.

    I’ve never turned off my console during save or anything stupid like that. This is on a 360 Slim with a 250GB HD. I don’t know why I’m writing this like a bug report, it seems these issues aren’t going to be fixed.

    At least the game wasn’t too expensive.

  196. Katja Says:

    At a waterfall level (big squarefaced thing spews out water out of his mouth), jumped over a small “hole” but landed on a bigger “hole” which initiated a respawn death loop that i couldn’t get out of. shut down the game, now every time i try to load my save my Xbox crashes.

  197. Renaud Says:

    I can confirm that the saving in the waterfall level crashes the Xbox with the patch applied.

    There is however a workaround for this issue. If you clear your system cache, the patch will be uninstalled, and your savefile should load correctly. Then after moving to another level and saving, you will be able to reinstall the patch and continue your game.
    For info on how to clear your system cache : http://support.xbox.com/en-CA/xbox-360/settings-and-initial-setup/clear-system-cache

    As far as we know this problem only happens in the waterfall level, and for some reason wasn’t found in testing/QA. Appalling, I know.
    No further system updates are planned for FEZ, short term, so for now this workaround is your only option.

  198. Minecraft Says:

    Thanks for the patch! Now it works great!

  199. Jonathan Says:

    Patch works for me too. Had to copy my save game from Cloud to Xbox memory, but that was no big deal. Thanks for the workaround, Renauld!

  200. Dave Says:

    This might be a bit late for this, but I recently encountered the Waterfall level save issue. I’ve cleared my system cache but when I start up the game (and skip the prompt to download the patch), my save game doesn’t show up (the “Continue Game” is greyed out). It even shows the “Unlock Full Game” button on the main menu.

    I also tried deleting and re-installing the game. Any ideas? I would hate to lose my progress.

  201. Hal Says:

    Dave – I have exactly the same problem. Cleared the cache, copied to local from cloud, but I can’t load the local version. Can’t connect to cloud without connecting to live, which I can’t without the patch. So catch 22.

    This sucks, I am on my second play through, do not want to start again.

  202. Hal Says:

    Edit – I actually had the problem before, where I noticed that even though I had a local save game, it wouldn’t load it. I tried deleting the local save game, copying from cloud again, and still it does not load.

    So basically I cannot play the game. Not happy to have lost all my progress.

  203. Hal Says:

    OK, I managed ti fix my problem and can play my save game again!

    @Renaud this might be useful for other people.
    @Dave above, you had the same problem as me, this should work.

    So in mine and Daves cases, the issue was that Fez would not continue from a local game save, only from the cloud version. Even when deleting any local save and copying to local storage, it only offered to start a new game.

    But, I found that my 2nd Xbox was loading an old local save game with no issues. So what I did was this:

    - On an xbox which is loading local saves no problems and does not have the patch, copy the cloud save game to local storage. Use the clear cache trick to remove the updates if it is already updated
    - Then Load your broken/waterfall save. This worked!
    - Go somewhere else, and exit
    - Now copy back up to cloud storage
    - Then update
    - Now run, and I can load from cloud again!

    Obviously this requires having access to another xbox, but you could always try this on a friends.

  204. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the info Hal. I tried this out and was unable to get it to work. The issue is that it seems that it’s not possible to play Fez without the patch. If you choose not to accept the patch then it appears that it’s just the trial version and not the full version. Starting a new game like that takes you through the trial stuff and not from the very beginning of the game.

    I’ve decided just to try again with a new save and I’ll be sure to avoid saving at the waterfall level. Also, while it will be annoying, I will make copies of my save game just in case something else happens. It’s too bad you can’t have multiple saves built into the game itself.

  205. Hal Says:

    Yes, I had the same problem on 1 xbox, it said buy full version of the game I think, and wouldn’t load a local save. But my 2nd xbox didn’t have that, and loaded a local save just fine, so that is what saved me.

    Did you try using another xbox?

  206. xk3ychip.se Says:

    Xbox ωill get you nowheгe lmаo :D

  207. Jack Howley Says:

    I downloaded Fez yesterday and it was working fine, i reached the waterfall level and after entering the code my game froze. I cleared my cache and when i went back on i had to update, then it is still freezing at the loading screen. Can you help?

  208. michael kors Says:

    I do not understand what you said very well, but I like it.

  209. Bryant Says:

    This game has crashed multiple times. Once that I can remember was when I was sucked into a black whole and my 360 froze hard. Once again it froze was when I exited the waterfall level. Also, **SPOILER ALERT** whenever I enter the waterfall opening code, the waterfall stays shut. Not sure if I’ll buy from Polytron in the future. It’s a shame because I was so happy with this game until it turned out the software is garbage and now it doesn’t look like Ill be able to complete my game.

  210. Brandon Says:

    I just bought my kids an Xbox 360 (Halo 4 Limited Edition) and downloaded Fez, and applied the patch. Just a few minutes into the game, after the character gets his “hat”, and the gold cube breaks up and starts spinning around, I see lots of “artifacts” (for lack of a better term) on the screen, and then the game either freezes or shows a “Bios” bootup screen. This is a brand new Xbox unit…any suggestions on what to do?

  211. Don Says:

    I’m a Big Shooter Fan I have them all but I find myself now playing FEZ. I saw the Movie “Indie Game” and was very interested. Love the game money well spent. Glad you did not kill yourself your game is amazing.

  212. Jake Says:


    That is just part of the game. The bootup screen is just part of a cut scene. It will take you back through the main menu and you will be off and running.

    My issue is that I have found 32 ACs and 31 7/8 GCs and all of the areas on my map show gold and completed except for the island with the 64 cube door. I have been back through and cant seem to find the last cube bit. Is this a bug? Do I have to restart from the beginning??

  213. Camila Bruscato Says:

    We have had some interest in these kinds of promotional items and had some graphics done by another company. Is it viable to use the same graphics? The graphics company was Concord Signs & Banners 3568 Kimball Way Concord, CA 94518 – 925-808-3817. I’m not sure if the files will be compatible.

  214. Mike Says:

    The game freezes while starting up, after I press continue game from the menu screen — I am half way through the game, and now I can not play at all – I have tried multiple times – also tried the cache emptying — awful – I want my money back

  215. Simon Says:

    Fantastic game. Thoroughly excellent concept. I am a game developer so appreciate the hard work and I find it painful to read these douch responses from people who complain about minor bugs when they enjoyed hours of play time for ten bucks.

    My game crashes in the day of the dead levels with the lightening storm every time that I hit the back button to look at the map. The crash happens on all the graveyard levels I tried it on.

    Keep up the good work!

  216. Francisco Says:


    I waited for the game to lauch on PC. When I installed it it was going well bute when it opened the game crashed in the loading.

    Can you please help!

  217. Adam Says:

    Same problem, game crashes just after it starts up in the loading screen on steam.

  218. Boctor Says:

    Excellent port, I’ve been waiting for this for so long!

    3 hours into the game, I’ve hit a wall. There is a room where you drop a crate on a button to open a purple door. I did this, the door opened, and then I could not move. I could pause, but that was it. So I selected exit game option and retried. The button was pressed, but the door remains closed, and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. I’ll have to restart – but no worries, I was just letting you know.

    Keep up the great work!

  219. Matthieu Says:

    Same crash than Francisco and Adam. The game crashes on the loading screen.

    I’m on a win 7 64 bits. Tried with the original and native resolution, fullscreen and windowed (by modifying the settings file)

    The debug log doesn’t seem to have many information in it:

    (23:46:27.749) [OpenAL] 32-bit OpenAL-Soft will be used
    (23:46:27.829) [OpenAL] Available mono sources : 255
    (23:46:28.299) [Version] INFORMATION : 1.03, Build Date : 02/05/2013 06:48
    (23:46:28.473) [MonoGame] INFORMATION : OpenGL version 3.3.0 – Build
    (23:46:29.172) [Intro] INFORMATION : First draw done!

  220. Quin Says:

    I encounter a bug where most of the floors are invisible from the beginning of the game. It’s still playable, I’m able to move and everything normally, but it’s difficult when you can’t tell whether or not there’s floor…

    This is only on my laptop. Running the game on the desktop has no problems.

  221. Quin Says:

    Update: Setting the game full screen solved the problem for a second, but it went right back. And I would just play it on the desktop, but it’s only available at home, where I rarely am.

  222. Aras Says:

    Is there a patch that will enable the game itself to run?

  223. anon Says:

    The article problem remains in the PC port.

  224. Quin Says:

    So somehow the problem has got worse since yesterday, and now about half the doors are invisible too.

  225. Zef Says:

    This game crashes on an intel laptop. It doesnt even get past the initial white ‘loading…’ screen (windows 7 32-bit).

  226. sergio Says:

    Same for me. Freezing in the loading screen. I must do a brutal swirch-off of the laptop. After reboot, the game loads, but it’s disturbing and dangerous for my hardware.

  227. Piwex Says:

    I can’t pass title screen. Im pressing enter but it doesn’t work! Sometimes it does but when i start game i cant exit gomez room because the game freezes at the loading screen.

  228. piero Says:

    same problem as Piwex: I can only move inside the first room (the one with the drum) but then the loading is endless

  229. Phoenixxl Says:

    Please fix the issue with choppy scrolling (on the pc version)

    This is en engine issue. I’m sure the person that made the engine can look into it.

    Scrolling issue is less but absolutely not gone when vsync and triple buffering is enabled.

    This should not be happening in this day and age.

    Other games which are a lot more graphically demanding can manage it. So i’m sure this game can too.

    I can understand the need to release a game quickly , but the back side of that coin implies fixing after the fact.

    Thank you in advance for looking into it.

    (nvidia gtx 590 3 gig mem , 4 core 3,2ghz cpu , 16 gb mem)

  230. Fernand Says:

    @ ^^^^

    Even mon Amiga 500 at 7,14 mhz from 1989 was able to achieve perfect scrolling.

    Looking into this and fixing it should not be considered a luxury problem.

    Like what prev poster said , in this day and age this should not be happening.

  231. yang Says:

    just bought the game on steam and a few minutes into the game the game stopped and got blackscreened. tried a couple of times and still the same. can i get a refund somehow?

  232. XCaptain Says:

    I this is a really great game, but I ran into an issue with the third part of the game.
    The load screen seems to never end…
    Playing on the XBL Version.

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    If you know of any please share. Kudos!

  234. Miguel Aguirre Says:

    First off,
    This is an amazing game

    However, i was watching Youtube videos about a red cube? Naturally my instincts inclined me to look into it and sure enough something came up, so i decided to input a code when you collect all of these “red cubes” and the game did the “fake”reset. So when i try to leave Gomez’s room the game just gets stuck in an endless loading screen, is there any way to fix this? Or will i have to reset my game. (Im on the Xbox version), thanks in advance.

  235. Jorge Says:

    I really enjoy playing this game, and i want to continue playing, but i can’t play where i left off, everytime i go to “continue game” it loads and then freezes. I can’t play my saved game at all, my only option to play the game is to start over a new one. Please fix this bug

  236. Melissa Says:

    I’m also stuck at the loading screen after having found the heart cube and returning to Gomez’s room. (XBOX)

  237. Wade Nix Says:

    Don’t know if you guys are still reading these, but on the Xbox after solving the 64 cube room heart puzzle, I am no longer able to leave Gomez’s room into the village.

  238. Bherf Says:

    The game just doesn’t let me enter the clock tower again. After completing most of the secret puzzles in the stage the map signs only a ? icon on this place, then I went out to explore the world, finished the game, started a New Game + and when I stand in front of that door I press up and nothing appens. Why?
    BTW great game, a masterpiece, really!

  239. Bherf Says:

    Never mind, resolved passing by a secret backdoor.

  240. Skatexius Says:


    I just started playing Fez on Mac and i seem to be having some graphic issues in the houses. For example, in the first house (where the chest is) the wall starts from below the “cube” and goes up to the middle of the cube and not all the way to the top, as saw in the screenshots and videos. I dont even see the fireplace, as well as the chest being outside the “cube”. I got to it by accident, and i wasnt even in front of it when i opened it even tho the game though I was. Most of the time im just “walking on air” in these houses, as if all the objects are hidden (since the bottom of the wall actually starts outside of the cube, so theres only the lower half in the actual cube in which the player is). Please help, its really difficult to get to some objects in the houses, the only way i can do it is by copying a gameplay video, its like playing blind basically. Thanks!

  241. Skatexius Says:


    I just started playing Fez on Mac and i seem to be having some graphic issues in the houses. For example, in the first house (where the chest is) the wall starts from below the “cube” and goes up to the middle of the cube and not all the way to the top, as saw in the screenshots and videos. I dont even see the fireplace, as well as the chest being outside the “cube”. I got to it by accident, and i wasnt even in front of it when i opened it even tho the game though I was. Most of the time im just “walking on air” in these houses, as if all the objects are hidden (since the bottom of the wall actually starts outside of the cube, so theres only the lower half in the actual cube in which the player is). Please help, its really difficult to get to some objects in the houses, the only way i can do it is by copying a gameplay video, its like playing blind basically. Thanks!

  242. MC Says:

    i have an issue when i enter the beat blocks level that is next to the waterfall. when i enter the level the loading symbol freezes and music starts playing and if i pause and come back the level is frozen and is blue and pink and i can exit the area and everything will be fine but if i go back it will still be glitched and i don’t know what to do

  243. Renaud Says:

    Hi all,

    Please refrain from using this thread to report issues! It’s much easier to track using the GetSatisfaction support page : https://getsatisfaction.com/polytron

  244. TheNugg Says:

    At the very start, i cant open the mail. All the other buttons work fine; ive even tried changing the buttons, but it still breaks. (Mac version)

  245. Sophie Says:

    Need help~ I can’t play the game~
    I just bought this game and when I wanted to open it,it will say that it is first time setup and ‘Installing :Microsoft .NET Framework Client Profile.cmd’.
    Half way through the process an error message will pop out saying that ‘To run this application,you first must install one of the following versions of the NET. Framework: v40.30319′.
    So I tried installing the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 but then somehow it said that it failed no matter how many times I tried~
    Can anyone help me? =)


  246. Big Jim Says:

    Watched the documentary made about the development of Fez and then saw the game discounted on Xbox Live so bought it immediately. Great game – loved the pseudo-crash at the beginning which I presume is meant to be ironic after all the problems I watched you facing in the film. But… after about 2 hours into the game, I can’t load from my save point… not happy! More Fuz than Fez.

  247. Nadine Says:

    I have the same problem as big Jim but probably played for more hours. I think it’s try to load me into a blackhole. Is there anywhere I can get a part way through save game file from somewhere. Can’t face having to do it all again. :-(

  248. Rebecca Says:

    Okay so I’m loving this game at the moment and I’m absolutely desperate to complete it however I seem to have this bug where on the (I think) industrial area with all the spinning platforms, where it starts to glitch as I play and then after five minuets the game will crash. I’ve tried it on multiple save files and it only happens on this level. Also I’m on the pc version on steam.
    Has any one else had this problem??

  249. Mike Says:

    Hi, I keep running into an issue on the Xbox 360 where it appears that the save is corrupted. The first time was in the waterfall level. I fell into a blackhole and continuously respawned on top of it, so I had to reset the game. Afterwards, I tried “continue game” and every time it starts to load, and then my entire xbox freezes, just leaving me with the sound of water falling. The only fix was to start over.

    I think the second time I may have just exited the game from the waterfall level. Not sure exactly. I guess I will start the game over again and just avoid ending my game in the waterfall level like the plague. It would be nice if there was a way to fix the corrupt save file, so I didn’t have to keep restarting.

  250. Renaud Says:

    Hi Mike, if you’re reading this…
    The waterfall level has a glitch in the Xbox 360 version, and unfortunately I don’t see it being patched any time soon.
    See the “August 4th 2012 update” section of this blog post for a workaround.

  251. Thorbjoern Says:

    There is an issue on the PS4, have also read that it occurs on xbox as well (http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=366242)

    When beating the game for the first time, if you collected all 64 cubes (yes, I went looking up solutions for the puzzles I couldn’t do myself), when you finish the game and start a new game plus, you will be given the 3d glasses, but no sun glasses (no first person view). It doesn’t matter how many times you finish the game the traditional way, you will still be given the 3d glasses each time. This means that the game can’t be beaten on ng+ to reach ng+ adventure to get the flying ability. This means that I have to complete the entire game again, and NOT get all 64 cubes. This seems very weird to me.

  252. Thorbjoern Says:

    Could a possible solution be to give not only the 3d glasses but also the sun glasses at the same time when beating the game with 64 cubes? I feel sort of punished for collecting everything before beating the game…

  253. Thorbjoern Says:

    Nevermind. I guess I got the glasses anyways but wasn’t told. I can enter first person view normally. Forget my posts. Sorry! =)

  254. Chantelle Says:

    Hi, I’ve been playing Fez on my boyfriend’s ps vita after he completed the game and I am stuck at the very end. I have 32 yellow cubes and 31 anticube yet EVERYTHING is golden and I have cross checked with maps on the internet and I am not missing any roooms/areas etc. The only answer I have found is the ‘Achievement’ anticube. I have tried this and nothing happens. Desperately want to finish the game, any suggestiond?

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  257. Jeremy Says:

    Tried the patch option, didn’t work. My game still freezes at the loading screen when you start your game. I’ve gone as far as getting the glasses. Please help!

  258. Jeremy Says:

    Never mind I found a way to fix the game. Clear your cache, and disconnect from XBL, then go into the game, save anywhere else but the waterfall level, then connect to XBL and re-download the patch.

  259. Juliana Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > Polytron Corporation

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