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  1. stevey boy Says:

    been playing it for a couple of hours-its brilliant :)

  2. Aviv Says:

    pealse make this game for the ps3 or pc i realy want to play this game. this game need to be amazing and im sure it is so please consider it.


  3. johangsl Says:

    being refreshing the site from midnight to see this post :)

  4. johangsl Says:

    Its on my download Queue, can wait to get home tonight

  5. Feryl Says:

    Been a long time coming, to say the least! Congrats on finally releasing it… I’m sure you put your heart into this one. Next up: a Steam release, please!

  6. Christopher Says:

    Guys, this game is amazing so far. Thank you so very much.

  7. Zach Says:

    I’m so glad that you stuck with it and finished it! I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard of it until I saw “Indie Game: The Movie.” But I’m really glad I did. This is a brilliant idea. I can see how it ended up being a lot more difficult than it originally seemed, it’s a really complicated idea. I appreciate that you took the time to do it right and I hope this leads to great things for you in the future. I’m going to tell everyone to get this!

  8. Gimlao Says:

    Can we post bug reports somewhere ?

    For example, in french, the game fails to show “Œ” for “ŒIL” (“EYE” in english) and show “~IL” instead. =/

    Anyway, I LOVE the “buggy” intro. =D

  9. Marc Says:

    Can you tell me if you’re planning to fix the stuttering?

  10. Jill_Valentine Says:

    Phil Fish, where are the PS3, PC, Mac versions? xbox only? Really? For a game of this quality it has to be shared & played by all gamers on all platforms!

  11. Alec Empire Says:

    XBOX only!? Wha!? What a bummer…
    Any plans for PS3?

  12. Gery Says:

    We would LOVE a PC version, and we will wait years if at last is released, but please, tell us that you are going to do it!
    P.D. Sorry for the bad english :p

  13. Hauptfilm Says:

    Why only xbox? I’m not buying an xbox for one game, it makes no sense to be platform specific. Think of all the gamers (money) that won’t be able to play this! Silly Fish…

  14. Forbes Says:

    My god the bugs! The bugs! FFS! We waited long enough & you’ve got the temerity to send out a buugy piece of software! Phil Fish Fail!

  15. Gabriel Verdon Says:

    Whoa there gamers! It looks likes your false sense of entitlement is causing you to act like stupid idiots.

    Understand that this game was programmed by one guy, Renaud Bedard. Releasing a game for a single platform is a difficult job for a whole team of programmers, let alone one working by himself. It’s also likely that there is a period of Xbox exclusivity in their publishing deal.

    So be patient, it’s likely Renaud will make versions for other platforms at some point in the future.

  16. koffeeguy Says:

    Loving the game so far….but it keeps crashing on me in one room!

  17. Marc Says:

    Well done guys.
    The game is pure genius and you deserve to be extremely proud of yourselves.

  18. Aaron Says:

    I only was able to play it for about an hour before work, but what I played was a lot of fun. Very relaxing and serene. Can’t wait to keep playing it when I get home :)

    Such a charming world.

  19. Pajolero Says:

    Played this beauty for about six hours nonstop and loved every single second of it. You’ve done a tremendous job guys, thank you.

  20. Vanessa Says:

    This was my favorite game when I first saw it at Indiecade last year. Learned even more about it after watching ‘Indie Game: The Movie’. What an amazing and difficult trip to finally get to this day. Hats off to you!

  21. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    For those wondering about a PC or other platform release, it’s been stated several times that the environment this was programmed in was not one that would be easy to port to anything except possibly PC. Even so, it would still take time to optimize it for PC, and Phil has already stated that his vision of the game and how it should be played will prevent that.

    I’ll still hold out hope, but my expectations are very low. Personally I’d still like to see it appear on a humble bundle or some other charity (like the “WTF Happened to Japanese Games Being Consistently Amazing?” Relief Fund.

  22. Somenerd Says:

    Buy a finished game from Phil Fish? But he’s never finished a game!

  23. newstarshipsmell Says:

    Thankfully I’ll be able to hang out with a friend that owns a 360 – so I’ll start playing after she hits the sack tonight.

    I really wish this had come out on either the PS3 or Wii, though, so I could play it beginning to end at home.

    Thanks for finally releasing this – I’ve been looking forward to it!

  24. Mawds Says:

    Playing this makes me feel like I’m a kid again playing my Amiga. Love it. Thank you.

  25. Trent Says:

    Great game, truly worth the 10/10 reviews it’s getting. It’s rare we get something so unique as this. I feel like I’m playing a game from my childhood but with better game mechanics and a storyline with underlying tones developers didn’t dare delve in to.

    For those who are crying about it not being on PS3, maybe next time you’ll buy a gaming console.

  26. Josh Says:

    Not autosaving during jumping might be a good idea.

  27. Renaud Says:

    Haha, in hindsight it totally does. Will keep this is mind for the probable title update.

  28. Marc Says:

    Glad to see you here Renaud.
    Are you planning to fix the stuttering or can it not be done?

  29. Trent Says:

    How about just autosaving whenever you walk through a doorway, surely that would be frequent enough?

  30. Big Vern Says:

    Yep the game is great but really needs a patch to fix the framerate issues if at all possible.

    I have also experienced a few crashes to the dashboard. Not intentional ones either!

    Hopefully this can all be fixed.

    Back to my second play through with the super cool shades :)

  31. Joe Says:

    Congrats on the release! Played a few hours this morning and it was a great experience; truly reminds me why I fell in love with games in the first place.

  32. Richard Betts Says:

    Excellent work. Congratulations.
    I am thoroughly enjoying every second of it.

  33. Footle Says:

    Beautiful game, Phil & Renaud. Enjoyed/ing it far more than I expected.

  34. Si ++ Says:

    At least release the game for the PC as well. I assume you haven’t signed a contract with Microsoft for an Xbox exclusive.

  35. Jus2poubelle Says:

    Thx for this great great game. I’ve only played a few hours, but i can already say i’m in love with it. :)

  36. Rubna Says:

    Awesome, I’m buying it soon! Can’t wait to play it, 9.5(!) rating by IGN :D

    Oh, and this: Microsoft, fuck you! 5 years of blood sweat and tears from polytron, and microsoft’s logo is in the credits two times, while they didn’t do anything? Bullshit!

  37. Axel Says:

    Been playing for some hours now and absolutely loving it! I’m at home with a cold and was bored out of my mind, literally jumped with joy when a found out the game finally has been released. I’ve understood that you guys have been putting a lot of heart and soul into this with a lot at stake, but if the smiles on all the players’ faces are as ridiculously broad as mine right now, I assure you, it was all totally worth it! =D

  38. Lavode Says:

    I’m waiting for the Amiga version…

  39. Leandro Says:

    Would be a PC version for this game? Maybe to be purchased at steam store for example?

  40. superdefective Says:

    I really enjoyed the game despite the bugs. I am now on my New Game + play though and runs fine with no problems. very strange. I find decrypting the game’s language and entering tetis codes with the controller to solve puzzles very surprising. I haven’t taken notes in a game in a long time. It inspired me to draw this comic: http://superdefective.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/fez-in-a-nutshell/.
    Again great job with the game. I hope that I don’t have to wait 5 years for your next game.

  41. Sam Says:

    I will add to the PC lobbyists. We want this on PCs. On Steam or whatever. Not whining or anything. Just letting you know we’re there. Waiting. Hoping.

  42. Matt Says:

    Why every game on xbox has people whining for a PC or PS3 release? I have them all so it makes no difference to me, but I dont here xbox players crying like little girls everytime PC or PS3 get a game. A game comes out on PS3 or PC only and its all “we got the best games ahahha, you have to buy this to play bla bla bla, thats the point.” Xbox gets a game and suddenly those people are all “everyone deserves to play this game.”

    Hint to those who dont have a xbox, TOUGH SHIT. If you want to play every game then you need to own every platform. Do you think people like me would buy a 360, ps3, and a PC if everyone “deserved to play everything”. That said, this will probably come to steam sometime in the future

    This game is pretty great so far, im not far so I have had no problems but I have to say good job on creating a unique and fun game without guns, blood, or even enemies.

  43. Sam Says:

    Yep, that’s exactly WHY we want to play it. Because it’s UNIQUE. I don’t care about anything else on Xbox. You can keep all your guns blood enemies – We get plenty of those on any platform.

    And it’s not whining. It’s lobbying.

    Please come on the PC and take our money. There’s plenty of people wanting to pay for a UNIQUE game. Just look at Minecraft. I’m one of the people who paid.

    It’s Polytron’s right to release on any platform they want. But I reserve my right to lobby for the PC.

  44. Big Vern Says:

    Wow lots of moaners in here wanting multi platform. It is understandable but give them chance for f*ck sake.

    They are a small company who have struggled to make this game. Let them at least make some money from the xbox version before you all start demanding an immediate PS3 / PC port.

    Besides I dont think you PS3 numpties would be able to handle FEZ’s awesomeness! trolololol

  45. Big Vern Says:

    It’s sad the 3 red cubes don’t do anything?

    I was hoping they would unlock FEZ – The Lost Levels :)

  46. Davis Guys Says:

    PC version coming soon? Put it on sale when it’s out on Steam, please! Thanks pals!

  47. Davis Guys Says:

    Also guys, can you swim to the next level? I was able to swim so far away I couldn’t just rotate back to the original area. I wanted to get to the area far away.

    Playing this at my friend’s house. PC port plzz PLZ!!!!

  48. GoSign Says:

    Everyone accessing this website has access to a PC. A small fraction of us own an XBox. So for most people, this announcement is basically “hey, here’s a game I made, but YOU can’t buy or play it.”

  49. Davis Guys Says:

    Again… PC version plz! I hate going to my friend’s house to play Fez. He’s a real prick sometimes and it’s not worth it. Please release on PC so I can play it in my room.

  50. flatverse Says:

    My apologies for getting all but hurt about the Japanese games comments earlier. I am a silly silly silly person who’s mind is too weak against the will of the internet.

    Having said that…

    Fez is TRULY an amazing game. The pixel art, the LEVEL DESIGN!!!, the puzzles, oh the puzzles, the music!!!. I love this game more than I loved Super Mario World when that first came out.

    This game is a masterpiece. Thank you so incredibly much. This game inspires awe and wonder like few others can.

  51. flatverse Says:

    P.S. I stopped eating out for a month to buy an XBOX 360 just for this game. Thank you for only making it 10$.

  52. K Says:

    I can’t afford an Xbox, but luckily my friend has one. This game is absolutely amazing/fantastic/a complete mind work out. We had a blast playing it (including ‘accidentally’ going to the end of the game… Couldn’t get back through the star gate after discovering it and walking through it) and I can’t wait to play it more. I kinda suck at the other, more popular games (like Halo or MW) so I appreciate a game that makes you think creatively to solve things, not just button mash to get things done.

    While I would also add my voice to the request to have it available on other platforms, I realize that this game comes from a small company without the mass programming capacity. I think it would do well on other platforms as well.

  53. Tony Says:

    Why wont this come out for ps3 D:

  54. Adam Says:

    Just want to say that this game is amazing.

    I’m not plugged in to the gaming community at all and didn’t read any of the hype. I noticed the game appear in the marketplace and downloaded the trial, and that was the sum total of my expectations.

    So to say that my expectations were met or exceeded or whatever would not apply. Rather I might say that my mind has been blown to pieces.

    Great work.

  55. paramite12 Says:

    No Steam version = no buy

  56. Icet44 Says:

    Well, since i dont have a supid Xbox, i will just buy the PC version, and Trent, PS3s are gaming consoles. You’re just jealous that you dont have one. :)

  57. Noophyte Says:

    If this hits steam, I will buy it.

    And it’s as good as it looks, I will probably buy it for at least a few of my friends. (which I did for Bastion and Braid)

    Do iiit.

  58. Lee Says:

    I played the demo of Fez and paid for the full thing within a few minutes. I absolutely love your game.

    However, I don’t love the stuttering which is happening on virtually every loading screen for me now and it’s really taking me out of the game and taking away from my Fez experience.

    I’m sure you’re working on this so I’m in anticipation of a patch.

  59. Crook3d Says:

    I saw a preview for this game years ago and was stoked for it.. but then I lost track of it.. I was overjoyed when I found it again, only to have my heart crushed learning that it is not available on PC. I hope you folks bring this to the PC in the future, I’d like you to have my money.

  60. 2012 y el poder de los "pequeños videojuegos". | Don Alexbot Says:

    [...] ocultos en las ruinas y el trayecto . Es un juego corto, pero vale la pena por su belleza. FEZ (Polytron Corporation) es una propuesta aún mas curiosa. Su protagonista, Gomez, es un personaje 2D en un mundo 2D. Pero [...]

  61. scott brennan Says:

    I’ve seen a lot of this game but sadly I don’t have a xbox so it would be awesome for you to make it available on PC and MAC but do it in your own time :)

  62. Easy Says:

    Please, port it on PC… publish it on Steam… I will buy it for any price ! Please !

  63. JL Says:

    It’s the developer’s prerogative to stay on XBLA if they want, to emulate the retro experience as I think Phil said, and that makes complete sense given the style of the game. And yet, they missed the XBLA boat by a couple of years, while all the best titles are getting the most attention on Steam and PSN these days. For that matter, a “retro experience” to me is sitting in front of my PC playing Age of Empires until it’s past my bedtime – not everyone who wants Fez was born in the late 70′s/early 80′s. So Polytron, please consider porting to PC, because plenty of us have gamepads to play the way it was intended, and frankly we just want to throw our money at you for your seriously impressive game. I’m sure PSN users wouldn’t mind having it also. :)

  64. Wonderling Says:

    I watched Indie Game: The Movie today. I’m part way through Fez right now. It’s one of those things where you just don’t consider the depth and complexity behind a game like this until you get to watch the creator behind the scenes a little bit. I have so much for indie developers. To go out and do your own thing and produce such great quality content, while it may be more rewarding than working for a big developer, must be terrifying.

    While I was watching Indie Game: The Movie I just so badly wanted to come and give you (Phil) a hug and tell you how much the world needs creative, brilliant, and ballsy people like you. Congrats on the awesome game, I love the feel of it and have already sunk a few hours into it with plenty left to do, well worth the money.

  65. Oddskar Says:

    I as well just watched the Indie Game: The movie. I’m so glad you released your game, and I wish you great success in the future.

    Unfortunately I don’t own an XBOX, but if you ever decide to port to PC I’ll happily buy your game!

  66. jclayart Says:

    Yeah Fez!!!! Any plans of releasing a PC version? I’d love to play this, it looks fricken amazing!

    Might have to cave in and get it on my fiance’s xbox

  67. kat Says:

    I’m really happy for you guys and the game looks absolutely brilliant, hopefully at some point I’ll own an xbox and the first game I’ll buy will definitely be Fez.

  68. neuroboy Says:

    I too watched Indie Game The Movie, was moved by all you chaps went through, am really happy to see the game has finally been released, but am gutted that Fez is not yet available on PC or PS3, having dumped my Xbox 360 almost 2 years ago…

    I adored Braid and I’m really enjoying Super Meat Boy, but FEZ is the game featured in that wonderful documentary that I really really want to play. it llos awesome in its own right, but it also reminds me of the 8bit/16bit classic Nebulus and right now a bit of gaming nostalgia really suits this veteran gamer just fine…


  69. Tanner Says:

    I sure would love to play this game it looks like my kind of thing if you get it out to ps3 ill give you my money for it. then if you release it for p.c. ill spend the money again because this game looks that great.Then if you went and put it on wii ware id pay for it AGAIN either way those are the systems i got you stand to make some good money if you can get it on either of those systems.
    Saw that indie game movie to you straight inspired me to finish some of the projects i began so thank you your an inspiration to little game makers everywhere

  70. David Says:

    I’d be even pay in advance for a Steam/Windows/Mac release if that would help make it happen, some other games have done something similar. Everything else worth playing on 360 I’ve already got on Steam.

  71. Mario Says:

    Please please please port over yo the ps3!! This game looks so amazing and interesting, I wanna buy it but all I have is ps3.

  72. Will Uribe Says:

    Congratulations for your great work of art called FEZ, I have seen the movie where you appear and now I appreciate more the game, I think you’re amazing, I am one of your many fans. Thanks for reading this.

    A big hug from Mexico with the red hat as well



  73. whoami?? Says:

    do u know why we want this game on pc…….
    simply because its FANTASTIC….
    i think everyone can agree on that….

    please release some info about a potential pc release…..please…..

  74. Facundo Says:

    Hey I saw indie game the movie last night, glad you could finish the game. I bought it too…

  75. SellOut Says:

    So, is this going to be released on PC?

  76. KiKO Says:

    FEZ PlayStation3 version please!

  77. Doug Says:

    Really want FEZ on PS3 looks amazing. It’s like the kinds of games I grew up playing and loving.

  78. mike Says:

    Fez PS3 – THATS ALL

  79. Augure Says:

    When I saw the movie “Indie Game” I went and tried to buy it right away. But…not available on Mac or PC…I hope you try to adapt it to PC because that’s where you’ll meet the full market

  80. Johnny Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Augure above me. I watched your movie and cannot WAIT to play this game but on PC please. Maybe even just adapt it to Windows 8, sell in the store same as XBLA?

  81. Alex Says:

    Dear Phil Fish,

    Thank you. I understand this game and everything you went through to make it. It was worth it 100%. This is my favorite game of all time. Not just one of my favorite games of all time, but one of my favorite things of all time. The art is also quite amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Alex M.

  82. Andrew Says:

    I watched Indie Game: The Movie last night and would just like to say congratulations for sticking with it through all the stress and releasing what looks like an amazing game.

    I’d love to buy it but I’m a Mac guy (what? stop looking at me like that) so I guess I’ll be waiting a while!

    I have Super Meat Boy but it crashes all the time (and they’ve not done anything about fixing it for a year) so, although I’m sure we’d all like a PC/Mac release asap, a stable release is obviously the most important thing.

    So… take your time (just not four years).

  83. Israel Says:

    FEZ on PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3!

  84. Izzieq Says:

    Yes.. I watched Indie Game the Movie too.. yeserday

    Like the art you’re making..

    Is it available for PC?

  85. Lærke Says:

    Your game made it all the way to little Denmark~! :D
    This is the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen!
    I really get the feeling of… You know, playing games from childhood, when I play it! :D

    I’m an artist myself and I must say; the atmosphere and the art en generel is so.. Peaceful and beautiful! The sounds, the world… It feels so relaxing and nostalgic…
    The game really takes one back in time, somehow… :D

    I know I’m late, but you should know, even though it’s cooled down a bit around your game and all, there’s still people out there, enjoying the game just as much, as when it first came out! :’D

  86. Nabil Moufid Says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME! i didnt have a xbox 360 so i bought one just to play this game thank you guys much you rock!

  87. Ben Says:

    Hey, the game looks incredible! Really hope you consider a pc port when the exclusivity deal with Microsoft comes to and end.

  88. Curly Says:

    Keep up the good work. I’m a man who never posts. Ever. I’m also a very casual gamer, I rarely play games. Rarely. I’m just really excited to see a game I can really relate and really relax to. But unfortunately I’m a Mac user. Just letting you know, it’d be great to get the Mac gamers in on this gem. I’ll be the first in line.

  89. Daniel Says:

    It’s Art & Magic, please find a way to release it on IOS & OSX!
    Great Great Work!

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