Montreal, August 27th, Party Time

POLYTRON is excited to announce the FEZ HAPPY! 15 celebrations, celebrating 15 years of FEZ!

Coinciding with the legendary game’s 2011 release, the franchise’s 15th anniversary will be commemorated in style with a series of overly elaborate and lavish CELEBRATIONS.

Phil Fish, the game’s famed designer had this to say about FEZ HAPPY! 15: “We’re gonna party like it’s 1999! At which point the game had only been in development for 3 years and we still had our whole lives ahead of us.”

Starting TODAY and lasting until SOME TIME NEXT YEAR, the FEZ HAPPY 15! celebrations will take you on a nostalgic ride down memory lane, with exclusive looks at the game’s many different iterations and storied development, building up to the game’s epic historical launch.


About FEZ:

In development since 1996, FEZ is world-famous for being the game with the longest development time of all times, thus, it will make the most money.


POLYTRON has been around since forever, you just hadn’t heard of us yet. Weird!


43 Responses to “FEZ HAPPY! 15”

  1. eyuzwa Says:

    Happy 15th FEZ!!

    As the Doctor says, “Fez’s are cool”

  2. Isaac Says:

    Happy 15th Fez! I can’t wait to celebrate the release anniversary on release day!

  3. PsySal Says:

    Happy birthday Fez. I’m going to start smoking cigars in another 15 years when the game comes out!

  4. Daniel Rehn Says:

    Happy 15th FEZ! Here’s to another 15!

  5. Bruno Dion Says:

    Happy 15th FEZ! Can’t wait for FEZ 2 in 2030!

  6. Eric Says:

    I’m excited, but I think it could use another 7 or 8 years worth of polish (not the Poland kind) to be something truly special.

  7. Millhouse Says:

    I’m excited and I think it could use another 7 or 8 years of polish (the Poland kind) to be something truly special.

  8. Millhouse Says:

    Also, it could use some finnish. The Finland kind.

  9. exit Says:

    fish’s not-at-all-resentful way of announcing that for the third consecutive year he is pushing the previously announced release date.

    although maybe those trailers were just meant for counting away the years. fez is the new bob’s game.

  10. Galaxy613 Says:

    Indie game’s Duke Nukem Forever no?

  11. PsySal Says:

    @Galaxy: Hey well Ocarina of Time took a long time to make, too! I think it will be worth it… Mr. FISH Keep going!

  12. BMcC Says:

    @Galaxy613: No.

  13. Millhouse Says:

    …Also, Ocarina of Time had a lot more manpower and the sheer endless monetary power of nintendo behind it.

    Whatever happened to bob’s game? I remember reading about it a couple of years ago, but I didn’t really care about it.

    On a side note, I really kind of like the poster design. Fish, you’re an awesome designer.

  14. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    whoa, 15 years? really?

    okay, so, another year doesnt sound all that bad.

    unless this is the same as the portable pro

  15. Luckett Says:

    Excited for the game as I have always been, the dripping resentful sarcasm oozing from the developer at this point however is beginning to tarnish that. Get over yourself.

  16. Lolle Says:

    Thank God Microsoft stated that xbox 360 will be on the market at least until 2015. There’s still plenty of time.

  17. Karl Says:

    @Luckett: Agreed, honestly. I’d never visited the site until today and just reading through the posts, the e-go (a result of the echo chamber that is the Twitter Generation) is honestly kind of embarrassing. There are way too many brilliant people who’ve actually PRODUCED something that deserve my time…

  18. Oatcoat Says:



  19. Oatcoat Says:

    It’s actually kind of funny getting to know an imposter who works in such a small room – three or four comments I’ve ever made.
    Keep wondering why all this flattery, looks like it has something to do with supporting the project in several ways: buying polytron stuff (Mr. Fish can probably check that out), saving 1350 MS points just in case or simply spreading the voice.

  20. Secret Admirer Says:

    Disregard that. That guy is annoying.

  21. Secret Admirer Says:

    Maybe it’s someone that shares the same name as you, no? Have to admit it makes these Polytron post more enjoyable!

  22. Peter Piper Says:

    The hate has started in this thread too! Quick Polytron release the game!

    PSN/XBLA/iPhone/iPod Touch

  23. Oatcoat Says:

    Is it a new internet trend for impostors to pretend that they are the original? Because if so, it’s hilarious.


    @ Oatcoat What are you smokin’!?


    @BRANDON: I know, right?

  26. BMcC Says:

    Hahaha oh gosh.

  27. Peter Piper Says:

    Am I missing something? Is it a private joke? What’s happening?

  28. Fish Says:

    i have no idea.

  29. Fish Says:

    me neither dude. Is it 4:20 yet?

  30. Peter Piper Says:

    Is 4:20 hometime?

  31. Peter Piper Says:

    Dude, We can’t stop here. This is Bat Country.

  32. Peter Piper Says:

    Wait! that last post wasn’t me!

    “Dude, We can’t stop here. This is Bat Country.”

  33. Pajolero Says:

    Bon anniversaire, fellas! Those 15 years have been incredible to say the least. Keep up your tough but nonetheless noble work :)

  34. FEZ tampoco saldrá este año Says:

    [...] que el requetebonico FEZ saldrá finalmente en 2011. Así lo confirmó uno de sus responsables en un post coñero… de hace diez días. Pero eh, si yo no lo había leído en ningún sitio, puede que vosotros [...]

  35. Fuzunga Says:

    So I was going to say this was a great Duke Nukem joke, but then I realized it was posted BEFORE that announcement. Polytron can see the future?

  36. GlimmerFish Says:

    Fez: One and A Half TOO HUMANS in the Making!

  37. Fish Says:

    oh man,
    i actually did a spit-take reading that one.

    FINALLY a too human joke.

  38. Fez gets new gameplay, looks marvelous — Scrawl Says:

    [...] Polytron Corporation was that the game is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade in 2010. It’s since been pushed to 2011. A new clip sent out today reveals some marvelous new gameplay, properly demonstrating the [...]

  39. SmaugTheDragon Says:

    Party Hard!
    Like the game
    will buy when released

  40. Five minutes of Fez « playWISE Says:

    [...] title has been in in development for a purported 15 years according to the official site, which may or may not be accurate. It was unveiled in 2008, which was the year it won [...]

  41. Samuel Levin Says:

    someone made a flash game that’s like fez


  42. Christofer McBaley Says:

    Did you seriously change the date when you started this game to make it seem like you spent more time on it?

    You are a fucking tool.

  43. RayRay Says:

    Guys calm down, hes trying his best.
    Hes just scared that all the time he worked on his game it may fail.
    And you idiots who think its SOO easy to make a game can just go die in a ditch or hop in a meat grinder

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