FEZ is coming to Xbox Live Arcade on April Friday the 13th 2012 and will retail for 800 microsoft points.

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  1. Ben M-J Says:

    AWW YEAH. So excited :)

  2. Nick Says:

    YES!!!!!!!! I have never been so excited for a game in my entire life haha. 150+ Worlds to explore for 800MSP & it comes out on a Friday!?!?! Thank you Phil and everyone else who worked on FEZ. I can’t wait!

  3. C418 Says:

    Wonderful news. I love all of you at Polytron, and FEZ will definitely get well deserved praise and sales.

  4. Roger C. Rocha Says:

    One of the best birthday gifts ever! Thanks, Phil.

  5. Galaxy613 Says:

    Everyone who follows MSPaintAdventures should be aware of the significance of 4/13

  6. richard Says:

    i won’t be going to work this day.

    super excited!

  7. Concerned Gamer Says:

    You shouldn’t have said those things and now I won’t be buying these things.

  8. Fuzunga Says:

    I don’t know how you got them to break the Wednesday tradition, but this is great because I won’t have time to play it until Friday anyway and this way I don’t have to agonize over knowing it’s available but I can’t play it.

  9. FEZ Finally Has A Release Date « Not gonna talk about Twitter here Says:

    [...] Source (epilepsy warning) Share this:TwitterTumblrRedditFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 12:46 am and tagged with arcade, fez, game, games, indie, indie game, live, platformer, release date, video, videogame, videogames, xbox and posted in video games, vija gaemz. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. « First Asura’s Wrath DLC Out Now [...]

  10. Ben Says:

    $10 on a Friday? None of this makes sense but okay!

  11. Phishy Says:

    Was originally interested in the game but after the way Fish reacted to the racism fiasco, I’m not longer interested. Good luck to you. http://i.imgur.com/yknLV.png

  12. Fuzunga Says:

    ^Nice use of context.

  13. Fez – Release Date! « Games Fascination Says:

    [...] official release date announced by the developers, by way of a somewhat ridiculous flashing .gif on a post on their site.  According to the announcement, the game will hit XBox Live Arcade on April 13, [...]

  14. fuckthisgame Says:

    fuzunga you do not say respond to someone who provided evidence without providing some of your own, so until you explain what the context was I’m going to agree with him and say phil is a dick.

  15. Ruben Says:

    Wow, 800 points?!It’s not like I’m complaining but why so low?

  16. a horse named colin Says:

    oh boy i can’t wait for this game to crash and burn!
    i think i’m going to buy an xbox just so i can look at this game on the marketplace and decide not to buy it.

  17. MILES Says:




  18. Fuzunga Says:

    Nah, I’m not going to get in an argument with anyone. If you don’t want to buy it, that’s your call. You guys are going to miss out on a great game, though. (And before you say anything, yes I have played it before at conventions.)

  19. anon Says:

    Glad it wasn’t some shameful tie in with indie game the movie’s dcs release

  20. fuckthisgame Says:

    nah I’m not gonna miss out on it, gonna pirate it. Not giving the developer any slack though, gonna recommend that everyone pirate it because he legitimately does not care about the consumer, so neither should we.

  21. Nick Says:

    @fuckthisgame Sweet name btw you fucking moron. If you don’t buy FEZ based on a stupid remark that has been takin WAY out of context, then I feel sorry for you. Stop trolling on the site you fucking hermit.

  22. Mord Says:

    How do you justify charging 800 MS Funbucks for a game that is a complete rip-off of a free PC flash game?


  23. @Nick Says:

    @Nick – The fact is clear and simple. Fish is an ungrateful douche bag with Aspergers and doesn’t deserve my money. Plus, the mechanics in Fez are nothing short of a direct carbon copy of older games.

  24. Charles Barkley Says:

    Amazing what can happen when you feed the trolls. Sad, but I’m afraid this might only get worse, as what Fish said is going viral. Only time will tell. I still plan to purchase Fez, as you all should. Still a shame, though.

  25. fuckthisgame Says:

    did someone just learn about internet culture? Looks like you looked up the wrong definition of troll, as I was simply stating my opinions which you happened to disagree with. I have no intention of making people angry. If you fell empowered to respond to me, then that is your problem.

  26. Mord is Right Says:

    Also, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crush_(video_game), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Paper_Mario, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echochrome

  27. Charles Barkley Says:

    I agree 100%, but getting angry and trying to justify the ridiculous things you said will certainly only make it worse. Trust me. This has already hit 4chan. It’s only going to get worse.

  28. Mord is Right Says:

    Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crush_(video_game)

  29. Matt Says:

    Haters gonna hate, buyers gonna buy, thanks for the $10 price and I’ll see ya on the 13th.

  30. fuckthisgame Says:

    what’s 4chains?

  31. MAC THE KNIFE Says:

    Who do you think your talking to. The developer?

  32. Bob Vila Says:

    I’ve seen alot of things built in all the years I’ve been building.

  33. Nick Says:

    I just think your opinion is atrocious. The fact that you keep posting how you’re going to pirate it & tell your friends to do the same is trolling my friend. Now please go disappear.

  34. @Nick Says:

    Go play Super Paper Mario if you want a good game

  35. BANU Says:

    Hey guys, if you continue to argue for Fez and Phil Fish, it will cause more problems. Just stop.

  36. Coq Says:

    I won’t be buying this game. Choke on me, Fish.

  37. Dear Phil Says:

    I’ll buy the game if Phil chokes on my fish

  38. Canadian Bac0nz Says:

    I’m a little bit torn about this game. It seems like it might be decent, but Phil is pretty much a set of anthropomorphic genitalia. I’ll play the trial, I guess, and if it’s really good I’ll buy.

  39. Vger Says:

    Ehh. No Steam, no sale.

  40. AayJay Says:

    Been looking forward to this for a long time. DAY 1!!!! Will make sure all friends get it too.

  41. johnholmes Says:

    Lol look at all this butthurt PC gamers. Oh no its not coming to PC so lets bash it and say what a crazy game it is but say you still are going to pirate it. Losers and if all this hate is because of the Japanese games sucks comment grow the fucl up. Even the Japanese themselves say they suck. Look at capcoms inafune said japan gaming was dead. Grow up losers. As for me and others alike 4.13.2012 we will be playing fez.

    to polytron- I am a PC gamer and I hate to say this but don’t ever bring this game to PC. Fuck all these little whinny bitches that make us look bad.

  42. coolbro Says:

    pixel art and a chiptune soundtrack? sign me up!

    -time traveler from 2007

  43. Naw Says:

    So, PC version when?

  44. Derp Says:

    Most Japanese games DO suck these days. I’ll be buying Fez based on that fact.

  45. Overcyn Says:

    So many trolls….

  46. Konstantin Says:

    This is very good news!Greetings from Russia, guys!
    I am founder of russian gaming blog and Fez was one of the most interested project for me, so I definitely will write about this news on my blog, more people should know about Fez:)

  47. Christofer McBaley Says:

    The hat the main character wears is called a Fez.

    It is actually the last boss, when you collect all the cubes.

    Tippi, the main character’s rainbow partner person will use the energon cubes to expose the true evil. Then his hat will like grow arms and legs. And be some kind of metaphor for like corporations or something.

    Then the main character will do some more Super Paper Mario shenanigans, and that is the end.

  48. Brackynews Says:

    Congratufishinglations! I am teh excite. Will probably fail my final exam on Saturday because of this GOD DAMMIT PHIL!

  49. Evil Jim Says:

    Cool to finally have a release date.

    I can has FEZ on PSN nao too pls?

  50. SpiderRumor Says:

    The comments here are interesting. There is a row of people who refuse to buy this game due to the comments made by Phil. I think that is weird. He made a game, that looks nice, has a neat soundtrack and was funded by his own sweat and blood (and a ton of awards). I will buy this game. I want to support the industry and support games that innovate (comments relating to how he ripped off the concept from crush or what have you are disregarded due to the fact that Call of Duty ripped off of Doom). I don’t expect the developers of these games to be shining beacons of light. They are allowed to have their own opinions and if they voice them, all the more power to them. Look at Jonathan Blow. A very smart dude who knows a ton about what he does, however, I hate reading interviews from him and about him. He comes off as a pretentious high-brow teddy bear who loves to hear his own voice but never really says anything that changes anything. And I loved Braid and will sure as hell buy his next game.

  51. endov rhyn Says:

    @johnholmes You’re a moron. Phil, I’m a PC gamer and I’d be happy to fork over 10 or 15 bucks for your game (provided it’s on steam of course.)

  52. Yoplimero Says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting fo… uh, oh, seizures… ugh oh mh eek…

  53. johnholmes Says:

    To polytron- Im a PC gamer and i am going to buy your game regardless if it is on steam.
    @endov rhyn. you’re a dumbass. have fun waiting for a game that may or may not come to your preferred system of choice. the rest of us will be playing FEZ.

    PS. don’t bother saying “oh i don’t even really care about the game”. You care or you wouldn’t have known about the announcement and gotten on the website to comment

  54. Alejandro Says:

    Pretty awesome to watch Indie Game the Movie and immediately afterwards, see them say that your game is coming out soon. Fuck yeah.

  55. Pajolero Says:

    My 10 dollars are yours, monsieur Poisson.

  56. BanditoJuan Says:

    YES. All of my YES.

  57. Fez, il debutto su Xbox Live Arcade è per il 14 aprile « Il Videogioco Says:

    [...] su Xbox Live Arcade il prossimo 14 aprile al prezzo di 800 Microsoft Points. Lo leggiamo sul blog ufficiale della software house indipendente capeggiata da Phil Fish, che è anche l’ideatore di questo interessante titolo che si basa [...]

  58. Ki Says:

    FEZ in Playstation 3 ?? :\

  59. casidios Says:

    Congratulations, i’m dying to play with it

  60. scott James Says:

    Im so hyped for this to come out, felt anxiety when I realised I may have visitors that weekend (they’re not gamers) but they’re long gone by then. Hurrah the hermit weekend.
    as a side:
    Hey, the creator said a silly thing, he’s hardly oppressing a nation or creating a sadness, stop wanting him to fail. Wanting a man to fail is FAR lamer than any off hand comment a man can make.
    This man worked long and hard for this, leave it alone, concentrate your bad vibes on something worthwhile in your immediate/ physical community. Complain to your local authority about parking fines or something. Help dont hinder, you’ll feel better. No one’s gonna high five a failed game.

  61. Josh Holloway Says:

    This post is a great argument for turning off blog comments.

  62. ThBl Says:

    I’m still just not sure. I don’t think Fish meant to be racist but I do think he handled the situation like a jerk. And it’s gone now, but he declared that “gamers are terrible” on twitter a few weeks back because some people told him they were going to pirate his game.

    Great looking game, it would be really nice if he’d make it easier for all of us to feel good about buying Fez by just saying “Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anybody”. Just removing the comment isn’t the same thing.

    uh… and if you’re planning to trash your xbox so you can play pirated games on it just to avoid paying Phil Fish something like $4 after all the royalties are handled… well… I guess you sure showed him…

  63. ThBl Says:

    Pardon me it’s “gamers are the worst fucking people.”

  64. James Says:

    Well, gamers send death threats to developers they don’t like, argue with reviewers over opinions and seem to think that everyone who doesn’t agree with them are “on the take” and pocketing money from big name studios.

    So yeah, gamers are the worst fucking people. Spot on.

  65. Hater Says:

    This game belongs on PC and Nintendo.

  66. Tirades Says:

    Yay! Can’t wait.

  67. Big Vern Says:

    Sweet a release date at last. 800 msp WTF? That’s a f*****g steal! Was expecting 1200.

    What’s with all the hate for Phil? Yes he made a silly comment which he probably shouldn’t have done but get over it.

    The people saying they won’t buy the game because of his comments are only hurting themselves by missing out on a great game.

  68. stevey boy Says:

    Cant wait to play it-Phil, ignore all this talk about what you said about japanese games.

    If people actually watched the vid/heard what you said they’d realise its not half as bad as the gaming press makes out

  69. SoreThumb Says:

    It’s going to come out on Steam eventually, right?

    I’ll just wait patiently until then. :(

  70. timmy Says:

    God Bless Us!

    Every One!

  71. Clayton A. Carlick Says:

    I am so excited, and cannot wait. FINALLY! I showed it to my younger brother, and he got excited and usually listens to what I have to say and I know he’s gonna get it. Old school baby!

    I have researched on it and on Phil Fish a lot, because I am a inspiring video game designer… Oh no? is probably what your thinking. Inspire, ambition and dreams. Go for it! Thanks Fish!

  72. THomas Says:

    I love the concept on the internet that if someone decides to not purchase a game for some reason, that said person will die of boredom because they don’t have the game.

    Like on the Diablo III forums. “Have fun not playing Diablo III!” Ok. I will. I’ll have fun playing a dozen other games.

    2012 is filled to the brim with great releases. If someone decides to hold off and see if Fez comes to another platform they’ll still have plenty of games to play in the mean time (even if Fez never comes!). *shrug*

  73. BANU Says:

    I think Fil Phish should apologize for his asinine remarks. Until then I won’t buy his Japanese game.

  74. Fez Finally Gets A Release Date! « Wolf's Gaming Blog Says:

    [...] To make this announcement Polytron created what can only be described as seizure inducing color explosion in GIF format. If you want to go check them out invest in some sunglasses and head over to THIS LINK. [...]

  75. Rubna Says:


    now… where’s that internet cable…

  76. Rubna Says:

    OK, after going insane by reading the comments, let me add this:

    What are you guys bitching about? If someone at ubisoft or whatever made a “racist comment” (not saying fish’s comment was racist), you would still buy the game, right?

    Why would you decide wether or not to buy the game by if you like the maker of it, while you don’t even know him personally? It makes no sense!

    And to say “it’s like paper mario/echochrome”, well, that’s just plain stupid. YES it has a 2d/3d game mechanic, but it’s NOTHING like paper mario and it’s nothing like echochrome either.

    And, if you’re saying that, go bitch about all platformers because “they’re like mario”. It makes no sense.

    This is an original game. Just because it makes you think of another game, doesn’t mean it’s anything like it. AND YOU HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED IT.

    please, just, stfu and gtfo

  77. py Says:

    FINALLY! I cannot wait to spend those points I have since forever!

  78. Nick Says:

    “In a few weeks, though, we’ll have the best way to judge a designer: their game.” Patrick Klepek via Giantbomb. Couldn’t agree more with that statement either…

  79. Fuzunga Says:

    I know most of the people comparing Fez to other games in here are trolls, but for those of you who are legitimately oblivious, I’d like you to consider the following:

    If games weren’t allowed to share ideas from one another there would only be one game per genre (the first one ever made) and gaming would have been dead a long time ago.

    Plus, there is no 3D perspective in this game at all. The game stays 2D 100% of the time, but you can rotate the entire world by 90º.

  80. seb Says:

    It’s been 4 years that i’m waiting for it !!! YEAAAAHHHH

  81. ben Says:

    i can’t wait. thank you polytron and mr. phil fish.

  82. Nicklaus Says:

    I changed my FB profile picture to the little Fez guy just to show my support, so excited!

  83. Mr Gadzuki Says:

    When will the soundtrack be released? I am a HUGE fan of Disasterpeace! Can’t wait for the game; seeing the trailer for the first time was like seeing the Inception trailer for the first time and then waiting forever for it to come out!

  84. Esbirrez Says:

    I’m counting the days!

  85. citizen of the flat country Says:

    Rest In Piece my old xbox you’re gone too soon to let me play to Fez ;(

  86. Fez Release Date Revealed | Giant Enemy Crab Says:

    [...] “04.13.12″ The message on the charmingly pixel-esque screen seems perfect clear. But in case it wasn’t the accompanying message reads: “FEZ is coming to Xbox Live Arcade on April Friday the 13th 2012 and will retail for 800 microsoft points.” [...]

  87. your mom Says:

    you are piece of shit.

  88. your mom Says:

    hey. I heard you dont like japanese games.

  89. fish fish Says:

    oh you are little pathetic dick

  90. fish fish Says:

    wait. did i mention that you are piece of shit?

  91. fish fish Says:

    phil fish, you are on the national newspaper today. congratz!! you are officially an international dick.

  92. Nick Says:

    Go troll somewhere else you pathetic moron.

  93. Flurnting Snoot Bodgker Says:

    This game should have been called Tarboosh. That would have been too complex for Xbox users though.

  94. Educated opinion Says:

    All this hatred makes me lose faith in humanity. Please, those that choose not to even look at the game and go out of there way to come bash Fish do the gaming community a favor and continue to fap on the Internet alone so none of you reproduce.

    Look, being a game developer is hard and stressful. I know because I am one. I am also aware that we all tend to have odd humor. What you find offensive or obscene we might very well find in testing and numerous….then make a game out of it.

    All games are iterative to one another so it stands to reason that nothing, absolutely nothing, is original. However, we like to throw around the word iterative when a piece of gold is discovered in this process. I know Fish he rebuilt this thing at least 3 times from the move and holding on to that gold under these conditions. He made this game his baby. Game design is about killing babies.

    What I am getting at is it is hard to kill a baby once and very stressful…Phil has done this three times.

    Lastly, Fish made this game for himself. It holds personal meaning with him like all games should to their designers. Game development is an art form and unfortunately nearly never treated as such. So I suggest everyone grow into this new age and begin treating games as they should be so that the games themselves can continue evolve. In doing so we can continue to see more games like Fez in the future.

    If games are not treated as art they become toys, and will be forgotten with time and fade into the past.

    B.F.A. Game Development
    SCAD Atlanta

  95. Gagarin Says:

    Oh Thanx Fish. I have like 3 exams that week and you had to release it just that time.
    Why don’t you push it for next 6 months :)

  96. Bob Wobbaz Says:

    Phil I’ve been follow the progress of Fez for a long time now, I can’t believe it is out next week. I absolutely can’t wait for this and anticipating this more than I am other huge budget, huge title games, am literally counting the days down. I hope this gets the recognition it deserves, it’s rare when you see a game with a unique concept and striking art design put together by such a small development team. Best of luck to you

  97. Lavode Says:

    I’m waiting for the Mac version…

  98. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    this comment thread still makes Tuhd lol.

  99. Dhampir Says:

    I was in hope this was going to be on Steam on PC or PS3 as well or at least Wii. I think this would look awesome on the 3DS tbh.

  100. Macrox Says:

    I would buy it. If it came to PSN that is. I do not own a XBOX360 nor do i have the money or urge to get one. If this would come to Playstation it would be a day 1 buy from me. I loved crush on the psp and in the thought of that game this also seems like an amazing game that can really screw with your perceptions.

  101. Vibe Says:

    very excited for this game, disappointed by the way some gamers are acting. phil your game will speak for itself when people try the demo, and im confident it’ll be well recieved.

  102. Miquel Says:

    I am really looking forward to the release!!!

    I think the people here should try to take it easy… this is a little gem that has taken its time to be polished, that’s it.

    Please give us a PC release date soon! :)

  103. dissappoint Says:

    i cant believe i wont be playing the pc version of this after following it for 4 years.. no loyalty to the following that generated the necessary fan-base to get it where it is.. i guess i always have heard this guy was a douche kazoo. good lookin game, though.

  104. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    I think the only way FEZ is getting released for PC is if Fish decides to release it to raise money for a charity like “Japanese Gamers Relief Fund” or something like that.

  105. FATMANDY Says:

    PC release date please!
    I need to play this game, but im not buying an Xbox :(

  106. poomasta Says:

    9.5 Rating from IGN!! Congratulations guys! I cant wait to pick up my copy tomorrow. You guys are awesome and definitely deserve some well earned respect!

  107. psht Says:

    the wait is gonna kill me.

  108. Actinide Says:

    When does this hit XBLA today then? Because it’s not on yet.

  109. Know Tha Ledge Says:

    This game is a full of symbolism…. That is all I’m going to say.

  110. Lazereth Says:

    This is racism, against the pc!

  111. anth Says:

    Personality i am waiting for a pc version. I have a Xbox, however i would prefer a PC version.

  112. xboxfan Says:

    Oh yeah!!! another win for xbox. I cant wait.

  113. Smaug Says:

    I take my holy quest to destroy every foul xbox in the world, so this can be released for PC.

  114. Dubble A Says:


  115. humbler Says:

    PC version highly anticipated. Maybe as part of some future humblebundle?

  116. spacetrlvr Says:

    dude, you guys have been through a lot. and regardless of success or money. You created something beautiful. no one can take that away… cheers mate

  117. Karl Says:

    This game looks amazing but I’m not blessed with an xbox 360, can’t wait for PC release :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  118. Chezz Says:

    I also think a PC version would be TITS!!

  119. Oli Says:

    I’ll leave a quick comment in french sorry pals if you don’t know it ;)

    Un million de fois bravo pour ce jeu tellement bien construit! Je comprend très bien la pression et la passion pour ce genre de projet étant dans le domaine du jeu vidéo moi-même. Félicitation pour avoir pondu un aussi beau bébé!! :) J’imagine difficilement toute les contraintes et les challenges que cela a dût représenter du game design a l’implementation. Par curiosité, y a t’il un devblog ou un technical blog sur la production du jeu ? j’aimerais vraiment savoir un peu plus sur le coté technique, l’engin utilisé et les softwares et tout.

    Encore une fois merci ce jeu qui est un délice pour le cerveau et les yeux! Et aussi merci pour Indie Game: The Movie !

  120. Tyas van Bergen Says:

    Hey Phil,

    I’ve seen the game Fez come by several times and silently still hope for a PC version. I’ve just seen “Indie Game the Movie.” I’ve known most of the stories somewhat, but never did I get this emotional over a movie because I could see the tough time you’ve had with the Demo Boot, and everything going on revolving that moment and how everything lead up to it.

    I hope things are working out a lot better for you now, stress being relieved and all that and looking forward to news.

    I wish you all the best of luck, and I’ll looking forward to playing the game and experiencing that beautiful world you’ve created.


  121. Jason Says:

    I would love to see fez on the PC. Simply because the xbox 360 is the first system I’ve ever bought to malfunction on me, and I doubt it will stand the test of time like my NES has. I also doubt I will pay for xbox live for decades or keep a 360 connected to the internet at all times so I have access to the games I bought. Simply put, I’d rather have Fez on any other machine besides an Xbox 360.

    Much respect to Phil and Renaud.

  122. Rick Dangerous Says:

    Hey Fish,

    I just played Fez on the 360, fucking loved it.

    Please make this available on other platforms, Steam would be a nice starting point.

    As for the critics, seriously, go back to watching net pron you fucking muppets or better yet, go make a game of your own and then try to and market it online as an indie developer and wait for the stream of abuse to come hurtling in. I bet most of you would wet your pants after the first page o’ crap comes flying at your heads, I’d love to see the slaw jaw expression on your patheticly stupid girly looking faces…

  123. Garry Says:


  124. Xnerdz Says:

    Bravo Phil. J’ai hâte de l’essayer! Après tout le travail que t’as mis là d’dans, on devrait tous l’acheter 2 fois, juste pour te remercier.

  125. Saisio Says:

    Awesome game Phil. Hope you read this. :)

  126. EDLV Says:

    Please bring this game to PSN I would really love to play this game!

  127. Mark Says:

    We went to see the film “Indie Game: The Movie” last night, which spends a fair amount of time following the later stages of development of Fez. Kudos to Phil for sticking it out, and to Renaud for his valuable contribution. Whatever “misbehaviour” Phil may have demonstrated at times is clearly a product of the very high personal stakes involved. Any of us would get just as nuts under the same circumstances.

    I don’t game myself, and have no urge to play Fez (or any other game) but I appreciate creativity and diligence, and Phil has shown both, in spades. The look of sheer child-like joy on the faces of the folks trying out a pre-release version at PAX was a delight to behold. Anything that can make that many people that happy can’t be bad.

    Bien, bien fait, mon ami! Felicitations!

    (Curious. Did the manufacturer of Pez ever pursue the Fez logo as being a trademark infringement, or has the logo changed? Because I have to say there is a certain similarity. At the very least, I was reminded of Pez by the Fez logo right away. Their legal team may have something to say about that.)

  128. XpMonster Says:

    You will be porting FEZ for PC?I look YouTube videos, and i think: this is game Fucking Awesome! Congratulation!

  129. Sawta Says:

    Hope this game comes to PC at some point in the future! :)

  130. shcottyB Says:

    Keep trucking along, Polytron! Hopefully we’ll see a PC release someday, but until then I wish all of you guys the best!

  131. Ali Says:

    Want it for PC! … and good job Phi Fish , i like your job.

  132. Sean Says:

    Awesome job on the game, just saw you on Indie Game: The movie. Glad you didnt kill yourself lol! Looking forward to the next one (no pressure)!

  133. Fortino Says:

    Haha this game will probably get held back another four years just like the 360 version

  134. Brandon Says:

    Great job Phil!

  135. インディーズゲーム FEZ の発売日が決定 | PLAYISM JP BLOG Says:

    […] ソース:http://polytroncorporation.com/fez-friday-the-13th […]

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