It’s official!

FEZ is coming to Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita!

Featuring Playstation Crossplay for Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.

Coming soon to Playstation everything from our friends over at Blit Software, the same developer responsible for the impending Spelunky Playstation Vita port!



  1. Ben Mitchinson Says:

    Thank you. Thank you so much. Phil, please come back to twitter. This announcement was the highlight of gamescom for me.

  2. Cory Says:

    Excellent news!

  3. Miles Says:

    I love you all.

  4. Jack Hyland Says:

    Thank you, Phil.

    We miss you.


  5. Alix Says:

    Wonderful news :)

  6. Fez Coming to PS3, PS4 as Well as Vita - PlayStation LifeStyle Says:

    [...] Polytron said on their website: [...]

  7. Martin Says:

    We need a date, love from Ecuador

  8. James Says:

    I hope you’re doing okay, Phil.

  9. St Johns Says:

    I hope those bugs are getting ported as well. It’s not the same game without them!

  10. Randy Baraceros Says:

    Phil! Come back! Come on buddy!

  11. Reagan Says:

    Even though i’m probably not going to buy a PS4 or anything, having Fez on the Vita will be sick as hell. Thank you Renaud and Phil for being amazing people and working as hard as you guys can. I hope you two are doing well, and are having a nice break. Love you guys.

  12. Daniel Balley Says:

    So excited!!!

    Been waiting for so long.

    We miss you Phil.


    your fans.

  13. Paul Zeke Says:

    excellent! Cash in, dude!

    I’m really hoping a flood of new purchases might motivate Phil to come back to Fez II. Dollars are hard to argue with

    we miss you Phil!

  14. Kristian Grini Says:

    This is awesome news! Can’t wait :D Twitter is not the same without you, Phil. We miss you!

  15. @MarlonRyes Says:

    Awesome news. I normally don’t re-buy many indie games, but this one I will. Thanks a lot, Phil!

    And please, man – Seriously, come back to Twitter! We miss ya! Don’t let others bring you down. I know what it’s like!


  16. Fred Says:

    Fez on Vita was the highlight of gamescom for me too; _so_ happy! Phil and co., thank you for a truly wonderful game! And Phil, please ignore the haters and do come back to Twitter.

  17. Cale Says:

    Thanks Phil! Rockkk!

  18. Débora Says:

    That’s great news! I already purchase for PC but I will purchase for PS3 too. But can we have FEZ 2 please?

  19. Thiago Says:

    thank youuuuuu so much!!!! i definitely will buy it! can you make fez ii? i will wait ten years for fez ii if you want, but please make fez ii!!!!!!!!!

  20. gay Says:

    fuck that…no one wants to play your game

  21. Karl Says:

    Hey, Phil, I think you really good game developer. Your game really amazing and I think that you now developing Fez II, just you don’t want promise. A good tactic is to meet a deadline. Or you can create something totally new and it may be better than Fez.

    By the way, don’t pay attention to the haters – this is silly. If there are people who like this game, you should pay attention to them.

    Thanks, I’ll wait for any of your new creation.

  22. Justin Says:

    I couldn’t be more excited for Fez on Vita. I’ve thought this was such a beautiful game ever since I saw it five years ago on the 1up show–I’ve just been waiting to play it on the right platform. Hope you come back, Phil; the worlds you make are beautiful places to be.

  23. Bruno Says:

    Hey Phil, you’re the man! I was dreaming about playing FEZ on the go.. We miss you. I must tell you that I’ve become inspired for your work and I’m running to be a game designer. It’s hard, since I live in Brazil, where we need to think about making money before pursuing dreams, but thanks a lot man.

  24. David Bandel Says:

    I’m sure that the Microsoft stuff was a big part of the negativity that ultimately culminated in Phil announcing that FEZ 2 was cancelled.

    I’m hoping a better experience with Sony will reverse that.

    Phil is too smart a guy to be able to handle the cognitive dissonance of being an XBOX Fanboi.. and the simple truth of the matter that XBOX is a shitty console and its fans/customers are of significantly lower quality than Sony’s, Nintendo’s, and PC users.

  25. CronGM Says:

    What about cross-buy? I plan on getting a PS4, but what then if I buy it on PS3 first? Do I have to buy it again when I get a PS4?

  26. LESI Says:

    Yaaay thank you all!

  27. Michael Says:

    can someone tell me what FEZ is?

  28. Bowblax Says:

    Yes! FEZ is now going to be on 2 of the major game companies platforms :D Now all that’s left is the Wii U and 3DS

  29. Phil is a faggot Says:

    No one will buy your shitty game anyway Phil, fuck off.

  30. jdm79 Says:

    Best news to come out of Gamescom for me.

    FEZ on Vita is the perfect home in my opinion.

  31. Yashiro Says:

    Amaaazing~! my wish came true!
    Thank you Phil and Sony!

  32. Larry Says:

    Excellente nouvelle! C’est quoi ce délire avec tous ces commentaires haineux.

  33. mister. jones Says:

    I’ve been drooling over this game since the very first videos way back when. It’s been a long, crazy ride, and, alas, I’ve had no XBox nor PC to participate.

    But, soon, my Mac and my PS3 will behold the glory of Fez!

    Thank you, so much, for everything, Phil. We miss you.
    I hope — that somewhere — you’re still making games, even if it’s only in secret and only for yourself.

    –mister. jones

  34. Matt Says:

    Great news. I’m happy to give you more of my money since my 360 died. I hope you change your mind about Fez 2 – and there are many of us who feel this way.

  35. Adrian` Says:

    I’m going to gift this to my brother, and then my sisters :D

    I personally don’t have any of the playstations, but they do :)

  36. Johanes kristianto Says:

    Thank you Phil !! :-D

  37. Amy H. Says:

    I don’t own a Vita/PS3 yet, but I’m still probably going to buy this game, if for no other reason, to support the people that brought it to us. It’s a great game and I hope guys are doing well. We all miss you Phil.




  39. Epux Says:

    Yes i will finely get to play this amazing game :D

  40. Fez is gay Says:

    You suck and so does everyone who likes you.

  41. Fucker fish is gay Says:

    You should die. Forever. Fuckface.

  42. myriad_maverick Says:

    …hoping for a mac port some day….keep up the good work!!!

  43. myriad_maverick Says:

    why are there so many flamers on this page? get a collective life, jerk bags!

  44. RickyTheHedgehog Says:

    I find it quite silly that people are still attacking Phil.

    But I find it sillier that they are doing it on a post probably not posted by Phil.

  45. Eric Vincent Says:

    Awesome, I Can’t wait to finally play it!

  46. Chris R. Says:

    I will buy this game twice just in case my purchase can influence Phil to make the sequel. The world needs you Phil. I need you.

  47. a guy who actually appreciates good video games Says:

    Thanks! can’t wait to buy it on PS3!

  48. Whoa Says:

    Does this mean you’re back?

  49. joker Says:

    Fish, I saw your movie and I have have played your game. What you can do with your skills are amazing. Don’t let these assholes ruin you man, you have a dream so go make it happen and laugh in the faces of these people when you succeed.
    DB Joker

  50. joker Says:

    Fish, I saw your movie and I have have played your game. What you can do with your skills is amazing. Don’t let these assholes ruin you man, you have a dream so go make it happen and laugh in the faces of these people when you succeed.
    DB Joker

  51. AtomGamingShow Says:

    Fez is my favorite game of all time. I have bought it on PC and on Xbox. And of course I will buy it on PS3. I want to give you as much money as possible. Please Phil, come back.

  52. klabby Says:

    phil. don’t scan heedless through a marching list of goodwill for a single inconsequential bad man write. swing kong-jr-esque using the good stuff above the evil. get a highscore of love.

  53. Jdeb9 Says:

    Fez is amazing, needs more sequel!!!!!!

  54. She Says:

    Dis dood skeelz yo.
    I always saw fez like a portable console game really, totally gon buy the Vita version.
    Too bad fezII sss not gon’ happen! But i hope
    New awesome games are comming in the future by our most loved and hated game developer feel Feesh <3
    Expectin a lot from you guys, and good porting ^3^

  55. FezFan Says:

    Listen Phil:
    There are quite a few people who say that they hated Fez. Don’t listen to them. They have a lack of civility. Fez was a masterpiece. It was a beautiful work of art, people just didn’t realise it due to their major stupidity. They like murder and blood, but this game is not that. People weren’t ready for this. They couldn’t understand it. They weren’t willing to work for a solution. Fez II would have been amazing. Go through with it. Please. You have every right to. It is just a few people’s opinion. Think of those people who wanted a sequel to Fez. Think of your fans. Please. Just know this: if you DO go through with Fez II, just don’t make another “Black Monolith” puzzle, please.


    you people realize phil didn’t say this right…?

  57. Yukon Wainczak Says:

    YAY! I missed you Phil! It wasn’t the same without you! Now to buy a PS Vita…

  58. Phillipe Poission Says:

    Suce mon pénis et étouffe toi.

  59. Travis Says:

    This is great news! I love the Vita and PS3 – crossplay is badass!

  60. Daniel Says:

    I hope the whole team knows in their hearts that even though there is a huge amount of negativity from people who does not understand what it is to create something, the majority of adult (not in age but in mind) understand and do not share the negativity. There is a huge difference between saying that a game mechanic or objective thing “sucks”, and telling someone to kill themselves or threaten their family and friends.

    I understand why Phil “quits”, though I truly hope he and the rest of the team rather shuts out the world of internet comments and continue to do what they truly love and create the games and experience that gives so much joy and good feelings.

    I understand (partially) and have immense respect for Phil and the whole team.

    Play games, make love, live life, and don’t be a dick (that’s for you internet trolls)

  61. germanfinn96 Says:

    I wish I had a PS3 but its okay, I already have an Xbox 360, and FEZ was brilliant. I wish you the best of luck in your future Projects Phil, regardless if they are involved with gaming or not. Best of Luck.

  62. abtm Says:

    Linux port? pls

  63. ViniciusNS Says:

    You are coming back Phil?

  64. Jaime Freitas Says:

    Dear Phil,

    I’m writing this in hopes of reaching not only you but everybody that gets a chance to read this. First and foremost, if this really is it for you, thank you for the limited but awesome memories. Fez and Indie Game The Movie were two things that put a big smile on my face last year. In a time where I am losing touch with almost everything else around me, video games included, both of those experiences last year had a lasting impact. They both gave me hope to what the future could hold for video games. It seems though now that everything is in disarray. Indie games aren’t so “indie” anymore. Personally I hate the term now. It used to have a significance, if only to describe a unique idea that would not be touched by a major publisher. Now EA is making “indie” games and that just sucks real hard.
    The minds out there that think outside the box are constantly hounded by their “fans”, minds like yours. The world is becoming so overrun by these entitled people that it’s hard to find a genuine human in the bunch. Maybe human is not the proper word, they behave more and more like animals and still expect the rights of humans (I like that better). In reality though it’s a progression that makes just using the internet uncomfortable at times. These idiotic mindless droogs that troll on boards and YouTube for attention. These “men” that wouldn’t stand a chance toe to toe, face to face. In fact I bet most would cower from any confrontation but they are safe behind an invisible digital wall.
    The words that pour out of their pathetically challenged minds is a sure way to decrease brain cells. Their entitlement though, that is the bigger issue. We’re here for between 60-100 years mostly. For most people any hope of significance in life is nil. Then to boost their own pathetic lives they decide to pump up on taking out on those that actually leave a legacy. Picking on the anti-social kid because he’s a minority, yet it’s not okay to do the same for skin color? or religion? or sexual orientation? It’s a sick mindset that is developed as children and sadly more and more is carried on through adult life now.
    I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area (sadly). Road rage capital of America and I get to deal with some of the biggest assholes on a day to day. It literally drives me crazy at times (and I mean literal insanity) I lose my edge and I too want to pack up and get the fuck out. I understand what you’re going though only on a smaller scale. Dealing with lesser minds is not an easy thing for me and I am sure the same can be said for you. Yes I did say lesser minds and I stand by that.
    You Phil are shining talent in an industry going to the dogs. There are many others too and hopefully more to rise soon. I honestly think that a good answer to all of this mayhem would be to unite those minds as one group. Sure it could turn into another Activision or EA in time, if they allow it. Hopefully though that would never happen and a solid union of creative minds could develop great games for years to come. It must have been an absolute nightmare developing Fez all alone. I am an artist of sorts (music mostly) and I know from personal experience how nice it is to have backup. It makes the cogs turn more freely and lessens the anxiety caused by deadlines and all other exterior pressures.
    At the end of the day that is only a hoop dream. In my vision it would only serve itself as a definitive publisher for all creative materials. Think of it like a hive where the architects could pull talent together for projects much more easily than having to do so on their very own. This way we can bypass all of the red tape and other such bullshit of the AAA publishers. Today with everything digital it makes it very easy to publish games, yet a union of developers pulling together for the same goal would make this far easier and marketing could then be implemented and damn it if it wouldn’t grow.
    I smell a crash coming soon to a living room near all of you. I smell half assed ideas and rehashes of what should be dead and gone permeating all throughout the living rooms of this world. It stinks! It really even goes as far as to make me question just where I fit in any more. I’ve personally felt severely detached to pop culture for the better part of the last decade, now my own little world is devouring itself around me. I want to get out too!
    Human beings need to learn that freedom comes with a price. I don’t just mean in the free countries of this world either. The internet is a free haven that is constantly raped and disfigured by these “users”. Trolls! Not the funny kind either. The entitled, selfish, pathetic losers that prowl on those that bring them entertainment, for their own pleasure. No one has it right when everyone is out for themselves. I believe you made a game that resembles yourself and your love for what you do, not to make a quick buck. Not like another Assassins Creed or a half hearted sequel to yet another Final Fantasy. Fez was a vision that comes around once in a great while. It entertained me greatly and challenged me (key word).
    I want to leave this letter with a thought. If everyone could just settle themselves and quit trying so hard to make an impact in any small and insignificant way, taking out their own frustrations on others, Actually showing something akin to being polite and understanding and just overall growing the fuck up finally!!! How much better this world would be. Our world. On that note I respect you greatly Phil and I hope your future is very bright no matter what you choose to accomplish next.

    Jaime Freitas

  65. Ian Bathelt Says:

    Sweet! I almost just bought the PC version, but I’m totally holding out for the PS3 love now. You rock Phil! Thanks for everything man!

    Ian Bathelt

  66. James McLeish Says:

    Phil its great to have you back, Fez really captured my sense of imagination and discovery. It reminded me of when i was a kid and i would go adventure off in the forest except this time I explored floating islands and discovered hidden secretes by using, as you said in “Indie Game the Movie” urban legends of holding down several buttons in many different patterns. I think this a an incredible work of art that let itself engross me in another world where I could take my time and appreciate the game for what it is. Thank you for your hard work

    James McLeish

  67. delarg3 Says:



  68. Luke Harris Says:

    As much as I would like to think that phil fish posted this but i think Renaud did good on you! Also tell phil to come back!

  69. Mike Says:

    Awesome news.

    Now Phil, enjoy your very well deserved rest and hope to see something new from you in the near future. And please don’t leave. You are a wild and refreshing personality in a sea of mainstream. Anything else is just noise.

    Oh, and Renaud you should probably get rid of the ability to post things openly on this site. I think that would be better for Phil.

  70. EimaiOSatanas Says:

    Linux/Mac support! Or even better a humble bundle sale!

    Come on, you can do this! No more windoze plz!

  71. muffinhugs Says:

    Seriously, how does anyone dislike Phil or his work? Honestly all of this flaming and bashing him for producing an excellent indie title sort of makes me sick. Not only is his game better than most of anything published in the last five years, but he’s put SO much work into it. Why you insist on insulting him over literally nothing is beyond me, and incredibly immature. Look at yourselves? What are you accomplishing by whining about Phil? You’ve driven him out of the gaming industry entirely, and shot our chances at getting a FEZ 2. You’ve ruined someone’s dream. That’s incredibly sad, and your continued cruelty, even on this post, is disgusting.

    Phil, if you’re reading this, you’re an incredible programmer, FEZ is a tight, fun, creative, beautiful platformer. You did good. Even if you’re not going to be in the gaming industry any further, you have the support of so many people, and we appreciate your work so much.
    Thank you for everything.

  72. Jim Helpert Says:

    Good news. Now I’m looking forward to FEZ III since we all decided to skip part 2.

  73. Johnny1987 Says:

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Elijah Says:

    I’ve always wanted to play this game, but I don’t like microsoft and thus I’ve never owned an Xbox. Can’t wait to play it, I’m already a huge fan of the OST. Hey Mr. Fish, come to Hawaii and let’s hang. I’ll show you around ;D

  75. DMO Says:

    Awesome news. Shall be re-buying FEZ for PS3 which’ll help thicken the layer of dust on my xbox!

  76. Yaniv Says:

    Good news, btw did the XBLA FEZ got the patch?

  77. Chaos Says:

    I know I’ll be buying the vita version – Fez on the go is cool stuff, considering a laptop isn’t exactly portable.

    Also, come back Phil! Unfortunately I’ve found the game industry and userbase is filled with elitist assholes who can’t appreciate uniqueness and freedom of expression in opinion.

    For example, I get a lot of complaints, from this:

    ‘I don’t like competitive games’.

    Usually I’m asked if I even play FPS games, I say:

    ‘No. I play RPGs.’

    Then they ask if I play MMOs, and list off ones with PKing, and I say:

    ‘I do, but PKing is wrong and I don’t do it.’

    All the while, insults fly, and point is, jerks are going to be jerks, so ignore them and make another masterpiece. :)

  78. Chaos Says:

    Also, @Jaime. That is the best description of how messed up society, life, and the game industry is that I have seen in a long time. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    The problem with the internet is the disassociation from what we are in every day life. People take out frustrations, anger, all the negatives of their day-to-day life by ‘trolling’ – and it makes a feedback loop, causing them to continue and believe that their behavior is justified. Morals are not just for IRL, but the net too. People need to remember that there’s other people behind the screen. I try my hardest to, honestly.

  79. Azure Says:

    Come back Fish! :(

  80. Sir Bacon Says:

    Yes! I love FEZ, but my mac port had a few bugs. I will definitely rebuy it for ps3 to support Phil and Polytron. (Getting rid of the graphical hiccups will be an added bonus.) Phil, if you’re reading this, you are one of my favorite devs of all time. I’ve had to deal with obnoxious haters for the majority of my life, and I understand why you might want to leave. But you can’t let their stupidity get you down. If they don’t like FEZ and they hate on you for making a masterpiece, then they’re jerks and it’s their loss. Get out there and make some magic! :D

  81. Jimmy Paul Says:

    What does the “FEZ” is?

  82. Alex Says:

    How is it possible there’s still no release date or even period / year???
    Hope the conversion process to psn is coming out nicely and there won’t be any surprises coming.

  83. Fuzunga Says:

    Can your friends at Blit Software finish Fez 2?

  84. Dude Says:

    I hope this company dies out soon. Perhaps then we can say that justice was served. Maybe a clever hack to cause PS3 overheating and crashing if this game is installed. Somebody get to work on this!

  85. Escuadrón Gamer – Polytron: Fez en PsVita, Ps3 y Ps4 Says:

    […] compañía Polytron ha anunciado a través de su blog oficial el arribo de Fez a PsVita, Ps3 y […]

  86. Tony Geezy Says:

    Thanks for bringing this great game to more platforms. I am enjoying it a lot.

  87. FEZ ha venduto un milione di copie – Indie Vault Says:

    […] frattempo, FEZ II è sempre cancellato, ma sono in arrivo le versioni PS3, PS4 e PS Vita, grazie a Blit Software, che si sta occupando del […]

  88. Aaron Says:

    please come back thanks to you I be came a indie game developer

  89. Light(Rus) Says:

    Перевод Google translate:
    Many thanks to Fez. My friend and I decided to make my game’s film about indie games. You were an inspiration and still is hope for a good end, and happiness. You idol of many a decade I felt such happiness in playing the game, as in Fez. Everywhere write: Phil Fish – remember this name, and not just write!

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