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  1. ColdPie Says:

    More info please. Like, now. I’m exploding over here, man!

  2. MushroomBoy Says:


  3. Indiana Jonas Says:

    OMG YES! This is going to be so fucking cool! :D

  4. Gl0BuZ Says:


  5. Vojta Koci Says:

    Just a joke, right? I’m superconfused now… Are you serious?
    Anyway, can’t wait to play your games…

  6. InkS Says:

    Well, that was unexpected.

  7. Mike Says:

    I echo Patrick Klepek’s sentiment: you monster.

    Really, though, super excited.

  8. Nick Bianco Says:

    Phil you son of a bitch haha! Considering FEZ is one of my favorite games this generation, you bet I’ll support this! Congrats man.

  9. SamuelBoucher Says:

    Can’t wait to have details. Phil, this is amazing.

  10. adl Says:

    Fez 2: Prepare to Choke Edition

    Pre-order now and Phil Fish will make you suck his dick and choke on it

  11. Max Power Says:

    Fuck! Horizon was this years E3 winner. All of the games got me hyped than anything showed at the other events.

  12. Dan Says:

    I hope you will be in the Indie the Movie 2! :)

  13. Necrotek Says:

    It’s so unexpected.
    So, what platforms are expected?

  14. Michal Marek Says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Easton Says:

    Avoiding consoles this time around?

  16. BlobbyBlob Says:



  17. Raphyr Says:

    Way too much good stuff. My brain can’t handle this right now.

  18. machturtl Says:

    you are amazing.
    i would wait forever.
    i dont care.

  19. x Says:

    inb4 PC + Sony platforms

  20. GoldenTaint Says:

    fuck you, Phil Fish.

    JK! take your time you mofo.

  21. Chris Says:

    is it gonna take another ten years?

  22. Bandan Says:

    Looking forward to it.

    Love you Phil!

  23. Matt Brand Says:

    VERY curious what platform(s)…

  24. Andy Gibson Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah ;)

  25. Mironix Gaming Says:

    THE best announcement on E3 – if it will come out – i want to do it in one sitting – even if it will require me to buy a console!

  26. Nathan Says:

    If this is real, I will wait till the ends of the earth for this game. Fez is one of my favorite games of all time.

  27. Dormoxx Says:

    Can’t wait!:DDD

  28. Fyoomp Says:

    I’m really excited about the the sequel! :)

    However, if you’re going to do this, you should really read this review, if you haven’t already before.

  29. Me Says:


  30. Phyx Says:

    Please be Vita+PS4
    Please be Vita+PS4
    Please be Vita+PS4
    Please be Vita+PS4
    Please be Vita+PS4
    Please be Vita+PS4

  31. Sean Says:


    :whispers:…PS4, plz

  32. Kholby Says:

    I would wait til I was 90 for you to make the game the way you want to make it. I trust your mastery.

  33. Kholby Says:

    I would wait til I was 90 for you to make the game the way you want to make it. I trust your mastery.

  34. Harest Says:

    Fuck Yeah!*

    *Only if it’s not console exclusive.

  35. Israel Cesar Says:

    This is great! PSVita? :)

  36. Camilo Saez Says:

    This is real ??? i cant believe . infinite hype

  37. Gulshan Says:

    I want to support your development.. Go crowd funding man! Kickass!

  38. Jos Says:

    You are suuuuuuurely gonna publish it excluuuuuuusively for the XBOne, right ;)

  39. Chris Says:


    Can’t see what a sequel to this game is capable of…

  40. Chris Says:


    Can’t wait to see what a sequel to this game is going to be capable of…

  41. suck Says:

    on it

    on it

    on it

    on it

    on it

    on it

    on it

  42. Necrololicon Says:

    Give this IP to a Japanese developer so it doesn’t turn into a boring zero effort hipster game this time.

  43. flatverse Says:

    Ah… and here we go again.

    Will it be for XBOX only again?
    -> Doubt it. The indie dev. support on the XBox One will be the death of Microsoft.

    Will it take 10 years?
    -> I’m guessing 5 this time.

    Will it be awesome
    -> Yes.

  44. ‘Fez 2′ announced at E3, see the first teaser trailer | Lord of the Net Says:

    [...] politics and financial trouble, as chronicled in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie.) For now, a Fez 2 teaser trailer posted on Polytron’s website will have to [...]

  45. flatverse Says:

    WAIT… are we gonna get much needed closure regarding skull artifacts and *cough* red heart cubes.

  46. Anon Says:

    I will gladly choke on it. How does one stylish teaser make me more excited about this one game than anything announced at E3?

  47. BulchyC Says:

    Fingers crossed for Vita & PS4!

  48. SJSOFT Says:

    CAN I HAS!?

  49. NGageMegaman Says:


    PD: Please release it on PC…

  50. VirgateSpy Says:

    “I will gladly choke on it. How does one stylish teaser make me more excited about this one game than anything announced at E3?” How can you be more excited for this than MGS V? Anyway, I hope this turns out at least as good as the first one, and I hope phil learns to be a little less childish so it doesn’t get in the way of his work, again.

  51. SLL Says:


  52. steve Says:

    I’ll come back in 4 years, mehehehe :P

  53. Joe Says:

    So much confusion… So much joy…

  54. kisfiu87 Says:

    oh my f*cking godness, can’t wait :)

  55. Tom Says:

    HOW is Phil Fish making a Fez 2?
    WHY is Phil Fish making a Fez 2?
    WHAT IS FEZ 2???

  56. Kris Says:

    Even though Phil blocked me on twitter for a random reason, and that saddened me a little, I’m still hyped as fuck for this game.

    Phil, unblock me, man. I want to read you on my timeline again.
    I love you and your games <3

    -Your biggest Chilean fan.

  57. Kierian O'Hare Says:

    I can’t wait! :D

  58. frankyboy Says:

    Even the trailer is a puzzle! OMG, it’s going to be amazing

  59. crazyal02 Says:

    The intro implies something related to the 1st dimension. DUN DUN DUUUUUHHHNN

  60. Knappster Says:

    OMG YES!!! FEZ is one of my all time favourite games. But can we have a PC version sooner please? I’d rather not have to buy a console to get my FEZ fix :P.

  61. mosiek Says:

    Wow, maybe my grandchildren will actually get to play this!

  62. Jessica Says:

    So excited by the idea of this. I can’t wait for more information!

    I trust you, Polytron! <3

  63. TheRoninBoss Says:

    Hell yesssssss!
    Hopefully we’ll see it on the PS4. Either way, it’s gonna be awesome.

  64. jameson Says:

    i think Phil Fish just exploded the internet. if he reveals a release on pc and consoles at the same time i can’t guarantee the safety of this planet

  65. DonSlipo Says:

    So… what is the secret hidden in this trailer?

  66. Ross Says:

    The greatest news to come out of E3. Polytrontastic!

  67. Eric Kolb Says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  68. lel Says:

    Now we just wait 10 years or so for it to come out! All jokes aside, looking forward to it :)

  69. FEZ II est officiellement en chantier! | Facteur Geek Says:

    [...] simple, mais au combien génial teaser a été mis en ligne aujourd’hui sur le site de Polytron. Ce teaser annonce le prochain jeu de Phil Fish, un jeu qui saura sans aucun doute révolutionner [...]

  70. Gerardo Ortiz Mildare Says:

    Awesome! Super awesome!

  71. Dewgong Says:

    Release date: 2017

  72. Blowfish Says:

    Your games just suck!

  73. brofish Says:

    straight into my hand knobs plz thx

  74. James Says:

    Phil, this is fantastic news. Finishing Fez was one of my most enjoyable gaming experiences as an adult. Much love and support from Australia.

  75. Jordan Says:

    Very excited. Fez is already one of my favorite games ever. Hopefully it’ll launch/be released on more platforms this time around. Either way I’m definitely going to support this.

  76. Alex Says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeee this is the best thing to happen since Fez!

  77. Benjamin Meszaros Says:

    I. Am. So. Happy. *tears*

  78. Tuhd the Internet Troll Says:

    Wait, seriously?

    So… what, another 15 years?

  79. iie Says:

    I didn’t expect that. I am so happy right now, thank you for making this, take your time and please oh please make it on PC too (i’m actualy kneeling). Anyway, thank you again.

  80. Shinobic Says:

    It’s a f*ckin’ unexpected new and I’m f*ckin’into it! During my playtime with the first one, I was like “this is the most amazing gaming experience i have ever had” (and I play a LOT). I cannot expect so much for the second one but let’s hope! Good luck for the work, we are behind you for support

  81. Vincent Says:

    Fish, let me make a proposal for you:
    Please let well enough alone and leave well enough alone!
    And keep your fucking mouth shut this time!

  82. DonSlipo Says:

    I have one wish. Don’t put in puzzles that are unsolvable ;)

  83. NotWorthy Says:

    Kinda early for a teaser, as the contents of it show – but still I whole heartedly support the idea and You – just one question for Fish – You’re not gonna have to share credit and royalties with that chedou from the Indie Game Movie this time right?

  84. E3 news from not so conferency games - Wasting Your Life Says:

    [...] #17 FEZII was announced. [...]

  85. Radical Dreamer Says:

    For PS4 with Oculus Rift support please.

    (IMO) FEZ was last generation’s best game.

  86. thorkos Says:

    I hope we PC users get it at the same time as them console people this time around. Looking forward to the game.

  87. wattomatic Says:

    The world is a better place because Fez exists.

    This news just made my day.

  88. ssss Says:

    Great News! Hope you release game on PC first.

  89. Constantine Says:

       Now in 1D

  90. War Panda Says:

    Yes indeed Mr Fish. Yes indeed.

  91. s3rcan Says:


  92. Cybornut Says:


  93. John_Scott Says:

    Still waiting for FEZ vita :P

  94. Lux Says:

    FEZ II comming in any moment in the next 69 years (we hope)
    For xbox support only, because we have to help Ikea business with couch games and shenanigans like that.
    If we like it, there MIGHT be a PC support.

    And no.
    No porting for any fucking Nintendo 4DS

  95. Marluck Says:

    I’m concerned there might be hidden images in this announcement

  96. Writeline Says:


    Great music, too.

  97. crazyal02 Says:

    Predictable, but FREAKING AWESOME

  98. antonio Says:

    I love Fez man. It’s so relaxing and I completely get lost in it. Your story and Team Meat’s are so inspirational. Anyway, this was one of my top favorite game announcements to come out of E3 2013! It’ll be a writeup on my blog next week. Can’t wait! (and as Fez taught me if I have to it’ll be worth it)

  99. david bandel Says:

    any console but xbox please.

    i loved the look and sound of FEZ and patiently waited for a PC port before buying it.

  100. Nate Lawrence Says:

    Nothing would make me happier than if I were able to purchase and play this on XBOX LIVE.

  101. Tombomb Says:


  102. coolernow123 Says:

    I hope it’s not the same as last time. From the little sliver of gameplay you’re showing us, it looks like the same game. But hey! You’re Phil Fish! GO KICK SOME ASS! Also, be sure to release it to PC. #SteamFTW

  103. Steve Says:

    Phil, don’t worry about the haters. They’re just impatient. And also possibly mentally handicapped, but we really shouldn’t hold that against them, should we?

    Anyway I’m pumped. I look forward to more announ-cements :P

  104. Belark Says:

    Fez was a great game, Phil. take the things with calm, and make an another incredible game, we are espectacting this, and calm, take all the years that you need.

    ¡cordial grettings!

    A Spanish Talker that love Fez. And ready to kick the throll asses, but prefer spanish talking throlls.

    PD: Go for PSN and PC, Microsoft Sux!!!

  105. big v Says:

    don’t push yourself too hard. can’t wait to play your game, but remember to stay fit.

  106. Gomez Says:

    I am very excited for my new adventure !!!!

  107. Rubna Says:

    Hey, I’m way excited about this! I loved FEZ!
    But don’t you go Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on me (i.e. making the same game with different maps)

    I’d like to see a lot of gameplay enhancements. I feel like you didn’t use the rotation mechanic to its full extent. The puzzles involving that were stoopidly easy compared to the rest of the puzzles, which were EXTREMELY hard and coomplex, so the gameplay didn’t feel very focussed.

    The platforming bits were fun, but more in a “I want to see what comes next” way, not a puzzly way like I expected.

    Still, I can’t AT ALL see what direction you’re heading from your trailer, so you might already be doing what I ask.

    Anyway, I’m very curious to see where you’re taking this :D

  108. Charilaos Says:

    Mother teresa. I like what I’m seeing.

  109. Bowblax Says:

    as long as it’s not Xbone exclusive. I’m definitely getting this launch! :D LOVED the first FEZ it’s my second favorite game of all time! I just hope it isn’t the same game with more levels. I would like to see new mechanics and another really interesting story :3

  110. Carlos Says:

    OMG so exited! Fez is the best game ever, can’t wait for more info!

  111. Dave Says:

    YEAH! Can’t wait!
    I had to wait the extra time for the first one to be released on PC, but it was definitely worth it. Thank you Phil for making awesome games!

  112. Vincent Says:

    Fish! Where have you been last night? I had to give head to two guys before they finally agreed to pick me up! I’m dissapoint!

  113. Jamie Says:

    Yay! I’m so excited! Also, Phil, I’ve looked up there, don’t take those hate comments seriously! I’m sure the game will be amazing no matter how long it takes! Just work at your own awesome pace, and everything will be great!

  114. inkblock Says:

    There are days when you just need to listen, learn and find news like this!

  115. Ostapthepituh Says:

    I love you dude. I want to have your children.

  116. wmdwf Says:

    so how about that save game patch for the xbox 360.

  117. Darko Says:

    Yeah please update the game on X360 now that’s free to do it. It’s an amazing and spectacular game with a few bugs that sometimes make it unplayable (I’ve had two times already the save corruption bug and it hurts!). Microsoft doesn’t deserve anything but the absolute masterpiece Fez is deserve to be completed ; us ,buyers and fans of Gomez, will be very grateful for an update for solving the more annoying bugs.

    By the way, absolutely looking forward to Fez II, day one purchase for sure.

  118. Jacob Bevilacqua Says:

    So excited… your an inspiration

  119. Brothersum Says:

    Playstation platforms please!

    And maybe consider putting the 1rst one on Sony products too? I know its alot of work, but so worth it to spread the awesomeness that is the Fez brand…

    Come on Phil! you the man!

  120. Grace Says:

    ^_^ Is Disasterpeace doing the soundtrack?

  121. Joe Says:

    So will the sequel actually be completed? No more broken puzzles? (heart disintegration=unfinished)

  122. Albert Says:

    Indeed incredible news!

    FEZ left a deep mark on me. It was fantastic to see that still there are developers (independent) who have new and interesting ideas about what a game is mend to be. It is about joy to play, it is about excitement, it is to be amazed as a player. And FEZ succeeded on all of this!

    For FEZ 2 I have high hopes! And PLEASE let DISASTERPEACE make the soundtrack again. Guaranteed again to rule the independent gaming world.

  123. Vladimyr Says:

    erh, which CEMENT? :]

  124. Daniel Says:

    Where can i get the email of this page? I need write email, but i have it :)

  125. Paul Says:

    Can’t wait to see more !

    By the way, is Renaud working on it too ? I love your work guys.

  126. HK888 Says:

    This is an awesome trailer!I loved Fez!like i played it non stop until i finished felt so great!the music was great ,the art was great,everything was perfect!and you know i still have it and just to relax i go play it for like an hour or more.actually i didn’t know you much (just knew your name Phil Fish and that was it!)until 2 weeks ago i watched this movie named “Indie Games:The Movie”. I saw how much suffering you went through for making Fez and all that personal stuff happening in your life.then the problems at the EXPO.i felt really bad but i think you are much happier now that everything is fine and you didn’t make a shitty game(as you were saying in the movie)and didn’t disappoint anybody!your game is like a master piece.i never get tired of playing it!Good Job and good luck on Fez 2! hope you go thought less stuff this time!

  127. Adrian` Says:

    I was completely surprised by this announcement. The pure innovation and depth of Fez was overwhelming. I loved it. And I still yet to solve the monolith puzzle legitimately… and the heart disintegration puzzle… And I’m confused as to why the ending percent is 209.4%. There has to be one more puzzle… UGHGHGHGH my brain ._.

    I’m hoping FezII is just as in-depth or more. Though, I’m hoping it is released earlier than later like how Fez was released.

  128. chris potts Says:

    only just seen this O.o holy fuck haha
    phil, love what your doing
    totally bummed out tho
    had fez on xbox but I’m a ps3 guy and don’t have my xbox anymore and being a apple boy sucks :’)
    good luck tho man and I’m sure ill give you some moneys to play it somehow haha :)
    cheers man, true inspiration you are my friend

  129. Vincent Says:

    Heard this is cancelled now?
    Best decision ever, Fish! Guess you choked on your own dick!

  130. Pim Says:

    requiescat in pace

  131. MrLisawsome Says:

    You are misunderstood, you’re still a good person, in my eyes. I’m still a fan. You still have fans! I believe in you, Fish.

  132. MrLisawsome Says:

    You are misunderstood, you’re still a good person, in my eyes. I’m still a fan. You still have fans! I believe in you, Fish!!!

  133. Débora Says:

    Please Phil, change your mind, make FEZ II for god’s sake! I love this game, please don’t cancel FEZ II.

  134. JM Says:

    Well, That was unexpected.
    Thank You Phill

  135. theDrewQuist Says:

    here’s an idea. If your going to announce something, announce it later so your life isn’t a living hell as we can see from “Indie Game”. And stop doing it just for the money. By the way FEZ is the greatest game of all time.


  136. Moose Says:

    you disintegrated my heart :c pls make fez ii

  137. zyntech. Says:

    Phil, I hope that this is some sort of strategy to sneak around the bullshit that you went through during the process of developing the first FEZ. Because if it is, it’s a great idea. But if it’s not, I have one thing to say to you.

    Don’t throw it all away.

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